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Christmas In Innsbruck: 27 Fun and Festive Things to Do, See & Eat

Discover what to do in Innsbruck for Christmas. Visit Innsbruck in December. Enjoy the myriad of things to do in Innsbruck Austria for Christmas.
Innsbruck for Christmas, you say? Yes! Austria in winter is a magical destination featuring stunning snowcapped mountains against deep blue skies. 

Innsbruck in particular provides enough to do to fill a week or more without feeling overwhelming or invoking a fear of missing out. 

Read on to learn about things to do in Innsbruck in winter to plan a perfect Christmas time trip.  

Innsbruck for Christmas: The Triumphal Arch

Things to Do in Innsbruck for Christmas

Let me start by summarizing a list of fun things to do in Innsbruck in winter.
  1. Visit Innsbruck Christmas markets
  2. Eat Austrian cuisine
  3. Drink Austrian wine
  4. Take a day trip to Hall in Tyrol
  5. Learn how to cross-country ski near Seefeld
  6. Catch an OV (original version) movie
  7. Experience Olympic history with a visit to the Bergisel Ski Jump
  8. Walk from Bergisel Ski Jump to Innsbruck Town
  9. Relax at a German-style beer hall
  10. Take the train to the Dolomites in Italy
  11. Explore Riesengasse in Innsbruck
  12. Drink coffee and eat cake
  13. Check out Innsbruck's Golden Roof
  14. Eat lunch at Restaurant Stiftskeller
  15. Explore the Tiroler Volkskunst Museum
  16. Climb Innsbruck Stadtturm
  17. Take the funicular to Nordkette
  18. Check out the unique animals at Alpenzoo
  19. Walk from Alpenzoo to Innsbruck Town
  20. See the light show at Innsbruck Hofburg
  21. Spend the morning at Schloss Ambras
  22. Dazzle yourself at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
  23. Have a drink in Schwaz
  24. Ride a bobsled
  25. Have Lunch atop Patscherkofebahn
  26. Enjoy Austrian Burgers and Craft Beer
  27. Ring in the New Year on the River Inn

What to Pack for Winter in Innsbruck

Packing for a trip to Innsbruck for Christmas can be a little tricky. We found that the weather in Innsbruck in December felt surprisingly mild by day but that all changes when the sun goes down. 

After dark, Innsbruck may chill you to the bone. I recommend packing layers including a medium weight fleece for daytime and a waterproof ski jacket. 

If you do plan to go skiing, waterproof ski pants are also a must. Pack warm gloves or mittens for cold evenings along with a wool hat and scarf. Wool socks and winter boots will help keep your feet warm whether it is snowing or not. 

Thermal undergarments can be useful if you'll be outside after dark which will most definitely be the case on New Year's Eve.
Innsbruck for Christmas: Snowcapped mountains

Getting to Innsbruck

Non-stop flights operate between Innsbruck and Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and London. Innsbruck is a two hour bus ride from Munich Airport and two hours by train to Munich Central train station which opens up additional international travel options. 

You could consider spending 2 days in Munich for a weekend before heading to Innsbruck or adding Innsbruck on to a business trip in Munich.

We unexpectedly got to experience the ride from Innsbruck to Munich when our flight between Innsbruck and Frankfurt was cancelled due to dense fog. We were rebooked direct by Austrian Airlines from Munich to Dublin and ended up arriving only 5 minutes after our original estimated time. 

Of course, we spent two hours on a bus rather than relaxing in the lounge but we were grateful to make it home after our trip to Innsbruck for Christmas. We also got an unexpected upgrade to business class on Lufthansa which definitely helped us get over the long bus ride.
Innsbruck for Christmas: Boarding a bus for Munich Airport

Visit the Innsbruck Christmas Markets

One of the top reasons to visit Innsbruck for Christmas is definitely Austrian Christmas markets. Innsbruck has several traditional Christmas markets to explore including one near the Rathaus on the Innsbruck market square on Maria-Theresien-strasse. 

The Christmas Market that runs along the River Inn features a Swarovski Crystal Christmas tree with constantly changing colors. Swarovski is based in Innsbruck. 

Grab a mug of glühwein. There is nothing finer than a tipple of hot mulled wine to keep you warm in Innsbruck in December. Browse the food stalls until you find something that catches your eye. 

We sampled homemade flammkuchen (a kind of wood-fired bread) with various toppings including combinations of potatoes, bacon, peppers, and cheese. Flammkuchen is a filling Austrian Christmas market treat for just a fiver. 

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Innsbruck isn't the only magical city in Austria worth visiting at Christmas time. If you are short on time, why not spend one day in Salzburg in winter and take advantage of your time there with a 24 hour Salzburg Card. Alternatively, visit Vienna in December for an awesome Christmas vacation.

Eat Hearty Austrian Cuisine

Austrian cuisine is perfect for a winter trip. Picture hearty sausages and stews washed down with large glasses of beer. We particularly enjoyed bratwurst and Hungarian goulash washed down with Theresienbräu Stammbräu in Innsbruck.

Drink Wine with Panoramic Views

Austria also features delicate wines. Sip a glass of Austrian wine with panoramic views at 360 on the 7th floor at the Rathaus Galleria in Innsbruck. 

There is an outdoor viewing platform where you can see the mountains on a nice day. We enjoyed the dancing clouds over the landscape despite the dreary weather and heavy rain when we visited Innsbruck in December.
Clouds over Innsbruck in December

Take the Bus to Hall in Tyrol

Hall in Tyrol is a lovely town about a 20 minute ride from Innsbruck for a fare of just 3.80 EUR per person. Buy a ticket from the driver. They do give change. The 4169 / 4123 bus and the S Bahn both run between Innsbruck and Hall. 

The train is slightly cheaper at 3.20 EUR per ticket. Choose your mode of transportation based on where you are going. The train station is further from the Medieval core of Hall in Tyrol but the train ride back to Innsbruck is just 9 minutes so you'll save a little time once you are onboard if you are staying near the Innsbruck train station.
Days Trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: Goat the live nativity scene in Hall in Tyrol
Hall in Tyrol has a small Christmas market with a live nativity scene. Unlike in Dublin, there was no queue to see the crib! 

We wandered inside Stadtamt Standesamt (Office of Vital Records) in Hall in Tirol. The Council Hall looks renovated but is done up in a period style. There is also a scale model of the town and some Medieval furniture on the second floor.

We tried a topfenstrudel (Austrian cream cheese strudel) and a mini gugelhupf (Bundt cake) that tasted like a Sacher Torte washed down with hot tea to warm us up at Murauer in Hall in Tyrol.
Innsbruck for Christmas: Münzerturm in Hall in Tirol
We also caught a glimpse of Münzerturm in Hall in Tirol where silver has been minted for centuries. Sadly, we didn't time our visit well and the museum was closed when we arrived.

Take a Cross-Country Skiing Lesson near Seefeld

Innsbruck and the surrounding area in Austria is known for ski resorts. Prior to my trip to Innsbruck, I had never been on skies in my life

That was all about to change with a day trip from Innsbruck to Seefeld. I absolutely loved our early arrival in Seefeld, Austria. 

The morning light was magnificent and it was the first time we'd seen the sun in days. Of course, this was only because we'd ascended above the clouds on the 40 minute train ride from Innsbruck.
Day trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: Seefeld town
From here, we took a taxi from Seefeld to Mösern which is about a 10 minute ride from the train station. The taxi cost a fixed price of 14 EUR.
Day trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: misty mountains in Mösern Austria
We took a walk to see the amazing views at Friedensglocke Mösern, a 10 ton peace bell signaling cooperation in the Alpine region.

I'm happy to report that I survived our 2 hour cross country skiing experience. We covered the same stretch of 100 m with our instructor many times and I only fell 4 times. Stopping is the hardest part... Thanks Skischule and Skiverleih Mösern for the beginner lessons.
Things to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Cross country skiing
I'll admit, apres ski is the best part of skiing. Skischule and Skiverleih Mösern gave us a ride back to Seefeld and we settled into a table at Cafe Bar Platzhirsch to sip a cappuccino and topfenstrudel with vanilla sauce.

Of course, Seefeld also has a Christmas market. We enjoying the obligatory glühwein in front of the fire at the Seefeld Christmas Market. We decided to add a shot of Amaretto. That proved to be a solid move to keep the cold at bay.

We stayed in Seefeld for lunch as well. We sampled pork medallions with mushroom sauce, buttered spatzle and cranberry plus alpine lake trout for lunch at Wirtshaus Alt Seefeld. I have to say that this hardy lunch went down well with a glass of Austrian wine. Red or white, you can't go wrong!
What to do in Innsbruck: eat pork medallions with mushroom sauce, buttered spatzle and cranberry
As we took the train back to Innsbruck, we reflected on our experience cross-country skiing. Our original plan was to try downhill skiing later in the trip. 

We ended up shelving the idea because frankly I was terrified of not being able to stop and breaking a bone especially at my age. I'm definitely not an adrenaline junkie!

Catch an OV Movie

Most places are closed in Innsbruck on Christmas Day so we spent a quiet day at our AirBnB. Movie theatres are open in Innsbruck for Christmas so we went to see a show. 

Most movies are dubbed rather than subtitled but we found one OV (original version) showing. You can get a pint of beer at the cinema for just 4 EUR which really impressed me considering how most food and drink at the movie theatre tends to be very expensive.

Experience Olympic History at the Bergisel Ski Jump

Most places in Austria are closed on St. Stephen's Day (Dec 26th), but the Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck is open. Since the sun was shining, we took the elevator up to the top for amazing views. 

The first ski jump was built here in 1925 and witnessed the winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976. The Bergisel Ski Jump feels spine-tinglingly tall! I couldn't imagine barreling down the ramp from here on skis!
Things to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Bergisel Ski Jump
We attempted to find the panoramarunde near the ski jump. We took a wrong turn, backtracked to the entrance near the parking lot by the Panorama Museum and then saw a sign that said the trail was closed for winter. On the bright side, we did get more gorgeous views despite the detour.

Walk from Bergisel Ski Jump to Innsbruck Town

What to see in Innsbruck: Views from Bergsisel Ski Jump
It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the center of Innsbruck to the area around the ski jump. The return walk from Bergisel Ski Jump to Innsbruck Town is a little easier since it's a downhill walk. 

En route, check out Wilten Abbey and Wilton Basilica. The Abbey in particular is done up in a decadent Baroque style. A small park filled with sculptures sits outside Urihaus en route to the Innsbruck ski jump. 
Innsbruck for Christmas: Views of Innsbruck Town from above
If you are lucky and the sun comes out, you'll be able to see the Alps rise up above Innsbruck from the ski jump and on the walk there and back. Now that's a mountain view!

Visit a German-style Beer Hall

Augustiner Keller Bierstindl was open on December 26th in Innsbruck so we popped in for a beer and a snack. St. Johanner sausage was served with a pile of horseradish that made our eyes water. 

Sour milk cheese was a pungent choice served with brown bread. Both are considered historic specialties. I'm not sure I'd choose either again but I'm glad we got out of our comfort zone to try something different.

Take a Day Trip from Innsbruck to the Dolomites

Innsbruck is close to the Austrian border with Italy so a day trip from Innsbruck to the Dolomites is a tempting way to spend a day. It takes about an hour and a half by train to travel from Innsbruck, Austria to Brixen, Italy. 

I'm glad that we opted to pay 3 EUR per person for an assigned seat on the train. This is a popular route, especially over the holidays and there were people standing in the aisles for the 90+ minute journey.

Day trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: Brixen Italy
Brixen (Bressanone in Italian) is a small mountain town and is a charming place to just walk around and steep in the atmosphere. The Brixen cloister features spectacularly vibrant frescoes. I'm impressed they still survive given the hot-cold cycles of the seasons here in South Tyrol, Italy.
Day trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: Brixen Cathedral
While Christmas markets in Austria end before December 25th, the one in Brixen, Italy is open until January 6th! We loved the atmosphere on the main square. We took the time to check out Brixner Dom on the main square and found it to be beautiful both inside and out.
Day trips from Innsbruck for Christmas: Painted cloisters in Brixen Italy
The best part about a trip to Italy is a leisurely lunch. We sampled 3 courses at Fink in Brixen, a restaurant that has been family run for 4 generations. 

First up? A bottle of South Tirol wine, a Pinot Noir "Patricia" from Girlan. The wine was light and just a little spicy. 

For our first course at Fink we tried a South Tirol trio of Gray cheese, beetroot dumpling with venison, and spinach and cheese ravioli. We also sampled earthy mushroom and walnut ravioli. For our mains, we tried venison goulash and young pork with an herbed crust. 

Finally, dessert! I couldn't resist trying the Fink Chocolate Ball. When they put the name of the restaurant on it, it's bound to be good! I loved the presentation! The hot raspberry sauce melts the chocolate shell to reveal the vanilla ice cream inside.

We actually couldn't agree on which dessert to share so we splurged on two! Light ricotta dumplings in gingerbread with fruit rounded out the meal. Our espresso was served with sweet pumpkin seeds, such a nice touch.
3 course lunch at Fink in Brixen, Italy
We walked off lunch at the Diocesan Museum in the Brixen Hofburg which featured an extensive exhibit of nativity scenes and other religious themed dioramas plus a small chapel. 

Rotating art exhibits (we saw prints by Karl Grasser and sculpture by Martin Rainer) and state apartment make it worth the 5 EUR to enter.

On our return trip to Innsbruck from Brixen, we noticed that it was definitely snowier on the Brenner Pass than it was when we passed through earlier. 

There are two ways to get from Innsbruck to Brixen: direct on OBB's InterCity service or using the local trains with TrenItalia from Brixen to Brenner and then the Innsbruck S-Bahn. We took the direct train on the way to Brixen and the local trains on the return.

Visit Riesengasse in Innsbruck

Riesengasse in Innsbruck is lined with giants and fables during the holiday season. You'll feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. The stories are printed in German so bring Google Translate to get the gist.
Things to do in Innsbruck for Christmas
from left:
(a) view of the Hofburg
(b) Riesengasse giant
(c) sculpture outside Stift Wilten
(d) the tower of Stift Wilten

Have Cake and Coffee

Austrians love sitting with a newspaper while drinking coffee and eating a slice of cake. Manna is very popular and offers a variety of decadent cakes. 

Make sure to find time for a visit to Cafe-Strudel Kröll. We walked by several times on our trip and the queue was out the door. We got lucky one day in the hour before dinner and finally managed to snag a table at Cafe-Strudel Kröll. 

We tried the plum and walnut strudel and a more traditional plum and poppyseed flavor. The plum and walnut with vanilla sauce was a winner. The poppyseed one was less to my liking. 

You won't find a better selection of strudel anywhere in Innsbruck.
What to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Eat strudel

Behold Innsbruck's Famous Golden Roof!

Did you know that Innsbruck has a golden roof? You'll see this eye-popping creation made from thousands of gilded copper tiles shining in the sun as you walk through the pedestrianized streets of Innsbruck. 

The Goldenes Dachl Museum would have cost a fiver but was free with our Innsbruck Card. Is the Goldenes Dachl Museum worth visiting? 

I think it's worth popping in for 15-20 minutes to learn about the history of the building and Emperor Maximilian I. My favorite part was the free photobooth where you could put yourself on the Golden Roof.
What to see in Innsbruck: the Golden Roof

Lunch at Restaurant Stiftskeller

Time for more comforting Austrian cuisine. I had the best käsespaetzle of the trip at Restaurant Stiftskeller. I like to think of käsespaetzle as Austria's answer to mac n cheese. 

We also had a lovely meat goulash with a pretzel dumpling and a giant pretzel to go with our beer. Don't expect to lose weight when you travel to Innsbruck for Christmas.

Lunch at Restaurant Stiftskeller in Innsbruck Austria

Explore the Tiroler Volkskunst Museum

We spent some time exploring the Tiroler Volkskunst Museum. The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum normally costs 11 EUR per person but is free to enter with the Innsbruck Card. 

The Hofkirche is a highlight of the Tiroler Volkskunst Museum. The cenotaph of Maximilian I is surrounded by ornate metal figures. Other highlights include rooms setup with decor from different periods of Tyrol history and Tyrolean artifacts. 

Climb Innsbruck Stadtturm

We climbed the double helix stairwell at the Stadtturm in Innsbruck just as the mountains made an appearance right before sunset. The platform is super narrow so be prepared to squeeze around other people if it's crowded. Up here you'll find lovely city and mountain views.

What to do in Innsbruck for Christmas
from left:
(a) Helical staircase at the Stadtturm
(b) Views from the top of the Innsbruck Stadtturm
(c) Golden hour views of Innsbruck
(d) Metal figures at the Tiroler Volkskunst Museum in Innsbruck

Take the Funicular to Nordkette

Nordkette is a popular destination on a trip to Innsbruck for Christmas, especially on a sunny day. 

Getting to Nordkette is a two stage process. First, you'll need to board Innsbruck Hungerburgbahn (Hungerburg funicular). Debark from the Hungerburg funicular at the end of the line. Here you'll board the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen (Nordkette Cable Car) for Seegrube. 

The wait is definitely worth it for the view from Seegrube station! It's amazing to watch people ski down from here, but we preferred sitting in a sun lounger getting some natural Vitamin D and enjoying the views.
What to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: lounge chairs at Nordkette
The ski slopes at Nordkette are no joke: a fall means danger to life.

Away we go again! Take the cable car to Nordkette's highest point: Hafelekar. You can walk to the very top of the mountain from the Hafelekar cable car terminus. 

Getting up isn't so hard. Keeping your footing on the way down is the issue. We stopped about halfway to the summit and it's a good thing we did. I almost had to invoke my emergency plan to scoot down on my butt.

Check out the Animals at Alpenzoo

We reversed course and took the cable car and then the Innsbruck Hungerburgbahn funicular down the mountain to Alpenzoo, a zoo featuring only Alpine animals.

Things to do in Innsbruck: see animals at Alpenzoo
Highlights from the Innsbruck Alpenzoo include a vulture swooping down from above and scaring us, seeing the horns on the male moose, watching a frolicking bison, and seeing a European brown bear eating a snack. Be prepared for lots of uphill walking.

Walk from Alpenzoo to Innsbruck Town

It's an easy downhill walk back to Innsbruck Old Town from Alpenzoo and takes less than 30 minutes. Enjoy golden hour views of the mountains along the River Inn.
Things to do in Innsbruck Austria
From left:
(a) Nordkette funicular
(b-c) Wooden bridge over the River Inn
(d) Young bison at the Alpenzoo

See the Light Show at Innsbruck Hofburg

If you are looking for something to do and have an Innsbruck Card, you could end the day with the light show at Innsbruck Hofburg (Innsbruck Imperial Palace). I'll admit that the special effects were cool but the story did not have much of a plot. The show we saw featured dancing marmots.
Things to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Light show at the Hofburg

Spend the Morning at Schloss Ambras

Take the bus to Schloss Ambras for a lovely day out. Go early when they open at 10 am to beat the crowds. Dress warmly and explore the grounds of Ambras Castle if you arrive before the museum opens. 

What to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Suits of armor at Schloss Ambras
Schloß Ambras features a very impressive armory curated by Archduke Ferdinand II. Some call the castle the world's first museum. Archduke Ferdinand II's collections at Schloss Ambras include extensive curiosities. 

I placed a bet with my travel partner, VacationCounts, before entering. I bet there would be a puffer fish. Every curiosity cabinet I've seen in Europe has one. I won the bet!
Things to do in Innsbruck in winter: Ambras Castle
The Spanish Hall at Schloss Ambras is really impressive and opulent. A spectacular glass collection and in particular red gold glass (involving 16th century gold nanoparticles!) were highlights of our visit to Ambras Castle in Innsbruck.

Apparently, drinking games were popular in Archduke Ferdinand II's day. Strap in to a chair in the Bacchus Grotto and you wouldn't get released until you drank the required amount. When you did, you could sign your name and motto in the Trinkbuch. Sounds like a 16th century frat party!
Things to do in Innsbruck for Christmas: Albino peacock at Ambras Castle
Did you know that Ambras Castle has peacocks? Not only does Schloss Ambras have peacocks, they have albino peacocks! We spent an extra 30 minutes or so wandering the grounds of Ambras Castle photographing those awesome colorful and albino peacocks.

Dazzle Yourself at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

It's impossible to visit Innsbruck and not be dazzled by Swarovski Crystal. You'll find a flagship store in town, but then there's Swarovski Kristallwelten! 

We grabbed lunch at the Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof and then hopped on the bus to Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The bus stops in two different places in Innsbruck, but I recommend boarding at the train station and queuing up at least 10 minutes before the bus departs or you might not get a seat. 

The bus and entrance to Kristallwelten is included with Innsbruck Card. Swarovski Crystal Worlds is about a 30 minute ride from the Innsbruck Main Station.

Swarovski Kristallwelten is situated in an idyllic setting with a beautiful mountain backdrop. The entrance to the exhibits (Chamber of Wonders) is hidden behind the waterfall emanating from a giant grassy head. 
Things to do in Innsbruck: Swarovski Crystal World dancing pants
We enjoyed checking out the exhibits at Swarovski Kristallwelten; more of a modern art exhibit than a museum. The exhibits included a mechanical theatre, crystal dome, mega crystals and more. The whole experience was very immersive.
Things to do in Innsbruck Austria in winter
from left:
(a) giant at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
(b) Christmas tree at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
(c) Views of the main church in Schwaz
(d) Covered walkway in the churchyard in Schwaz

Have a Drink in Schwaz

From Swarovski Crystal World, you can take Innsbruck public bus 4123 (not included in the Innsbruck Card) to Schwaz, an Austrian town that at one point was second only to Vienna due to rich silver mines. 

We had a quick walk around the Schwaz Altstadt and checked out the covered walkway in the churchyard featuring secular art plus tombs. If you don't have a lot of time in Innsbruck, you could easily skip Schwaz but we found it was a fun diversion for a couple of hours.

Ride a Bobsled

Achievement unlocked! We had the opportunity to ride the bobsled run at Patscherkofel in near Innsbruck. Five passengers pack tightly into the bobsled behind a professional driver for a bone rattling 45 second ride. 

This once in a lifetime bucket list experience cost 35 EUR per person. We looked for our time on the scoreboard after the run: 43.25 seconds! 

The bobsled at Patscherkofel runs on sporadic dates so check the website before heading out there to avoid disappointment.
Innsbruck for Christmas: Bobsled run

Have Lunch Atop Patscherkofebahn

After our bobsled ride, we took the Patscherkofelbahn up the mountain. Patscherkofel is mostly for skiers. We enjoyed the views but there are not a lot of services at the top. There is nothing to do for non-skiers at the middle station so don't get off cable car there.
Things to do in Innsbruck in winter: lunch at Schutzhaus on Patscherkofel
We warmed up with Schutz suppe at the Schutzhaus. It was freezing when we visited (-2 Celsius) but it didn't feel cold in the sun. In fact, we ate our lunch outside with a glass of Austrian Zweigelt.

Patscherkofebahn is much less crowded on the way down the mountain since most people ski down. We took the opportunity to enjoy the views before boarding the J bus back to Innsbruck. 
Things to do in Innsbruck in winter: Watch the skiers at Things to do in Innsbruck in winter: lunch at Schutzhaus on Patscherkofel

Enjoy Austrian Burgers and Craft Beer

After the bobsled run, the bus dropped us off in front of Ludwig's in Innsbruck City Centre. Ludwig's is very highly rated and after all the excitement at Patscherkofel, we felt a second lunch was justified. 

We sampled a fine Austrian craft beer; The Padawan IPA from Bierol. The beer paired well with a spicy chili burger. Ludwig's also has Cholula sauce on the table to kick it up a notch.
What to do in Innsbruck Austria: taps at Tribraun
Tribraun is another great spot for Austria craft beer. I definitely recommend stopping in at some point on your trip. We visited on New Year's Eve before heading to the outdoor concert and festival.

Ring in the New Year Along the River Inn

Innsbruck has a fantastic vibe for New Year's Eve. Thousands of people gather along the Inn River for a festive light show and DJ followed by fireworks and a waltz at midnight. 

Happy New Year, Innsbruck! You definitely exceeded our expectations for our extended winter trip!

Things to do in Innsbruck in winter: Lightshow on the River Inn for New Year's Eve

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Innsbruck for Christmas Christmas in Innsbruck Austria


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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Christmas In Innsbruck: 27 Fun and Festive Things to Do, See & Eat
Christmas In Innsbruck: 27 Fun and Festive Things to Do, See & Eat
Discover what to do in Innsbruck for Christmas. Visit Innsbruck in December. Enjoy the myriad of things to do in Innsbruck Austria for Christmas.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog