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Dublin in July: 33 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat

Discover things to do in Dublin in July. Find out if a July trip to Dublin is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Dublin in the summer.
Are you wondering what it’s like to visit Dublin in July? I lived in Ireland for 12 years, close to Dublin City Centre and had the amazing opportunity to experience life in the capital during different parts of the year.

July is peak summer season in Dublin. The days are long, the weather is fine, but be prepared to share the city with large numbers of tourists. 

Let’s explore a variety of cool things to see, do, and eat in Dublin in July to help inspire your own trip to Ireland at this time of year.

What is the Weather Like in Dublin in July?

July is another month where the odds are in your favor for warmer weather. Note that in Ireland temperatures in the 70s (20-25°C) are considered very warm. 

Locals can be seem jumping into the Grand Canal to cool off when the temperature reaches 25°C in Dublin. 

Flowers in Merrion Square in Dublin in July

On average, Dublin gets less rain in July than at other times of year. However, the weather in Dublin is always unpredictable so you need to be prepared for anything. I recommend packing a light jacket and layers that you can easily add and remove as the weather requires.

Always bring both an umbrella and sunglasses. In the summer months in Dublin, a good sun hat is indispensable during the long days when the sun is closest to the Earth this far north. Don't let the mild weather fool you, the sun is very strong here.

Things to do in Dublin in July at a Glance

Now let's take a look at things to do, see and eat in Dublin in July at a glance. Each heading is clickable and will take you directly to the item of interest.

Table of Contents

  1. Take a Dublin History Walking Tour
  2. Grab an Ice Cream in Dun Laoghaire
  3. Relax in People's Park in Dun Laoghaire
  4. Spend a Day at Powerscourt
  5. Walk along the Liffey in Grand Canal Dock and Over the Samuel Beckett Bridge
  6. Hike the Howth Cliff Walk
  7. Spy Seals in Howth Village
  8. Explore Dublin Zoo
  9. Enjoy a Drink on Top of the Marker
  10. Cycle down the Canal to Rathmines
  11. Sip a pint and watch the sunset from the Ferryman
  12. Drink Pints Outside at the Barge
  13. Plan a Day trip to Maynooth
  14. Soak up the sun (hopefully) on Merrion Square
  15. See a concert in Iveagh Gardens (e.g., Hall and Oates)
  16. Grab a Snack at Eatyard
  17. Walk to Sandymount Strand
  18. Photograph Street art on the Dodder
  19. Look for Buzzy.Be
  20. Go for Dinner and a walk in Monkstown
  21. Seek Out the Georgian Doors of Dublin
  22. Visit Glendalough
  23. Stop and Smell the Flowers at St. Anne's Rose Festival
  24. Stroll the Grounds of Dublin Castle
  25. Catch a movie at Lighthouse Cinema
  26. See a show at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre
  27. Visit the Little Museum of Dublin
  28. Listen to Folk Music at Whelan's
  29. Catch a concert in St. Patrick's Cathedral
  30. Visit Dublinia
  31. While Away an Afternoon at the Schoolhouse Pub
  32. Catch a Show by an Irish Playwright at Smock Alley
  33. See a Show at Abbey Theatre

Things to do in Dublin in July in Detail

Let's explore cool things to do in Dublin in July in more detail. I've actually done all of these things in the month of July, so they are tried and tested for this time of year. 

In Dublin, the weather is always a wild card, so I've broken down my recommendations into two parts: what to do if the weather is good and what to do in Dublin if it rains or the weather is bad.

What to do in Dublin in July if the Weather is Nice

Let's start on an optimistic note. I'll share some ideas for things to do in Dublin in July if the weather is sunny and nice.

1. Take a Dublin History Walking Tour

Start with a "seminar on the street" with history graduates of Trinity College with a Historical Walking Tour of Dublin. From Viking invasions to the fight for independence, these tours bring the past alive, weaving stories around iconic landmarks like Trinity College and Dublin Castle.

Trinity College Dublin

2. Grab an Ice Cream in Dun Laoghaire

After a dose of history, it's time for a sweet escape! Hop on the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and head south to the charming seaside town of Dun Laoghaire. Grab a scoop (or two!) of Irish ice cream and savor the coastal breeze.

Starling in Dun Laoghaire in July

3. Relax in People's Park in Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire's appeal doesn't stop at ice cream. Take a stroll through the picturesque People's Park. With its manicured lawns, ornamental fountains, and a stunning backdrop of Dublin Bay, it's the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or a relaxing afternoon read.

View of Dun Laoghaire in July

4. Spend a Day at Powerscourt

For a grand day out on a sunny summer day in Dublin, Powerscourt Estate is a must-see. This sprawling estate boasts breathtaking gardens, a cafe for afternoon tea, and even a pet cemetery. 

Powerscourt House itself is a magnificent mansion with opulent interiors. Explore the house, get lost in the gardens, and soak up the posh atmosphere.

Fountain at Powerscourt

Powerscourt is easiest to get to with a car. However, you can take a combination of the DART train to Bray and then Bus #185 to Enniskerry. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from Enniskerry to Powerscourt House.

View of Sugarloaf from Powerscourt Estate

5. Walk along the Liffey in Grand Canal Dock and Over the Samuel Beckett Bridge

Back in Dublin, take a walk along the River Liffey. Start at the Grand Canal Dock, a popular neighborhood with cool cafes and modern architecture. Walk over the iconic Samuel Beckett Bridge – its sleek, asymmetrical design is meant to resemble a harp on its side.

Close up of the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin in July

6. Hike the Howth Cliff Walk

Ready for some stunning scenery? Jump on a train to Howth, a charming fishing village just outside Dublin. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on the Howth Cliff Walk

The panoramic views of Dublin Bay and the rugged coastline are truly unforgettable. It's no wonder that this is one of my favorite Dublin walks.

View of the Irish Sea from the Howth Cliff Walk near Dublin in July

7. Spy Seals in Howth Village

After your clifftop adventure, wander through Howth Village. Keep your eyes peeled – you might just spot some playful seals basking in the harbor! Howth is also famous for its fresh seafood, so be sure to grab some fish and chips for a delicious and scenic lunch.

Seal swimming in Howth Harbour near Dublin in July

8. Explore Dublin Zoo

For a fun-filled family day out on a sunny day in July, Dublin Zoo is a fantastic option.  See fascinating animals from around the world, from playful elephants to majestic tigers. 

As an added bonus, Dublin Zoo is situated in Phoenix Park, a historic green space that is the largest urban park in Europe.

Elephant at Dublin Zoo in July

9. Enjoy a Drink on Top of the Marker

Fancy a panoramic view with your pint? Head to the top of the Marker Hotel in Dublin's Grand Canal Dock for a swanky rooftop bar experience. Soak up the Dublin skyline and views of the Irish Sea as you sip on a perfectly poured cocktail.

View from the rooftop bar at the Marker Hotel in Dublin in July

10. Cycle down the Canal to Rathmines

Ditch the crowded streets and hop on a Dublin Bike for a scenic spin along the Grand Canal. Breathe in the fresh air, admire the charming houseboats, and end your ride in trendy Rathmines, known for its cool cafes and indie shops.

Dublin Bikes in Grand Canal Dock in July

11. Sip a pint and watch the sunset from the Ferryman

As the day winds down, head to The Ferryman at around 9 pm. This spot alongside the River Liffey is a great place for a pint of Guinness and to watch the sunset. Watch the Dublin summer sky transform into a masterpiece of fiery oranges and pinks.

The facade of the Ferryman Pub in Dublin in July

12. Drink Pints Outside at the Barge

Summer in Dublin is all about outdoor drinking. Head to The Barge along the Grand Canal for a Guinness or a craft beer. Take your pint outside and sip and talk with the locals next to the lock.

The lock outside the Barge in Dublin in July

13. Plan a Day trip to Maynooth

Maynooth is one of my favorite places to visit in Ireland by train and this charming town is just 45 minutes from Dublin. Explore the ruins of Maynooth Castle or go for a photowalk at Maynooth University which includes historic St. Patrick's College and even a walled garden. A Maynooth day trip is just the cure for Dublin City crowds on a sunny day.

Ivy covered building in Maynooth

14. Soak up the sun (hopefully) on Merrion Square

Take a break and soak up some rays (fingers crossed!) in the heart of Dublin on Merrion Square. This beautiful Georgian square is a local favorite, perfect for people-watching, picnicking on the lush green lawns, or simply relaxing with a good book. 

On Sundays, the fences surrounding Merrion Square become an open air gallery featuring works for sale by local artists. This is a great place to pick up a unique souvenir to remind you of your summer trip to Dublin.

Art for sale on the fence around Merrion Square in Dublin in July

15. See a concert in Iveagh Gardens

Dublin comes alive with music in July. Catch a concert under the stars at Iveagh Gardens. My personal favorite was seeing Hall and Oates perform in this historic 19th century park; a Dublin hidden gem within a stone's throw of St. Stephen's Green.

Hall and Oates Concert at Iveagh Gardens in Dublin in the Summer

16. Grab a Snack at Eatyard

Feeling peckish? Head to Eatyard, a trendy spot on Dublin's Northside offering a smorgasbord of street food vendors. 

From succulent burgers to mouthwatering Asian noodles, there's something to tantalize every taste bud. Wash it all down with a pint and your summer evening is sorted.

The Eatyard in Dublin

17. Walk to Sandymount Strand

A walk along Sandymount Strand is the perfect way to clear your head and enjoy Dublin's coastal beauty. Take in the fresh sea air and perhaps dip your toes in the cold water of the Irish Sea. If you are feeling ambitious, hike past Dublin's iconic Poolbeg smokestacks to Poolbeg Lighthouse.

View of Poolbeg Towers on Sandymount Strand in Dublin in July

18. Photograph street art on the Dodder

The River Dodder, snaking its way through the city, isn't just a pretty face. Its banks are a canvas for some incredible street art. Keep your eyes peeled for murals that pop with color and make sure to capture your favorites with your camera. 

This street art gallery can be found between Ringsend and where the Dodder meets the River Liffey in Grand Canal Dock. 

Street art along the River Dodder near Ringsend in Dublin

19. Look for Buzzy.Be

Ever heard of an entire city playing hide-and-seek with bee art? Take your Dublin Sidewalk Safari to a whole new level with Buzzy.Be. 

These adorable bee street art pieces featuring uplifting punny quotes are scattered throughout the city, waiting to be discovered. 

Buzzy Be: "Be Cool" artwork in Dublin

20. Go for Dinner and a walk in Monkstown

After a day of exploring, head south to the charming seaside village of Monkstown. Savor a delicious meal at one of the fine upscale restaurants in the village and then take a leisurely stroll along the pier, breathing in the fresh sea air.

Church towers in Monkstown in Dublin in July
The pier in Monkstown

21. Seek Out the Georgian Doors of Dublin

Door photography is one of my favorite activities on any trip. Dublin's architecture is a feast for the eyes and Dublin doors are where my door obsession began. 

Admire the grand Georgian doorways that grace many Dublin building. These colorful portals offer a glimpse into Dublin's elegant past. Make sure to find time for a Dublin doors scavenger hunt.

Red and white doors surrounded by flowers in Dublin in July

22. Visit Glendalough

Escape the city for a day trip to the breathtaking Glendalough. Hike through ancient monastic ruins, explore shimmering lakes, and breathe in the crisp mountain air. 

In the summer, you'll find tourists and locals alike steeping in the atmosphere. You can even go swimming in one of the tranquil lakes. 

People swimming in the lake at Glendalough in July

Pro-tip: go early to avoid the peak season crowds. Glendalough and other attractions in County Wicklow are accessible by car, organized tour, or public transportation.

23. Stop and Smell the Flowers at St. Anne's Rose Festival

Dubliners love roses!  Held annually in July, the St. Anne's Rose Festival in Clontarf is a delightful celebration of these fragrant blooms. Expect vibrant displays, competitions, and a festive atmosphere.

Clock tower in St. Anne's Park in Dublin

24. Stroll the Grounds of Dublin Castle

Step back in time at Dublin Castle, a majestic complex steeped in complicated history (i.e., Dublin Castle was the seat of British power in Ireland before Irish independence). 

Explore the various buildings, including the Chester Beatty Library with its impressive collection of religious artifacts, and wander the peaceful gardens – a haven of tranquility in the heart of the city.

Dublin Castle in July

 back to 'at a glance'

What to do in Dublin in July if it Rains

As I mentioned before, you need to be prepared for anything, weather-wise, on a trip to Dublin. Don't worry if it rains. I've got you covered with some great inclement weather Dublin activities.

25. Catch a movie at Lighthouse Cinema

Dublin's cinematic scene is a delight, and what better way to escape a summer shower (or bask in some air conditioning!) than to catch a flick at the iconic Lighthouse Cinema. 

This independent gem in Smithfield showcases everything from indie darlings to cult classics. It's the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring.

Movie poster for a film at Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin

26. See a show at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre

Looking for a splashy production? Look no further! Bord Gais Energy Theatre is the place to go for musicals in Dublin. 

Typically, traveling casts deliver Broadway and West End favorites for limited runs. (Pro tip: Book tickets in advance, especially for popular shows.)

Rainbow over the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin

27. Visit the Little Museum of Dublin

Dublin's history isn't all about Vikings and castles. For an in depth look at the city's social history, the Little Museum of Dublin is a must-visit. 

Housed in a beautiful Georgian townhouse, this tiny gem packs a punch with its ever-changing exhibits on everything from Dublin's literary giants to its everyday life.

Entrance door to the Little Museum of Dublin

28. Listen to Folk Music at Whelan's

As the sun sets, Dublin's nightlife comes alive. For a taste of traditional Irish music, Whelan's is a Dublin institution on Camden Street

With its intimate setting and nightly live music, it's the perfect place to catch up-and-coming Irish artists and listen to some toe-tapping tunes across a wide range of genres. 

Some of my favorite performances at Whelan's have been Bluegrass and Folk music concerts.

Band playing at Whelan's in Dublin (viewed from above)

29. Catch a concert in St. Patrick's Cathedral

Looking for something a little more unique?  How about a concert in the hallowed halls of St. Patrick's Cathedral?  This historic landmark sometimes hosts organ concerts. 

We went to see a performance of patriotic American music on the 4th of July played on the church's impressive organ.

Organ concert at St. Patrick's Cathedral on the 4th of July in Dublin

30. Visit Dublinia

This interactive museum brings Dublin's Viking history to life. Wander through recreated Viking settlements, learn about medieval crafts, and maybe get a little too much information about Viking toilets.

Dublinia in Dublin

31. While Away an Afternoon at the Schoolhouse Pub

Feeling hungry after all that history?  Head to The Schoolhouse Pub.  This historic pub, once an actual schoolhouse, is a Dublin institution. 

If it rains during your visit to Dublin in July, the Schoolhouse is a great spot. With its unique architecture and cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and hearty pub fare, it's the perfect place to  while away an afternoon.

Decor inside the Schoolhouse Pub in Dublin

32. Catch a Show by an Irish Playwright at Smock Alley

To experience a more intimate theatre experience, check out the Smock Alley Theatre, a converted 17th-century building in Temple Bar that stages a variety of plays and lectures. 

We've seen everything from cooking demonstrations to one man shows to classic Irish scripts like The Playboy of the Western World by John Millington Synge.

One man show at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin

33. See a Show at Abbey Theatre

The Abbey Theatre is Ireland's national theatre and synonymous with Irish playwriting greats like Sean O'Casey and W.B. Yeats. 

This iconic venue  has been a champion of  Irish  playwriting for over a century.  Catch a performance here and you might just discover the next  playwright  taking the world by storm.

Where to Stay in Dublin in July

I lived in Dublin for 12 years, so I haven't availed of that many hotels here. However, I can personally recommend the following hotels based on my experience staying there:

  1. The Wilder Townhouse is a boutique hotel that was once a home for retired governesses. It's situated in a 19th century brick building just a short walk to The National Concert Hall and St. Stephen's Green. The breakfast here is outstanding, the beds are comfy, and the rooms are named after former residents.
  2. The Grand Canal Hotel is a more budget-friendly option with a craft beer bar called The Gasworks attached. It's close to the Google offices in Grand Canal Dock.
  3. The Charlemont Hilton is conveniently located along the Grand Canal and within easy walking distance of Dublin City Centre, Ranelagh, and Rathmines. I found the hotel room to be well-insulated from noise and I got a great night's sleep.
Facade of the Marker Hotel in Dublin
I can also recommend a few other hotels that my family has stayed in:
  1. The Marker is a posh hotel with a fabulous rooftop bar in Grand Canal Dock.
  2. The Dylan is a boutique hotel in a historic building in Ballsbridge. It's walking distance to Dublin City Centre and just around the corner from the vibrant shops, restaurants, and pubs on historic Baggot Street.
  3. The Schoolhouse Hotel is truly unique and is located in a historic school house. It's also home to one of my favorite pubs in Ireland (as noted above).
In my experience, the best neighborhoods to stay in Dublin depend on your preferences. If you want to be in the heart of it all, stay around Stephen's Green. Ballsbridge or Grand Canal Dock is a good choice if you want to be central, but not too central.

In general, areas south of the River Liffey are considered more "posh" and areas north of the Liffey can be a bit edgier. I don't recommend staying in Temple Bar (it will be noisy!)

There are a number of hostels and cheaper accommodation along Gardiner Street on the North Side. This is definitely an edgier part of town and I wouldn't recommend it. 

Getting to Dublin in July

Dublin Airport is extremely well connected to the UK and Europe thanks to Aer Lingus and Ryanair. You'll find a wide range of point-to-point connections to get you to Ireland.

For transatlantic flights to the US, Dublin has the advantage of having US pre-clearance. This means that you can clear US customs and immigration in Dublin Airport, so you can go straight to your connection or to baggage claim when you arrive in the US.

To get to Dublin from Asia, India, or Australia/New Zealand, I recommend flying through Dubai on Emirates. I've personally flown Emirates business class and Emirates first class, and I highly recommend the experience.

Skyscanner Banner to Book Flights

You can also connect to Dublin from almost anywhere in the world via airports like Lisbon, Amsterdam Schiphol, Frankfurt, Paris, or Istanbul.

To get from Dublin Airport to the city center, you can take a taxi for about €30. There is a surcharge for transportation late at night and on Sundays. The Aircoach or Dublin Bus are more economical options. Unfortunately, Dublin Airport is not served by rail.

People boarding an Aer Lingus plane in Ireland

Should You Visit Dublin in July?

There are pros and cons to visiting Dublin at any time of year. In July, I see the pros as:
  1. Higher probability of nice weather.
  2. The opportunity to go to fun festivals.
  3. All attractions are open with their longest opening hours of the year to accommodate demand. 
The cons of visiting Dublin in July are:
  1. Dublin can be extremely crowded in the summer. 
  2. Accommodation is expensive and you'll need to book well in advance because Dublin does not have adequate hotels or AirBnBs to meet the tourist demand in the summer. 
  3. Irish people also like to travel at this time of year so the airport can be extremely crowded and you could experience long wait times to check in and get through security.
Yellow and blue doors surrounded by brightly colored flowers in Dublin in July

Are you planning a trip to Ireland and trying to decide what time of year to visit? Check out month-by-month ideas of things to do in Dublin based on my personal experience:

I have also shared 25 different Dublin one day itineraries as well as my master list of the best things to do in Dublin and places to visit around Ireland if you need even more travel advice.

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Dublin in July: 33 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
Dublin in July: 33 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
Discover things to do in Dublin in July. Find out if a July trip to Dublin is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Dublin in the summer.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog