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Places to Eat in Bilbao: Inexpensive to Unbelievably Luxurious

Places to eat in Bilbao. An exquisitely prepared dish at Atelier Etxanobe
Bilbao is most definitely a foodie city. Situated in the Basque Country of Spain, you'll find many fantastic places to eat in Bilbao. Some Bilbao restaurants and bars are great for people on a budget. Other culinary experiences in Bilbao have the potential to break the bank. At the economical end, find the best pintxos and local wine in Bilbao. At the other end of the spectrum, treat yourself to a world-class Michelin-starred experience in Bilbao. Read on to explore all the best dining experiences in Bilbao covering the entire spectrum from inexpensive to unbelievably luxurious.

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Bottles of Wine for 0.66 EUR

Let's start at the cheap end of the spectrum. At the grocery stores in Bilbao, you can find regional wines for less than one euro a bottle. In fact, we spotted a bottle of wine in a Bilbao supermarket for about 2 EUR with a second bottle costing just *66 cents*. If you are really on a budget on your Basque Country holiday, this should be your first port of call.
What to drink in Bilbao: wine for less than one euro

Talos Filled with Chorizo

We visited Bilbao in the winter to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year. Bilbao festivals like the Fiesta de Santo Tomas are a great opportunity to sample local food at great prices. Enjoy talos con chorizo (chorizo sausage on freshly prepared tortillas) as a delicious midday snack. Bonus points if you eat your talos con chorizo with a bottle of local cider.
What to eat in Bilbao in winter: talos con chorizo

Go Pintxo Bar Hopping

Places to eat in Bilbao: Bar Argia for one euro pintxos

Pintxos bars are by far the best economical places to eat in Bilbao. Follow the locals and hop from bar to bar enjoying the different specialties of the house with a small glass of wine. As a rule of thumb, Bilbao's residents are always on the move; pick one pintxo and then carry on to the next bar to see what's on offer. Our picks for the best pintxos in Bilbao include Bar Argia where we enjoyed endless pintxos for just one euro each. La Roca and El Globo also had a great buzz. Grab a small sandwich and glass of txakoli (white wine with a bit of fizz and served from overhead with a flourish) at Singular in Bilbao. 
Places to eat in Bilbao: Snack and txakoli wine at Singular in Bilbao

Calle Ledesma

Calle Ledesma in Bilbao is a great place to wander around and sample creative pintxos. We had 1000 layers of potatoes, Camembert and mushrooms plus a fried banana filled with blue cheese and ham at Bar Molinillo.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Pinxtos bars on Calle Ledesma

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Lamb Kebabs at Cafe Iruña

Cafe Iruña is definitely a candidate for the best pintxos in Bilbao. Cafe Iruña's signature dish is lamb kebabs served pintxos style. Add a squeeze of lemon. The tart citrus blends perfectly with the charcoal-grilled meat with a sprinkle of salt. My taste buds simply came alive when I took my first bite. So. Good.
Where to eat in Bilbao? Lamb kebabs at Cafe Iruña

Pintxos on Plaza Nueva in Bilbao

Plaza Nueva in Bilbao's Casco Viejo may be a bit touristy but it's also a great place to find excellent pintxos. We enjoyed two rounds of pintxos at La Olla and Sorginzula. We were tempted to try and suss out which pintxos places on Plaza Nueva that were most popular but what we quickly realized was that all the places are popular and there is simply an ebb and flow to the traffic at each place. Wander in and out of each pintxos bar until you see something you like. We particularly enjoyed hearty potato croquettes.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Tapas bars on Plaza Nueva in Casco Vieja

Mercado de la Ribera

Mercado de la Ribera in Bilbao is worth a browse for the architecture alone. It's even better if you go hungry. You'll find plenty of pintxos in a covered market hall. Grab a snack that catches your fancy and enjoy it in the central communal seating area.
Places to eat in Bilbao Spain: Collage of pintxos from Mercado de la Ribera

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Craft Beer Bars

Pintxos bars are definitely the most economical places to eat in Bilbao but not all pintxos places are created equally. Head to one of Bilbao's craft beer bars where you can expect to pay a premium for a brew to go with your pintxos. 

La Ley Seca

We enjoyed sipping a sneaky Basque craft beer from Bidassoa Basque Brewery and empanadas on comfy couches at La Ley Seca. Located on Bilbao's Siete Calles, take a rest from your exploration in the dark interior of the bar.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Craft beer and empanadas at La Ley Seca

Craft Beer and Bread at the Basquery

The Basquery serves up craft beer, homemade bread and more. You'll pay a premium for the experience, but the atmosphere is hip and modern and represents a good alternative to Bilbao's more traditional tapas bars.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Craft beer at the Basquery

Pintxos Further Afield

Portugalete Pintxos at Txo

While pintxos in Bilbao are cheap, my next picks are further up the cost spectrum in this post because you'll need to pay for a metro ticket to get there. Take public transportation to the port town of Portugalete. Seek out Txo which serves up pintxos in adorable casserole dishes. My selected pintxo was comprised of potatoes, bechamel, bacon and more cheese and was definitely a candidate for the best pintxos in Bilbao in my opinion.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Pintxos in a casserole dish at Txo in Portugalete

Hillside by the Seaside at Bar Arantzale

Take the suspended cable car across from Portugalete to the more upscale Getxo. After an energetic hike around the promenade, you'll be ready to eat once more. We hiked all the way to the small fishing village near Algorta which seems to spill down the hill into the sea. We stopped for fried calamari and patatas bravas at Bar Arantzale before taking the metro back to Bilbao. The calamari is extremely popular here so go early to avoid disappointment.
What to eat in Bilbao: calamari at Bar Arantzale near Getxo and Algorta

Christmas Lunch at Premierk

Lunch is definitely a more economical option than dinner in Bilbao. We enjoyed a lovely three course Christmas lunch with a bottle of Rioja at Premierk in Bilbao. While away the afternoon at a booth looking out onto the street with the buzz of the bar on the opposite side.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Christmas lunch at Premierk

Michelin-Starred Dining in Bilbao

Bilbao is famous for its Michelin-starred restaurants. We splurged and tried two different Michelin-starred experiences during our one week in Bilbao for Christmas and New Year's Eve. The experience certainly wasn't cheap. Expect to pay at least 100 EUR a person for the tasting menu and even more if you opt for the wine pairings. We decided to treat ourselves to the full experience and enjoyed two very different multi-course extravaganzas with wine pairings.

More Than 10 Courses with Wine Pairings at Mina Restaurant

Mina Restaurant in Bilbao features some prized seats along a counter overlooking the kitchen. We settled into our well-cushioned stools and watched all the action as Chef Álvaro Garrido and his staff prepared our multi-course tasting menu.

Places to eat in Bilbao: Collage of dishes from Michelin-starred Mina Restaurant

The exquisite dishes at Mina Restaurant included:
  1. Gillardeau oyster with gin and citrus
  2. Mussels in lemongrass, coconut soup, and spicy tomato
  3. Weakfish served with olive emulsion
  4. Black cheese, mushroom, and crunchy chicken
  5. Smoked txitxarro (mackerel) with cauliflower and cider
  6. Aubergine confit with red tea and white prawn tartar
  7. Begihaundi (squid) risotto
  8. Smoked bluefin tuna belly pastrami served with herbed curry
  9. Bone marrow with rosemary poultry broth
  10. Monkfish stew
  11. Charcoal-grilled sweetbreads served with pumpkin and cardamom puree
  12. Toffee ice cream flavored with tamarind and Lea and Perrins sauce.
We ate so much food from the tasting menu at Mina Restaurant that I was seriously asking myself if it would be wrong to smuggle out the final plate of financiers in a napkin for later.

Where to eat in Bilbao: Financiers at Mina Restaurant

We always opt for the wine pairings when we go out to a Michelin-started restaurant. You often get to try wines you'd never think to order. In this case, we had a sweet wine and a fortified wine with two of the savory courses. In total, we tried 7 wines with 10 courses.
Places to eat in Bilbao: Wine pairings at Mina Restaurant

Three highlights of the menu at Mina Restaurant in Bilbao were:
  1. I tried sweetbreads for the first time ever and liked them!
  2. My dessert was flavored with tamarind and Lea and Perrins 😮
  3. We serendipitously saw Chef Álvaro Garrido on the tram the next day and got to share a nod of mutual appreciation.
Places to eat in Bilbao: A view into the kitchen at Mina Restaurant

High Tech Atelier Etxanobe

Our second Michelin-starred experience in Bilbao had an entirely different vibe. Our meal at Atelier Etxanobe was decidedly high tech. The multi-course menu was projected onto the table before each dish was presented. Our meal started with a 3D printed fish head delivered to the table with our first course.
Places to eat in Bilbao: 3D printing and blowtorches at Atelier Etxanobe

Our meal at Atelier Etxanobe was much more interactive than Mina Restaurant with Chef Fernando Canales personally preparing a few of the dishes table-side using tools like a blowtorch. We had a great time chatting with Chef Canales and felt very welcome. Once again, we enjoyed more than 10 skillfully prepared dishes served with wines specially selected to pair with each course by the sommelier.
Places to eat in Bilbao: dishes at Michelin-starred Atelier Etxanobe
The final dish of the evening was prepared with liquid nitrogen and presented on a small spoon. Virtual reality headsets were strapped over our eyes and we found ourselves gliding over a field of violets. We were instructed to eat the dessert (it had the smooth creamy texture of a semifreddo) in one bite. The virtual reality was meant to amplify the flavors.  
Places to eat in Bilbao: Liquid nitrogen and virtual reality with dessert at Atelier Etxanobe
SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: We love trying Michelin-starred restaurants on our travels like Fritz's Frau Franzi discovered while spending one day in Düsseldorf Germany.

Map of the Great Places to Eat in Bilbao

Check out this handy map with links to the full spectrum of our recommended places to eat in Bilbao. 

I hope you've enjoyed this culinary adventure in Bilbao ranging from inexpensive options to the most luxurious Michelin-starred experiences that Bilbao has to offer. And don't forget, sharing is caring...
Places to eat in Bilbao SpainPlaces to eat in Bilbao Spain


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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Places to Eat in Bilbao: Inexpensive to Unbelievably Luxurious
Places to Eat in Bilbao: Inexpensive to Unbelievably Luxurious
Discover places to eat in Bilbao Spain. Read about the best pintxos in Bilbao. Enjoy Bilbao food from the least expensive to most luxurious. Try Bilbao's Michelin-starred restaurants like Mina Restaurant and Atelier Etxanobe.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog
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