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25 of the Best European Christmas Markets to Add to Your Bucket List

Get recommendations for the best European Christmas markets to visit across 9 countries. Discover the best Christmas Markets in Europe in this guide.
Christmas is my favorite time of year for city breaks in Europe. Imagine a steaming hot cup of mulled wine (glühwein), grilled sausages, and ginger cookies. 

Envision the craft stalls extending in all directions. Visiting a Christmas market should be on every traveler's Europe bucket list

With low cost carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet on the scene, it's easier than ever to get a dose of holiday cheer at a European Christmas market. 

Best European Christmas Markets: Snowman Christmas Market mugs in Cologne

We've gone to at least one Christmas market every year for more than a decade and consider ourselves Christmas market connoisseurs. 

Let's explore what we think are the best European Christmas markets spanning a number of countries including France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Poland. 

Of course, no list of the best European Christmas markets is complete without a survey of those in Germany, perhaps the country most famous for Christmas markets in the world. 

I've personally been to all the Christmas markets in this article and thus can give you a first-hand perspective on the experience. I plan to continue to add to this list as we expand the destinations in our repertoire of Christmas market travel.

While our focus is on the best Christmas markets in Europe, I'll also explore the question of whether any European Christmas markets are actually overrated.

Let's jump in and explore some of the best Christmas destinations in Europe!

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: New to visiting Christmas Markets in Europe? Check out this guide on everything you need to know about German Christmas Markets on NTripping.

The Best Christmas Markets in France

You'll find some of the most atmospheric European Christmas markets in France. Alsace is the most obvious place to look given the historic connection to Germany. 

However, you'll also find great Christmas markets in popular Spring and Summer destinations in the south of France. Let's explore the best Christmas markets that we've been to in France.

1. The Aix-en-Provence Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Aix-en-Provence is situated on Cours Mirabeau. You'll find a wide array of gifts and delicious treats available. 

Cours Mirabeau is lined with giant trees which adds great atmosphere to the Aix Christmas Market. 

Santons at the Aix-en-Provence Christmas Market

This region is especially known for Santons de Provence, collectible figurines often depicting various professions. Locals are crazy for santons and add new ones to their nativity scenes each year. 

We bought a santon that resembled a farmer standing next to a barrel with a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. We felt that this santon perfectly summed up our Christmas trip to Provence.

2. Experience Christmas Alsace-style in Colmar, France

Colmar Christmas Market in France
In our experience, the best Christmas markets in France are the ones near the German border in Alsace. Colmar is the quintessential Alsatian Christmas market town. 

The half-timbred buildings decorated for the holiday season and lit up with Christmas lights make for a charming day out. There are a number of Christmas markets in the town and they seem to go on for miles. 

3. The Small Town Christmas Market at Obernai

Christmas Market in Obernai France
Obernai is a small town on the commuter rail line from Strasbourg. We were staying in Strasbourg for the week between Christmas and New Year's and Obernai is an easy day trip from Strasbourg.

We didn't know much about Obernai before we set out but what we found was a charming village and Christmas market.
Barrel of mulled wine (vin chaud) at the Christmas Market in Obernai France
In the shadow of the half-timbred buildings which are the signature of the Alsace, we sipped mulled wine (vin chaud) served out of a steaming barrel. 

My only complaint about French Christmas markets is that they don't really do ceramic Christmas mugs. Instead, our mulled wine was served in a cheap plastic cup (it was festively decorated, I'll give them that...). 

However, the charming atmosphere of the towns in Alsace more than made up for a lack of proper Christmas market mugs.

Belgium's Best Christmas Markets

Every city in Belgium has at least one Christmas market.  Belgium Christmas markets are fun to browse, do a bit of shopping, and eat an indulgent (preferably chocolate) treat.  

4. Bruges Christmas Markets

Bruges is a popular Belgian destination especially in the Spring and Summer. The advantage of visiting Bruges in the winter is that there are far fewer tourists crowding the place. Bruges also has an amazing Christmas market. 

Horse wearing a reindeer hat drawing a carriage near the Bruges Christmas Market in Belgium

The Grote Markt in Bruges is turned into an ice skating rink and people can skate arm in arm in the shadow cast the Bruges Belfry. 

Visiting the Bruges Christmas markets is also a great excuse to try all the different Belgium chocolates and Belgian beers that the country is famous for.

5. Liege Christmas Market

Liege hosts the largest Christmas Market in Belgium and the city is easily accessible by train from Brussels

Fruit-filled Belgian waffle at the Liege Christmas Market in Belgium

Fuel up with a Belgian waffle filled with rich, sweet fruit compote and then get in a quick work-out climbing a long staircase to the top to marvel at the views of the city below.

The Best Christmas Markets in the Netherlands

There are so many great places to visit in the Netherlands. Most people opt to visit the Netherlands in the Spring for tulip season, but we think winter is a great time to visit. 

We visited Rotterdam between Christmas and New Year's Eve but were too late for the Christmas market. We have been to one Dutch Christmas Market though which I'll cover now.

6. The Maastricht Christmas Market 

Maastricht is just over the border from Belgium and is a city that's ideal to combine on a longer Belgian holiday. Maastricht is just a short detour from Liege (about 40 minutes by train). 

Maastricht Christmas Market in the Netherlands at night

Enjoy a Dutch Christmas market experience and munch on bitterballen, beer, and a cone of frites before returning back to your home base in Belgium.

The Best Christmas Markets in Spain

Spain may not be the first destination that comes to mind when I say "European Christmas markets." We've visited some of the best places in Spain for Christmas and have been absolutely delighted by the festive atmosphere. Read on for my take on Spanish Christmas markets and associated holiday festivities.

7. Christmas in Granada

Granada in Andalusia hosts an impressive Christmas market lit by dazzling lights.

We discovered an amazing Christmas tree towering over a large square in Granada. The tree was a beacon showing you exactly where to go to find the local Christmas market.

Lit-up Christmas tree at the Granada Christmas Market in Spain

Even the Town Hall square was aglow in lights. Everyone seemed to be out and about enjoying the spirit of the holidays in Granada

Shop for holiday gifts or pick up a bite to eat at the Granada Christmas Market. That said, the real allure for me was indeed the colorful displays of lights which made strolling around after dark a pleasure.

8. The Christmas Market in Bilbao

Bilbao is another city that simply comes to life around the Christmas holidays. Festivals like the Fiesta de Santo Tomas are a great opportunity to sample local food in Bilbao at great prices. 

Enjoy chorizo sausage on freshly prepared tortillas (talos con chorizo) as a delicious afternoon treat. Wash down the sausage with a bottle of local cider.

The Fiesta de Santo Tomas is on for one day only so make sure to check the local event calendar to make sure you don't miss it. 

If your trip doesn't coincide with the fiesta, there is a crafty Christmas market near Paseo del Arenal that is open for the entire holiday season. I bought a handmade leather belt that was sized and cut on the spot for me for about 30 EUR.

Olentzero parade during Christmas in Bilbao

Bilbao is also big on Olentzero who can best be described as Basque Santa Claus. Keep an eye out for Olentzero statues outside different businesses or catch a glimpse of him climbing up onto a balcony. 

Olentzero makes his official appearance in Bilbao in a parade on December 23rd. You'll find locals lining both sides of the street between Plaza Moyúa and Paseo del Arenal in Casco Viejo. 

We couldn't help but joining in with the locals as they waved and shouted "Olentzero!" when the parade's finale drove past us.

Catching the Christmas Spirit in Portugal

We moved to Portugal in 2022 and were delighted to discover that the country is full of amazing Christmas spirit. Let's explore our take on Portuguese Christmas markets.

9. Celebrating Christmas in Lisbon

The Lisbon Christmas markets are a festive and charming way to experience the holiday season in the Portuguese capital. 

The main Christmas market is located in Rossio Square, and it features a giant Christmas tree, mulled wine, sangria, and stalls selling local crafts and Christmas gifts. 

You can also take a walk up the hill to nearby Carmo Convent for stunning views of the square and the surrounding city. After dark, the Christmas lights make the market even more magical.

Giant Christmas decoration lit up at night on Praça Luís de Camões in Lisbon Portugal

In addition to the main market, there are also smaller Christmas markets in other parts of Lisbon such as Campo Pequeno and Parque Eduardo VII. 

In general, I think Lisbon at Christmas is a magical time of year to visit because of the festive lights lining the streets and trimming the historic facades in Baixa-Chiado (especially around Praça Luís de Camões), Saldanha, and Príncipe Real. 

Awesome Christmas Markets in Austria

Austria is another country that has a rich European Christmas market tradition. Let's explore a few of my favorite Xmas markets in this picturesque mountainous country.

10. Innsbruck Christmas Markets

We spent Christmas in Innsbruck and had the opportunity to visit several local Christmas markets. Innsbruck has a number of traditional Christmas markets to experience including one near the Rathaus on the Innsbruck market square on Maria-Theresien-strasse. 

I loved that the Christmas Market that runs along the River Inn featured a Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree with constantly changing colors (Swarovski is based in Innsbruck). 

Innsbruck Christmas Market in Austria viewed from above

Buy yourself a mug of glühwein. I find that there is nothing better than a steaming cup of mulled wine to keep you warm on a cold Austrian evening in December. Stroll around the food stalls until you find something that catches your eye. 

We tried a kind of wood-fired bread (flammkuchen) topped with various ingredients including combinations of potatoes, bacon, peppers, and cheese. You can fill up on flammkuchen for just 5 EUR. 

11. Meet the Krampuses at Schloss Hellbrunn in Salzburg

Did you know that Salzburg is a UNESCO World Heritage city? Not only that, but Salzburg is another magical Christmas market destination in Austria.

Take Bus No. 25 from Salzburg City Centre to 17th century Hellbrunn Palace. The fare is covered if you have a Salzburg Card.

While the main attraction at Schloss Hellbrunn during most times of year is the gorgeous grounds and trick fountains, in winter, visit Schloss Hellbrunn for the Christmas market. 

Krampuses at the Schloss Hellbrunn Christmas Market in Salzburg Austria

While visiting the Schloss Hellbrunn Christmas Market, listen for a peculiar jingling of bells. That is a sure sign that there are krampuses in your midst! 

We got really lucky and arrived just in time for a parade of krampuses representing various alpine towns. 

You may be scratching your head and wondering: what's a krampus? 

Krampus is a terrifying visage with horns and grotesque expressions. The threat of the krampus is used to scare naughty Austrian children into good behavior. 

We are told as children in the United States that Santa will leave us coal in our stocking if we aren't on our best behavior. In Austria, parents use the threat of the krampus as a similar means to an end. 

We could hear the jingle of krampuses all around the grounds of the Salzburg Christmas Market at Schloss Hellbrunn and I could feel a mild chill running up my spine.

12. The Vienna Christmas Markets

You'll find that Vienna has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. The Vienna Christmas markets are many, varied, and spread across the city. We headed for Spittelberg where a mug of glühwein really hit the spot. 

We saw a rather long queue snaking from a steaming booth. In general, getting into the longest line is a good European Christmas market strategy for finding the best local food. 

Giant candles made of Christmas Lights at the Christmas Market in Vienna Austria

I could see a man pouring batter into a sizzling and spitting vat of oil at the start of what was effectively an assembly line for potato pancakes (erdäpfelpuffer). Despite the hot and greasy conditions, the lads in charge of cooking seemed to be having a fun time. 

We finally arrived at the head of the queue and ordered our potato pancake. We noticed a pan with a paintbrush sticking out of it. We weren't sure what we were meant to paint on our potato pancake but decided to just go for it. It turns out that the concoction the paintbrush was dipped in was garlic butter. 

Amazing! I could immediately understand why people were willing to wait for this! For me, this just reinforced that Vienna Christmas market food is really the best part of the entire experience. Definitely make time for a trip to Vienna in December to experience the local Christmas markets first hand.

Cool Christmas Markets in Switzerland

Switzerland is another country that really embraces winter and the European Christmas market experience. Let's have a look at some of my favorite Swiss Christmas markets.

13. Experience Zurich's Christmas Markets

I love visiting Zurich in the winter. Zurich is home to a wide range of Christmas markets. The most unique has to be the Singing Tree Christmas Market.

Various choirs mount the decorative tree and proudly sing a selection of Christmas carols. You can't beat that Christmas spirit.

Old Town Zurich is home to a festive Christmas market with plenty of glühwein. Located among a warren of narrow streets lined with stores, the Old Town Zurich Christmas market is ideal for those trying to squeeze in a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. 

You'll also find a variety of traditional market stalls selling all sorts of arts and crafts. 

Carousel at the Zurich Christmas Market

Zurich's main train station (Zurich Hauptbahnhof) features an upmarket Christmas market. You'll find this winter market to be especially crowded with each person elbowing their way into position for perfect photo of the Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree. 

Head to the The Zurich HB Christmas market if the winter weather turns rainy like it did on one of our December visits to Zurich.

The Christmas Market outside the Zurich Opera House is the perfect place to spend the evening after work. You'll find the usual Christmas market food, wine, and other indulgences. 

What really makes the Zurich Opernhaus Christmas Market worth a visit is how picturesque it is. Don't forget your camera to capture the festive lights against the impressive surrounding architecture.

14. The Winterthur Christmas Market

Winterthur is only 30 minutes from Zurich Hauptbahnhof by train. I love German Christmas Markets and in particular the mugs that you can take home as a souvenir by simply forfeiting the small deposit that you pay when you order glühwein. 

For some reason, Christmas market mugs don't seem to be a thing in Zurich but I'm pleased to report that they are in Winterthur!

Öpfelchüechli at the Winterthur Christmas Market in Switzerland

If you are looking for an authentic German-style Christmas market experience in Switzerland, take the S-Bahn from Zurich to Winterthur after work. 

Not only will you find glühwein in that coveted ceramic mug but you'll also find a uniquely Swiss treat: Öpfelchüechli. 

What are Öpfelchüechli? Sink your teeth into fried apple rings served with sugar or custard. It's the perfect Swiss Christmas market comfort food..

Off the Beaten Path for a Christmas Market in Poland

Poland is another great country for European Christmas Markets. Let's head east and explore the magical Christmas Market in Wroclaw (complete with adorable gnomes).

15. Gnomes, Chimney Cakes, and Hot Beer in and Around the Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland

Chimney cake stall at the Christmas Market in Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland has all the right ingredients for a fantastic Christmas market. The town has a decidedly German feel. Perhaps this is because Wroclaw was part of Germany at various points in her history.  

I visited Wroclaw in December and loved that Wroclaw had everything you might find at a German Christmas market with a few extras. I picked up my obligatory mulled wine mug as a souvenir (check!). 

Wroclaw served these really addicting homemade chimney cakes in their market. Served fresh out of the oven and coated in chocolate and nuts on the spot, these long, cylindrical, pull apart cakes were a real treat.
Christmas mug and Chimney cake from the Christmas market in Wroclaw, Poland

Beyond the Christmas market itself, the pubs and restaurants really got into the holiday spirit. I was hanging out with some local colleagues who recommended that I try hot beer with plums. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before yet felt like the spirit of Christmas.
Hot beer with plums at Christmas time in Wroclaw, Poland
The other great thing about Wroclaw is that you can go dwarf hunting. Dwarves, gnomes, or elves; they all feel similar to me. When you get tired of the market, look for Santa's little elves immortalized in bronze all over town. 

The dwarves of Wroclaw, Poland

The Best Christmas Markets in Germany

It goes without saying (selbstverständlich) that Germany is the most popular destination for European Christmas market fans. We've had the opportunity to visit Christmas markets across Germany. Let me walk you through my favorites.

16. The Great and Varied Christmas Markets of Cologne

Christmas Market in front of the Cologne Cathedral
Cologne features no fewer than seven Christmas markets spread about town. When you consider that Bonn and Düsseldorf are just a short train ride away, Cologne is at the center of German Christmas market heaven. 

The largest and best Christmas market in Cologne lies in the shadow of the impressive cathedral (Der Kölner Dom). I recall eating the best potato pancakes I'd ever bitten into crisp and fresh out of the fryer while listening to a group of older German gentlemen sing sea shanties. 

You'll be spoiled for choice at the Christmas markets in Cologne.

17. Bonn Christmas Market and the Singing Moose

Singing Moose at the Bonn Christmas Market

Just up the road from Cologne, the Christmas market in Bonn does not disappoint. I'll never forget looking up as we were purchasing a glass of mulled wine and seeing a singing moose head above me. 

This guy sure is charming. I think of the moose every time I use the barrel shaped mug that I got at this stall. One of my favorite things about Christmas markets generally are indeed the mugs. 

You pay a deposit for each cup of glühwein but if you want, you can keep the mug and forego the deposit. The deposit is usually about 2 EUR which is a great deal for a unique souvenir.

18. Experience Old Town Magic at the Christmas Market in Frankfurt

Old Town Frankfurt Christmas Market

On the surface, Frankfurt may appear to be all business, but wander down to Frankfurt's old town square and an extensive and magical Christmas market awaits in the shadow of the colorful step-gabled buildings.
Old Town Frankfurt Christmas Market
Christmas markets are more fun with friends and we have old friends in Frankfurt. We've visited a couple times for the holidays and toasted to our friendship with a mug of glühwein.
Apfelwein sign at the Frankfurt Christmas Market
Frankfurt is also known for their signature apple wine (Apfelwein) adding a unique touch to the Christmas market here. 

Head to Frankfurt for the weekend in winter and you won't be disappointed.

19. Enjoy the Mainz Christmas Market

Mainz is an easy day trip from FrankfurtYou'll find that in winter, life centers around the Christmas markets in Mainz. 

Eat currywurst with glühwein for dinner at the Mainz Hauptbahnhof Christmas market. 

When we were in Mainz, all the tables were taken and we were having trouble finding a spot to eat our dinner. The glühwein seller saw us struggling and kicked out someone who hadn't bought from him to make room for us.

Mainz Cathedral and Christmas Market

We loved the beautiful Christmas lights and glitz at the main Mainz Christmas Market. It was a bit crowded so we decided not to stay long. 

A good alternative is to come by in the morning before the market opens to soak in the Christmas spirit at your leisure.

Make sure to seek out some roasted chestnuts before leaving. Note: It's important to have a beverage at the ready when you eat chestnuts since they can be quite dry and cough-inducing if you try to eat them too fast. 

20. Nuremberg: Germany's Most Famous Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Nuremberg has probably the most famous Christmas market in the world. While some German cities (like Cologne) have several smaller markets, Nuremberg features one giant Christmas market radiating out from the Frauenkirche on the main square.
Nuremberg Christmas Market mugs
Known as the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, The Christkind (Christ child) plays the role of mascot of sorts for the market. The annually appointed Christkind makes an appearance and children revel in seeking them out. 

When we visited, we were approached by an online newspaper who were appointing the Christkind of the day. They plopped a flowing blond wig on my head (complete with shiny crown). I then underwent some scrutiny from curious locals who rightly called out the the Christkind didn't wear glasses. 

Once I'd taken off meine Brille, they snapped a photo that appeared in the paper. What great memories! 
Posing as the local Christkind of the day at the Nuremberg Christmas Market

For more details, see: Frohe Weihnachten! Highlights of the Christmas Market at Nuremberg

21. Regensburg for Frosted Mugs and Half Meter Sausage

Regensburg Christmas Market
Regensburg is just an hour by train away from Nuremberg. While Nuremberg has a fantastic Christmas market, its popularity means it can get very crowded. 

We really enjoyed our off-the-beaten-path experience at the Regensburg Christmas markets. Instead of one big market, Regensburg featured several smaller markets spanning both sides of the river.
glühwein hut at the Regensburg Christmas Market
It was in Regensburg that I first encountered ein halber Meter Wurst (half meter of sausage). Definitely make sure you're hungry when you visit!
half meter sausage at the Regensburg Christmas Market

For more details, see: Highlights of Regensburg Germany at Christmas

22. A Winter Wonderland in Stuttgart

Stuttgart Christmas Market
Stuttgart is a very real German city. We spent the entire Christmas week hanging out there and had the opportunity to explore the Christmas markets with the locals. Wander the picturesque streets and steep in the atmosphere. 

When we visited, it was unseasonably warm and the organizers had even arranged for a snow machine to get everyone into the proper holiday spirit. 

Stuttgart is also a convenient home base for exploring the towns of Germany's Black Forest (which also have Christmas markets as you can well imagine).

For more details, see: Celebrating Christmas German-style with a Trip to Stuttgart

23. Back to Medieval Times at the Christmas Market in Esslingen

Esslingen Christmas Market at night

Our favorite Christmas market within commuting distance of Stuttgart was in Esslingen. Esslingen's Christmas market was special because of the Medieval theme. 

There was a section of the market situated in the shadow of the Old Town buildings that served food and drink from the Medieval period. Seeing people dressed in garb from the period added even more charm.

24. Photograph and Eat Your Way Through Berlin's Christmas Markets

Despite Berlin's somewhat modern and edgy reputation, the city goes 'all in' on Christmas markets.

We embarked on a weekend city break to visit Berlin's Christmas markets and found no shortage of things to keep us busy. 

We were particularly impressed by the variety of festive Christmas market food and drink on offer

Reindeer and heart-shaped gingerbread cookies at the Berlin Christmas Market in Germany
I judge any European Christmas market that we visit by the quality and variety of glühwein mugs that we find. 

In Berlin, I've picked up some of my all time favorite Christmas market mugs including a colorful Christmas tree mug at the Christmas market in the shadow of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. 

I also picked up a boot-shaped mug at the Christmas market at Schloss Charlottenburg.

Some of the fun foods that you'll find at the Berlin Christmas Markets include:
  • Berlin's signature currywurst served with toothpicks
  • Dresdener Handbread (Handbrot) fresh from the oven and filled with mushrooms and cheese
  • Cheesy Spätzle, a sort of German mac n' cheese.
  • Quark Bällchen, little deep-fried cheese balls
  • Venison stew
In addition to great food, I also found that the Berlin Christmas Markets are a photographers dream. Bring a portrait lens and photograph the details of the Christmas decorations adorning each market.

25. Seek Out the Christmas Markets of North Rhine-Westphalia

The North Rhine-Westphalia region is a magical destination for a winter weekend city break in Germany in December. The region is simply packed with Christmas markets.  

You'll find a concentration of villages, towns, and cities that is unparalleled elsewhere in Europe. 

North Rhine-Westphalia includes Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Bonn which I've covered earlier. I invite you to dig deeper into the region and visit the Christmas markets in Dortmund, Essen, and Münster.

Essen's Christmas Market is renowned for its international vibe. We spotted vendors from cities around Europe and even a few booths featuring exotic African crafts.

Stacked Christmas Market mugs in Munster Germany

Dortmund is home to the largest Christmas tree in the world. You'll always be able to find the Dortmund Christmas Market if you simply follow the Dortmund Christmas Tree that towers nearly 50 meters above the market stalls below and lights up the surrounding area like a beacon.

Münster offers a handy combination of 5 Christmas markets spread around town (with great mugs in festive shapes!) connecting a variety of historical attractions. 

For example, for just 2 EUR, you can visit the Hall of Peace where the Peace of Westphalia was negotiated to end to the 30 Years War in the mid-17th century.  

Can Christmas Markets be Overrated?

There are plenty of "Top 10" lists of Christmas markets published by major travel guidebooks and newspapers. 

Do they ever get it wrong? 

One city that consistently ranks highly in European Christmas Market guides is Copenhagen. We were excited to visit and experience the Copenhagen Christmas Market for ourselves. 

When we got there, we were decidedly underwhelmed. We found the Copenhagen Christmas Markets to be extremely overpriced: from the glögg (Danish mulled wine) to the souvenir mugs to the entrance fees to see the sparkling Christmas lights at Tivoli. 

Read more about why I think the Copenhagen Christmas markets are overrated.

Summing Up the Best European Christmas Markets

Is a vacation city break weekend to a Christmas market in Europe worth it? As you can see from our experiences, we love the magic of Christmas markets and go every year. 

Christmas markets are a great excuse to explore a new city at a festive time of year.

Did you enjoy this post about our picks of the best Christmas Markets in Europe? Sharing is caring...

24 Christmas Markets in Europe for Your Bucket List24 European Christmas Markets Worth Visiting

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 25 of the Best European Christmas Markets to Add to Your Bucket List
25 of the Best European Christmas Markets to Add to Your Bucket List
Get recommendations for the best European Christmas markets to visit across 9 countries. Discover the best Christmas Markets in Europe in this guide.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog