19 Fun Things to Do in Vilnius on a Quick Trip

Vilnius points of interest: Gediminas Tower
Is Vilnius worth visiting? We aimed to find out thanks to an amazing deal on flights from Dublin thanks to Ryanair (99 EUR return for two people!). We had previously visited Tallinn Estonia and Riga Latvia and had a great time so we were absolutely delighted to visit Lithuania for a long weekend city break in September. Read on for 19 fun things to do in Vilnius that we discovered. Hopefully this will provide you with some travel inspiration to hop on a plane and visit Lithuania's charming capital city. 

1. Soak Up the UNESCO Heritage Spotlight in Vilnius

The historic Old Town in Vilnius is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it's easy to see why. Stately public buildings and ornate churches dot the streets of Lithuania's capital city. We arrived in Vilnius in the evening and got a chance to marvel at the architecture under a brilliant spotlight. Old Town is definitely one of the premier points of interest in Vilnius.
Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania - UNESCO Heritage Buildings

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Riga in Latvia is another great city break destination in the Baltics with a reputation for fantastic Art Nouveau architecture. Check out this post for recommendations on how to spend 3 days in Riga.

2. Drink Cool, Cheap Lithuanian Beer in Vilnius

If architecture's not your thing, pop into one of the local pubs in Old Town Vilnius to sample cool, cheap, Lithuanian beer. We found a number of local offerings on tap at a bargain price of less than 2 EUR a pint in many cases. What an ideal way to quench our thirst on our weekend city break in Vilnius!
Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania - Drink Lithuanian Beer on Tap

3. Admire Vilnius' Street Art

Vilnius also features a wide range of striking street art. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around the Old Town for some stunning creations.
Fun Things To Do in Vilnius Lithuania - Street Art

4. See Sculpture in context in Vilnius

Continuing with an art theme, sculpture abounds in Vilnius. From quaint wooden carvings, to stately historical figures, to throwbacks to the communist era and more; an architecture walk is a fun thing to do in Vilnius.
Weekend City Break in Vilnius Lithuania - Sculpture

5. Somebody's Watching Me in Vilnius!

I couldn't help but feel like somebody was watching me in Vilnius. Every time I looked up, I spotted faces on the facades of the ornate buildings staring back at me.
Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania - Count Faces on Facades

6. Marvel at Vilnius' Church Spires

Vilnius is a city of churches. On a sunny day, I could have spent hours looking up at the spires watching little wisps of clouds roll past.
Church spires in Vilnius Lithuania

7. Explore Vilnius' Communist Era Contrasts

Vilnius is also a city of contrasts. Lithuania was part of the USSR from the World War II era until the Iron Curtain fell in 1990. There are still remnants of communist-era architecture in Vilnius which stands in stark contrast to the fabulously ornate structures of the medieval Old Town. 
Explore Communist Era Architecture in Vilnius Lithuania

8. Stroll Through Vilnius' Fair of Nations

Our trip to Vilnius was serendipitously well-timed. A huge Fair of Nations was on along Gediminas Avenue in the heart of Vilnius. We strolled along the busy thoroughfare sampling local and international treats and admiring the local Lithuanian crafts on offer. Notable stalls included a vendor selling at least ten kinds of bacon and someone selling colorful wool socks. I picked up a pair of Lithuanian socks to keep my feet warm during the upcoming winter season in Dublin. Unfortunately, I didn't have any room in my backpack for Lithuanian bacon although I'll admit it was tempting.
Fun things to do in Vilnius Lithuania - Food and Crafts at the Fair of Nations
The Fair of Nations in Vilnius even featured an alpaca petting zoo. That's something you don't see every day...
Weekend City Break in Vilnius Lithuania - Alpacas at the Fair of Nations

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Did you know that European Capitals of Culture have been designated since 1985 and that Vilnius was a European Capital of Culture in 2009? We've had the opportunity to visit a number of cities that at once held this designation. Here are some ideas for the cities that we visited with the year the place was capital of culture listed in parentheses:
  1. Visit the Christmas markets in Berlin, Germany (1988)
  2. Spend 2 days in Glasgow Scotland (1990)
  3. Explore 23 ways to do a day in Dublin Ireland (1991)
  4. Spend a weekend exploring Luxembourg with a Luxembourg Card and don't forget to do some day trips from Luxembourg City (1995, 2007)
  5. Spend a day in Stockholm Sweden (1998)
  6. See Rotterdam in winter (2001)
  7. Drink port as old as you are with 3 days in Porto Portugal (2001)
  8. Learn about awesome things to do in Cork City Ireland (2005)
  9. Get off the beaten track with a day in Mons Belgium (2015)
  10. Explore Bulgaria’s Roman past with a bus ride from Sofia to Plovdiv for a weekend (2019)

                          9. Climb Up to Vilnius' Gediminas Tower for Sweeping Views

                          We rode the funicular up the steep slope at the foot of Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius to Gediminas Tower. The tower features sweeping views over the old and new towns in Vilnius. Inside, there was a photo exhibit chronicling the fall of communism in the Baltic States. We saw some impressive pictures of the Baltic Chain, a demonstration back in 1989 where approximately 2 million people joined hands in a continuous link between Tallinn, Estonia and Vilnius. It was a peaceful political demonstration credited with paving the way for the fall of communism in the Baltic region. 
                          Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania - Climb Gediminas Tower

                          10. Go Yarnbombing, Vilnius Style

                          We discovered that the residents of Vilnius love a bit of yarnbombing. We spotted several trees, lampposts and even a derelict building covered in yarn. I loved this quirky side to Lithuania's Capital City. If you can knit, why not join in?
                          Unusual Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania - Go Yarnbombing

                          11. Amble Through Bernardinai Garden in the Heart of Vilnius

                          Bernardinai Garden is a peaceful oasis in the center of Vilnius. We strolled through manicured gardens and enjoyed exploring the fountains and metallic sculptures strewn throughout the park.
                          Vilnius Points of Interest - Bernardinai Garden

                          12. Understand Lithuanian Literature at Vilnius' Literatu Garve

                          Literatu Garve was one of the most fascinating points of interest that we discovered on our weekend city break to Vilnius. This ode to Lithuanian literature features hundreds of unique pieces of art embedded into the walls along a narrow street for 2-3 blocks. Definitely check it out if you find yourself visiting Vilnius!
                          Fun Things to do in Vilnius Lithuania - Literatu Garve

                          13. Enjoy Lithuanian Doughnuts!

                          If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you can't go wrong with Lithuanian doughnuts. Filled with caramel, chocolate, or jam, these dense balls will definitely help fuel a day of exploration around Vilnius.

                          Lithuanian Doughnuts

                          14. Get Into Vilnius' Craft Beer Scene

                          In addition to the cheap local beer described above, Vilnius also has a thriving craft beer scene. We particularly enjoyed BambalynÄ—. We descended from the bustling streets of Vilnius into a cool cellar lined with refrigerators. The cases were loaded with Lithuanian craft brews. We had a heck of a time deciding but ultimately made our selection, paid for our craft beer, were handed the corresponding mugs, and sat in the atmospheric cave sipping Vilnius' finest.
                          Lithuanian Craft Beer

                          15. Go Carb Loading in Vilnius and Kibinai

                          I don't recommend going on a diet before visiting Vilnius for a weekend. Lithuanian cuisine features lots of heavy comforting food like potato pancakes, golden pastry filled with meat and cheese (kibinai), and the yes-it's-as-big-as-it-sounds zeppelin, a starchy potato based dumpling. Of course, Lithuanian food all washes down really well with a local craft beer.
                          Things to Eat in Vilnius: Lithuanian Food

                          16. Have A Headbanging Good Time in Vilnius

                          I love the things we chance upon on a trip that are totally unplanned. A series of concerts was on in Vilnius in conjunction with the Fair of Nations. We were walking down Gediminas Avenue before dinner when we suddenly heard a blast of loud headbanging music followed by classic violin. As we got closer, we discovered that Jelonek, a musician based in Poland, was putting on the show of his life on the streets of Vilnius. The band played classical music melodies with a heavy metal twist. We were mesmerized and stood watching for almost an hour. I even decided to bang my head a bit although I nearly fell over in the bushes when I made my attempt. Don't try this at home, folks! Jelonek was totally over the top awesome. The show even featured some crazy pyrotechnics. I've included a few clips below so you can see the spectacle we discovered in Vilnius for yourself.
                          Weekend City Break in Vilnius Lithuania - Heavy Metal Concert Featuring Jelonek

                          17. Take A Day Trip from Vilnius to Trakai Island Castle

                          We were only in Vilnius for a little over 2 days, but we still managed to squeeze in a day trip to Trakai which is located about an hour outside of Vilnius by bus. Trakai is a lake resort town in Lithuania anchored by a magical castle located on an island. We explored the castle grounds, walked along the lake, and dined al fresco on fine Lithuanian cuisine at Kiubete before making our way back to Vilnius. Trakai Island Castle was a lovely and tranquil respite from Lithuania's capital.
                          Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania: Trakai Island Day Trip

                          18. Photograph Vilnius' Colorful Houses

                          Vilnius also features some amazing colorful homes, particularly around Trakai. We spotted quaint wooden buildings in nearly all the colors of the rainbow on our walk from the Trakai bus station to the castle.
                          Colorful Houses Near Trakai in Lithuania

                          19. Check Out the Gates of Dawn in Vilnius

                          Vilnius was once a walled city and the Gates of Dawn medieval entrance to the city still stands tall. We took a mental trip back in time and thought about what it would have been like to walk the streets of Vilnius in the 16th century. The Gates of Dawn also features relics from the Virgin Mary which are believed to have special powers. We didn't have time to go up and see for ourselves but we were able to catch a glimpse of the Virgin Mary from outside while standing on the streets of Vilnius below.
                          Fun things to do in Vilnius Lithuania
                          Is Vilnius, Lithuania worth visiting for a weekend city break? As you can see, there are some really fun things to do and you can find reasonably priced accommodation in Vilnius. We wrapped up our whirlwind weekend tour and headed onward to Kaunas by bus to see another side to Lithuania.

                          Did you enjoy this post about fun things to do in Vilnius Lithuania? Sharing is caring...

                          Fun Things to Do in Vilnius Lithuania

                          Weekend City Break in Vilnius Lithuania

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                          Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 19 Fun Things to Do in Vilnius on a Quick Trip
                          19 Fun Things to Do in Vilnius on a Quick Trip
                          Is Vilnius worth visiting? Read about fun things to do in Vilnius Lithuania including what to see, eat, and do on a weekend visit.
                          Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog
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