Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dublin Eats - Red Torch Ginger and an Evening with Mrs. Roosevelt

Red Torch Ginger offers upscale Thai cuisine in a Dublin City Centre location.  We'd been meaning to try the place for a while and finally booked ourselves in before heading out to the New Theatre on a Spring evening.
We were escorted to a table next to a seated Buddha.
The cocktail menu is extensive.  We tried the Mango Sidecar...
...and the Cherry and Apricot Mai Tai.
We sampled duck spring rolls...
...and steamed dim sum rolls.
While waiting for our mains, we took time to admire the decor which was modern with classic Thai touches.
Thai chicken salad...
...and a fragrant chili basil with beef rounded out the meal.
They even sent out extra chilies at my request to kick things up a notch.
We availed of the early bird special which included a cup of coffee before our date at the theatre.
We finished off our evening at the New Theatre with a performance of Mrs. Roosevelt Flies to London, a one woman show performed by Alison Skilbeck.  It was fascinating to watch the life of Eleanor Roosevelt unfold before the audience.  We definitely got a better understanding and appreciation of the wife of president FDR.  The play was riveting and very well acted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dublin Writer's Festival - Julian Baggini and the Cheeky Dearth Recipe.

 The annual Dublin Writer's Festival always proves educational and presents thought provoking material.  We attended a session at Smock Alley Theatre on The Virtues of the Table on the philosophy of food and our relationship with it.  The panel discussion involved the author, Julian Baggini, plus Catherine Cleary and Catherine Fulvio.  It was chaired by Gerry Godley.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dublin Eats - Wine Tasting at KC Peaches

Wine tastings in Dublin seem to be getting more and more popular.  We'd already done tastings at Olesya's and Ely's Wine Bar.  Now we were ready to sample some fine Italian wines at K.C. Peaches Wine Cave.
Sarah was our host for the evening and introduced the visiting expert who would be taking us through a selection of Italian wines.
A platter of snacks was available to sample and pair with the wines.
Our favorite of the night was this Pinot Nero Blauburgunder from the north of Italy.
Our short cryptic notes captured our thoughts on the wine for future reference.
We enjoyed our simple and fun evening tasting Italian Wines at K.C. Peaches one of our favorite venues in Dublin City Centre.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tasting Seven Virtues at Brouwerij de 7 Deugden in Amsterdam

As part of this business trip, my company arranged for a group beer tasting at Browerij de 7 Deugden (aka the Brewery of 7 Virtues) just outside Amsterdam.  This was a true small business at it's best.  The operation was being run out of the owner's garage!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Amsterdam - From the Jewish Quarter to the Albert Cuypmarkt

On my final day in Amsterdam, I managed to carve out time for a walk from the Jewish Quarter (Plantage) to the Albert Cuypmarkt.
I spotted sculptures made from bits of junkyard scrap near the zoo.
Beautiful flowers graced the spring day.
The hoisting bars on the homes in the area seemed to salute as I walked past.
I loved these juxtapositions of flowers and canals.  It is quintessential Amsterdam.
I wound my way through the city streets of Amsterdam toward Albert Cuypmarkt.
En route, I passed this pub and my attention was drawn to the white cat sitting on the counter.  Fancy a pint?
The Albert Cuypmarkt spans several city blocks and you can find almost anything you might be looking for here.
I needed a new watch band and I'd been keeping an eye out for something for a few weeks.  Sure enough, I found something nice and in my price range at this Albert Cuypmarkt.
I took a stroll through the market doing a bit of people watching en route.
I finished perusing the market and veered down a side street in search of some lunch.
Warung Marlon, a 'hole in the wall' Indonesian place was recommended to me and I soon found myself ensconced at a table near the counter.
A huge plate of chicken and rice was put before me... was served up with some 'blow-your-head-off' hot sauce.  Yum...
I also tried their signature deep fried banana satay with homemade peanut sauce.  The sauce was amazing - very thick, nutty, and spicy.  They actually sold it by the bucket.  Too bad I wasn't checking a bag or I would have considered taking some home.
I decided to walk off lunch with a bit of a walk as Sarphatipark was nearby.
Baby coots were frolicking on the pond in the park.
I did a loop of the park admiring the lush greenery.
I walked back toward Amsterdam Centraal.  En route, I discovered that the neighborhood near Albert Cuypmarkt hosts an outpost of the Red Light District.  I accidentally walked down one street and noticed lights and sexy ladies standing in the window.  They mostly left me alone but I noticed one of the ladies beckoning to a lad walking past.  He definitely went in for a closer look ;-)
On to our brewery of the highlights of this short trip to Amsterdam.