December 28, 2011

Weekend in Germany - Christmas Markets - Bonn

On our second morning in Cologne, we started our day with a hearty breakfast at Hotel Buchholz and then made our way to the train station.
En route, we saw a dog living the good life as he was wheeled about by his master.
Cologne is quite centrally located and it's easy to do day trips to other cities in the region.  We arrived in Bonn in less than 30 minutes.  It was a Sunday morning and it seemed the town was still sleeping.  We took the opportunity to wander the pedestrian quarter and admire the architecture and fountains.
The Bonn Christmas Market sat in the shadow of the Dom.
We were particularly impressed by the fun on offer including a small Ferris wheel.
Once again, the garbage bins were quite festive.  This one was capped by a berliner (jelly doughnut).
We saw another one ensconced in gingerbread.
Bonn was actually my favorite market, hands down, of the 7+ we visited in Cologne, Bonn, and Dusseldorf.  I think this carol-singing moose head had something to do with it.  Love it!
We took a walk around to survey both the food and gifts on offer.
We couldn't resist having a slice of poppycake (Mohnkuchen).
A puppet show was in full swing.  We couldn't understand what was happening as we speak just a little bit of German but apparently it was quite entertaining.  All the children were howling with laughter.
We stopped for a mug of glühwein in view of the market's ice skating rink.
They actually had child-sized penguins that people could use to keep their balance on the ice.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this friendly pooch on a sausage-link leash!
We took some time to shop along the cobbled streets of Bonn.
Once again, we couldn't resist stopping for cake and coffee.  Müller- Langhardt was good old-fashioned fun.
We tried the quark (cheese) cake and coffee.
We pressed on toward the river and passed a store selling tiny loaves of bread.
We took a moment to admire the Rhine from this new vantage point in Bonn.  The shoreline is just as impressive as it was in Cologne.
We walked along the water for a while and then turned toward the University.
The campus was particularly amazing when viewed as the sun was setting.
We'd soon come full circle and were back alongside the Dom.
We moved in for a closer look at two disembodied stone heads.
Once again we were enveloped by the sights and smells of the market.
We bought a bread bowl overflowing with goulash to sustain us for the train ride home.
Back in our hotel room, we indulged in one final sweet treat from the Bonn Christmas -- a Schneeball (fried dough covered in nougat)!


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