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The Best Coffee in Lisbon: Personal Recommendations on Where to Find It

Looking for coffee in Lisbon? Discover the best Lisbon coffee shops, Drink Lisbon specialty coffee. Explore coffee roasters in Lisbon.

Taking a walk for morning coffee is one of our daily rituals and one that we are looking forward to expanding now that we are living in Lisbon. Seeking out the best coffee that a city has to offer is a great excuse to explore different neighborhoods. 

We were spoiled for choice during our 12 years in Dublin to the point that I was able to include a different coffee stop in 25 different one day Dublin itineraries. Now that we've relocated to Portugal, we have immediately started to seek out the best coffee in Lisbon

Think of this article as a living post. Check back often as I will continue to update the list based on our new coffee finds. Join us as we explore some of the most cool and unique Lisbon coffee shops.

Flat White and cookie at Calmô Coffee Shop in Lisbon

Two Types of Lisbon Coffee

We quickly discovered that there are two kinds of coffee in Lisbon. Let's dive in and discuss your choices in depth.

Traditional Portuguese Coffee Places

On nearly every street corner in Lisbon, you'll discover traditional snack bars or pastelarias. Here you'll find what I like to think of as traditional Lisbon coffee: dark roasted, strong tasting, and a bit weaker in caffeine than we are used to. 

Lisbon's traditional coffee shops are relatively inexpensive. You can expect to pay between 1.50 - 2.50 EUR for a coffee and a pastry.

Specialty Coffee

In Dublin, there are lots of high-end coffee shops. One might also think of these places as hipster coffee shops. 

We suspected that coffee places like this also exist in Lisbon, but we weren't initially sure how to find them. After chancing upon a few of Lisbon's high-end coffee shops serendipitously, I soon realized what they all have in common. 

Cappucino on a wooden tray next to a card with a drawn portrait of a lady
Portrait of a cappucino with elegant latte art

"Specialty coffee" is the term used in Lisbon to signal what we were looking for: artisanal coffee, single-origin beans, and/or local coffee roasters. Search Google Maps for "Specialty Coffee" and you'll find a wealth of options to satisfy your discerning coffee palate in Lisbon.

Expect to pay 2.50 - 3.50 EUR for specialty coffee (e.g., flat whites and cappuccinos) in Lisbon. You'll pay at the higher end if you opt for plant-based milk in your coffee.

The Best Coffee in Lisbon by Neighborhood

Now let's take a look at some of the best coffee in Lisbon that we've tried so far. I'll break down this guide by neighborhood to help you narrow down your selection. 

Don't necessarily limit yourself to where you are living in Lisbon or staying on your Portugal vacation. Lisbon has great public transit. Use the Lisbon Metro and bus services to explore Lisbon coffee choices that are further afield.

Great Coffee in Estrela

I'm still unclear about where Estrela ends and the Lapa neighborhood begins. Google Maps seems to think that the two areas are interchangeable. 

For my purposes, I'll consider the area north of Praça da Estrela and west of Avenida Infante Santo as Estrela and the area south and east of these two arteries as Lapa. 

Let's look at the mix of Lisbon specialty coffee and traditional coffee shops that you'll find in Estrela.


Carrocel is a traditional coffee shop located on the corner of Av. Infante Santo and Rua de Sant'Ana à Lapa. Carrocel opens early (7 am) and you'll find it bustling with commuters grabbing a coffee and breakfast before jumping on the bus. Head to the counter and order a bika (a small espresso). 

Traditional coffee and croissant with cheese at Carrocel in Lisbon

We took a moment to observe what other people were ordering. Based on our assessment, we decided that a croissant with cheese (croissant com queijo) would be the perfect accompaniment to our coffee. 

If you want local flavor and a relatively inexpensive breakfast in Estrela, Carrocel is your place.

Melbourne Elouera

If you are looking for specialty coffee in Estrela, Melbourne Elouera will be your "go to." Australia reigns supreme when it comes to coffee. 

I fondly remember exploring the Sydney coffee scene on a business trip to Australia. Melbourne has an even better reputation for coffee as I discovered on our 3 day Melbourne itinerary.

Interior of Melbourne Elouera Coffee House in Lisbon
Melbourne Elouera is a tiny place located on a sun-drenched corner at the top of a hill. We ordered an oat flat white and bought some fresh ground coffee beans roasted locally in Lisbon to take home. 

Elouera is an Aboriginal word that means beautiful place. This name is truly apt for this amazing specialty coffee shop in Lisbon!

The Specialty Coffee Scene in Lapa

Now let's look at the high density of specialty coffee shops in Lapa. A visit to Lapa is great if you want to steep in traditional Lisbon atmosphere without hordes of tourists.

Buna Specialty Coffee Shop

Buna is a cool and funky hipster coffee place in Lapa. Order an oat flat white and a delectable chocolate croissant. 

Wedge yourself into one of the small round tables for a bit of people-watching as folks come and go.

Cappuccino and chocolate croissant at Buna Specialty Coffee Shop in Lisbon


I absolutely loved Calmô! Calmô Cafe is a small coffee shop in Lapa that is quiet with minimalist decor. 

After ordering my coffee and sitting down, the barista, Danilo, struck up a conversation with me. I learned that Calmô opened in summer 2022. 

Coffee and vegan chocolate chip cookie at Calmô in Lisbon

I found out that Danilo was born in Brazil but grew up in Portugal. He even lived in Belfast in Northern Ireland for a time so we were able to high-five over the weather upgrade we got by moving to Portugal. 

Calmô has a few sweets on offer. Everything looked so good that I couldn't resist ordering a small treat. I opted to try the vegan chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. Absolutely fabulous! My oat milk cappuccino was served in an elegant ceramic cup.

On a second visit to Calmô Cafe, we went with a savory option to accompany our flat white: pão de queijo, Brazilian cheesy bread.

Fortunately, Lapa is very hilly so I was able to work off the extra calories on the walk home from these treats that we couldn't resist.


Dede is a lovely spot with eclectic decor across the street from Pingo Doce supermarket in Lapa. If you need a little caffeine to fuel your grocery shopping, this is the place! 

Double espresso at Dede in Lisbon

I visited around 11 am and opted for a double espresso and cheesy bread. Dede's coffee had a really nice, smooth flavor. Sometimes it's a good idea to forgot the milk and have your Lisbon specialty coffee straight up. 


It's funny. I didn't actually intend to try Zappi. I was heading for Heim Cafe and the queue was out the door. That's the beauty of Lisbon! If one coffee shop is full, there is often a few other equally good choices in the same area.

Homelette and bread at Zappi in LapaFlat white coffee at Zappi in Lisbon

Zappi does all day brunch (even during the week). I was getting hungry and thus ordered the fabulous Homelette made with cheese and mushrooms and stuffed with fresh greens. The dish also featured a healthy fennel garnish and amazing garlic bread. 

But, this post is about Lisbon coffee. I did try a flat white at Zappi. I'd categorize this specialty coffee as decent, but Zappi is a place where the food and atmosphere are the main reasons to go and the coffee is secondary. 


Lapa is full of great Lisbon coffee so I made a point to schedule a coffee date at Mila. First impressions? Mila is very pink. We sat just inside the door below a shelf full of mugs that likely belong to Mila's regulars. 

Mila has an eclectic and artsy vibe. There were people putting up new artwork on the walls and a few people working at a designated laptop area when we visited. 

Collage of 3 pictures from a Lisbon coffee shop: Top picture features mugs in cubby holes, bottom left picture is of a croissant and brownie, bottom right is a picture of a cappucino in a pink mug

I had a cappuccino with oat milk and allowed myself to be tempted by a decadent chocolate brownie with hazelnuts. If you have a sweet tooth and like coffee, Mila is a great choice for a cafe to frequent in Lisbon. 

EleEla Cafe

I'm just starting to learn a little Portuguese and I believe EleEla Cafe translates to HisHers Cafe. 

The coffee prices here are definitely eye-wateringly expensive to get a cappuccino. It was basically four euro for a small cappuccino and that doesn't even include an oat milk upgrade. 

I ended up getting a 3 EUR batch-brew made with locally roasted beans and it was actually quite good. I combined my zero calorie black coffee with a pan au chocolat as an indulgent treat. 

Cup of batch brew specialty coffee and a pan au chocolate sitting on a table in the sun

I sat at a small round, sun-drenched table in front of a giant open window. 

I was just sort of poking around in my phone while drinking my coffee and eating my pan au chocolat when an older gentleman came and sat down on the bench right outside the window I was sitting near. 

He asked if I minded if he sat there and set his coffee on my table. He said that it seems a shame with the sun shining to not sit in the sun. I told him, I was cool with that long as he wasn't a smoker.

He wasn't, so he ended up basically sharing a table with me and we struck up a conversation. It turns out he's from the Netherlands originally but is currently living on a giant farm in wine country in Italy. 

We had a lovely conversation! He even invited me and my husband to visit him at the farm. We shall see what the future holds. 

All in all, EleEla Cafe may be expensive, but it's a great place for coffee and conversation whether with friends or strangers. 

Hello, Kristof

Hello, Kristof is a small coffee shop tucked into a little corner on a busy street in Lapa. There is a big community table in the center and smaller tables around the outer edge. You'll also find shelves full of magazines to browse.

Hello, Kristof has a small, simple menu. You'll find a few high end hipster toast options. They also have ham and cheese croissants as well as some big cookies and some cake options.

Collage of pictures from Hello Kristof coffee shop. Top left: cappucino with flower in the steamed milk, top right: filter coffee in a glass. Bottom right: 28E tram viewed through the window of the cafe. Bottom right: ham and cheese croissant

I got myself a lovely cappuccino and my husband ordered a filter coffee. The coffee is definitely front and center here which we appreciated. 

The 28E rattles right by Hello, Kristof which lends some additional charm to this Lisbon specialty coffee shop. If you are sitting at a table by the window and if you time it right, you can get a picture of the tram going by through the window.

Monka Cafe

Monka Cafe is a cool artisanal coffee place that also sells fresh baked bread. I'd actually noticed it a few days prior to stopping by when the bus let me off right in front of the entrance. 

The lady working there was super-friendly and we struck up a conversation. I was absolutely delighted because she asked if I was living in the neighborhood rather than assuming I was a tourist.

When I told her that I was new to the area, she even offered to write down a few Lisbon cafes that we might want to go to. Super nice!

Collage of three photos: Left: greyhound dog laying on a floor with one leg out to the side. Top right: cappuccino in a mug that looks like a flower pot. Bottom right: sourdough toast with guacamole, nuts and seeds.

Monka Cafe has a great vibe. I walked in around lunchtime and there were a couple of people sitting at a table and and this lovely greyhound just lounging about on the floor; just chillin'. That chillaxed Friday feeling made my day.

I enjoyed an extremely well crafted cappuccino served in an elegant ceramic mug that looked a little bit like a flower pot. I also ordered their special of the day which was sourdough toast from their nano bakery served with guacamole, nuts, and herbs on top.

My lunch was simple and delicious. It was also quite expensive. I spent over 10 euros for that artisanal toast and cappuccino. 

Great Coffee in São Bento

Just below Príncipe Real, you'll find São Bento. São Bento is filled with quiet streets lined with quaint eateries and coffee places to try.  

Seagull Method

Seagull Method is a lovely specialty coffee cafe that also serves meals. I sat down for lunch and a coffee next to a wall with words of wisdom inscribed in black indelible ink. It was almost like previous customers were signing someone's cast, but that cast was a wall.

Cappuccino in a red mug in the foreground. Wooden chair facing the table and a busy cafe in the background

I drank a well-crafted cappuccino served in a bright red mug which inexplicably brightened my mood. 

Seagull Method serves all-day breakfast in addition to some lunch dishes. I ended up getting scrambled eggs and ham with some spicy chilies on a croissant. The dish came with a roasted red pepper sauce, which was super yummy.  

Fun Coffee Places in Campo de Ourique

Campo de Ourique is a very local neighborhood a bit off the tourist track in Lisbon. You'll find a variety of speciality coffee shops in the neighborhood.


Jeronymo is a chain of specialty coffee shops in Lisbon. We took a cold brew break at Jeronymo Cafe in Campo de Ourique. 

I've never seen anything like it. Jeronymo's cold brew is served with lemon, mint, and a cinnamon stick for 3 EUR. The presentation and flavor profile was surprising, but delightfully refreshing.

Cold brew coffee at Jeronymo in Campo de Ourique in Lisbon

Amelia's for Coffee and Brunch

Amelia's is a popular brunch place in Campo de Ourique. Head to the back and their sunny garden for coffee and something to eat.  

The coffee was decent. I had a flat white and my husband had an Americano. The food is the real standout here. 

We ordered delectable French toast with Greek yogurt, maple syrup, berries. To counteract all that sweetness, we also had some scrambled eggs on toast with a generous sprinkling of delicious, delicious bacon on top. 

Collage of 4 photos. Top right: cappuccino in a yellow mug. Top left: scrambled eggs and bacon on toast on a ceramic plate. Bottom right: Powder pink awning above the door to Amelia's Cafe. Bottom right: French toast with berries on a ceramic plate.

Our brunch was really rather affordable. I recall that the eggs cost around 5.50 EUR. The French toast cost about 7.20 EUR at the time of writing.

Go early (right when they open) to avoid disappointment since Amelia's is very popular.

Traditional and Specialty Coffee Places in Principe Real

Head to Principe Real for fun shops, the Lisbon Botanical Gardens, and amazing views from Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara. Of course, before you do any of that, make sure to pick up a coffee!

Pastelaria Real Principe

Opt for a traditional Lisbon coffee experience at Pastelaria Real Principe. This cafe is old school! I stepped up to the counter and ordered a coffee with milk and pastel de nata in Portuguese. 

A few minutes later, a group of Americans came in and ordered in a mix of Spanish and English. I felt pretty proud of myself for putting together a couple of sentences in Portuguese to place my order.
Gostaria de café com leite e um pastel de nata por favor.
I paid 2.50 EUR for the coffee and treat.

Traditional coffee with milk and pastel de nata at Pastelaria Real Principe in Lisbon

Numa Café  

Numa Café is a specialty coffee shop just a 5 minute walk from the Rato Metro station in Lisbon. Grab a table on a sun-drenched morning and steep in the chill atmosphere with cacti scattered around. 

Numa has a full menu, but I opted for an oat scone with my coffee. The oat scone with pear compote was simply amazing. Numa Cafe does have table service, but you can also order at the counter for faster service if you are in a hurry.

Cappuccino at Numa Cafe in Lisbon's Principe Real Neighborhood

Go early, I usually go around 9:30 am. Numa is very popular and fills up fast, especially on the weekends. The prices are reasonable for specialty coffee in Lisbon. You'll pay 3.30 EUR for a cappuccino at the time of writing.


Dramático is a Lisbon specialty coffee shop located just a 3 minute walk downhill from Jardim do Príncipe Real. The Lisbon cafe has a very chill vibe. Dramático is small with just a few tables and big bright windows. 

They are open on weekdays only with limited hours (9 am to 3 pm). The service is leisurely, so don't go here if you are in a rush. I ordered a perfectly prepared capuccino and an amazing chocolate chip cookie with sea salt.

Cappuccino and cookie at Dramático in Lisbon

If you can manage to time your visit to Príncipe Real with when Dramático is open, I definitely recommend stopping in. 

Specialty Coffee Shops in Alcântara

Alcântara is another up and coming neighborhood in Lisbon. Here you'll find some lovely specialty coffee shops and coffee roasters.

Torra Roasting & Coffee - Specialty Coffees

I originally intended to go to Selva, a popular specialty coffee shop in Alcântara. However, I got there and it was closed so I need to find a good "Plan B". 

I checked Google Maps and discovered that Torra Roasting & Coffee was less than a 10 minute walk away. Torra is long and narrow with tables on one side and an open counter for preparing coffee, serving delicious cakes, and paying on the other side. 

Flat white and lemon cake at Torra coffee roasters in Lisbon

Because of how the shop was oriented, I wasn't sure what to do at first. I'm used to the counter being between me and the barista. Once I figured it out, I kind of liked the open and inviting set-up.

Order at the counter and then take a seat. I ordered a brilliantly crafted flat white and a piece of lemon cake that had the perfect amount of zing. 

As an added bonus, I got to walk right by the tram terminus on the way to Torra and got a great photo of where Lisbon's trams 'sleep'. 

4 Trams parked at the depot in Alcântara in Lisbon

Combine a visit to Torra with a short, steep uphill climb to Santo Amaro Chapel (Capela de Santo Amaro). Capela de Santo Amaro features gorgeous views of Ponte 25 de Abril bridge and Lisbon's Sanctuary of Christ the King. Inside, you'll find richly colored and eye-popping tile work.

View of Ponte 25 de Abril from Capela de Santo Amaro in Lisbon

Fun Places to Get Coffee in Saldanha

Saldanha is a more modern and business-focused area of Lisbon. Lots of expats who move to Lisbon choose Saldanha as their home base. 

We live near Saldanha so expect to see a disproportionate number of coffee shops on this list drawn from this area of the city as time goes by. I only include coffee shops that I've tried personally among my picks for best coffee in Lisbon.

Solo Brewing

We were delighted to serendipitously discover Solo Brewing, a brand new addition to the Lisbon specialty coffee scene. We saw on Google Maps that they opened at 9 am and made our way over to check it out. 

We were the first customers of the day and were ushered in by Adroaldo, Solo Brewing's owner. We soon learned that they opened 11 days ago at the beginning of April 2023. Adroaldo and his staff are all from Recife in Brazil. 

Adroaldo gave us an impromptu tour of the cafe and we nerded out for a few minutes on the science of coffee. 

Collage of 6 photos at Solo Brewing Specialty Coffee Cafe in Lisbon

Solo Brewing takes great care in sourcing and preparing their coffee. We opted for 2 different single-origin roasts from Torra, one from Kenya and a second fermented coffee from Brazil. Both were prepared by V60. 

Solo Brewing has a menu designed to complement their coffee. We tried eggs on toast prepared with greens, a bit of salty cheesy, and thinly sliced peaches. 

The chef offered us a sample of traditional pão de queijo and pão de queijo with a dollop of sweet doce de leite (dulche de leche in Spanish). This Brazilian specialty was crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, and served warm.

Adroaldo is planning to host coffee classes, tastings, and other events as soon as they get firmly established on the Lisbon coffee scene.

We will definitely be adding Solo Brewing to our weekly coffee rotation!


Milkees is an absolutely outstanding specialty coffee shop in Saldanha and has a really homey feel.

They open at 9:00 AM and we timed our arrival for just after they opened to ensure that we could get a seat. You'll find a few comfy chairs inside plus more chairs and tables out on the covered patio. 

In addition to specialty coffee, Milkees also serves a variety of delicious-looking cookies. I couldn't resist picking up a chocolate chip with sea salt cookie. It was so dense and so filled with chocolate. 

Cappuccino in a yellow mug on a matching yellow saucer. To the right, there is a chocolate chip cookie. Both are on a green tabletop

Absolutely outstanding! The cookie paired perfectly with our cappuccino. We drank our coffee and ate our cookie out on the terrace. 

We are definitely planning to add Milkees to our regular morning coffee rotation in Lisbon! 

Pão da Vila

Pão da Vila is a traditional coffee shop in Lisbon with a couple of locations in Saldanha. We started the day with a quick pastel de nata and duplo (double espresso). They make their pastries in house and the coffee plus treats are the perfect jumpstart to the morning. 

Espresso and 2 pasteis de nata viewed from above on a table

Places like Pão da Vila are also much more affordable than Lisbon's specialty coffee shops. Expect to pay about 1.50 EUR for a double espresso here. 

The coffee at traditional places doesn't pack as much of a punch as specialty coffee does, but if you are on a budget (or have a sweet tooth!), places like Pão da Vila are a great choice to consider. 

Simpli Coffee

Simpli Coffee, simply put, has a great vibe and is one of my favorite coffee places in Lisbon. 

Simpli Coffee served us a cappuccino prepared from single origin Ethiopian beans. We combined our coffee with a slice of delicious carrot cake to share. 

Collage of 2 photos. Left: slice of carrot cake. Right: cappuccino on a wooden tray with a drawing on a card to the right of it. The drawing is of a nun in Ethiopia.

Our coffee was served with a little art card on the side of the tray which gave some additional information about the origins of the coffee we were drinking.

The Coffee

The Coffee is an unusual place by Lisbon standards. First of all, The Coffee is an outpost of a chain based in Brazil. Second, The Coffee focuses on takeaway. It's homed in a little kiosk in Saldanha with no "for here" seating. 

The Coffee started in Brazil, expanded out from there into Spain and Portugal. 

Takeaway coffee cup with lid. Cup says "The Coffee" on the front. Blurred barista in the back right

Order your coffee drink on a little touchscreen machine and specify all the details of the coffee you want. Do you want: 
  • oat milk instead of regular milk? 
  • an extra shot of espresso? 
  • hot or cold coffee? 
  • a little bit more milk?
Pick your options and the machine tallies up the cost accordingly. 

I liked the no-nonsense vibe at The Coffee. It's a great place to go for a specialty coffee in the morning if you are short on time. 


Shakar is another great Lisbon speciality coffee option tucked away on a quiet street near the lower end of Saldanha.  

The shop itself didn't have a particularly vibrant atmosphere, but they definitely had great coffee. Shakar had a couple of filter coffee options and single origin beans that go into their espresso. My husband and I ordered a filter coffee from Kenya to share. 

Collage of 2 pictures. Top: V60 coffee in a glass pot with a white mug to the right. bottom: scrambled eggs and bacon on toast with a smear of hummus on the ceramic plate.

It's not obvious when you sit down, but look for the QR code at your table. Shakar actually boasts a very large food menu. Scan the code and you can choose from a variety of omelettes, eggs on toast, chicken and waffles, and some Asian-inspired dishes. 

Shakar's menu also has sweets dishes including French toast. We opted to share a simple dish of scrambled eggs and bacon on toast. Delicious!


Portela is an interesting cafe in Lisbon not far from El Cortes Inglés in Saldanha. It looks very bright and modern on the outside, like a specialty coffee place, but on the inside, Portela's origins as a more traditional coffee Portuguese snack bar become clear. 

It seemed as if Portela has evolved. Instead of operating a single snack bar, there's a small chain of Portelas across Lisbon. Portela serves Chemex filter coffee for 4 EUR in a portion large enough to split between two people.  

Two mugs of black coffee on a plastic tray with Pão Deus in the back

Not a bad value for a high-end specialty coffee. Portela had a number of breakfast options on the full breakfast menu as well as some bread and treats on display behind the counter. We ended up ordering a Pão Deus; a simple sweet roll topped with a coconut crumble to enjoy with our coffee.

It was fun to watch the queues of people come and go as we sat and drank our coffee and ate our "God Bread".

Cafe Versailles

We were walking up Avenida da República in the heart of Saldanha when we spotted Cafe Versailles, a relatively famous and Old School traditional coffee place. I looked inside and declared, "We have to go in here!" I loved the vibe. The waiters were wearing bow ties and little vests. 

Large wooden wall unit with glass display of hard alcohol. Coffee machine in the foreground. Vintage clock incorporated into the wooden display

Cafe Versailles offers an amazing selection of pastries. The wall behind the pastry counter is made of a dark and sturdy wood and contained a display filled with different whiskey bottles. 

There was a large clock incorporated into the wooden cabinetry, fancy chandeliers on the ceiling and some fun artwork on the wall. Cafe Versailles was definitely a fun atmospheric place to have a coffee. We accompanied our duplo (double espresso) with a a cream-filled donut. 

Cafe Vitoria in Estefânia

Cafe Vitoria is our "go to" Lisbon cafe for traditional coffee and pequeno almoço (breakfast) on our way to Portuguese lessons. Cafe Vitoria is fast, inexpensive, and has a huge array of breads and cakes. 

I always order a pão de Deus mista (with ham and cheese). I love the combination of the moist, sweet coconut crusted bread combined with the savory flavor of the ham and cheese. 

My breakfast pairs well with a cafe duplo (double espresso) to start the day. Two double coffees and two breakfast items cost less than 7 EUR.
Cafe duplo and pão de Deus mista at Cafe Vitoria in Lisbon

After coming here for a while, we finally had enough Portuguese to read the advertisement on the tabletops. Apparently, Cafe Vitoria is your go to place if you are in need of erotic cakes 😮. 

Hygge Kaffe

We'd had our eye on Hygge Kaffe for a while. First thing to note: Hygge Kaffe opens at 8 am which is unusual for specialty coffee shops in Lisbon (most others don't open until 9 am at least). Hygge is a specialty coffee place with an extensive brunch menu in Saldanha.

We originally thought we would try for a takeaway coffee, but when we saw the menu and the large yet simultaneously cozy seating area we decided to sit down for breakfast. There are lots of little nooks and crannies. 

It feels very hygge (as they say in Scandinavia). This Lisbon coffee shop definitely lives up to its name! 

Cappuccino and a cinnamon bun topped with cream cheese frosting and nuts viewed from above.

Hygge is definitely a very popular brunch place. They have a very extensive brunch menu with everything from eggs, pancakes, decadent cakes, and yogurt bowls. 

We ordered a bowl of scrambled eggs which only cost about 4.50 EUR and was a huge portion. We also ordered a cinnamon roll. The cinnamon roll seems to be a signature item on the Hygge Kaffe menu. 

You can get your cinnamon bun straight up: sprinkled with sugar. Alternatively, you can pimp your cinnamon roll with your choice of three frostings including vanilla cream cheese and chocolate ganache.

I forget the third frosting, but I think it may have been homemade Nutella. You can also pick your choice of topping. Select from almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios. We opted for the cinnamon roll with vanilla cream cheese and hazelnuts. 

It only cost 2.20 EUR cents for that cinnamon roll and it was so cute. We were actually expecting something huge. Fortunately, the cinnamon bun was not huge so it didn't feel as indulgent as it could have. I appreciated that I didn't feel as guilty for eating half of that cinnamon roll! 

This is a post about Lisbon coffee, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the cappuccinos were well-crafted with lovely foam art on the top. The cappuccino cost 2.90 EUR which was well-priced for specialty coffee in Lisbon.

A Central Perk in Baixa

The Baixa neighborhood is at the heart of central Lisbon. Where can you find great coffee in the thrumming core of Lisbon? Read on to find out.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a small Denmark-based chain with a cool location in a tile-covered building on a quiet square in Baixa. I had the opportunity to meet up with Daryl and Mindy from 2FoodTrippers here. Copenhagen Coffee Lab is their 'Go To' for great coffee in Lisbon

Copenhagen Coffee Lab roasts their own beans and serve a lovely well-crafted cappuccino. I also indulged in a vanilla cream cinnamon roll which was very light and surprisingly fluffy. 

Collage of 2 photos. Left: cappuccino in a light green mug with "Copenhagen Coffee Lab" written on it. Right: cinnamon bun

I was actually surprised that the coffee and the cinnamon roll cost about six euro in total. I was pleased that the prices for this specialty coffee shop were premium but not outrageous.

The Folks

The Folks in Baixa is another great place to go for specialty coffee and breakfast. We tried a double cappuccino plus one of the drinks from their "specialties" menu: a coconut flat white. 

The cappuccino was well-prepared. The coconut flat white was delightfully surprising. This coffee drink is prepared with bits of coconut which gives it a bit of crunch. 

The double cappuccino and the coconut flat white each cost 4.50 EUR. This is not out of line with what I expect to pay at a specialty coffee shop in a touristy part of Lisbon.
Collage of coffee and breakfast at The Folks in Lisbon
The Folks also has an extensive breakfast menu. We tried their overnight oats as well as a sort of porridge made with rice, coconut milk, and mango. Delicious!

We enjoyed our breakfast at a table by the open window looking out on the commuters and other passersby.

The Folks is very popular so I recommend going early when they open (at 8:30) for a more relaxed experience.

Places to Grab Coffee in Freguesia Santo António

Freguesia Santo António or Santo António Parrish in English is a neighborhood in Lisbon just off of Avenida da Liberdade below Parque Eduardo VII. This neighborhood has great historic character and excellent coffee choices. 

Coffee in Brew

Coffee in Brew is situated in a shop on a bright corner with light that floods in through the windows. Coffee in Brew roasts and sells their own beans. We tried their Ethiopian batch brew along with a slice of banana and chocolate bread. 

One downside of Coffee in Brew is that the service is a little indifferent. The batch brew is served in a single cup portion. Despite there being two of us, the staff member only brought us one. One piece of cake to share and two coffees is what we attempted to order but only got one of each.

Collage of 3 photos. Right: sandwich board sign with "Coffee is not bitter" written on it. Top Right: toasted banana bread. Bottom right: coffee in a white mug

Regardless, the coffee is high quality and the treats are homemade. Beware: Coffee in Brew is expensive. We paid 2.40 EUR for the coffee (not a bad price, actually) but an eye-watering 3.80 EUR for a small slice of banana bread.

Fabríca Coffee Roasters

Fabríca Coffee Roasters has a few locations around Lisbon. We visited the location just behind the Hard Rock Cafe on Avenida da Liberdade. 

We got ourselves a lovely Yirgacheffe Ethiopian batch brew for 2.80 EUR and a warm-out-of-the-oven chocolate cookie. For 1.90 EUR, we decided it was worth indulging. The cookie has a slightly carmelized crust and warm gooey inside. Super good! We also ordered ourselves an orange muffin which was good but not as memorable as the cookie. 

Fabríca Coffee Roasters has a lovely seating area (inside and out). This location has a lot of character. There was a sort of mural painted on the walls and some eclectic furniture. 

Black mug with "Fabrica Coffee Roasters" written on it on a wooden table top in the foreground. Brick wall and coffee counter in the background

As the name suggests, Fabríca also roasts and sells their own beans which is a plus. We paid 14.50 EUR for 250 g of coffee beans from Colombia touted to have flavors of chocolate, orange, and vanilla. 

As an added bonus, this location of Fabríca Coffee Roasters is right next to the lower terminus of Ascensor do Lavra, a historic funicular that will take you up a very steep hill near a spectacular viewpoint. This particular funicular dates back to 1884.

We have a monthly Navegante travel pass and Lisbon's funiculars and trams are included in the pass which gave us the perfect excuse to spontaneously hop onboard! 

Enjoy Coffee in Arroios

Arroios is centered around Alameda, a long narrow park northeast of Saldanha. Arroios is also known for a traditional mercado (Mercado de Arroios). I'm also happy to report that you can find some excellent coffee in the neighborhood.

Malabarista Coffee

Malabarista Cafe is super cute. It's a specialty coffee place that serves Olisopo coffee. I ordered a cappuccino with oatmilk made from an Ethiopian blend. 

Malabarista is unusual in Lisbon in that they serve their cappuccinos in three sizes. All three sizes have two shots of espresso but you can modulate your coffee with different amounts of milk. I decided to go for the large cappuccino which was served in a brightly colored mug. 

Of course my sweet tooth kicked into high gear when I saw some interesting looking cinnamon buns behind the counter. I ordered a chocolate and cafe bun. Cinnamon bun was a bit of a misnomer in this case, no cinnamon to be found here! 

Cappuccino and chocolate coffee bun viewed from above

Let's just call it a chocolate and cafe bun in the style of a cinnamon bun. The bun was served with a little side dish of frosting. The pastry was served warm and ooey, gooey delicious! A perfect start on a Monday morning.

I'll admit that I felt a little bit guilty for eating that pastry. I noticed on Google Maps that there were two miradouros not too far away so I decided to embark on the uphill walk. 

Miradouro do Monte Agudo and Miradouro da Penha de França were worth the extra effort. You get some nice views of the surrounding neighborhood and the 25th of April Bridge and Christ the King statue across the river from Miradouro do Monte Agudo. 

From the even higher vantage point of Miradouro da Pena de França, you can see the expansive Vasco de Gama Bridge and amazing panoramic views across Lisbon City. 

How About Coffee?

How about Coffee is situated just one half block uphill from Alameda Metro Station. This Lisbon cafe serves specialty coffee, soft and delicious scones, as well as a savory menu. If the weather is fine, you can sit outside in their interior patio. 
Cappuccino at How about Coffee in Lisbon
How About Coffee is a convenient spot to grab coffee before doing a bit of shopping or relaxing on Alameda's lush green rectangle. 

Modern Coffee in Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is a newer neighborhood further from Lisbon City Centre that is located along the Tagus River. This neighborhood is also known as Expo because it was home to the World Expo of 1998. 

This is a modern part of the city home to a large conference center and arena. If you find yourself in Parque das Nações, what are the best options for a coffee?

Choupana Caffe

Choupana Caffe has a few locations around Lisbon. Choupana is especially known for their over-the-top croissants. We ordered a red velvet croissant which was filled with decadent chocolate and covered in nuts. 

As an added bonus, our croissant came with a little ice cream cone filled with dark chocolate (note: you can choose dark or milk chocolate). There is even a dripping chocolate wall here.  

Red velvet croissant with a drizzle of white frosting on top and a little cone filled with molten dark chocolate. The croissant is sitting to the left of a double espresso in a mug

The coffee at Choupana was good, more traditional than specialty though. I think of the coffee as more of an accessory to the croissants in this case. 

Coffee Places to Avoid

I know I've been gushing about all the best coffee places in Lisbon throughout the course of this post. But are there coffee places I'd recommend that you avoid? If so, why? Read on to discover the "misses" that I've tried for coffee in Lisbon.

Bread and Friends

We ended up at Bread and Friends near the Marquês de Pombal and were appalled to discover that they charged five euros for a double cappuccino.  The price just seemed completely out of touch with reality especially given that they had a lovely, homemade pastry chocolate babka for 2.20 EUR and an omelette on the menu for 6 EUR. 

Maybe I could understand the high price if the coffee was well-prepared, but it wasn't. Bread and Friends tries to justify the price because they roast their own Arabica beans on the premises. 

If you are going to charge a premium over the best specialty coffee places in Lisbon, you need to have a skilled barista to match and they did not.  

Map of the Best Coffee in Lisbon

Click on the image of the map below to open up an interactive version in Google Maps to help you plot your coffee adventure through a variety of Lisbon cafes.

Map of the best Lisbon coffee shops

Did you enjoy this post covering my personal recommendations of Lisbon cafes where to drink the best coffee? Sharing is caring...

Lisbon Specialty CoffeeWhere to find the best Lisbon coffee

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: The Best Coffee in Lisbon: Personal Recommendations on Where to Find It
The Best Coffee in Lisbon: Personal Recommendations on Where to Find It
Looking for coffee in Lisbon? Discover the best Lisbon coffee shops, Drink Lisbon specialty coffee. Explore coffee roasters in Lisbon.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog