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23 of the Best Things to do in Poznan on a Ryanair Weekend

Learn about things to do in Poznan Poland. Discover what to do in Poznan City. Find out why Poznan is worth visiting. Visit Poznan Poland for a weekend. Fly into Poznan Airport for a Ryanair city break.
Is Poznan Poland worth visiting? One great thing about living in Ireland is that we have a fantastic airport with connections to a wide range of Polish cities thanks to the large population of Poles living in Dublin and beyond. 

We love Poland and have had the pleasure of visiting cities like Warsaw, Gdansk and Tricity Poland, Krakow, and Wroclaw in winter (known for the famous Wroclaw dwarves). 

This time we sought out things to do in Poznan Poland on a weekend city break. On the flight to Poznan, we got some great advice from an off-duty Ryanair flight attendant from Poznan who happened to be sitting next to us. 

Read on for ideas about what to do in Poznan for a short break.
Things to do in Poznan: See 3D street art in Śródka

Getting to Poznan

Ryanair flies direct to Poznan from a number of cities in Europe including Dublin and Cork in Ireland plus London, Milan, and Oslo

Plane tickets on Ryanair to Poznan can cost as little as 10 EUR each way if you are flexible on your travel dates. 

Poznan to Bydgoszcz takes about two hours by train. Bydgoszcz also has a "Ryanair Airport" which makes combining Poznan and Bydgoszcz an ideal weekend city break in Poland. 

It cost a total of 26 EUR for two first class train tickets between Poznan and Bydgoszcz.

Be prepared to queue upon arrival in Poznan. We arrived in the late morning from Dublin and there were probably about 200 people in the queue for immigration at Poznan Airport and only four queues open.

Take Bus 159 from Poznan Airport to Poznań Główny. We got off the bus at Rondo Kaponiera which was about a 20 minute walk to our hotel. 

A 40 minute bus ticket cost 5 zł (Polish zloty) which was about $1.25 USD at the time of writing.

Where to Stay in Poznań

We stayed at the Hotel DeSilva Premium Poznan. We paid around 630 zł ($160 USD) for 2 nights accommodation including breakfast, wifi, and air conditioning. 

The hotel was about a 10 minute walk to Old Town Poznan (Stare Miasto). Our room was large and comfortable although we did have an uncomfortably exciting moment upon arrival when we opened the door to our room and the door frame promptly fell off the wall. 

We were quickly moved to a room that was more structurally sound.

Getting Around Poznan

I recommend buying a 24 hour transit ticket to make it super easy to hop on the trams and buses in Poznan city centre. If you validate your 24 hour ticket on Friday after 8 pm, it's good for the entire weekend (until midnight on Sunday). 

A 24 hour transit ticket in Poznan cost 12 zł for A Zone. Zones A through D are included if you buy a 15 zł ticket. 

This equates to less than $4 USD for unlimited transportation for a weekend in Poland. Such a great deal. 

Things to Do in Poznan

Now that we've cleared immigration, gotten our transportation sorted, and checked into our hotel, let's talk about what to do in Poznan for a weekend.

1. Eat Pierogi at Pierogarka

We arrived in Poznan around lunch time so our first stop (of course!) was for pierogi. We sampled duck with mushrooms pierogi and cheese and potato pierogi at Pierogarka in Poznan. Absolutely delicious!
What to eat in Poznan: pierogi and Pierogarka
Duck with mushrooms and cheese and potato pierogi at Pierogarka in Poznan

2. Try the Best Ice Cream in Poznan at Kolorowa

Next we made our way to Kolorowa to eat what's rumored to be the best ice cream (lody) in Poznan thanks to the tip from our seatmate on the flight to Poland. 

The hand written menu (flavors change regularly) is written in Polish so you'll probably need to punch some of the words into Google translate to figure out your options. 

We tried a mascarpone cheese ice cream with black currant. One scoop cost 4 zł (about $1 USD at the time of writing).
What to do in Poznan: Get ice cream at Kolorowa
Ice cream at Kolorowa in Poznan

3. Admire the Stained Glass at St. Martin's

Saint Martin Church in Poznan looks a little understated from the outside but step inside, especially on a sunny day, and you'll be rewarded with beautiful colored light through tall stained glass windows.

Things to do in Poznan: visit St. Martin's Church
St. Martin's Church in Poznan

4. Photograph Poznan's Bright Pink Church

It's hard to miss Poznan's bright pink Fara Poznańska in Poznan Old Town. Also known as Bazylika kolegiacka Matki Bożej Nieustającej Pomocy, św. Marii Magdaleny i św. Stanisława Biskupa, Fara Poznańska is stunning both inside and out. 

Don't miss the sumptuous baroque interior.
Things to do in Poznan: Visit Fara Poznańska inside and out
Fara Poznańska inside and out

5. Reflect on Troubled History Outsize the Poznan Synagogue

Take a quiet moment to reflect outside Poznan Synagogue which was turned into a swimming pool by the Nazis during World War II. 

Just standing outside the building and reflecting on this dark period of Polish history during the 20th century sent a chill down my spine.
What to do in Poznan: Pay your respects at Poznan Synagogue
Poznan Synagogue was turned into a swimming pool by the Nazis

6. Circumnavigate Poznan Old Town Market Square

The brightly colored houses of the Old Market Square in Poznan (Stare Rynek) lifted our spirits. If you can, make sure to swing by Poznan Old Town Square at noon. 

Every day since 1551, two small billy goats emerge from the clock tower of Poznan Town Hall and butt heads 12 times. Sadly, we missed the fighting goats of Poznan because of our delays at immigration upon arrival at Poznan Airport. 

At other times of day, have a meal or a drink at one of the many cafes and restaurants surrounding the square.
Things to do in Poznan: walk around Old Market Square in Poznan Old Town
Old Market Square in Poznan Old Town

7. Drink Polish Craft Beer in Poznan

Poznan has a fantastic craft beer scene. We may have missed the noon performance of the fighting goats but we did not miss beer o'clock at Minister Browaru. 

I absolutely loved their sour passionfruit gose. There are lots of great places to sample craft beer in Poznan Poland. We tried Kingpin Kahuna at Piwna Stopa. 

You can't help but love their motto: "No Crap on Tap"

Things to do in Poznan: drink Polish craft beer
Left: "no crap on tap" at Piwna Stopa
Middle: pints in the beer garden at Minister Browaru
Right: craft beer pint at Piwna Stopa

8. Eat Dinner for Supper at Oberża pod Dzwonkiem

Would you look at the size of the plate of ribs that we ordered for dinner?! We enjoyed a yummy meal at Oberża pod Dzwonkiem in Poznan Poland. Roll me home! 

I also learned an important point that day. Polish people eat 4 meals a day: breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, and supper. 

Apparently we were doing it wrong because we had a big evening meal when supper is normally more of a snack. Live and learn...
Where to eat in Poznan: Oberża pod Dzwonkiem
Evening meal at Oberża pod Dzwonkiem

9. Seek Out Poznan Street Art

Keep your eyes open when you're walking around Poznan and you'll likely be rewarded by some imaginative street art. 

Pan Peryskop (Mr. Periscope; aka The Watcher) makes a number of appearances around town. We also spotted some cheeky: "I am some art" pieces.
Things to do in Poznan: Seek out street art including "Mr. Periscope"
Poznan street art including The Watcher (right)

10. Check out the Historic Fire Brigade Building

Poznan features sturdy but picturesque architecture at every turn. The fire brigade building was particularly Instagrammable.
Things to see in Poznan: fire brigade building, flowers at the market, Cathedral Island
Left: fire brigade building
Middle: flowers at a local market in Poznan
Right: Poznan cathedral and Cathedral Island

11. Browse Poznan's Local Markets

Poznan features lots of quaint squares in both Old Town Poznan and in Poznan's newer neighborhoods. You'll find fountains, art, and even live music in Poznan's squares. 

On the weekend, some of the squares are taken over by local markets. We stumbled upon a small local market selling produce, flowers, and bric-a-brack on the square near our tram stop.

12. Tour Cathedral Island

Cathedral Island (Ostrów Tumski) is one of the top things to do in Poznan but it's a bit outside the city center. Buying a 24 transit ticket makes it super easy to hop on the tram and get to Cathedral Island.

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13. Walk Around Śródka

We started our adventure in this part of Poznan with a walk around Śródka, a neighborhood adjacent to Cathedral Island. 

Accessed by a bridge heavily laden with love locks (Most Biskupa Jordana w Poznaniu) Śródka is a charming and mostly residential neighborhood featuring 3D street art and cats watching the world go by from their windows. 

We enjoyed ice cream at Ghiacci, a perfectly acceptable "second breakfast", right? The strawberries and cream homemade flavors were amazing.
Things to do in Poznan including a visit to Śródka and Cathedral Island
Left: Poznan Cathedral viewed from Most Biskupa Jordana w Poznaniu
Middle: ice cream Ghiacci in Śródka
Right: Brama Poznania ICHOT

14. Visit Brama Poznania ICHOT

Brama Poznania ICHOT on Cathedral Island offered a fascinating interactive look at the history of Poznan. 

Take the self-guided audio tour to learn about the various exhibits covering ancient to modern times. Don't miss gorgeous views from the rooftop terrace at Brama Poznania.

15. Take a Cathedral Island Audio Tour

The ticket to Brama Poznania ICHOT also includes an audio guide to Cathedral Island. The interior of Poznan Cathedral was the most impressive part of the tour. Did you know that some of the first Polish rulers are buried here?

In some cases, the audio guide was a little too detailed but you can always cut the commentary short at each stop if you have limited time. 

Tucked away at the side of the massive Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul in Poznań, seek out the Golden Chapel. If you insert a 5 zł coin, the room lights up and you can take pictures through the gate.
What to do in Poznan Poland: Visit Poznan Cathedral and the Golden Chapel
Golden Chapel in Poznan Cathedral

16. Enjoy Dinner (Lunch) at Hyćka 

A lot of places in Śródka are fully booked for lunch on Saturdays. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. 

Sadly, we didn't get to try Na Winklu's baked pierogi but we did manage to get an outside table at Hyćka when we persisted after they told us they were full. 

Grey potato dumplings and pork goulash made for a hearty lunch!
What to eat in Poznan: grey potato dumplings and pork goulash
Grey potato dumplings and pork goulash at Hyćka

17. Take a Gander at Lake Malta

The edge of Lake Malta is about a 10 minute walk from Śródka in Poznan.

You'd have to walk farther (maybe 20-30 minutes more) to experience the various activities and water sports that Lake Malta is known for. 

It was a hot day when we visited Poznan in June so we decided to admire the close end of the lake and then hop on a tram back to the city.
Things to see in Poznan: Lake Malta
Lake Malta in Poznan

18. Shop Stary Browar

Stary Browar is a pretty amazing shopping mall built on the site of an old brewery in Poznan Poland. Take some time to wander around. Stary Browar is worth a visit if you are into photography.
Things to do in Poznan: Stary Browar
Stary Browar in Poznan

19. Visit Citadel Park

Definitely make time for a hike around Park Cytadela in Poznan. Situated on a 19th century fortification north of Poznan (Fort Winiary), the park is now a green lung for the city. 

In addition to trails and lawns for tossing a ball or getting some sun, you'll discover abandoned bunkers and WWI and WWII graves. 

Seek out the eerie and moving “Unrecognised” ("Nierozpoznani"), an installation of 112 life-sized headless sculptures spearheaded by Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz and a group of art students.
Citadel Park in Poznan
Left: "Unrecognised" 
Middle: abandoned bunkers
Right: cemetery

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20. Polish Craft Beer Reprise

After a busy active day in Poznan, there is nothing finer than sinking into a threadbare couch out of the reach of the sun and tuckering into a wild boar kielbasa with a side of pork rinds and a pint of Deer Bear Let's Cook lime and apricot gose craft beer at Piwna Stopa.
What to eat in Poznan: Beer and wild boar kielbasa at Piwna Stopa
Beer and wild boar kielbasa at Piwna Stopa

21. Eat Potatoes at Pyra Bar

And now it's time for second supper. We tried sweet and savory potato pancakes washed down with Polish cider at Pyra Bar in Poznan. 

This place was recommended by the Poznan-based flight attendant that we met en route and her recommendation was spot on. Delicious!
Things to eat in Poznan: potato pancakes and cider at Pyra Bar
Savory and sweet potato panacakes and Polish cider at Pyra Bar in Poznan

22. Eat a Rogal

Poznan is famous for the rogal, a glazed croissant covered in nuts. Also known as St. Martin's croissant, you'll find them all over Poznan during the Feast of Saint Martin in November. 

Over the summer, they are harder to find. We found our rogal at a cafe and bakery in the tunnel under the train station (Poznań Główny). These dense confections will definitely keep you going during a long train ride.

What to eat in Poznan: Rogal; a frosted nutty croissant
Poznan's famous Rogal

23. Spend a Day in Bydgoszcz Poland

Bydgoszcz is a quirky city just 2 hours by train from Poznan. 

Add on an overnight trip to Bydgoszcz when visiting Poznan for half-timbered architecture, the Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt, and a curious tightrope walker permanently suspended over the river.
Poznan to Bydgoszcz: Bydgoszcz tightrope walker
Tightrope walker in Bydgoszcz Poland

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Map of Things to Do in Poznan

Click on the image below to access an interactive Google Map of things to do in Poznan.
Things to do map of Poznan Poland

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Things to do in Poznan PolandThings to do in Poznan Poland

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 23 of the Best Things to do in Poznan on a Ryanair Weekend
23 of the Best Things to do in Poznan on a Ryanair Weekend
Learn about things to do in Poznan Poland. Discover what to do in Poznan City. Find out why Poznan is worth visiting. Visit Poznan Poland for a weekend. Fly into Poznan Airport for a Ryanair city break.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog