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2 Days in Las Vegas from Europe: Cool Things to Do, See & Eat

Spend two days in Las Vegas from Europe. Take a 2 day trip from Europe to Las Vegas. Learn about things to do in Las Vegas for 2 days.
Vegas Baby! Las Vegas is a super-popular destination for Americans and it’s easy to get to Vegas from points along the U.S. West Coast. But what about planning a 2 day Las Vegas itinerary from Europe? 

Getting from Europe to Las Vegas is a much bigger distance and thus a much bigger commitment.  I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas for a very short business trip. 

Was it worth it to spend 2 days traveling and 2 days in Las Vegas? Read on to find out.

2 Day in Las Vegas - View of The Mirage from the Venetian.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

I had the privilege of staying at the over-the-top Venetian (then again, what's not over-the-top in Vegas!) Inside felt like a technicolor palazzo that was very posh. I walked down a marble-floored corridor toward my room. I opened the door and...wow!  

I had a spacious suite with a view of The Strip. During my stay, I checked out the Canyon Ranch Spa.  I opted for a mini-aromatherapy relaxation treatment.  

For $50 I received a 20 minute hand and foot wrap and massage while breathing in a lovely scented oil.  With the cost of the treatment, I gained access to the many wet and dry spa services (eg: sauna, igloo, whirlpool, etc) for the entire day.  

With this added access, the spa treatment was good value. After my spa treatment, I popped into Bouchon Bakery for a carrot cake whoopie pie. 

It tasted amazing with the backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip. On to the casino to Press My Luck.  I loved the game show when I was a kid so just had to try the Press Your Luck slot machine.
2 Days in Las Vegas - The View of the Strip from the Venetian

Walking the Las Vegas Strip

Viva Las Vegas! Immediately after checking in at the Venetian, I decided to soak up the sun and combat the 8 hours of jet lag with a walk to explore The Strip. Gaudy facades fronted the sidewalk. 

Palm trees alternated with posh hotels. I popped into the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in search of a bite to eat. 

Strangely enough, La Salsa caught my eye and I munched on chips and salsa, a quesadilla, and the all-important margarita.  Heaven... 

Who knew that good Mexican food would be easy to find so close to the Trevi Fountain? I spotted another European landmark, the Eiffel Tower, outside the Paris Hotel and Casino

Carrying onward, I spotted the classic Flamingo Hilton. Can you believe that Donny and Marie Osmond were together again and performing to rave reviews when I visited?  Great stuff.
2 Day in Las Vegas - Paris Hotel and Casino
The next day I set out for another stroll down the Las Vegas Strip.  There is sage advice in the name of this bar:  5 O'Clock Somewhere! 

I passed the Paris and soon found myself surrounded by larger than life cartoon characters. You couldn't pay me enough to dress up in costume in the Las Vegas heat. 

There is a little bit of everything on the Strip.  You can travel from far-flung Europe to New York in just a 15 minute walk. 

The MGM Grand, another classic, provided a counterpoint to the NYC skyline. Excalibur, the Luxor, and Mandalay Bay eluded me at the far end of the Strip. The sun was beating down on me too hard to press on.
2 Days in Las Vegas: New York, New York

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: If you prefer to see the real thing rather than Las Vegas' interpretation of the real thing, check out Venice Italy in winter, Paris for Valentine's Day or the High Line park in New York City. Visit the land of the Excalibur legend in Wales with a trip to Cardiff or Conwy Castle in North Wales.

The Bellagio Fountain Show

I ended my walk at the Bellagio to check out the fountains which were surprisingly playing along to the American National Anthem sung diva-style.
2 Days in Las Vegas - The Bellagio Fountain

The Bellagio is quite simply stunning: inside or outside, day or night.  The hotel puts on a spectacular fountain show every 30 minutes set to a different song each time. In fact, I think this is one of the best free shows in Las Vegas!

Vaulted glass ceilings light up the interior with sunshine. An amazing display of artistic glass lines the lobby and casino. 

At night, a larger-than-life garden enthralls those who pass through. A real butterfly garden features prominently. I definitely recommend popping into the Bellagio for a friendly drink (if you can stand the eye-popping prices).  I tried a Bellini and it really hit the spot.

Dinner at the Venetian

The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip features a variety of dining options.  We stopped at Wolfgang Puck's steakhouse, Cut, for a cocktail infused with cucumber, basil, and lime.  

The drink was quite tasty but given the price (nearly $20!), I would have preferred more drink and less ice, even noting the fact that the ice was beautifully hewn. 

LAVO features a lovely patio for al fresco dining overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.  Bubbles at the bar before dinner are highly recommended. 

We were soon led through the cool, dimly lit interior to our outside table. Voila! We were able to watch the pirates at Treasure Island do battle while we dined. 

We enjoyed a type of arancini as a starter followed by a heaping portion of pasta with bolognese sauce. On the second day or our 2 days in Las Vegas, we decided to try an indoor-outdoor drink at Otto while Venetian characters busked away nearby. This is the life.

Cirque de Soleil at the Mirage

2 Days in Las Vegas - The Mirage
The Mirage sits right across the Las Vegas Strip from the Venetian.  In fact, I had a view of the Mirage from my suite. I wandered across to meet colleagues for dinner and a show.  

I found myself immersed in an indoor tropical rainforest. I emerged at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. A meat intensive dinner ensued including chicken skewers presented in a pineapple wedge and glazed chicken wings. 

I wasn't particularly hungry so I opted for the chicken entree (everyone else I was with ordered a steak). After dinner, we rushed over to pick up our tickets for Cirque du Soleil's Love

We entered into an over-the-top world of Beatle-mania. Prior to the show, performers showered the audience with paper rose petals.  

Love featured beautiful sets and artfully done numbers with just a dash of the daring and jaw-dropping stunts that you normally see in a Cirque du Soleil show. 

Tickets were quite pricey (about $150 apiece when we visited Las Vegas) for a performance less than two hours long.  However, it was money well spent and worth a look particularly if you like the Beatles.

The Fremont Street Experience

2 Days in Las Vegas - Downtown Las Vegas
I've been to Vegas a number of times (all other trips pre-date this blog) and I've always wanted to see the Fremont Street Experience.  I finally made it happen on this most recent visit.  

If you do decide to go, I highly recommend finding a group to cab over with from the Las Vegas Strip as the taxi costs at least $20 each way which can seriously eat into your gambling budget.  

We emerged from our taxi at the center of it all and were simply dazzled by the copious neon lights. Suddenly, the surroundings grew dark and we knew the signature light show was about to begin. 

For about 10 minutes, our eyes were transfixed on the screen above us and an ever-changing array of color. After the show, we couldn't resist ducking into the Golden Nugget for a few hands of Blackjack.  

The dealers were surprisingly patient and friendly with the newer players among us.  I definitely recommend popping in here for a lower pressure (and cheaper!) introduction to Las Vegas table games. 

Somehow I managed to break even as the evening and ultimately our 2 days in Las Vegas drew to a close.
2 Days in Las Vegas - The Fremont Street Experience

Is Visiting Las Vegas from Europe Worth It?

I think everyone should visit Las Vegas once in their lives no matter where they come from. The spectacle is real. 

However, 2 days in Las Vegas from Europe can be grueling due to the time zone difference and a 10-12 hour flight time each way. It’s also surreal to see fake versions of real European attractions like the Eiffel Tower and canals of Venice. 

I recommend adding Las Vegas on to a longer trip to the United States from Europe just to see the American interpretation of European tourist sites rather than making a 2 day trip to Vegas and back with no other stops along the way.

You may be better off trying to recreate the experience of Las Vegas in Europe. Did you know that Bucharest, Romania has been dubbed the "Las Vegas of Europe" thanks to its 160 casinos and vibrant nightlife. 

You can easily spend a weekend in Bucharest with a day trip to Transylvania with fantastic Romanian food to make up for what you'd be missing in those Las Vegas casino buffets.

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 2 Days in Las Vegas from Europe: Cool Things to Do, See & Eat
2 Days in Las Vegas from Europe: Cool Things to Do, See & Eat
Spend two days in Las Vegas from Europe. Take a 2 day trip from Europe to Las Vegas. Learn about things to do in Las Vegas for 2 days.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog