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31 Ways to Be an Armchair Traveler from the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Learn about ways to travel vicariously as an armchair traveler. Find out ways to use armchair travel as a way to satisfy that travel itch when you must stay at home. Fight cabin fever with ways to travel virtually. Take a virtual vacation with a staycation at home.
We are living in unprecedented times. The global pandemic changed life as we know it. Now that restrictions have eased, travel is expensive and often frustrating with crowds and delays at every turn. The summer of 2023 is anticipated to be a record breaker for travel.

So, how can those of us who aren't ready to face the airport, crowded trains, or expensive rental cars tackle their wanderlust? Armchair Travel.

This post will share some ideas for low stress activities that you can do from home that will help scratch that travel itch.

What Does Armchair Travel Mean?

I define armchair travel as transporting yourself someplace without leaving the comfort of your own home. Armchair travel is a variant of a staycation. 

Instead of going out to explore your city or local surroundings like you would in a traditional staycation, take a virtual vacation in your mind by bringing travel photos and travel-themed media into your own home. 

Bring travel to mind even when you can't get on a plane or train or hop into an automobile. Invoke the sights, smells, and mindset of travel without stepping outside your door.
Armchairs at the Emmet Hotel in West Cork Ireland
Emmet Hotel in West Cork

Armchair Travel Ideas

Let me start by attempting to inspire you with a quick list of things you can do to become an armchair traveller. I've come up with 30 armchair travel ideas that I'd like to share with you in this post.
  1. Watch a travel-inspired movie
  2. Watch a travel-themed TV show
  3. Tune Into wildlife on YouTube
  4. Live vicariously through Rick Steves
  5. Listen to a travel-themed podcast
  6. Create and curate a "Top 10 List" from each of your past trips
  7. Create and print a photo book
  8. Make a travel photo mosaic
  9. Reminisce with family over travel photos from past trips
  10. Put a travel slide show on your TV
  11. Create a travel shrine with souvenirs from past trips
  12. Reminisce with the help of your social feeds
  13. Organize your vacation memories
  14. Research a trip, just don't book it
  15. Create a travel gratitude list
  16. Keep a journal
  17. Play a travel-themed board game
  18. Go on a virtual tour
  19. Work out to a destination-themed exercise video
  20. Take a photowalk while respecting social distancing
  21. Go balcony birdwatching
  22. Read travel blogs
  23. Read a travel-themed book
  24. Write a travel story
  25. Break out the snacks you brought home from your last trip
  26. Cook a meal from your favorite destination
  27. Order takeout of different cuisines from around the world
  28. Drink a bottle of wine from your favorite destination or place you were planning to go.
  29. Set-up a call with your travel-minded friends
  30. Organize a travel slideshow virtual viewing party with friends
  31. Socialize with like-minded travel-lovers on social media
Tartan armchair at a hotel in Edinburgh Scotland
Tartan armchair at a hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ideas for armchair travel can be grouped into a number of categories: watch and listen, reminisce, organize, practice mindfulness, do, read and write, eat and drink, and socialize at a distance

Let's explore the possibilities to keep the travel fires burning without leaving home.

For added inspiration and a bit of fun, all the photos in this post include armchairs or a similar place to sit with links to blog posts about the destinations pictured in the captions.

Armchair Travel Ideas: Watch and Listen

Whether it's a movie, TV, or podcast, there is a ton of media out there for an armchair traveler to consume from the comfort of their own home.

Theatre seats at the Foundry at the Google Office in Dublin Ireland
Google Foundry in Dublin, Ireland

Watch a travel-inspired Movie

There are some amazing movies out there designed to transport you into the plot and to destinations around the world. During these difficult time, focus on empowering, uplifting or just plan funny armchair travel videos. 

My favorite travel-themed movies perfect for an armchair traveler include:
  1. National Lampoon's Vacation: Watch the comedic (mis)adventures of the Griswolds and their family truckster as they make their way to Wally World on the ultimate American road trip.
  2. Honeymoon in Vegas: Suspend your sense of disbelief and get a taste of both Las Vegas and Hawaii as Jack Singer loses his fiancee in a hand of poker and chases her to tropical locales to save her from gangster Tommy Corman. Oh, and there are flying Elvises.
  3. Up in the Air: If you are a frequent flyer and miss that gold-plated business/first-class experience, follow George Clooney as he takes to the skies.
  4. Romancing the Stone: "Is this the bus to Cartagena?" Follow romance novelist Joan Wilder on a treasure hunt to save her sister in the jungles of Colombia.
  5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Steve Martin and Michael Caine always make me smile in this con artist comedy. Bonus points for the sunny French Riviera setting of Beaumont-sur-Mer. 
Looking for additional travel movie inspiration? CN Traveler and VacationCounts have you covered. 

Still not sure what to watch? Think of a destination you were planning to visit and do a search on Netflix. 

Watch a travel-themed TV show

Why not watch a travel-inspired TV show? 

Here are just a few of my favorite travel-focused TV shows that are perfect for an armchair traveler:
  1. A Place in the Sun: Watch British couples agonize over where to buy that perfect second home in warm sunny climes. You'll get to see some super-cool real estate as well as some really fun sun holiday destinations across Europe and beyond.
  2. The Amazing Race: Do you have a competitive streak? If so, the Amazing Race is for you. Watch 10 teams of two face their fears and battle it out for a 1 million dollar prize in a race around the world. 
  3. The Love Boat: Transport yourself back in time to when cruise ships were full of romance, not harbingers of doom. 

Tune Into wildlife on YouTube

I really enjoy wildlife adventures. I've discovered a number of great live feeds on YouTube that are perfect if you love animals. 

Here are just a few of my favorite YouTube wildlife feeds that will take any armchair traveller on a virtual safari:
  1. Panama Fruit Feeders: Watch an amazing display of colorful exotic birds stop by for a snack in the jungle in Panama.
  2. Namibia Livestream in the Namib Desert: Journey into the African desert and catch a glimpse of the wildlife grabbing a drink at a rare watering hole.
  3. Sloth TV: Get a dose of cuteness with this live feed of baby sloths in Costa Rica

Live vicariously through Rick Steves

Rick Steves is my go-to guy for recommendations on how to see Europe while avoiding the traps and crowds that most Americans fall into. 

In addition to his beloved guidebooks, Rick Steves also has a show, Rick Steves' Europe on PBS, for your viewing pleasure. Take a deep-dive into one of your favorite destinations of the past or get excited for a trip to be taken at some point in the future.

Listen to a travel-themed podcast

Podcasts are fantastic and don't tie you to the couch like TV and movies. Don your headphones to listen and be transported to another world as you clean the house or make dinner. 

One idea is to listen to Twenty-Something Traveler. Even if you aren't in the namesake demographic, you'll still have fun and learn a lot. 

Megsy and Tommo over on Food Fun Travel have not one but three podcasts for you to choose from including The Dish, Travel Freedom, and Girls Talk Travel. 

Armchair Travel Ideas: Reminisce

I love to walk down memory lane. Thinking about and reminiscing about past trips transports me back. 

I can vividly recall the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of that holiday from long ago. How can we incorporate reminiscing into our armchair travel strategy?

Table and chairs at the town hall in Norrkoping Sweden
Town Hall in Norrkoping, Sweden

Create and curate a Top 10 list from each of your past trips

Go through those long-neglected online albums. Take some time to curate the very best pictures from each trip. 

My general rule of thumb is to pick out 10 pictures every week. So, if you did a 2 or a 3 week trip, select 20 or 30 photos. 

Yes, this is a rather small number, but that's part of the fun: shortlisting pictures and then agonizing over which are good enough to make the Top 10. 

Of course, if you absolutely can't decide, you can always cheat and made a collage from a few related pictures. 

Once you have your Top 10 picks, add them to albums in a service like Google Photos and make sure to include captions so you'll remember the where, when, and what years later. 

If photos aren't your thing, you can always just write down a list of your Top 10 memories for each trip. 

Capture the list in a Google Doc or if you are social media inclined, post those memories to Facebook or Twitter to share with the world.

Create and print a photo book

If you've taken time to curate your best photos using the armchair travel idea above, why not put them into a photo book? There are a variety of online services you can use. 

Alternatively, order and print the photos themselves and then make them into an old-school scrapbook. Good Housekeeping has published a list of the best photo book making sites for you to consider. 

Make a travel photo mosaic

Take your photo game to the next level with a travel photo mosaic. EasyMoza offers a free service for creating photo mosaics with an option to pay for a high res version or a printed poster. 

Pick your favorite close-up shot and then select 50 or more other photos to represent the tiles. I chose a picture of me and my husband in Matsumoto Japan and then picked out 50 of pictures I'd posted to Instagram to make up the tiles. 

The video below shows the result. My EasyMoza mosaic was so much fun to create; an ideal armchair traveler project.

Reminisce with family over travel photos from past trips

Once you've curated your photos using the suggestions above, bust out the photo albums, either physical or online. 

Grab a bowl of popcorn and think back on all the great memories with your immediate family.  

Put a travel slide show on your TV

Is yours an Android family? If so, did you know that the Google Home app lets you cast photos from selected Google Photos albums to your TV? Go to Settings in the Google Home app and then select videos and TV

From here you can choose to show your photos from the Google Photos app on all Google Assistant devices. For example, when you cast to your TV, you'll see some of your favorite memories. 

I love having an album of my travel photos cycling as I'm doing stuff around the house, eating dinner, or getting ready to watch something on TV.

Create a travel shrine with souvenirs from past trips

Have you bought souvenirs on your various real-life adventures? Take the opportunity to pull them out of the closet and dust them off. 

Make a little shrine of your travel memories on your mantle or in a curio cabinet. Your armchair traveler self will be reminded of those most excellent adventures for the duration of the time that you are grounded.

Reminisce with the help of your social feeds

Are you active on social media? Reminisce about travels' past with the help of your social feeds. 

Search for your photos on Facebook and Instagram for the favorite destinations that you've posted about. Thank "past you" if you remembered to hashtag those posts to make them easier to find under these exact circumstances. 

Explore your favorite trips by dialing in the settings on your Facebook Memories to cover a certain time period. I just created a new post with my favorite pictures of Dublin and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

Armchair Travel Ideas: Organize

Another idea for the armchair traveler is to spend some time organizing. Whether you are looking to the past or the future, organizing things at home is a productive use of your time. 

Outdoor armchairs at Randyland in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Organize your vacation memories

I like to look back on my past trips, but it can be challenging to curate and collect all the associated materials spread across different platforms. 

Use the VacationCounts app to curate the details of your past trips and capture all the associated resources: from the itinerary itself, to photo albums, to your trip journal and more.  

Plan a trip, but don't book it

Sometimes getting there is half the fun. In this case 'getting there' means doing your trip research. 

Build the excitement for a future trip by pulling out those guidebooks. Think about where you'd like to go and what you'd like to do and build an itinerary. 

Take a virtual trip inspired by your research that you can then implement and go on when times improve. 

Transport yourself to your dream destination as you do your research. Document the details so you can implement the plan once prices go down or the crowds abate.

Armchair Travel Ideas: Practice Mindfulness

There is no doubt that these are stressful times. What's a good way to combat that stress and uncertainty? 

Practice mindfulness. Here are a couple tips for incorporating a travel element into your mindfulness practice. 

Armchairs at the National Botanic Garden in Dublin Ireland
National Botanic Garden in Dublin, Ireland

Create a travel-focused gratitude list

Think back on the best trips you've taken. Who was there with you? Who and what made you laugh? 

Did you have the chance to see a spectacular sunset somewhere in the world? What about the smile on your kid's face as they met Mickey Mouse for the first time at Disney. 

Whether you've traveled a lot or just a little, think back and create a travel gratitude list. I know I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to travel to places near and far. 

I'm especially grateful for the opportunities I've had as a part-time travel blogger to combine a bit of fun with a business trip. I am also extremely grateful to my husband and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) for enabling our life of travel. 

Think about and write down at least 3 things that you are grateful for. Why not do this daily? Is daily too much? How about weekly? 

Keep a journal

If you love to travel, you may be disappointed, sad, or angry that you're grounded, whatever the reason may be. Maybe you had a once-in-a-lifetime trip in mind that is just out of reach budget-wise.

You may simply feel like you're missing out and the world is passing you by. Own what you're feeling no matter how selfish it might seem. 

You may not feel comfortable articulating all these complicated feelings to others when there are so many more important things going on in the world, but there is no reason you can't share it privately with yourself. 

Put pen to paper (or create your journal in a Google Doc if your handwriting is terrible like mine) and let it all go.

Armchair Travel Ideas: Do

Even though you're staying at home, you probably want to do something. Here are some ideas for things to do for armchair travelers. 

Outdoor chess set in Larnaca Cyprus
Larnaca, Cyprus

Play a travel-themed board game

Why not pick-up a travel-focused board game? Exploring Through Life has a great list of travel board games if you are looking for inspiration. 

I'm more of a classicist when it comes to games: think Monopoly, Clue and Risk. Scrabble is one of my favorite board games of all time. 

Why not change up those classic Scrabble rules? Instead of forbidding proper names and places, change the rules so that you can only play travel-related words including your favorite destinations.

Work out to a destination-themed exercise video

Why not combine a bit of fitness with a love for travel? 

You'll be amazed what a quick YouTube or Google search unearths. Here are some ideas for what to search for:
  1. beach workout
  2. sunset workout
  3. virtual scenery
  4. workout scenery
  5. virtual cycling 

Take a photowalk

Why not consider getting some fresh air and going for a photowalk. It's amazing how much we miss when we just go about our business day to day. Taking a photowalk forces you to be mindful and to take in the little details all around you.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: I live in Dublin, Ireland and I love the colorful doors of Dublin. Check out these doors of Dublin neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas. Download and print a pdf checklist to inspire your Dublin doors walk. You can also play Neighbors Bingo. Just look for pairs of doors in different colors and match them to your free printable Bingo card. If you don't live in Dublin and can't easily get here, fire up Google Maps Street View and go on a virtual door hunt.

Go on a virtual tour

Why not take a virtual tour? 

Check out cool destinations around the world using Google Earth. Explore destinations you're interested in with Voyager. 

Try "I'm Feeling Lucky!" to add an element of serendipity to your armchair travel. If you like museums, you can explore art collections from around the world using Google Arts and Culture

Take a virtual road trip and do some armchair travel with Google Maps Street View. 

Chairs made from wheelbarrows at the WWII Victory Garden in Boston, Massachusetts
Victory Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts

Balcony birdwatching

Birdwatching is one of my favorite travel pastimes. We live in a small apartment, but we do have a private balcony (an optimistic hallmark of apartment living in Ireland). 

Pull up a chair and break out your camera for some balcony birdwatching. Get some fresh air and commune with nature while keeping a healthy distance from others. 

Armchair Travel Ideas: Read and Write

Spending more time at home that usual means there is plenty of time to catch up on reading. Do you have a creative streak? Writing is also a great way to keep that travel spirit alive.

Read travel blogs

Reading blogs is a great way to spark wanderlust. 

Here are a few of my favorite blogs:
  1. Roaming Required is written by an Australian couple living in London and focuses on great destinations near and far and goes particularly in depth on places in the UK. If you're a history buff, Roaming Required is definitely for you.
  2. Reflections Enroute is written by an American-expat couple living abroad with an adventurous streak. Self-drive in Uganda, anyone?
  3. Wayfaring Views shares a lot of amazing street art and book recommendations; two of my favorite things.
Do you want to explore a wider range of blogs or find blog posts about a specific topic? If that's the case, I recommend taking to Pinterest or Flipboard

Travel bloggers flock to Pinterest and Flipboard to post their best content complete with magazine-style cover art. You can curate content about different destinations and read the posts both now and later.

Armchairs in the sitting room at Hotel Arcadia in Old Town Bratislava
Sitting room at historic Hotel Arcadia in Bratislava, Slovakia

Read a travel-themed book

I love books about travel. I also love books that I've sourced on our travels. 

It really helps me to experience a place in a deeper way by digging into a bookstore and bringing home a novel by a local author. 

My bookshelf is filled with amazing travel-focused reads and books at the intersection of travel and history. Browse local bookshops or place an order online for some armchair travel books. 

Here are some of my top travel-inspired reads.
  1. Hokkaido Highway Blues is a travelogue by Will Ferguson covering his quest to follow the Spring cherry blossoms in Japan clear across the country from South to North.
  2. Batavia's Graveyard will take you back to the age of exploration when the Dutch East India Company ship, Batavia, was shipwrecked and the crew marooned on a small island off of Australia. The killing spree that ensued reads like a work of fiction but is even more mesmerizing because this is a work of non-fiction.
  3. River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey shares the story of U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt's scientific expedition to the darkest corners of Brazil.
  4. First They Killed My Father will put what we are currently going through into proper perspective and make you realize how much worse things could be. First They Killed my Father is a first hand account of life under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.
  5. Long Walk to Freedom is an inspiring biography about the life of Nelson Mandela and the quest to abolish Apartheid in South Africa.
  6. A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler. This book is truly inspirational. An 18th century blind man didn't let his lack of sight stop him from having some great (and often dangerous adventures). 

Write a travel story

Every once in a while when I read a novel, I get inspired and think: I could do that. With more time on your hands at home, it's the perfect time to let the creative juices flow. 

Draw on your own experience or make up a whole new world in your mind and write a short story, novella, or if you're extra ambitious, a novel! 

Better yet, enlist a friend to work with you and collaborate on the storyline over Google Docs. You could take turns writing sentences or paragraphs; building on the ideas that you each come up with. 

Think of it as writing improv-style!

Armchair Travel Ideas: Eat and Drink

I know that when I'm stressed, I take comfort in food and drink. You do need to eat to live so why not do it in a way that inspires travel...

Break out the snacks you brought home from your last trip

We tend to buy consumable souvenirs when we travel and our cupboards are full of snacks from previous adventures. 

Take stock of what you have and then use the opportunity to transport yourself back in time with the flavors of travel.

Cook a meal from your favorite destination

I usually don't have time to cook, but everyday life has slowed down over the past few years meaning I have more time to invest in home-based activities like making a nice dinner. 

Look up a few simple recipes online and make something that reminds you of your favorite destination. For me, I love Mexican food. 

Even without mad chef skills, I can certainly open a package of Old El Paso enchiladas and make a comforting meal. 

Combine that with a strong margarita like the ones I get when I travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm in heaven! 

Order takeout of different cuisines around the world

Ok, I get it. You really don't like to cook. I actually fall squarely in this camp. 

Order some Indian, Chinese, Thai, or Middle-Eastern cuisine and any armchair traveler can find a trip on their plate.

Drink a bottle of wine from your favorite destination or place you were planning to go

We love to pick-up wines when we travel and we're fortunate to be well-provisioned with wine during this difficult time. 

Why not share a bottle of wine from your favorite destination or place you were planning to go while indulging in one of our other armchair travel ideas described above?
Armchair and Slovak wine in Bratislava
Glass of wine in Bratislava, Slovakia

Armchair Travel Ideas: Socialize at Home and Online

Take a break and socialize with others beyond your core family unit with these armchair travel-themed ideas.

Set-up a call with your travel-minded friends

You may not be able to take a trip right now with your favorite travel buddy. However, you can always connect on Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime or other video conferencing platform. 

Skype is great for 1:1 chats while Google Hangouts can be fun for a virtual travel meet-up.

Organize a travel slideshow virtual viewing party with friends

The days of mind-numbing family slideshows may be over, but the tools are there to share your experiences with friends and family who don't live with you. 

Why not create a travel slideshow with a specific theme. You and a few friends could contribute travel-themed photos to a PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentation and then play slideshow karaoke. 

What is slideshow karaoke? It's when someone gives a presentation based on a slide deck they haven't seen in advance. Much hilarity typically ensues and we all need that right now, am I right?

Armchairs at a hotel in Rovinj Croatia
Comfy armchairs in Rovinj, Croatia

Socialize with like-minded travel-lovers on social media

Are you on social media? You may have updated your status to 'armchair traveler', but that doesn't mean you still can't talk travel with like-minded folks online. 

Set up a series of latergrams on Instagram with highlights from your past travels. Post some throwbacks to your Facebook feed. 

You might even participate in a Twitter chat. I love the Part-Time Travel (#pttravel) Twitter chat on a Sunday. For more travel-focused Twitter chat ideas, check out this list.

Did you enjoy this post on how to be an armchair traveller when you have to stay at home? Sharing is caring... 

30 Armchair Travel Ideas30 Ideas to Become an Armchair Traveler

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 31 Ways to Be an Armchair Traveler from the Comfort Of Your Own Home
31 Ways to Be an Armchair Traveler from the Comfort Of Your Own Home
Learn about ways to travel vicariously as an armchair traveler. Find out ways to use armchair travel as a way to satisfy that travel itch when you must stay at home. Fight cabin fever with ways to travel virtually. Take a virtual vacation with a staycation at home.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog