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Dublin in June: 25 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat

Discover things to do in Dublin in June. Find out if a June trip to Dublin is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Dublin at the cusp of the summer season.
Are you wondering what it’s like to visit Dublin in June? I lived in Ireland for 12 years, close to Dublin City Centre and had the amazing opportunity to experience life in the capital during different parts of the year.

June in Dublin is a beautiful time of year to visit because you'll experience the longest days of the year. Discover fun and local festivals, take a walk in one of more of Dublin's Georgian parks, and sup on a pint of Guinness outside.

Let’s explore a variety of cool things to see, do, and eat in Dublin in June to help inspire your own trip to Ireland at this time of year.

What is the Weather Like in Dublin in June?

June is one of the warmest months of the year in Dublin, with average temperatures potentially reaching the low 70s (about 20°C). In our experience, Dublin never gets too hot or too cold which is one of the things we loved the most about living there. 

The probability of rain is low at this time of year. However, the weather in Ireland is always unpredictable. They say here, "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". 

Dublin in June - Aviva Stadium across the River Dodder

In general, June is a great time to visit Dublin if you're looking to enjoy the beach (note that the water is generally too cold to go swimming without a wet suit), go hiking, or play golf.

Bring your hiking boots, light layers, an umbrella (just in case) and sunglasses. I always carry an umbrella in Ireland. I find that it's the perfect insurance policy against bad weather. Murphy's Law dictates that it usually rains (and hard!) when I forget my umbrella.

June features long, bright days. The sun comes up before 5 am and sets after 10 pm. Take advantage of the extremely long days to make the most of your time in Dublin.

Things to do in Dublin in June at a Glance

Now let's take a look at things to do, see and eat in Dublin in June at a glance. Each heading is clickable and will take you directly to the item of interest.

Table of Contents

        1. Celebrate Pride
        2. Check out the Dublin City Spectacular
        3. Place Your Bets: Ireland Greyhound Racing
        4. Get a Taste of Dublin
        5. Take A Walk Through History at Blessington Street Basin
        6. Go Birdwatching in Merrion Square Park
        7. Go Kayaking on the Grand Canal
        8. Explore Bloom in the Park
        9. Enjoy Lunch at Merrion Square Market
        10. Stroll Through Iveagh Gardens
        11. Hike the Dodder River 
        12. Hike to Poolbeg Lighthouse
        13. Conquer Killiney Hill
        14. Walk in Ulysses' Footsteps
        15. Get Snap Happy with Flowery Doors
        16. Rock Out at Aviva Stadium
        17. Picnic Perfection at Grand Canal Dock
        18. Seek Out Dublin Craft Beer
        19. Catch a Gig at the Button Factory
        20. Visit the National Museum of Ireland: Decorative Arts & History
        21. Get in Touch with Jonathan Swift at Marsh's Library
        22. See a Play at the Gate Theatre
        23. Catch a Trad Session at the Old Storehouse
        24. Catch a Play at the Olympia Theatre
        25. Dalkey Book Festival

        Things to do in Dublin in June in Detail

        Let's explore cool things to do in Dublin in June in more detail. I've actually done all of these things in the month of June, so they are tried and tested for this time of year. 

        In Dublin, the weather is always a gamble, so I've broken down my recommendations into two parts: what to do if the weather is good and what to do in Dublin if it rains or the weather is bad.

        What to do in Dublin in June if the Weather is Nice

        Let's start with the best case scenario and explore some cool things to do in Dublin in June if the sun comes out during your trip. 

        1. Celebrate Pride

        Dublin's Pride celebrations are legendary, bursting with colorful parades, electrifying music, and a welcoming atmosphere that'll warm your soul even more than a dram of whiskey. 

        Don your most fabulous attire, join the march, and soak up the inclusive atmosphere. In 2024, the Dublin Pride Parade will take place on Saturday June 29th.

        Dublin in June - Celebrating Pride

        2. Check out the Dublin City Spectacular

        Forget your average guitar strummers. In June, the Dublin City Spectacular (formerly known as the Street Performance World Championships) transform Merrion Square into a giant open-air theater. 

        Prepare to be mesmerized by sword-swallowing daredevils, acrobatic contortionists, and comedic jugglers. It's a feast for the senses and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for the whole family.

        Juggler at the Dublin City Spectacular in Dublin in June

        3. Place Your Bets: Ireland Greyhound Racing

        Embrace the Irish tradition of a night at the dogs! Shelbourne Greyhound Stadium offers heart-pounding races (and yes, responsible betting options), a lively atmosphere, and a unique glimpse into Dublin's cultural fabric. Who knows, you might even win enough for a pint (or two)!

        Dublin in June - Greyhound Racing

        4. Get a Taste of Dublin

        Foodies, rejoice! Savor the flavors of Ireland at the Taste of Dublin festival. Historically, this annual Dublin festival takes place in Iveagh Gardens, but in 2024, the event heads to Merrion Square for the first time. 

        Taste of Dublin boasts gourmet delights from top chefs and local artisan producers. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover your new favorite dish. In 2024, Taste of Dublin is scheduled for June 13 - 16th. 

        Chef Norman Musa at Taste of Dublin in June

        5. Take A Walk Through History at Blessington Street Basin

        Wander through the atmospheric Blessington Street Basin on Dublin's Northside, a hidden gem steeped in industrial history. Blessington Street Basin was a drinking water reservoir from 1810 to the 1970s. 

        Today, you'll find ducks swimming in the water, beautiful flowers, and benches to sit and relax. This is a charming escape from the more touristy areas of Dublin.

        Carvings in a stone wall at Blessington Street Basin in Dublin in June

        6. Go Birdwatching in Merrion Square Park

        Channel your inner David Attenborough and head to Merrion Square for some urban birdwatching. Keep an eye out for robins, blackbirds, and blue tits. Bonus points if you spot two magpies – legend says a pair of magpies brings good luck!

        Robin in Merrion Square Park in Dublin in June

        7. Go Kayaking on the Grand Canal

        Ditch the crowded streets and explore Dublin from a different perspective with a kayak adventure on the Grand Canal. Glide past charming houseboats, peek into hidden gardens, and enjoy the city from a unique angle. It's a peaceful escape with a touch of urban adventure.

        Kayaking on the Grand Canal in Dublin in June

        8. Explore Bloom in the Park

        June wouldn't be complete without flowers! Bloom in the Park, held in Phoenix Park, is a horticultural wonderland. 

        Immerse yourself in vibrant displays, attend workshops, and admire the creativity of talented gardeners. Plus, Phoenix Park itself is a sprawling green oasis; Europe's largest city park, and perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride.

        Garden display at Bloom in the Park in Dublin in June

        9. Enjoy Lunch at Merrion Square Market

        If you time your avian adventure for a Thursday, you can stop and refuel at the Merrion Square Market. Every Thursday from 11:30 - 2:30, this vibrant lunch market boasts delicious food stalls serving street foods from Ireland and around the world. 

        Grab a picnic blanket, find a sunny spot in the park, and enjoy a delicious al fresco lunch.

        10. Stroll Through Iveagh Gardens

        Forget the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street for a moment. Iveagh Gardens is your secret oasis, a Victorian wonderland bursting with colorful blooms, tranquil ponds, and even a waterfall! 

        Pack a picnic rug, grab some local cheeses and freshly baked bread, and soak up the serenity amongst the sculptures and manicured lawns.

        Waterfall in Iveagh Gardens in Dublin in June

        11. Hike the Dodder River 

        Lace up your sneakers and follow the scenic path along the River Dodder. This green corridor winds its way from Ballsbridge to the suburbs, offering stunning views of the Dublin Mountains and a chance to spot local wildlife (hello, playful foxes!). 

        Path along the River Dodder in Dublin in June

        12. Hike to Poolbeg Lighthouse

        Want to get some exercise while the weather is nice? Tackle the Poolbeg Lighthouse hike, one of my favorite Dublin walks

        This invigorating coastal walk rewards you with breathtaking panoramas of Dublin Bay, the Irish Sea, and, of course, the iconic red lighthouse itself. 

        Keep an eye out for birds like ruddy turnstones foraging on the rocks between the path and the water.

        Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin in June

        13. Conquer Killiney Hill

        Calling all leg muscles! Hike up Killiney Hill in Dalkey for panoramic views. From Dublin Bay to the Wicklow Mountains, the views are simply stunning. Grab a pint in Dalkey Village afterward or catch the DART to another of the towns along Dublin's coast (e.g., Monkstown, Dun Laoghaire, Blackrock).

        Killiney Hill in Dublin in June

        14. Walk in Ulysses' Footsteps

        Channel your inner Leopold Bloom and embark on a Bloomsday walk, following the iconic route of James Joyce's masterpiece, Ulysses

        From Molly Malone's statue to Sweny's Pharmacy, relive the novel's Dublin adventure and discover hidden corners of the city. Don't forget to pick up a bar of lemon soap as a souvenir of this literary adventure.

        Window display at Sweny's Pharmacy in Dublin in June

        15. Get Snap Happy with Flowery Doors

        My regular readers know that I am obsessed with door photography and I have a fond appreciation for the anatomy of a door. Dublin's doors are more than just entrances – they're colorful works of art! Embark on a self-guided "flowery door" tour in June, snapping pics of the vibrant blooms cascading down Dublin doorways around the city. It's an Instagrammable adventure and a unique way to discover hidden gems.

        Door surrounded by red flowers in Dublin in June

        16. Rock Out at Aviva Stadium

        Catch a concert at the iconic Aviva Stadium and experience the electrifying energy of a Dublin crowd. From international stars to local legends, there's always a show to ignite your soul. We saw The Eagles play Aviva Stadium. The performance was electric!

        The Eagles playing Aviva Stadium in Dublin in June

        17. Picnic Perfection at Grand Canal Dock

        If the weather is nice in Dublin in June, Grand Canal Dock is a great place to sit outside with a drink or bite to eat. 

        Sit on the grass or a bench, unpack your gourmet goodies bought at nearby Fresh (think local cheeses and freshly baked bread), and soak up the twilight atmosphere. 

        Listen to the gentle hum of the city, and savor the last late rays of sunshine – the perfect ending to a perfect Dublin day.

        Grand Canal Dock in Dubin in June

         back to 'at a glance'

        What to do in Dublin in June if it Rains

        Weather is always a roll of the dice in Dublin (at any time of year). If you get unlucky and encounter a spell of wet weather, I've got you covered with plenty ideas of things to do in Dublin in June if it rains.

        18. Seek Out Dublin Craft Beer

        Look beyond Guinness for a moment. Dublin boasts a thriving craft beer scene waiting to be explored. Settle into a cozy pub like The Brew Dock or The Porterhouse and sample some Irish craft brews. 

        Seek out local brews like Happy Days Pale Ale from Rascals Brewing Company or Buried at Sea from Galway Bay Brewery. 

        Bonus points for befriending a friendly local who'll share their insider tips on Dublin hidden gems!

        Craft beer taps in Dublin in June

        19. Catch a Gig at the Button Factory

        This legendary music venue in Temple Bar pulsates with energy, rain or shine. From indie darlings to established acts, the Button Factory guarantees an intimate and unforgettable live music experience. 

        Picture yourself swaying to soulful melodies, the rain drumming a rhythmic counterpoint on the roof. We saw They Might Be Giants Play here. Pure Dublin magic!

        They Might Be Giants at the Button Factory in Dublin

        20. Visit the National Museum of Ireland: Decorative Arts & History

        Escape to a bygone era at this fascinating museum located in Collins Barracks. Wander through cavernous exhibits deeply steeped in Irish history and lose yourself in the stories woven into each exhibit. 

        The rain outside will be a distant memory as you explore centuries of Irish culture, craftsmanship, and independent spirit.

        Collins Barracks in Dublin in June

        21. Get in Touch with Jonathan Swift at Marsh's Library

        Step back in time at this historic library. Did you know that one of the first governors responsible for Marsh's Library was Jonathan Swift, famed author of Gulliver's Travels? 

        The hushed atmosphere and antique bookcases create a sense of awe, while the weathered tomes whisper tales of literary giants and Dublin's rich past. 

        Marsh's Library is a Dublin hidden gem that is a perfect rainy day escape for history buffs and bibliophiles alike.

        Gate leading to Marsh's Library in Dublin

        22. See a Play at the Gate Theatre

        Dublin's vibrant theatre scene doesn't dim with the rain. The iconic Gate Theatre, known for its avant-garde productions, is a must-visit for drama enthusiasts. 

        Catch a thought-provoking play by a contemporary Irish playwright or a reimagining of a classic, and let the talented actors transport you to another world. 

        I especially love the tuxedoed ushers who add an air of elegance to this beautiful theatre.

        23. Catch a Trad Session at the Old Storehouse

        Let the rhythm of the bodhrán and the soulful lilt of the fiddle wash away the rainy day blues. The Old Storehouse is a haven for traditional Irish music in Temple Bar, offering nightly sessions that will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. 

        Grab a pint of Guinness and let the music transport you to the heart of Irish culture.

        Black and white photo of Irish Trad music performers at the Old Storehouse in Dublin

        24. Catch a Play at the Olympia Theatre

        Another Dublin theatre gem located on Dame Street in the heart of Dublin City, the Olympia boasts a vibrant schedule of music acts, comedies, and dramas. 

        From classic productions to contemporary works, there's something for everyone. We saw Erasure play here. Such a cool concert! 

        So, grab a ticket, settle into a plush seat, and let the rain become a soothing backdrop to a captivating performance.

        Facade of the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in June

        25. Dalkey Book Festival 

        Nestled by the sea, the charming village of Dalkey hosts an annual literary festival. Authors engage in lively discussions, there are book signings everywhere you turn, and the salty air carries the scent of ink and imagination. 

        Rain or shine, Dalkey Book Festival promises a bookish adventure for all ages. The 2024 edition of the Dalkey Book Festival is scheduled for June 13-16th.

        Panel Discussion at the Dalkey Book Festival in Dublin in June

        Where to Stay in Dublin in June

        I lived in Dublin for 12 years, so I haven't availed of that many hotels here. However, I can personally recommend the following hotels based on my experience staying there:
        1. The Wilder Townhouse is a boutique hotel that was once a home for retired governesses. It's situated in a 19th century brick building just a short walk to The National Concert Hall and St. Stephen's Green. The breakfast here is outstanding, the beds are comfy, and the rooms are named after former residents.
        2. The Grand Canal Hotel is a more budget-friendly option with a craft beer bar called The Gasworks attached. It's close to the Google offices in Grand Canal Dock.
        3. The Charlemont Hilton is conveniently located along the Grand Canal and within easy walking distance of Dublin City Centre, Ranelagh, and Rathmines. I found the hotel room to be well-insulated from noise and I got a great night's sleep.
        Facade of the Marker Hotel in Dublin
        I can also recommend a few other hotels that my family has stayed in:
        1. The Marker is a posh hotel with a fabulous rooftop bar in Grand Canal Dock.
        2. The Dylan is a boutique hotel in a historic building in Ballsbridge. It's walking distance to Dublin City Centre and just around the corner from the vibrant shops, restaurants, and pubs on historic Baggot Street.
        3. The Schoolhouse Hotel is truly unique and is located in a historic school house. It's also home to one of my favorite pubs in Ireland.
        In my experience, the best neighborhoods to stay in Dublin depend on your preferences. If you want to be in the heart of it all, stay around Stephen's Green. Ballsbridge or Grand Canal Dock is a good choice if you want to be central, but not too central.

        In general, areas south of the River Liffey are considered more "posh" and areas north of the Liffey can be a bit edgier. I don't recommend staying in Temple Bar (it will be noisy!)

        There are a number of hostels and cheaper accommodation along Gardiner Street on the North Side. This is definitely an edgier part of town and I wouldn't recommend it.

        Getting to Dublin in June

        Dublin Airport is extremely well connected to the UK and Europe thanks to Aer Lingus and Ryanair. You'll find a wide range of point-to-point connections to get you to Ireland.

        For transatlantic flights to the US, Dublin has the advantage of having US pre-clearance. This means that you can clear US customs and immigration in Dublin Airport, so you can go straight to your connection or to baggage claim when you arrive in the US.

        To get to Dublin from Asia, India, or Australia/New Zealand, I recommend flying through Dubai on Emirates. I've personally flown Emirates business class and Emirates first class, and I highly recommend the experience.

        Skyscanner Banner to Book Flights

        You can also connect to Dublin from almost anywhere in the world via airports like Lisbon, Amsterdam Schiphol, Frankfurt, Paris, or Istanbul.

        To get from Dublin Airport to the city center, you can take a taxi for about €30. There is a surcharge for transportation late at night and on Sundays. The Aircoach or Dublin Bus are more economical options. Unfortunately, Dublin Airport is not served by rail.

        Ryanair plane at Dublin Airport

        Should You Visit Dublin in June?

        There are pros and cons to visiting Dublin at any time of year. In June, I see the pros as:

        1. June in Dublin features the longest days of the year so you'll have plenty of daylight hours to explore.
        2. There are fun festivals to explore including iconic Bloomsday.
        3. There is a decent probability of nice weather.
        Stone arch covered in ivy at Iveagh Gardens in Dublin

        The cons of visiting Dublin in June are:
        1. If your hotel doesn't have blackout curtains, you may have trouble sleeping when the pre-dawn glow peeks in your window at 4 am.
        2. June is one of the busiest times of year to visit Dublin, especially if you go later in the year.
        3. It's hard to leave things to chance or you may miss out. It's a good idea to structure your Dublin itinerary and book both hotels, attractions, and restaurant reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.
        Are you planning a trip to Ireland and trying to decide what time of year to visit? Check out month-by-month ideas of things to do in Dublin based on my personal experience:

        I have also written about 25 different Dublin one day itineraries as well as my master list of the best things to do in Dublin and places to visit around Ireland if you need even more in-depth travel advice.

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        Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Dublin in June: 25 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
        Dublin in June: 25 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
        Discover things to do in Dublin in June. Find out if a June trip to Dublin is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Dublin at the cusp of the summer season.
        Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog