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17 of the Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

Read about the top places to visit in the Netherlands. Find out the best places to visit in the Netherlands by train, bus, or ferry. Discover the Netherlands and learn about things to do and places to explore.
What are the top places to visit in the Netherlands? The Netherlands may be a small country but it packs a lot in. 

From world class-cities and distinctive architecture to fun food (chocolate sprinkles anyone?), canals and green spaces, going to the Netherlands offers adventure to visitors of all tastes and interests. 

Read on for inspiration about places to explore in the Netherlands. Pick one place to dive into on a short stay or string a few places together to create a longer Netherlands itinerary.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #1: Alternative Amsterdam

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: bridge over a canal in Amsterdam

The first place that people think to visit in the Netherlands is Amsterdam (arguably a city that you should include on any extended Europe travel itinerary). A walk on the canals, the Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House are just three of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam. 

You can easily fill 3 days in Amsterdam but what should you do if you have more time or want to get further off-the-beaten-track?

The Poezenboot

Discover Amsterdam: cat outside the Poezenboot

The Poezenboot (aka the Cat Boat) is a floating refuge for abandoned cats docked along the Singel Canal. Some of the cats hang out canal-side near the Poezenboot. 

Stop by and give them a scratch behind the ears. If the Poezenboot is open, stop by and purchase some souvenirs to help this floating cat sanctuary.

Visit De Wallen, Amsterdam's Red Light District

Prepare to blush with a walk through De Wallen, Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District, an interesting spectacle even in broad daylight. 

Tucked away near Dam Square, the Red Light District shows just how close Amsterdam's more risque-side is to the tourist heart of the city.

Browerij de 7 Deugden (aka the Brewery of 7 Virtues)

Discover the Netherlands: Browerij de 7 Deugden beer bottles and tasting in Amsterdam

Exemplifying small business at its best, at Browerij de 7 Deugden you can sample craft beer out of the owner's garage! Sign-up for a craft beer tasting with paired cheeses. 

It was fun to compare the different flavor notes of the beer and discuss how they paired with each cheese.  In some cases it was a perfect match.  In other cases, the cheese was too strong for the beer or vice versa. 

Tour the brewing facility in the garage where Browerij de 7 Deugden are able to brew 1000 liters a day.  It was fascinating to see the full life cycle of beer production.  

We've done a number of beer tasting tours like this over the years but this is the first small, family owned operation that we'd seen. 

It was fantastic to see someone follow their passion and make a success out of something they love. Tours and tastings are available if you call ahead for an appointment.

Explore Plantage, Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter

Things to do in Amsterdam: pink flamingos at Natura Artis Magistra in Amsterdam

Plantage, Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter is a lesser known and less touristy part of the city. Plantage is located to the east of Rembrandtplein across the Amstel River. 

The architecture of the neighborhood is classic Amsterdam with lots of narrow Dutch canal houses lining the streets. Plantage is also home to the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens and the Natura Artis Magistra (aka the Amsterdam Zoo). 

From the road, you can peek in and may catch a glimpse of a flock of pink flamingos. The 20 EUR entry fee to the zoo is rather steep so I decided to see what I could from the street and carry on. 

The Plantage is also home to the Tropenmuseum, a large ethnographic museum opened in 1864. The architecture on the interior was stunning with ornately decorated stucco ceilings. 

The central reception hall soared for three stories with gilded chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Serious countenanced busts sat in alcoves in the corners while art panels lined the walls just below the roof. Each of the rooms is decorated in a different motif.

Walk from the Jewish Quarter (Plantage) to Albert Cuypmarkt

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: luggage stall at Albert Cuypmarkt in Amsterdam

Carve out time for a walk from Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter (Plantage) to the Albert Cuypmarkt. You never know what you'll find along the way. 

I spotted sculptures made from bits of junkyard scrap near the zoo and colorful flowers lining the canals. This is quintessential Amsterdam. The Albert Cuypmarkt spans several city blocks and you can find almost anything you might be looking for here. 

I needed a new watch band and I'd been keeping an eye out for something for a few weeks.  Sure enough, I found something nice and in my price range at Albert Cuypmarkt.

Walk Through De Pijp

De Pijp is an edgy neighborhood in Amsterdam near Albert Cuypmarkt that is slowly gentrifying.

Explore Jordaan

We made our way into the Jordaan neighborhood past sculptures of Jewish musicians.
We slipped into this community with homes surrounding park spaces. 

You’ll find quirky canal houses in Jordaan. One was even labeled 'Noach's Arck' (I assume this translates to Noah's Ark).

We wandered a bit off the beaten path and discovered something of a petting zoo in the heart of Amsterdam. In the area where Jordaan meets the neighborhood around Centraal Station we found a display of gilded musical instruments decorating the underside of the railroad bridge.


To truly get off the tourist track in Amsterdam, find your way to Harlemmerdijk. The neighborhood is known for good and inexpensive ethnic cuisine.

Where to Eat in Amsterdam?

Vlaamse Friteshuis

When visiting the Netherlands, you must eat frites! We stopped at Vlaamse Friteshuis for a cone of French fries with curry sauce. They were amazing - crisp, salty, and hot.

Cafe t'Loosje

Have a beer on buzzing Nieuwmarkt at Cafe t'Loosje. The weather was so nice when we visited Amsterdam that we really had to vie for a seat.  

We found a good spot near the street overlooking the square and enjoyed a Texelsel and Brasserie D'Achouffe. Modern art deco inspired architecture sat side-by-side with more historic buildings nearby.

t'Smalle Restaurant

We stumbled upon t'Smalle Restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious and we were able to dine outside in the sun.  We especially liked the red pepper, cheese, and garlic appetizer served with bread.

I opted for the lamb shank for my main course which was also very good. I don't normally like mayonnaise but I have to admit that the mayo they served here was delicious for dipping frites.

Bagels and Beans

What to eat in Amsterdam: Bagel with hagelslag from Bagel and Beans

Bagels? in Amsterdam?  Who would have thought?...  There are about 20 locations of Bagels and Beans in Amsterdam alone and there was one conveniently located a short walk from our hotel.

We settled in at a table for two and had a look around. We ordered a cappuccino which was served in a colorful giant mug and came with a little bowl of chocolate chips on the side.  That's my kind of place! 

They also served filter coffee with a cute container of milk. We ordered a power breakfast consisting of yogurt and various seeds, nuts, and berries. We even had a little maple syrup to drizzle on top. 

We also ordered a 'health' bagel with butter and chocolate sprinkles (Cmon...it balances out ;-)) 

Delicious...I've said it before and I'll say it again...any country that includes chocolate sprinkles in their breakfast diet has a place in my heart! 

The bill arrived with a little pouch of chocolate covered espresso beans. We enjoyed Bagels and Beans so much that we went there three times for breakfast during one brief visit to Amsterdam.

Warung Marlon Near Albert Cuypmarkt

Warung Marlon, a 'hole in the wall' Indonesian place, was recommended to me by a local in Albert Cuypmarkt and I soon found myself ensconced at a table near the counter. 

A huge plate of chicken and rice was put before me...it was served up with some 'blow-your-head-off' hot sauce. 

I also tried their signature deep fried banana satay with homemade peanut sauce.  The sauce was amazing - very thick, nutty, and spicy.  They actually sold it by the bucket.  Too bad I wasn't checking a bag or I would have considered taking some home.

Die Brabantse AAP

Make time for a nightcap at Die Brabantse AAP. Pick a Dutch beer from their extensive list.


Divan is a Turkish restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam. It was raining when we visited and we'd ducked in to get a break from the weather. 

We warmed up and dried off over a lovely pot of mint tea. We started our meal with a plate of spicy sausage. Turkish bread and a nutty dip followed. Skewers and broad beans offered the protein required and finished off our DIY mezze.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Did you know that Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg are often grouped together and referred to as Benelux? This post covers cool places to visit in the Netherlands. Here are some ideas for places to visit in Belgium and Luxembourg:

  1. Spend a weekend exploring Luxembourg with a Luxembourg Card and don't forget to do some day trips from Luxembourg City (1995, 2007)
  2. Make the most of a layover in Brussels enjoying amazing Belgian beer or eat chocolate in Bruges.

Padi Indonesian Restaurant

We walked past Padi, an Indonesian Restaurant, and were drawn in. The place seemed to be a bit of a 'hole in the wall' but there were lots of folks eating there. 

We opted to try a sampler plate (effectively a mini 'Rice Table' all on one plate). This way, we got to try a bit of everything. I loaded on a healthy dose of chili sauce to kick things up a notch. 

Overall, we're glad we gave Padi a chance.  The meal was a nice way to end a long photo safari walk through the western part of Amsterdam.

Gollem's Proeflokaal

Stop for a well-deserved beer break at Gollem's Proeflokaal. The beer list was quite extensive but we each ordered a glass of the namesake libation. We enjoyed frites and bitterballen, two of my favorite foods when visiting the Netherlands.

Favorite Parks in Amsterdam


Sarphatipark is located close to Albert Cuypmarkt. Do a loop around the park to admire the lush greenery. If you visit in Spring, you may spot baby coots frolicking in the pond.


Oosterpark is located close to the Tropenmuseum. Keep an eye our for bunnies. A small wooden bridge crossed over the lake in the center of the park with signs pointing out the four directions of the compass in Dutch. Oosterpark is a charming respite in the middle of Amsterdam city.


Favorite parks in Amsterdam: dress sculpture and a heron at Westerpark

Consider staying in the western part of Amsterdam and visit Westerpark. Lovely treelined paths dotted with interesting sculptures snake through the park. 

Westerpark is truly idyllic when the sun makes an appearance in Amsterdam! There are even sheep and horses living nearby. Westerpark is in the city limits of Amsterdam but close to the countryside at the same time.


Favorite Parks in Amsterdam: Stork at Vondelpark

If you stay in Amsterdam Zuid (Amsterdam South), definitely make time to visit Vondelpark. Vondelpark features nesting poles that are occupied in the spring by huge storks! 

Walking along the pond in the park, you may discover geese and chicks swimming through the water.

Take an Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Things to do in Amsterdam: canal cruise

A canal cruise is a fantastic way to see Amsterdam in a different light.  From this vantage point, you're both part of the city and removed from its frenetic pace. 

We climbed onboard our canal boat which was moored along the Amstel River and were soon on our way. Looking up, we saw the iconic canal houses of Amsterdam streaming past. 

Our hosts for the evening told us a bit about the city and explained the plans for drinks and dinner which would be served on the boat. Cool street art and colorful homes floating on the water drifted past. 

Larger houseboats lined the sides of the river. We spotted a historic tall ship in the distance outside the Scheepvaartmuseum.  Our canal cruise included dinner; a simple carb-filled meal of pasta and bread.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam

Places to stay in Amsterdam: WestCord Fashion Hotel

Get off the beaten path in Amsterdam and stay out west at the WestCord Hotel. The hotel is comfortable with a colorful lobby. Sheep and horses can be found nearby but you’re still a reasonable walk into the city.

CitizenM Hotel

On one of our trips, we stayed slightly outside the city center in Amsterdam Zuid at the ultra-hipster CitizenM. The rooms were compact, clean, and functional.  Instead of a separate bathroom, there was a toilet pod and shower pod with rounded glass doors in the center of the room.  

The entire room was a bit over-engineered and was managed by a huge remote that controlled everything from the lighting (adjustable to various mood settings and dial-able to any color of the rainbow) to the temperature to the television.  

There was a two page manual on how to work the remote and 'advanced' features of the room. Downstairs, there was a bar and convenience store in the center of the lobby. The door to each room featured a wise travel quote.  Here are some of my favorites:
There is nothing like a comfortable adventure to put people in a good humour (by Peter Mayle)
It is solved by walking. (an Algerian proverb)

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #2: Rotterdam

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: Cube house in Rotterdam

Why visit Rotterdam? Amsterdam is widely honored as one of the top cities in Europe. Despite this, there are many reasons to hang out in Rotterdam. 

Hotel accommodation is much cheaper than in Amsterdam. It takes less than half an hour to reach Rotterdam on the Intercity Direct train from Schipol Airport.

Rotterdam Architecture

From experimental Cube Houses to an impressive Market Hall to Classic Dutch buildings with step-gables and colorful shutters, you'll find it all in Rotterdam. Check out the Luchtsingel (Air Canal). 

Billed as "the world's first crowdfunded public infrastructure project", Luchtsingel connects three previously disjointed areas of the city that were separated by trafficky thoroughfares.

Rotterdam Street Art

Rotterdam is home to innovative and edgy street art. Wander around near Rotterdam Centraal to see some of the city's finest street art creations. 

You'll also come across public sculptures at seemingly every turn. Some of Rotterdam's art is satirical while other pieces seem purely whimsical.

What to Eat in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a hipster coffee scene typified by Hopper Coffee. Drop in for a well prepared single-origin drip coffee combined with a filling breakfast. 

Rotterdam Markthal and Fenix Food Hall are highlights of Rotterdam's artesanal food scene. Homemade Dutch Stroopwafels, anyone?

Off the Beaten Track in Rotterdam

Our favorite discovery in Rotterdam was the Dutch Pinball Museum. You pay a fixed price and can play all the pinball you want (10 EUR for 3 hours when we visited). The Dutch Pinball Museum features at least 50 different machines.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #3: Hoorn

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: sailboats in Hoorn

Hoorn is a charming town in the north of Holland known for launching fearless crews during the Age of Discovery and is located about 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal. Hoorn features well-preserved examples of classic Dutch houses. 

Hoorn also features a unique half-circle building at water's edge that is the last remaining defensive tower in the town and was built in 1532. Visit Rode Steen Square which is anchored by the Westfries Museum.
Discover the Netherlands: Westfries Museum in Hoorn
The Westfries Museum resides in a 16th century merchant's home.  Aside from just getting a peek inside a really cool building, it also gives you the chance to see what life was like to be a seafaring trader back in the day. 

The museum is situated over several floors.  

The first exhibits recreate the dining room complete with a very impressive set of richly colored period paintings. The next room featured cabinets filled with all sorts of curiosities like animal fetuses and a puffer fish.  

It was supposed to be representative of what the merchant class would have collected in the 16th century. We took a peek out the back window and saw a beautiful garden below. 

Despite the rain, we slipped out the back door for a look around the garden which was dotted with sculptures. In the basement of the Westfries Museum, we discovered a kitchen/lab with all sorts of goodies boiling away. 

The Westfries Museum in Hoorn is definitely worth a visit, especially on a rainy day.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #4: Enkhuizen

Interesting places to visit in the Netherlands: harbor at Enkhuizen
Enkhuizen is a well-preserved port town that would have seen the likes of Abel Tasman (discoverer of Tasmania) depart from her shores.  The train station was located right next to a breezy harbor. Traditional Dutch facades greeted us. 

Sadly, the weather wasn't very cooperative - it was cold, damp, and very rainy. Many of the buildings in the main part of town were old and slanted adding to the charm. We made it as far as the cathedral before beating a hasty retreat to someplace warm and dry.

Where to Eat in Enkhuizen?

We peeked inside Grand CafĂ© Restaurant Van Bleiswijk and noticed a counter covered in magazines with locals leisurely reading and having a bite to eat. This was our kind of place! 

Select from a large number of wines and beers on draft. A hot tureen of soup will help with the chill if you get caught in the rain like we did. 

Looking for an excuse to stay a little longer, we couldn't resist tucking into an order of bitterballen fresh from the fryer. We even found room for dessert and splurged on a piece of apple cake with a copious dollop of whipped cream.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #5: Haarlem

Haarlem is a medium-sized commuter city close to Amsterdam. Pretend to be a local and take some time to browse the shops. 

We popped into a chocolate shop where pots of fondue in various decadent flavors beckoned to us. The main town square was anchored by an impressive cathedral. 

A medium-sized market was bustling with locals doing their Saturday shopping. The Haarlem open-air market features all sorts of products including fresh flowers, produce, and bread. 

Explore small historic shops nestled behind the cathedral. Symbols in the cobbled street hinted at each place's purpose.  In this case scissors and the prominent barber pole made it clear where to go if we were in need of a haircut in Haarlem.
Top places to visit in the Netherlands: Teyler's Museum on a rainy day in Haarlem
The most fascinating diversion that we discovered in Haarlem was Teylers Museum, an ideal rainy day destination. 

Teylers Museum is the oldest museum in the Netherlands and features an eclectic mix of exhibits on natural history, history of science, art by the grand masters, and much more. We were drawn into a series of small interconnected rooms.

We had a handy free audio guide to direct us through the exhibits. The first exhibit featured bones and fossils from many creatures long since extinct. We walked past cabinet after cabinet of fossils. 

We listened to a fascinating story about this particular set of fossils relating to a pair of scientific rivals.  One of the guys wanted to discredit the other and he made and planted these faux fossils for his nemesis to find.  The truth eventually came out after a series of very excited publications.

The next room was an exhibit on scientific equipment. A massive electrostatic generator filled the space. It took me back to my high school science project where I built a Van de Graaff generator with help from my grandpa. 

We saw an elaborate sound generator. Glass spiked with uranium made the candles and glassware glow yellow.
Things to see in the Netherlands: Yellow candle sticks spiked with uranium at Teyler's Museum in Haarlem
Teylers Museum is actually housed in a spectacular building which is a sight to behold in itself.  We wandered into an exhibit featuring chunks of various minerals but our attention was constantly drawn upward to the elaborate ceiling. 

Our next destination was a hall full of impressive paintings by Dutch masters. One of the paintings on display even featured Teylers Museum! How meta.

Where to Eat in Haarlem?

Sit in front of a roaring fire on a rainy day at Dijkers. Warm up with a lovely cup of tea served with an adorable jug of hot milk. Dijkers serves our Dutch favorite, bitterballen, deep fried balls that are gooey on the inside and go perfectly with a bit of mustard.  

I normally don't like mustard but it matches so well with bitterballen that I forget that fact and dip away. We also ordered a club sandwich and a sandwich featuring warm goat's cheese, nuts, and honey.

Stop at Bij Babette for more tea and a piece of cake. We were served on delicate mismatched china cups. 

We were seated near the back with a good vantage point to survey the scene around us. The tea came with a timer to make sure it was brewed perfectly. 

We wished we'd had more time to spend in Haarlem so we could sample more sweets at Bij Babette.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #6: Utrecht

Top place to visit in the Netherlands: Utrecht

Utrecht is less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam by train and thus an easy day trip from the capital of the Netherlands. Utrecht features quaint canal houses at the base of the Dom Tor. 

Stop for a coffee in the shadow of the tower. Utrecht is famous as the site where the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1713 that helped end the lingering war between several European entities including Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Savoy and the Dutch Republic.  

Utrecht has a great buzz on the weekends with locals shopping and dining al fresco. Utrecht is also home to various festivals including Utrecht Danse. If you are lucky, you might time your visit for an open air dance performance like we did.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #7: Edam

Edam is best known for its namesake cheese. In July and August, Edam holds a cheese market on Wednesday mornings. Originally started in the 16th century, the Edam Cheese Market closed in 1922. Over 50 years later, in 1989, the cheese market opened again for tourists. 

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #8: Volendam

Seaside Volendam is easy to combine with Edam and it's possible to cycle between the two through the Dutch countryside. Situated on the Markermeer, Volendam is a quaint seaside town and a great spot to grab a refreshing ice cream after a bicycle tour. 

We took a tour on our first trip to the Netherlands that combined cycling between Edam and Volendam with cheesemaking and clog making demonstrations.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #9: The Keukenhof

Discover the Netherlands: white, yellow and orange tulips at the Keukenhof
Tulips and the Netherlands go hand-in-hand. There is no better place to see tulip gardens in the Netherlands than the Keukenhof. From late March to late May, the Keukenhof gardens are alive with color. Take the Keukenhof Express (Bus 858) from Schipol Airport but be prepared to wait, especially if you visit on the weekend. 

We waited about 45 minutes in a line that snaked on into the distance. It takes approximately thirty minutes to get from Amsterdam's Airport to the tulip gardens.

The Keukenhof tulips are simply amazing. Spot various colorful statues among the flower beds and perhaps a windmill or two in the distance.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #10: The Hague (aka Den Haag)

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: The Hague on a foggy day
The Hague (Den Haag) is truly an international city most well known as the home of the United Nation's  International Court of Justice.  The modern architecture of the city and more historic-feeling elements manage to harmoniously co-exist. 

Den Haag is en route between Delft and Amsterdam so we decided to hop off the train and see what the city is all about.  The Buitenhof or Outer Court is an impressive square that is approximately 800 years old. 

We also explored the Binnenhof (Inner Court) featuring a series of ornate buildings and a fountain inside. Both the Buitenhof and Binnenhof are recognized as Top 100 Dutch heritage sites situated adjacent to picturesque Hofvijver pond. 

The Hague is also home to a lush park: Malieveld. We were amazed to see a herd of deer grazing in the park!

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #11: Leiden

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: purple flowers on a canal boat in Leiden
Some consider Leiden to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Leiden is just a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam's Schipol Airport and is easy to combine with Delft on a day trip. 

We actually took the bus from the Keukenhof to Leiden. Situated on the Rhine River, Leiden is a quintessential modern Dutch city that maintains some of the traditional hallmarks of Holland including canals and a windmill. 

Leiden features an impressive Stadthuis as well as the ruins of the original De Burcht Castle. A stone wall occupies the site today and offers 360 degree views of Leiden town.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #12: Delft

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: Delft
We took the train from Leiden to Delft (about a 20 minute ride). We were immediately impressed by the Delft tiles in the central station. Delftware and Delft tiles are a famous blue decorated pottery originating in The Netherlands in, where else, the university town of Delft.

Where to Stay in Delft?

Bridges House Hotel is a charming Bed and Breakfast in Delft located in a historic Dutch Canal house. The view of the canals below was striking from our room on the top floor. Hotel Bridges House even had a resident hound!

Where to Eat in Delft?

We stopped at Trappisten Lokaal 'T Klooster on a whim. They featured some amazing Belgian brews and kitschy decoration. We sampled Hertog Jan and Hopus.

Have dinner al fresco at Willem van Oranje Grand Cafe. I enjoyed their bacon and apple crepe with a view of the impressive Nieuwe Kerk on old Market Square.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #13: Gouda

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: a step gabled house in Gouda
The Dutch town of Gouda was first referenced over 1000 years ago and is an easy day trip from Rotterdam. Gouda is a great spot to steep in traditional Dutch architecture,not to mention a great place to sample some world-famous cheese.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #14: Dordrecht

Discover the Netherlands: step gabled buildings in Dordrecht
Dordrecht is located just a short train ride from Rotterdam in South Holland. Enjoy classic Dutch architecture and transport yourself back in time hundreds of years to when Dordrecht was one of the most important trading centers in the Netherlands at the end of the Middle Ages. 

Shop the Voorstraat which has the distinction of being the longest shopping street in the Netherlands. Biesbosch National Park is accessible by ferry from Dordrecht with hikes extending along canals and through forests and rich farm land.
Top places to visit in the Netherlands: Dragon fly at Biesbosch National Park

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #15: Kinderdijk

Interesting places to visit in the Netherlands: Windmills at Kinderdijk
Kinderdijk is accessible by ferry or water taxi from Rotterdam (4 EUR each way for the waterbus plus 1.70 EUR for the Driehoeksveer from Ridderkerk). The entire Kinderdijk area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Rent a bicycle from Partycentrum De Klok for 7.50 EUR per bike with no time limit. We weren't even asked to leave anything as collateral before taking a bike.  

Partycentrum De Klok is about a 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal but well worth it. The gift shop at the head of the Kinderdijk Canal path is more expensive and you'll be charged by the hour. 

Cycle out along the canal with 18th century windmills surrounding you from all sides. Take a break along the water for an impromptu picnic and watch shelducks and other waterfowl swim in and out of the reeds.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #16: Eindhoven

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: glass building in Eindhoven
Eindhoven is an old company town (home of Philips) in the southern part of the Netherlands with regular flight service thanks to Ryanair. 

Eindhoven to Amsterdam is less than two hours by train making Eindhoven Airport a quieter and cheaper alternative to Amsterdam's Schipol Airport. Eindhoven features a pedestrianized core with eclectic yet eye-catching architecture.

Modern buildings contrast with the classic and iconic St. Catharina church and the boxy 1970s-era Eindhoven Town Hall. Eindhoven features a well known Dutch university (TU/e Technische Universiteit aka Eindhoven University of Technology). 

You'll find plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to keep you busy in Eindhoven.

Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands #17: Maastricht

Top places to visit in the Netherlands: Maastricht
Maastricht is situated in the southwest corner of the Netherlands. Located about an hour by train from Eindhoven, Maastricht is more easily accessible via the rail system in Belgium

Maastricht is a lively university town with plenty of shopping, bars and restaurants where you can nosh on classic cheap and cheerful Dutch bitterballen, beer, and a cone of frites. If you happen to visit in winter, make time to explore Maastricht's large Christmas Market.

Map of the Top Places to Visit in the Netherlands

For more information about the top places to visit in the Netherlands covered in this post, check out this handy map. Click on the image to open up an interactive version in Google Maps to help you plan your trip.

Best places to visit in the Netherlands map

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17 top places to visit in the the Netherlands, interesting places to visit in the Netherlands. Discover the Netherlands

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 17 of the Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands
17 of the Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands
Read about the top places to visit in the Netherlands. Find out the best places to visit in the Netherlands by train, bus, or ferry. Discover the Netherlands and learn about things to do and places to explore.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog