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Plan the Perfect Oslo Workcation Itinerary with These 17 Fun Things to do

Plan the perfect Oslo itinerary. Discover fun things to do in Oslo when you visit for work or vacation. See Vigeland Park, The Fram Museum, and more.
An Oslo itinerary is the perfect idea for a workcation. We visited Oslo for a week at the end of our Norwegian road trip

The picture of Vigeland’s Angry Boy near the top of this post aptly summed up how I felt about going back to work after our amazing vacation in Bergen, Alesund, and Trondheim

On the bright side, working from Oslo meant that our Norway fun could continue a while longer. A workcation is the ideal excuse to explore all the fun things to do in Oslo. 

Read on for ideas of what to do on a bleisure trip to Oslo.

The Angry Boy in Vigeland Sculpture Park on Your Oslo Itinerary

Getting to Oslo

Oslo has a thriving international airport with direct flights from major hugs in Europe and beyond. Oslo is particularly well-served by SAS Airlines. Board the Flytoget train from Oslo Airport to Oslo City. The journey takes 30 minutes and trains run every 10 minutes. You don’t get a discount for buying a round trip ticket, so opt for the single if you want to keep you return plans flexible. Buy a ticket on the Flytoget online in advance for 204 NOK per person (about 20 EUR at the time of writing).

Use Flytoget Airport Train on an Oslo Itinerary

Getting Around Oslo

If you plan to spend an appreciable amount of time in Oslo, buy a 7 day transit pass. A one week Oslo transit pass cost 320 NOK (about 30 EUR) at the time of writing for Zone 1 which covers a large swath of central Oslo. We used the Ruter app to buy and store our ticket. It was handy to be able to hop on a tram or bus whenever we wanted. The price of a weekly ticket may not be a tremendous savings versus individual tickets, but the convenience is priceless, especially if you are staying slightly further afield like we did in Frogner.

Oslo Itinerary: Oslo trams to get around

Things to do in Oslo at a Glance

Things to do in Oslo Norway: Rådhuset
Let’s start with an overview of things to do in Oslo to help you plan your trip. Use this list to better understand why Oslo is worth visiting.
  1. Take a walk in the park near the National Theater
  2. Check out Oslo's Rådhuset
  3. Climb the Roof at the Oslo Opera House
  4. Take A Photo Walk Around The Barcode
  5. Tour the Oslo Library
  6. Take a Photo Walk Detour to Damstredet
  7. Seek out Oslo Doors
  8. Tour the Fram Museum on Bygdøy
  9. Explore Aker Brygge
  10. Walk Tjuvholmen
  11. Spend Time in Vigeland Sculpture Park
  12. Experience Vigeland Park at Sunrise
  13. Tour Vigelandmuseet
  14. Visit Slottsparken
  15. Check Out Akershus Fortress
  16. Experience the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo
  17. Take a Street Art Tour in Grünerløkka
After covering all the great places to visit in Oslo and things to do, the post continues with some ideas for what and where to eat on your trip to the Norwegian capital.

Things to do on your Oslo Itinerary in Detail

Now let’s take a deeper dive into this Oslo itinerary with more detail on all that Norway’s capital has to offer.

1. Take a walk in the park near the National Theater

National Theater train station is one of the stops served by the Flytoget. We arrived late in the day and went right to our Airbnb, but got up bright and early the next day and took the tram back to National Theater from Frogner. We had a brief meander around the parks and tree and flower-lined thoroughfares near the National Theater in Oslo. We walked down Karl Johans gate and took time to admire the architecture of the Norwegian Parliament (especially the fabulous doors) and some university buildings nearby.
Things to do in Oslo: Nationaltheater

2. Check out Oslo's Rådhuset

Why do I get the feeling that a big chunk of Central Oslo was built in the 1970s? Oslo Sentrum features tons of concrete and sometimes brutalist architecture. Oslo's iconic Rådhuset features Art Deco accents, the occasional tinkle of the carillon bells, and 16 wooden friezes covering scenes from Norwegian sagas. You’ll never lose track of time with the Rådhuset in view. One of the towers features a huge clock. 

Things to do in Oslo: wooden art panels at Oslo City Hall

3. Climb the Roof at the Oslo Opera House

Did you know that you can climb the roof of the Oslo Opera House? Check out panoramic views of the library, The Barcode, and Oslo fjord. Watch your step! The climb up the roof is uneven and made me feel like I was climbing a craggy glacier. We last visited Oslo in 2005. The Norwegian National Opera House wasn't completed until 2007. This goes to show why it’s always a good idea to revisit places periodically!

Things to do in Oslo: Climb the roof of the Opera HouseThings to do in Oslo: Views from the roof of the Oslo Opera House

The roof of the opera house in Oslo was much less crowded in the morning on weekdays than it was on the weekend. Such a fantastic and Instagrammable spot!

4. Take A Photo Walk Around The Barcode

If you continue on for about 10 minutes on foot past the library and Opera House you’ll arrive in The Barcode. The Barcode architecture is modern and incredibly impressive. Seek out the bridge over the railway tracks for a great vantage point.
Things to do on an Oslo Itinerary: Visit The Barcode

While visiting The Barcode, cross over the major artery of cars and trams. Walk through the apartment blocks (some with boat or kayak entrances) and walk past the Munch museum (which sadly was scheduled to open for the first time a month after our trip to Norway) and then behind the Opera House. Look in the windows at dramatic wigs and costumes.
Things to do in Oslo: Costumes at the Opera House

5. Tour the Oslo Library

Combine a trip to the Oslo Opera House and The Barcode with Oslo's new library. The new Oslo Library opened just 2 years ago in 2019. The building is open to the public and was buzzing when we visited on the weekend. The library is also a great place to grab a table and get some work done on your workcation-focused Oslo itinerary.

Things to do in Oslo: Oslo LibraryOslo Itinerary: Tour Oslo Library

6. Take a Photo Walk Detour to Damstredet

Since I love photographing houses and especially doors, we thought Oslo's Damstredet would be worth a look. It turns out that this colorful cobbled street is worth visiting if you are nearby but don't go out of your way. I was hoping this street would have better doors . I've noticed that many homes in Norway have their doors on the side which makes them harder to photograph.

Things to do in Oslo: Visit Damstredet

7. Seek out Oslo Doors

That said, Oslo does have it’s fair share of picturesque doors including ornate, double-decker, and other elegant specimens. The area around Frogner and Vigeland Park is an especially good area to look for doors.

Things to do in Oslo: Photograph Oslo DoorsThings to do in Oslo: Photograph Oslo Doors

8. Tour the Fram Museum on Bygdøy

We used our 7 day transit pass to take the bus to Bygdøy. We visited the Fram Museum for 140 NOK (about 14 EUR) per person at the time of writing. The museum covers a long and fascinating history of polar exploration with a focus on Norway's leadership role. Roald Amundsen was first to navigate the Northwest Passage by ship. Amundsen also planted Norway's flag at the South Pole. Board the Gjoa and Fram ships; a highlight of any visit to the Fram Museum. 

Things to do in Oslo: Statues outside the Fram Museum

There are a number of other museums on Bygdøy including the Viking Ship Museum and the Norsk Folkemuseum (an open-air folk museum featuring a cool wooden stave church). If you have more time, give these museums a look too. We had visited the Viking Ship museum and Norsk Folkemuseum when we were in Oslo in 2005 and decided to prioritize other places to visit in Oslo this time.

9. Explore Aker Brygge

A walk in Aker Brygge is a must on any Oslo itinerary. We took a walk along a section of the Oslo Harbour Promenade that runs through Aker Brygge. We stopped at the exact spot we visited 17 years ago. Aker Brygge has been built up a lot during that time! If you can, time your visit to Aker Brygge to coincide with the sunset. You won’t be disappointed by the picturesque views.

Aker Brygge at sunset on an Oslo Itinerary

10. Walk Tjuvholmen

We strolled from Aker Brygge onto Tjuvholmen ("Thieves Island"), a revitalized area of Oslo with a notorious past. Thieves were once executed here (thus the name) and at one point, Oslo's waste was dumped here. Keep an eye out for a variety of sculptures. One was called Eyes but all I could think was B00bs!

Art in Tjuvholmen on an Oslo Itinerary

Both Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen are good spots for birdwatching. We spotted eider ducks happily dipping and flapping in the water.

Things to do in Oslo: Eider ducks on Tjuvholmen

11. Spend Time in Vigeland Sculpture Park

My absolute favorite thing to do in Oslo was spend time in Vigeland Park. Explore the park named after Norway’s most famous sculptor and pick out your favorite sculptures. I liked the sculptures that had an element of fun to them, like the sculpture of a man with children simply hanging off of every extremity. Don't miss the opportunity to take a selfie with The Angry Boy. You’ll can find a sculpture that can invoke just about any mood in Vigeland Park.

If you’re lucky, you may spot some wildlife in Frogner Park. We met a flock of Barnacle Geese in Frogner Park near the Vigeland sculptures. They were honking a lot and seemed a bit aggressive too (albeit just to each other and not to people walking by).

Things to do in Oslo: Barnacle Geese in Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park is fantastic during Golden Hour. We took a detour though Vigelandparken on the way back to our Airbnb one morning. The light in the park is spectacular on a sunny September day.

12. Experience Vigeland Park at Sunrise

I had a hunch that the sunrise over Vigeland Park would be worth seeing, so I set an alarm to wake up before dawn to get up and make it to Vigelandparken before sunrise. Vigeland Park at sunrise gets my absolute top recommendation of things to do in Oslo. I had the park essentially to myself (aside from a couple joggers). The colors were subtle and soothing. I recall thinking "that was a nice sunrise" {shrug} and was getting ready to walk back to our Airbnb when BAM! I turned around and the Vigeland Park monolith was glowing. The show really starts about 15-30 minutes after sunrise. Wow. Just wow... The Circle of Life in Vigelandparken at sunrise is also quite photogenic. If you get the angle just right, the figures on the gates also make for entertaining Oslo Instagrams. I am really, really glad that I got up early to watch the sunrise in Vigelandparken. The sun selectively illuminates some of the sculptures in Vigelandparken just after sunrise. It's all very dramatic! 

Vigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo ItineraryVigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo ItineraryVigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo Itinerary

Vigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo ItineraryVigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo ItineraryVigeland Park at Sunrise on an Oslo Itinerary

13. Tour Vigelandmuseet

Vigelandmuseet is a great place to visit in Oslo to get some context on the man behind the sculptures. The museum is homed in Gustav Vigeland’s old workshop. In fact, the city of Oslo gave Vigeland this workshop in exchange for him giving his works to the future museum after his death. The Vigeland Museum is open limited hours in September when we visited. We took a break from work during our Oslo workcation went to visit. It was fascinating to learn more about Norway's most famous sculptor and his methods.

Things to do in Oslo: Vigelandmuseet

14. Visit Slottsparken

Make the most of a glorious morning in Oslo and head to the Royal Palace and Slottsparken before getting started on work. We took the tram to Ruseløkka and grabbed coffee and a pistachio bun at Baker Hansen…under the watchful eye of the birds of course! We walked past the famous statue of King Haakon VII, Norway's first king after the dissolution of their 500 year union with Sweden on the way to Slottsparken. We had fun exploring Slottsparken, a park on the grounds of the King's Palace. There are guards standing watch Buckingham Palace/Tower of London-style, but these guards can look around and talk to people too. We saw a construction worker come out of the palace and joke around with the guard.

Things to see in Oslo: SlottsparkenThings to see in Oslo: SlottsparkenThings to see in Oslo: Slottsparken

I especially enjoyed Princess Ingrid Alexandra's sculpture park. Built in 2016, it took drawings from children around Norway and brought their creations to life. The giant rainbow and cute sock puppet really captured my imagination. In addition to the children’s art, stop and smell the colorful flowers throughout the park.

15. Check Out Akershus Fortress

Things to do on an Oslo Itinerary: Akershus Fortress

Another fun thing to do in Oslo is visit Akershus Fortress. The complex dates back to the 13th century and is impressive to walk around. Climb the ramparts of Akershus Fortress for amazing views over Central Oslo and Aker Brygge. The area is absolutely stunning on a sunny day! The cathedral and castle weren't open when we visited Akershus Fortress, but we enjoyed strolling around the outside. We left the Akershus Fortress via the Harbour Promenade in Oslo. We passed a huge navy ship, great street art, an old tall ship and a classic car. You’ll find great views of Oslo City Hall too!

Oslo Itinerary: Views from Akershus FortressThings to do in Oslo: Views from Oslo Harbour Promenade

16. Experience the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo

We serendipitously timed our visit to Oslo to coincide with the Fix the Food Festival outside the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. Here we ate the freshest and most delicious Norwegian pancake of our trip with apple, mixed berry, and blueberry sauce. We were grateful to have the opportunity to visit the festival and sample delicious food. The festival and associated conference was put on to shine a light on food insecurity.

Things to do in Oslo: Paintings at the Nobel Peace Center

While we were in the neighborhood, we visited the Nobel Peace Museum which normally costs 120 NOK (about 12 EUR) per person. We were pleased to learn that admission was half price during Fix the Food. We toured an art exhibit highlighting ten cases where food was used as a weapon throughout history. The exhibit ties in with World Food Program winning the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Museum also features an Escape Room and interactive exhibit of winners.

Oslo Itinerary: Gallery of Nobel Peace Prize winners at the Nobel Peace Center

17. Take a Street Art Tour in Grünerløkka

On to Grünerløkka for a street art tour of Oslo! The tour started at Rodeløkker Kolonhager, a community of quaint century old cottages and gardens serving as Oslo summer homes (there is no running water in the winter). We learned that there is a 15 year waiting list to buy one! Such a beautiful and quiet place.

Oslo Itinerary: Cottage at Rodeløkker Kolonhager,

Our tour guide showed us how street art tells a story. The recent Løkka Lykke street art festival commissioned works from 20 Norwegian artists and our tour focused on these installations. We caught a glimpse of other street art works both big and small on our Street Art Oslo 90 minute free tour of Grünerløkka.

Oslo itinerary: Grünerløkka Street Art

Where to Eat in Oslo

Now that we’ve talked about things to do on your Oslo itinerary, let’s talk about where and what to eat in Oslo from coffee shops to casual restaurants to Norwegian fine dining.

Spor av Nord

Spor av Nord is an ideal stop near the Norwegian National Opera House for coffee and delectable chocolate and cardamom buns. The coffee is served in mismatched china cups and plates. Dine outside for great people watching or inside for a homey feel.

Where to eat in Oslo: Coffee and buns at Spor av Nord

Start the Day at Stockfleths

If you prefer your coffee with a bit of history, start the day with coffee and a cinnamon bun at Stockfleths in Oslo which has been in business since 1895.

Mathallen Oslo

We took the tram to Vulkan and Mathallen Oslo. Here you’ll find lots of fun food stalls and restaurants to check out. It was a little too crowded for our liking though, so we took a quick look and then moved on. At a quieter time (not a weekend afternoon), I think Mathallen Oslo would be a great spot for a drink and bar snacks.

Where to eat in Oslo: Mathallen OsloWhere to eat in Oslo: Fried chicken at Lucky Bird

Lunch at Lucky Bird

Since we didn’t eat at Mathallen Oslo, we stopped for lunch outside at Lucky Bird. Chicken and Waffles and a spicy chicken burger really hit the spot. Scan a QR code and place an order using your phone. Lucky Bird is located just across the street from Mathallen.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Interested in exploring other places in the Nordics? You should consider:

Drink Craft Beer at Røør

Make time for a craft beer stop at Røør in Oslo. With 71 taps, many from Norwegian microbreweries, you’ll find something for everyone. We enjoyed a passion fruit sour and peachy IPA from Dugges. Both were fantastic! Ironically, we were sitting there drinking at 15:50 when we realized that Vinmonopolet closes at 4 not 6 pm. Vinmonopolet is the only store in Norway licensed to sell alcohol with more than 4.7% alcohol by volume. Oh well...we’d had the foresight to stock up on some 4.7% ABV or less cans of beer at the supermarket for us to drink with dinner that night.

What to drink in Oslo: Craft beer at Røør

Grab a pint at the Beer Palace in Aker Brygge

Another great place to stop for a craft beer in Oslo is the Beer Palace in Aker Brygge.  Nydalens Current Affairs sour Berliner Weiss was one of the best craft beers I've tasted so far. Sweet potato fries and onion rings from Burger Joint were ordered via phone and delivered to our table. The onion rings were the best!

Where to eat in Oslo: onion rings, sweet potato fries, and beer at the Beer Palace in Aker Brygge

Cheap Eats at Fjord Cafe

Norway is not known for great economical food options so we were surprised to discover a genuine bargain when we grabbed a quick lunch at Fjord Cafe at the Norwegian Maritime Museum. We couldn't believe our eyes. The egg sandwiches that we bought were only 40 NOK (about 4 EUR) each.

Neongrut Coffee Truck

We heard music wafting our way on our walk along the Harbour Promenade in Aker Brygge and went to check it out. We discovered the Neongrut coffee truck offering award-winning coffee made with oat milk. I ordered a latte and was pleased to see my cup proclaim, "you're great!" in pink marker handwritten just before it was served.

Things to do in Oslo: Coffee at Neongrut in Aker BryggeOslo Itinerary: Bird on a mug at Anne på landet in Frogner Park

Treats at Anne på Landet

Anne på landet is a nice place to stop for a coffee and pastry in Frogner Park. Watch out for the sparrows! They are cute but aggressive when it comes to seeking out crumbs. You get views of many of Vigeland’s sculptures along the bridge from the cafe’s terrace.

Grab Coffee in an Old Paint Store

Morning coffee at Eckers in Oslo's Frogner neighborhood is a great option if you are staying nearby. I loved the atmosphere in this old paint store. Eckers opens early (8 am) which is a plus when you've got a day of work ahead.

Pistachio Buns at Baker Hansen

We took a break on our workcation for a lunchtime walk in Oslo’s Majorstuen neighborhood. We sampled a pistachio bun at Baker Hansen which was a great value too (by Norwegian standards). The bun cost just 25 NOK (about 2.50 EUR).

Where to eat in Oslo: Pistachio bun and coffee at Baker Hansen

A Picnic Lunch at Baker Brun in Majorstuen

Majorstuen is a great neighborhood for an urban picnic. We grabbed sandwiches for lunch from Baker Brun in Oslo and ate them on benches along the sidewalk in Majorstuen.

Baker Brun storefront in OsloWhat to eat in Oslo: Lakriskuler at Happy Food

Lakriskuler at Happy Food

I love trying things I’ve never had before when I visit different places so I picked up a lakriskuler at Happy Foods in Oslo. I was in the mood for something sweet and saw what I assumed (based on the name) were licorice balls. Sold! My Lakriskuler was pricy: 49 NOK (about 5 EUR) for a small ball, but it turned out to be a delicious after dinner treat. So dense! The lakriskuler contained an oaty/muesli filling flavored with anise and covered in chocolate.

Spicy Calzones at Qui

In the mood for Italian food? Head over to Qui near Skøyen Station for a delicious pizza lunch. What better thing to do in Oslo on a workcation than catch up with some old colleagues who I used to work with in Dublin but who now live in Oslo! My colleague tipped me off that the calzone inferno was spicy. Indeed (BAM!), they did not hold back on the chilies which I really appreciate.
What to eat in Oslo: Spicy calzone at Qui

Craft Beer at Crowbar

Make time for one more craft beer stop not far from Oslo’s Grünerløkka to toast a successful afternoon street art tour. Crowbar features numerous house-brewed taps in addition to other Norwegian and world microbrews. We loved the Iggy Popsicle pineapple sour: perfect for an end of September summer-like day. We also tried the Crow Imperial Milky Milky Coco Stout which was rich and syrupy. Yum!
Oslo Itinerary: Crow Bar

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

We decided to treat ourselves to an upscale early dinner at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant. We opted for fish soup and scallops to start followed by hake with a ton of chanterelle mushrooms and sole with hollandaise sauce. Enjoy dessert with a view at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant. We savored apple compote with thyme ice cream and finished our carafe of Cotes de Gasgogne wine just in time to go outside and watch the sunset. Lofoten Fiskerestaurant serves lovely seafood food in Aker Brygge!

Collage of dinner dishes at Lofoten Fiskerestaurant in Oslo Norway

Eat at Home

Of course, it can be difficult on the wallet if you eat out every day in Oslo. That’s why it seems like Norway has an abundance of grocery stores like Kiwi, Joker, Rema1000 and more. The supermarkets are handy since eating and drinking out is so expensive. We finished out the day with dinner in our Airbnb and some Norwegian craft beer. Fjord Folk Donkeymann 2.0 Lakris Porter was rich and I could taste the licorice. Lille Lørdag Juicy IPA from Haand was also a winner. We tried Norwegian fish cakes for dinner. I was surprised to find that the fish cakes have a texture like hotdogs, hotdogs that are round like a hamburger, I suppose.

Plate of fish cakes, peas, and salad on our Oslo itinerary

Summing Up Our One Week Oslo Workcation Itinerary

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do on an Oslo itinerary. Go for a stunning sculpture walk, explore Oslo’s architecture and street art, or dive right into Oslo’s vibrant food and craft beer scene. There is plenty to do on a one week Oslo workcation!

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Plan the Perfect Oslo Workcation Itinerary with These 17 Fun Things to do
Plan the Perfect Oslo Workcation Itinerary with These 17 Fun Things to do
Plan the perfect Oslo itinerary. Discover fun things to do in Oslo when you visit for work or vacation. See Vigeland Park, The Fram Museum, and more.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog