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28 of the Best Ryanair Destinations for a Weekend Away (At Any Time of Year)

Discover the best Ryanair destinations for winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Plan Ryanair city breaks at any time of year with this helpful post.
We are always on the lookout for Ryanair weekend destination ideas. One of the advantages of living in Europe is that there is an abundance of cheap places around the continent to fly to. 

Airports like Dublin, London Stansted, London Gatwick, and Brussels Charleroi are low cost hubs for Ryanair and offer flights to all popular city break destinations (not to mention some places you may never have heard of before). 

Read on to find out my picks for the top European city break destinations for any season of the year based on more than a decade of personal experience taking budget-minded trips with Ryanair. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn; I’ve got you covered with ideas for places to visit in Europe for a weekend. 

Of course, you could always plan a longer trip, but in that case, you should hone your skills on how to pack for a week in a carry on to minimize your costs and maximize your flight deals on Ryanair!

Let's fly!

Wing of a Ryanair Plane

Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Winter Wonderlands (December - February)

Winter is a great time of year to travel around Europe. Prices (even by Ryanair standards) tend to be more economical. 

You can also take advantage of seeing European destinations decorated for the holiday season or covered in snow. Here are the Ryanair winter destinations that I personally recommend.

1. Vienna, Austria

Sit reading a newspaper on a pole while eating cake and sipping a coffee (or something stronger) in the classic cafes that dot the city.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas - Vienna - Cake and Coffee

Vienna Resources

2. Wroclaw, Poland

There is something so magical about dwarf hunting while bundling up in layers of coats and scarfs. Yes, it's cold in Poland in winter but that's part of the experience.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Gnome Hunting in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw Resources

3. Tenerife (Spain)

Decamp to the Canary Islands for a bit of sunshine and warmth.  Tenerife offers something for everyone including the obligatory beaches plus a majestic volcano and beautiful parks.

Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Tenerife in the Canary Islands

Tenerife Resources

4. Lanzarote (Spain)

Speaking of the Canary Islands...Lanzarote is another Ryanair destination that I recommend. To me, Lanzarote in winter is not about the "fly and flop" (on the beach) but rather about great food, unique wines, and fun volcanic adventures.

Best Ryanair Destinations: Green Lake in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

Lanzarote Resources

5. The Algarve (Portugal)

The Algarve in winter is the quintessential Ryanair sun holiday destination. Located in the south of Portugal, fly Ryanair to Faro and then explore the Portuguese coast from Sagres in the East to Vila Real de Santo António (aka VRSA) in the west.

Best Ryanair Destinations: The sea and limestone cliffs in the Algarve

Algarve Resources

6. Málaga, Spain

Málaga is one of my favorite winter destinations for a Ryanair weekend. Chow on churros y chocolate or make your way to the beach at Marbella. 

Did you know that Picasso himself was born in Malaga and that the city is an excellent gateway to get to Granada and the majestic Alhambra? If you love art and history, this is the place to go.

Ryanair Destinations: View from the Alcazaba in Malaga, Spain

Malaga Resources

Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Spring Flings (March - May)

Spring is my favorite time of year for a Ryanair weekend. Weather is improving in many destinations around Europe. You'll also find some fabulous festivals worth flying in for.

7. (London)Derry

The (London)Derry jazz festival is the perfect excuse to visit Northern Ireland.  There are tons of free gigs and you can also take the opportunity while you're there to learn more about the history of The Troubles in the region on both sides of the fence.  
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: (London)Derry in Northern Ireland

(London)Derry Resources

8. Amsterdam 

Flying to Holland during tulip season for a Ryanair weekend is a must despite the larger number of tourists.  From Amsterdam, you can easily access the Keukenhof or rent bikes to ride through less crowded tulip fields.  White asparagus is an added bonus at this time of year.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Tulip Season in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Resources

9. Valencia

You'll notice a bit of a theme here.  Festivals are a great excuse to visit a destination and Valencia in Spain is no exception. 

Las Fallas showcases hundreds of larger-than-life papier mache creations all around town that are then burned in a blaze of glory on the last night of the festival.  
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Resoures

10. Carcassonne and Toulouse, France

Looking for off the beaten path destinations in France? Consider a Ryanair weekend in Carcassonne and Toulouse. Carcassonne is anchored by an impressive restored castle/fortress. 

Toulouse is know for unique and comforting cuisine. These French cities are just 45 minutes apart by train. Catch a Ryanair flight into one city and fly out of the other like we did.

Best Ryanair Destinations: Castle in Carcassonne

Carcassonne and Toulouse Resources

11. Normandy, France

Normandy is a region full of amazing and heart-wrenching history. If you are a WWII history buff, this is the Ryanair destination for you. 

Ryanair flies to "Paris". Beware that Paris Beauvais Airport (Ryanair's hub) is more than an hour outside of the city. That said, Paris Beauvais Airport is a great gateway for a road trip in Normandy. Le Havre is just two hours away by car.
Fun Ryanair Destinations: Le Havre in Normandy France

Normandy Resources

12. Poznan and Bydgoszcz, Poland

Ryanair offers extensive coverage of cities in Poland. In fact, Ryanair flies to some Polish cities that you may never have heard of. Combine Poznan and Bydgoszcz for a unique weekend city break. 

Explore Poznan's charming old town. See the iconic tightrope walker over the river in Bydgoszcz. Eat your way through both cities as you indulge in comforting Polish cuisine. Take a day trip to Torun birthplace of Copernicus.

Ryanair City Break Destinations: Bydgoszcz in Poland

Poznan and Bydgoszcz Resources

Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Summer Stops (June - August)

Summer is the high tourist season in Europe so choose your destinations wisely. Ryanair adds additional destinations seasonally. Check the schedule at the beginning of the year and book early for the best prices for your weekend getaway.

13. Munich

Sit in the sun and sip from a giant stein of beer and nosh on a pretzel sized to match while soaking up the sun in the Englischer Garten in Munich.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Beer and a Pretzel in the Englischer Garten in Munich, Germany

Munich Resources

14. Edinburgh

Once again, festivals rule the day and no one does festivals better than Edinburgh.  We go every year for the Fringe in August where there are literally thousands of performances on offer ranging from comedy, music, experimental theatre and more.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Edinburgh Fringe in August

Edinburgh Resources

15. West of Ireland

Fly Ryanair into Knock, Shannon, or Kerry Airports and explore the West of Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher are one of few places in the world where you can spot puffins without having to board a boat making this one of my favorite summer destinations. 

Drive the Ring of Kerry or visit charming Irish towns like Westport, Sligo, or Ketterkenny on a Donegal weekend.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: The Cliffs of Moher and Puffins

West of Ireland Resources

16. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn features a medieval core guarded by "Fat Margaret". Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tallinn is a fantastic destination if you are planning a workcation. You'll find some of the best and fastest internet service here.

Ryanair Destination Ideas: Tallinn Estonia's Fat Margaret

Tallinn Resources

17. Manchester and Liverpool, England

Ryanair offers great coverage of destinations in England. Why not combine Manchester and Liverpool for the perfect weekend city break? The cities are less than 45 minutes apart by train. 

You can easily spend a day walking around Manchester without too much pre-planning. In Liverpool, explore Titanic history and check out the interactive Beatles museum. If you have more time, spend a day in Chester with it's charming Medieval core and Roman-era history.

Ryanair Destination Ideas: Yellow Submarine in Liverpool, England

Manchester and Liverpool Resources

18. Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is one of the Tricities in the north of Poland on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Gdansk is where the first shots of World War II were fired and also home to the Solidarity labor movement of the early 1980s. If you are interested in history, Gdansk is the perfect Ryanair destination for a summer trip.

Ryanair Destinations: Gdansk Poland

Gdansk Resources

19. Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania

I loved Lithuania! Most people who visit stick to Vilnius. However, Ryanair flies to both Vilnius and Kaunas. We flew into Vilnius and out of Kaunas to make the most of our Lithuanian city break. 

Steep in the UNESCO World Heritage ambiance of Vilnius and then head to Kaunas for a less touristy look at the country. I marveled at the fantastic street art and communist-era cafes in Kaunas.

Ryanair Weekend Destinations: Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius and Kaunas Resources

Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Autumn Leaves (September - November)

The Fall season is another of my favorite times of year to take a Ryanair city break. You'll find a wide selection of seasonal destinations still available during shoulder season, but the prices tend to be lower and the destinations less crowded. Where shall we go in Autumn?

20. Dubrovnik

Famously overrun by tourists, this picturesque walled city in Croatia starts to calm down a bit in October.  Head to Dubrovnik on one of the last Ryanair flights of the season where you'll enjoy lovely weather and thinner crowds. Rent a car and take a day trip into Montenegro to add to your list of countries visited.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Dubrovnik, Croatia in the Autumn Shoulder Season

Dubrovnik Resources

21. Porto

Sip a glass of port as old as you are and marvel at the setting sun.  In Fall, you can even take a sunset cruise on the Douro and make it back in time for supper along the river. 

Alternatively, head from the airport to Matosinhos (less than 15 minutes by car or taxi) on the coast for a beach vacation instead of a city break.
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Porto in the Fall

Porto Resources

22. Venice 

Italy's famous city of canals is sinking so you'd better go while you still can.  This is another place that is famously overrun by tourists but is worth visiting nonetheless.  

We've visited twice in late November and enjoyed nice (albeit chilly) weather and fewer people to elbow our way past to explore the town. Shoulder season for the win!
Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas: Venice in November

Venice Resources

23. Sofia and Plovdiv Bulgaria

Sofia is another off-the-beaten path Ryanair destination in Europe. If your goal is to visit every EU country like ours was, Ryanair can get you there. 

Spend a day or two wandering around Sofia and steeping in the local atmosphere and culture. Then, head to Plovdiv for a day to experience some of the best Bulgarian wines and Roman-era history.

Ryanair Destinations: Church in Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia and Plovdiv Resources

24. Riga, Latvia

If you love Art Nouveau architecture, Riga will be your Ryanair destination of choice. You'll find an interesting juxtaposition of whimsical buildings from this era combined with brutalist reminds of Soviet times.

Ryanair Destination Ideas: Art Nouveau Riga

Riga Resources

25. Marrakech, Morocco

Did you know that Ryanair flies to Morocco? Plan a unique Ryanair weekend in Marrakech where you can explore the riotous souks, indulge in piping hot and incredibly filling tagines, and then escape to the quiet courtyard of your riad to rest and relax.

Ryanair Destination Ideas: Courtyard in Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech Resources

26. Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo is the quintessential Ryanair destination. Originally billed as Ryanair's gateway to Milan (located about an hour away), Bergamo is a city worth visiting in its own right. 

Walk the charming streets of the upper and lower city and indulge in amazing Italian cuisine. From Bergamo, you can also easily escape to the Italian Lakes.

Ryanair Destinations: Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo Resources

27. Loire Valley, France

Nantes is another popular Ryanair airport and is a gateway into the Loire Valley in France. Fly into Nantes, rent a car, and explore the spectacular chateaux and amazing wines of the Loire Valley on a weekend (or longer) road trip.

Ryanair Destination Ideas: Angers in the Loire Valley

Loire Valley Resources

28. Dublin, Ireland

Want to know my favorite Ryanair destination of all? It has to be Dublin. Fly in for a weekend city break and experience Dublin's legendary craic. Spend the night in one of countless pubs or head to the theatre or a music gig. 

Bonus: I am obsessed with photographing doors and Dublin has some of the best doors in the world.

Ryanair Destinations: The Long Hall Pub in Dublin, IrelandRyanair Destination Ideas in the Fall: Halloween Door in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Resources

Beware of Low-Cost Carrier Gotchas When Embarking on a Ryanair Holiday

If you are new to travel with low-cost carriers like Ryanair, there are a few things you should be aware of to make sure that your European city break goes smoothly.  

People boarding a Ryanair flight
  1. Book at least a couple months in advance for the best deals. Prices go up at the last minute and there is no such thing as a last minute fare with Ryanair.
  2. You’ll pay for everything; whether it’s a seat assignment, priority boarding, a checked bag, or even a small carry-on bag that fits in the overhead bin (anything that won't fit under the seat in front of you) be prepared to shell out some cash and factor these 'extras' into your budget. 
  3. Print your boarding pass out before you get to the airport. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay to have your boarding documents reprinted.
  4. If you are flying on a non-European Union passport, make sure you stop at Ryanair’s check-in desk even if you are not checking bags to get your visa check stamp. You’ll be turned away at the gate without it.
  5. If you haven’t paid for Priority Boarding, Plus, Flexi Plus, or Family Plus class of service, you’ll only be able to bring one cabin bag on board. All wheelie bags that could be carried on previously will go into the hold.

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Ryanair Weekend Destination Ideas for Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 28 of the Best Ryanair Destinations for a Weekend Away (At Any Time of Year)
28 of the Best Ryanair Destinations for a Weekend Away (At Any Time of Year)
Discover the best Ryanair destinations for winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Plan Ryanair city breaks at any time of year with this helpful post.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog