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38 of the Best Things to Do in Zurich in Winter

Find out about things to do in Zurich in winter. Learn about what to do in Zurich during the winter season. Explore Zurich in the winter. Discover what to eat and drink in Zurich in winter.
Are there things to do in Zurich in winter? That’s what I aimed to find out when I visited Switzerland for business in the middle of December and again in February. 

I love combining business with pleasure and I always make time for fun things to do on a business trip no matter what the season. 

"What is there to do in Zürich in winter?", I asked my colleagues since locals are always a source of hidden gems. 

Taking advantage of the weekend before my business trips and the mornings and evenings on workdays, I discovered 39 things to do in and around Zurich in winter. Read on to find out what to do in Zurich to make the most of a winter trip.
Things to Do in Zurich in Winter: Walk along the Sihl River

Outdoor Activities in Zurich in Winter

You may be thinking that a winter trip to Zurich will inevitably involve a lot of indoor activities. On the contrary, Zurich is an outdoor city, even when the weather turns cold. 

How cold is Zurich in winter? If you plan to spend a significant amount of time outside, definitely bring a warm coat (I have a knee-length down-filled coat). 

The weather in Zurich in winter can hover at or below freezing. But don't let that stop you. Bundle up and take a self-guided walking tour to discover a variety of outdoor things to do in Zurich in winter.

1. Birdwatching on Zurich See

Birdwatching on Zurich See in winter
On one Zurich business trip in December, I purposely booked a hotel (Hotel Seehof) that was about a 30 minute walk form my office to force a bit of outdoor exploration on my commute despite the cold Zurich winter weather. 

I took an early morning walk along the Zurich See from the area near the Opera House to Enge. In the dim morning light, I saw tons of winter birds swimming by serenely.

Birdwatching along Lake Zurich was an ideal way to collect my thoughts before the business of my trip began.

2. Winter Canal walk to Enge

I try never to take the same walk twice when I'm commuting to the office on a business trip. With this in mind, I veered away from Zurich See on my second day in town and followed a quiet canal to the Sihl River.

En route, I discovered an early morning farmer's market, a rushing waterfall, and a path lined with stately old growth trees.

Places to Visit in Zurich in Winter - Walk to Enge

3. Zurich's Holiday Lights

I always enjoy walking the streets of Zurich after dark. In winter, Zurich City was all aglow with holiday lights to celebrate the Christmas season. 

Take advantage of the early winter sunset and explore the lights of Zurich on foot in December. 

Zurich Christmas Lights

4. Zurich City Centre in the Spotlight

Things to do in Zurich in winter: check out city landmarks at night
Zurich has a large number of eye catching spires. Zurich City looks simply magical when viewed from any number of bridges crossing the Limmat River. 

Since the sun goes down early, taking a stroll through the city at night with camera in hand is an ideal thing to do in Zurich in winter.

5. Zurich's Heartwarming Love in Winter

On a cold winter's day, it's always nice to see a bit of heartwarming love in the air. There is a tradition in Zurich of attaching a lock to one of the bridges across the River Limmat as a declaration of never-ending love.

Zurich in winter - Love locks on the bridgeThings to do in Zurich in Winter: Street art on the Limmat River

6. Explore the Street Art Along the Limmat River

I visit Zurich a few times a year for work and I've been to Switzerland multiple times in the winter. On one of my business trips, I spent an extra weekend based at the Sheraton Zurich Hotel in Zurich West. 

Walk along the Limmat River in Zurich's Industrial Quarter and appreciate the imaginative and accessible street art.

7. Bundle Up and Pay a Visit to an Urban Farm in West Zurich

While walking along the Limmat River in Zurich West, we discovered an urban farm! Check out goats, chickens and cocks crowing on a cold winter's afternoon. 

I love the unexpected things you find in the middle of the city.

Zurich Christmas Markets

The weather may not be the warmest in Zurich in December, but winter is the perfect time to visit for a little festive cheer. Zurich features a number of Christmas Markets spread throughout the city and beyond.

When are the Zurich Christmas Markets in 2023?

The most up to date information on the 2023 Zurich Christmas Markets can be found on the Zurich tourism website. Several Zurich Christmas markets will kick-off this year on November 23rd. 

Other Zurich Christmas Markets in 2023 will open in early December. For example, the Rapperswil-Jone Christmas Market is scheduled for December 7-December 23, 2023. 

The Zurich Christmas Markets highlighted below end on either December 22nd or December 23, 2023. 

8. Zurich's Singing Tree Christmas Market

I had a chance to stop at a few Christmas Markets in the evenings after work including the Singing Tree Market. Various choirs and even some randomers would mount the decorative tree and belt out a selection of Christmas carols. You can't beat that for Christmas spirit.
Winter in Zurich - Singing Christmas Tree Market

9. Old Town Glühwein For A Winter Warmer

Old town Zurich also features a festive market with plenty of glühwein in December. Located amidst a warren of narrow streets, the Old Town Zurich Christmas market is ideal for those trying to squeeze in a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.

There were plenty of arts and crafts on display which were complemented by deals at local retailers lining the street. 
Zurich Old Town Christmas Market

10. Crystalline Christmas at Zurich Hauptbahnhof

If you like your holidays a bit more upmarket, then the Christmas Market at the Zurich main station is ideal. This winter market was incredibly crowded with each person jockeying for position to get a perfect photo of the Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree. 

The Zurich HB Christmas market is also a good indoor thing to do if the winter weather turns rainy like it did on one of our recent December visits to Zurich.
Zurich in Winter - Christmas Market at the Hauptbahnhof

11. Photograph the Opera House Christmas Market

The Christmas Market outside the Zurich Opera House is perfect for an evening visit after work. You'll find the usual Christmas market food, wine, and other indulgences. 

What sets the Zurich Opernhaus Christmas Market apart is how picturesque it is. Bring a camera and capture the festive lights shining on the Zurich's iconic music hall.
Things to do in Zurich in December: Visit the Opernhaus Christmas Market  Things to do near Zurich in December: Eat Öpfelchüechli at the Winterthur Christmas Market

12. Take the Train to the Winterthur Christmas Market and Eat Öpfelchüechli

Winterthur is just 30 minutes by train from Zurich Hauptbahnhof. I love German Christmas Markets and in particular the souvenir mugs that you can take home simply by forfeiting the small deposit when you order glühwein. 

For some reason, Christmas market mugs are not really a thing in Zurich but in Winterthur they are. Perhaps it's because Winterthur is just that small bit closer to the German border. 

If you are looking for an authentic German-style Christmas market experience, take the S-Bahn to Winterthur after work. 

Not only will you find glühwein in ceramic mugs but you'll also find a uniquely Swiss treat: Öpfelchüechli. Öpfelchüechli are fried apple rings served with sugar and or custard and are a perfect Zurich winter-warmer.

Indoor Activities in Zurich in Winter

As you can see, there are a ton of outdoor things to do in Zurich in winter so dress warmly! However, there are times when all you'll want to do is warm up inside. With this in mind, here are a few indoor points of interest in Zurich for your winter trip.

13. Browse and Photograph Kunsthalle Zurich in the Löwenbräu Brewery

Löwenbräu Brewery in West Zurich has been converted into a series of art galleries and exhibition halls. Kunsthalle Zurich occupies the top floors and requires a ticket for admission. 

However, many of the other private galleries are open to the public and feature startling multi-media exhibits and modern art. Once you've warmed up inside, take time to wander around the outdoor courtyard and terraces for some unique photo opportunities.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: Kunsthalle Zurich at Löwenbräu Brewery

14. Pick up a Snack at Viadukt Markthalle

Viadukt Markthalle is located just a short walk from the Löwenbräu Brewery art complex and is another ideal thing to do in Zurich in winter. 

Slowly stroll through the various gourmet food stalls and pick up a quick bite to eat to warm your stomach and stave off the cold of winter.

15. Winterthur Technorama Swiss Science Center

I'm a scientist by training and love a good science museum. Technorama Swiss Science Center in Winterthur is an ideal winter thing to do near Zurich. 

Technorama is easier to get to with a car but can be reached on public transportation in under an hour from Zurich Hauptbahnhof if you have a little patience.
What to do near Zurich in winter: Visit Winterthur Technorama Swiss Science Center
Technorama is a multi-story extravaganza of interactive exhibits and puzzles all based on scientific principles. Technorama Swiss Science Center is an easy place to spend at least half a day while visiting Zurich in winter.

What to Eat in Zurich in Winter?

Admittedly, the bulk of things to do in Zurich in winter revolve around food and drink. There is nothing like a hearty meal to ward off the cold of the season! Here are some ideas of what and where to eat in Zurich in the winter.

What to eat in Zurich in winter: Pho at SaigonThings to do in Zurich in winter: eat a kurbisbrezel from BrezelkoenigThings to do in Zurich in winter: eat mezze at Le Cedre

16. Communal Cordon Bleu: Hearty Winter Fare

Food in Zurich can be quite pricey, especially their signature dish, Cordon Bleu. I popped into Rheinfelder Bierhalle where I found a 'normal' size Cordon Bleu offered for less than 20 CHF (~20 USD). They also offered a larger size for nearly 30 CHF but the small one was plenty.

I downed my meal with a pint of local beer while attempting to converse with an elderly local gentleman at the communal table where I was sitting. I speak very little German and he spoke no English. The experience was slightly awkward but memorable at the same time.

I highly recommend the communal cordon bleu experience as an ideal thing to do in Zurich in winter. Get inside out of the cold and fill up on hearty Swiss fare.

Things to Do in Zurich in Winter - Cordon Bleu at Rheinfelder Bierhalle

17. Eat a Hot Kurbisbrezel from Brezelkoenig

Germany may be famous for pretzels but Switzerland has a hidden gem: Brezelkoenig. You'll find Brezelkoenig outlets at the Zurich Airport and at many train stations within Zurich city limits. A hot kurbisbrezel (pretzel with pumpkin seeds) is the perfect winter snack.

18. Eat Authentic Pho for Dinner at Saigon

Zurich is an expat city and features a multi-cultural dining scene. Stop into Saigon for some authentic Vietnamese Pho. Enjoy a hot bowl of noodle soup to keep the winter chill at bay.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Are you looking for other places worth visiting in the winter? Consider spending one day in Salzburg Austria to get a taste of The Sound of Music, classical music, and delicious sacher tortes. Alternatively, seek out the Little Mermaid and the Viking past of Scandinavia with a winter weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. Do you prefer to stick to places that are German-speaking? If so, then plan a winter trip to Mainz.

19. Nosh on Middle Eastern Comfort Food at Neni

Dine on kebabs and hot bread in toasty warm Neni. We have found that restaurants and hotels in Zurich are well-insulated so make sure to bring layers that you can shed.

20. Indulge in Lebanese Mezze and Lebanese Wine at Le Cèdre

Bring a group and dine on Lebanese mezze washed down with Lebanese wine at Le Cèdre in the heart of Zurich city. Le Cèdre packs in the tables and is a cozy spot for a winter dinner with friends.

21. Eat Fondue at Le Dézaley the Ultimate Zurich in Winter Meal

The ultimate meal to indulge in in Switzerland in winter is fondue. Fondue is the unofficial national dish of Switzerland but locals wouldn't dare eat fondue in the summer. 

Going out for fondue at Le Dézaley is the perfect thing to do in Zurich in winter. The dish is simple: a boiling pot of cheese with light seasoning and cubes of bread. After all the outdoor exploration, the cheese fondue is guaranteed to warm you to your core. 

Beware though that you'll likely return home smelling like a strong cheese. Either wear something that you don't have to wear again or bring some Febreze fabric freshener with you to neutralize the odor. 

Dealing with the cheese smell is a small price to pay though for an authentic Swiss winter dining experience.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: eat fondue at Le Dezaley

22. Try Swiss Comfort Food Washed Down with a Glass of Swiss Wine at D-Vino

D-Vino wine bar is a great weekend spot for a casual dinner and glass of Swiss wine. Order chunks of lamb served with cheesy spätzle on the side as a perfect winter dish.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: eat dinner at D-VinoThings to do in Zurich in winter: eat quinoa porridge for breakfast at Beetnut

23. Opt for a Healthy Breakfast at Beetnut

After all this heavy and cholesterol-filled winter fare, opt for a healthier breakfast at Beetnut. Quinoa porridge and a soy latte are the perfect light start to a cold Zurich day.

24. Eat Lunch at Sphères in Zurich's Industrial Quarter

Sphères is a combination cafe and bookstore located in Zurich's Industrial Quarter along the Limmat River. Order a bowl of hearty meat and vegetable soup and then spend some time browsing the books. 

Even if you don't read German, you'll find a variety of coffee table books and a smattering of English language books. A light meal and browsing for books is the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon in Zurich.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: slurp soup and browse for books at Sphères in West Zurich

25. Luxemburgerli at Sprüngli

I always associated winter as a time for sweets and as a result, we were drawn into Sprüngli with its windows laden with sweet treats. We were keen to try Luxemburgerli. 

Luxemburgerli are kind of like macarons but smaller and filled with thicker frosting. There were at least 12 flavors on display and we found it challenging to choose. 

We settled on an assortment of Luxemburgerli that we could eat later as we warmed up in our hotel room after a winter's day exploring in Zurich.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: buy Luxemburgerli at Sprüngli

Where to Drink in Zurich in Winter?

What else is there to do in Zurich in winter? Explore Zurich's bar scene. Zurich is dotted with a variety of high end cocktail bars, beer halls and more. Grab a bracing beverage at any of the establishments below and you'll be better able to ward off the winter chill.

26. Winter Cocktails at Kronenhalle

A colleague took me out for drinks when I arrived in Zurich. He recommended Kronenhalle for an upscale cocktail or an Australian beer bar.

Hmm...let me think about that. I'll pick the expensive cocktail with local ambiance every time. 

Kronenhalle features a heavy wood bar and expert bartenders in white jackets crafting perfect cocktails. They'll even offer recommendations based on your preferences.

I tried two sake based cocktails, one with citrusy lemon and one with chartreuse. It was fun watching the action at the bar while sipping and noshing on premium almonds and chips.

Winter in Zurich - Cocktails at Kronenhalle

27. Flaming Beer at Zeughauskeller

I ate dinner with a colleague at Zeughauskeller, a local beer hall. I initially ordered a pint of beer to wash down my cordon bleu until I saw someone at the next table who was served their beer in a giant glass that the waiter then proceeded to set on fire

Drinking a flaming beer at Zeughauskeller is the ultimate thing to do in Zurich in winter.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: drink a flaming beer at ZeughauskellerThings to do in Zurich in December: see the light show at the Illuminarium

28. Have a Drink and See the Light Show at the Illuminarium

The Landesmuseum (The Swiss National Museum) in Zurich is dressed up in lights in the lead up to Christmas. The courtyard is lined with temporary bars where you can grab a beer, cocktail or glass of wine. 

The Illuminarium festival is free for all but the immersive light show cost 13 CHF per person at the time of writing. We opted to see the light show and were treated to an intergalactic Christmas where lovable alien creatures tried to bring Christmas spirit to worlds far and wide.
The story was projected in light and sound on the buildings on the interior courtyard of the Landesmuseum.

Note: The Illuminarium lights festival is scheduled to run from November 10, 2023 to December 30, 2023 (closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

29. Have A Wee Dram of Whiskey or Gin and Tonic at Bar Spitz

We noticed a bar just outside the Landesmuseum and peeked into Bar Spitz. This cozy bar features a world-class selection of whisk(e)y and an extensive gin menu. Ward off the cold of the winter in Zurich with a quiet cocktail.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: Have a drink at Bar Spitz

30. Grab a Quiet Gin and Tonic at Razzia

Razzia is a popular cocktail bar in the Seefeld neighbhorhood of Zurich. Select a drink from an extensive cocktail menu and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the bar.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: drink a gin and tonic at Razzia

31. Sip a Craft Beer Nightcap at El Dorado

The craft beer scene has landed in Zurich. Grab a threadbare armchair at El Dorado and sample some of Switzerland's finest beers. May I suggest the IPA from Brasserie Trois Dames for your winter visit to Zurich?
Things to do in Zurich in winter: drink craft beer at El Dorado

32. Quaff an Old School Highball at 25Hours Hotel

Zurich is home to the ultra-hipster 25Hours Hotel in Europaallee. Did you know that a highball a day keeps the doctor away? 

I always recalled that my grandmother loved a good highball so when I saw the extensive highball menu at the bar at 25Hours Hotel, I had to give it a try. A tall and boozy cocktail, a highball is the ideal drink for a winter trip to Zurich.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: drink a highball at 25Hours hotel

Where to Drink Coffee in Zurich

As you can see, there are plenty of places to grab a warming adult beverage in Zurich in winter. What if you don't drink alcohol or are looking for something to drink at a time of day when alcohol isn't socially acceptable? 

That's when I turn to coffee. Getting a coffee to go does not seem to be a morning ritual in Zurich the way that it is in other places in Europe (like in Dublin for example). 

There are some nice spots to get a cappuccino or other hot caffeinated beverage if you take the time to sit down and savor the experience. 

33. Warm Up With a Morning Coffee at Jamaican Flavour in District 5

District 5 is an up and coming neighborhood in Zurich with coffee places to match. Sit down with a coffee and a magazine at Jamaican Flavour. You can even shop for handmade tote bags while you sip your coffee.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: coffee at Jamaican FlavourThings to do in Zurich in winter: Coffee ShackThings to do in Zurich in winter: Drink a pour over at Boreal Coffee Shop Talacker

34. Get a Coffee at Cozy Cafe Noir

District 5's cozy Cafe Noir accepts cash only but is an ideal place to get a latte and a piece of cake or a pastry in the winter.

35. Boreal Coffee Shop Talacker

If filter coffee is your preference, pay a visit to Zurich's Boreal Coffee Shop. A single-origin pour-over is the perfect start to the day. Read a book while waiting for the caffeine to take effect and fuel a day of winter exploration.

Winter Day Trips and Weekends from Zurich

Of course, there is more to a cold-weather trip to Zurich than the city itself. If you have time to go farther afield, here are some ideas for day trips or weekends from Zurich in winter.

36. Take a Day Trip from Zurich to Konstanz Germany for the Christmas Market

When are the Konstanz Christmas Markets in 2023?

The most up to date information on the 2023 Konstanz Christmas Markets can be found on the Lake Constance tourism website. The Konstanz Christmas market in 2023 will take place from November 30th and ends on December 22nd.

If you plan on visiting Zurich in December like we did, consider taking the train to Konstanz Germany for the Christmas market. Zurich to Konstanz takes a little over an hour by rail. 

Situated on Lake Constance on the border between Switzerland and Germany, the Konstanz Christmas Market stretches all along the shore of the lake. 

Look up at the stunning Art Nouveau architecture as you shop the pedestrianized streets of the city.
Things to do in Zurich in winter: take a day trip to Konstanz Germany
Pick up a souvenir mug of glühwein and down a plate of cheesy spätzle sprinkled with bacon to take the chill off before stopping to admire Imperia, the rotating statue at the entrance to the harbour commemorating the 15th century Council of Constance. 

Stop into the ramshackle Constanzer Wirtshaus for a bowl of soup and a pint of local beer.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Looking for other cool things to do on a trip to Switzerland? Why not:

37. Spend the Weekend in Lucerne

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, you may be wondering: should I pick Lucerne or Zurich in winter. Why not both?! 

Winter is the perfect time to escape from Zurich into the mountains and associated ski areas of Switzerland. Lucerne is located just an hour from Zurich by train and is an idyllic weekend getaway. 

We spent a weekend in Lucerne in February. Mount Rigi, Mount Pilatus and Mount Titlis are all easily accessible by public transportation from Lucerne but each train, bus, cable car, and funicular has its own ticket which can be quite expensive. 

Purchase a Tell-Pass for 2 days of unlimited travel on trains, buses, boats and aerial cableways across the Lake Lucerne region. The 2-day Tell-Pass costs 170 CHF per person which feels very expensive. 

Hotels in Lucerne sometimes run winter weekend promotions and sponsor free Tell-Passes for their guests. Leverage the Tell-Pass to traverse the lake and see all the mountain sites in the Lucerne region fast and easily without worrying about how much each individual ride costs.
Things to do near Zurich in winter: spend the weekend in Lucerne Switzerland

38. Celebrate New Year's Eve in Basel

Basel is another easy winter weekend destination from Zurich. Basel throws a big New Year's Eve celebration (with Swiss precision of course!). 

Zurich to Basel takes just an hour by train. Explore Basel and ring in the new year Swiss-style and then spend the next day appreciating the cobbled streets and fountains of the city.
Things to do near Zurich in winter: celebrate New Year's Eve in Basel Switzerland
I hope I've convinced you that there are plenty of things to do in Zurich (and beyond) in the wintertime. It's always worth combining business with pleasure for an efficient holiday. All the points of interest, walks and places to eat and drink in Zurich mentioned in this post are captured in the map below.

Map of Places to See in Zurich in Winter

Click on the map below for more details about Zurich sightseeing and Zurich attractions in winter. You can use the map to access the locations and websites of the places covered in this post.
Map of things to do in Zurich in winter

Visiting Zurich: Beyond Winter

For more about visiting Zurich at any time of year, check out these posts:

Zurich in Spring

Zurich in Summer

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Zurich in Winter Archive

Below, I detail things to do and places to eat that were once recommended in this post but are now (sadly) permanently closed.

Warm Your Heart with Coffee Served with a Smile at Coffee Shack

Coffee Shack in District 4 is the place to go for service with a smile. Step in out of the cold Zurich winter and appreciate a professionally prepared beverage served by someone who clearly loves what they do.

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 38 of the Best Things to Do in Zurich in Winter
38 of the Best Things to Do in Zurich in Winter
Find out about things to do in Zurich in winter. Learn about what to do in Zurich during the winter season. Explore Zurich in the winter. Discover what to eat and drink in Zurich in winter.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog