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106 Pictures of Dublin That Will Make You Feel Like You're There

Explore Dublin images. See Pictures of Dublin. Check out our Dublin picture gallery and take a virtual tour of Dublin, Ireland.
Are you in need of a virtual tour of Dublin to scratch that travel itch while we stay at home? 

Pictures of Dublin are worth a thousand words and will transport you a thousand miles or more in your mind's eye to Ireland. 

While I know these images of Dublin are no substitute for the real thing, I hope you'll still find some joy in these Dublin photos until we travel again. 

As an added bonus, check out these pictures of Dublin and you'll have everything you need to plan your future trip.

Pictures of Dublin Ireland: The Temple Bar pub

Dublin Picture Gallery

I live in Ireland and taking photos of Dublin is one of my all time favorite things to do. I have literally thousands of photos of Dublin to choose from after living on the Emerald Isle for a decade. 

I've grouped my favorite Dublin pictures by theme below. If you click on any of the small images of Dublin in the grid, you'll be taken to a larger version and you can peruse all of my favorite Dublin photos as a slide show. 

This is a true showcase of Instagrammable Dublin since all of the images included below were originally posted on my Instagram account. Don't miss my latest photos of Dublin: follow drj_sidewalksafari on Instagram.

Pictures of Dublin Doors

I love to photograph Dublin doors. My favorites include the ornate Georgian doors around Merrion Square, Fitzwilliam Square and Stephen's Green. 

You'll also find a great selection of doors if you wander away from Dublin City Centre and into Ballsbridge and Donnybrook. 

Other Dublin doors to watch out for include the ornate brick facades along Northumberland Road and the more modest row homes featuring patterned brick in Ringsend. Take a virtual photowalk with these photos of Dublin doors.

Photos of Dublin Doors: orange Georgian door with checkered tile
Dublin pictures: red doorDublin images: doors with ornate patterned brick

Photos of Dublin doors: green and blue pair of Georgian doors on Merrion Square
Virtual tour of Dublin: pair of doors on Northumberland RoadDublin photos: distressed orange and blue door

Pictures of Dublin doors: bright pink Georgian door
Images of Dublin doors: Blue door with pink treeDublin Images: fanlight of a Georgian door

Virtual tour of Dublin: Door of Dublin
Dublin picture: Door framed by wisteriaDublin Images: blue Georgian Door

Photos of Dublin: Light green door with ivy
 Dublin photos: Bright yellow Georgian doorVirtual tour of Dublin: Brown door and front garden along the Grand Canal

Images of Dublin: Pink and yellow doors
 Virtual tour of Dublin: The doors of DublinImages of Dublin doors: White Door
If you like my Dublin doors, check out the items I've created on Zazzle featuring 100 different doors of Dublin!

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Interested in ways to make looking for the doors of Dublin more fun? Check out these doors of Dublin treasure hunt ideas. Download and print a pdf checklist to inspire your Dublin doors walk. You can also play Neighbors Bingo. Just look for pairs of doors in different colors and match them to your free printable Bingo card.

Photos of Dublin's Classic Architecture

Dublin doesn't necessarily have iconic buildings that are go-to for tourists. Instead, it's all about that classic mix of architectural styles. These images of Dublin cover a range of places detailed here (starting top left):
  1. Statue of Jim Larkin and the buildings of O'Connell Street north of the River Liffey
  2. Dublin Bikes and the Georgian buildings of Fitzwilliam Square
  3. The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital
  4. Croke Park which was partially built with rubble from the 1916 Easter Rising
  5. Heuston Station: gateway to exploring the rest of Ireland by train
  6. The Pepper Canister Church. Depending on the time of day that you visit, you'll see the sun dancing over the tower

 Pictures of Dublin: Statue of Jim Larkin and the buildings of O'Connell Street north of the River Liffeyimages of Dublin: Dublin Bikes and the Georgian buildings of Fitzwilliam SquareDublin pictures: The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital

 Dublin images: Croke ParkPhotos of Dublin: Hueston StationImages of Dublin: The Pepper Canister Church

Photos of Dublin's Modern Architecture

Dublin also has a modern side that fewer visitors take time to see. The area around Grand Canal Dock, also known as Silicon Docks because of the large presence of tech company offices, is a great place to photograph Dublin's more modern architecture. 

These images of Dublin zero in on the area around Grand Canal Dock:
  1. Reflections of Google and the area behind Barrow Street in Dublin's Grand Canal
  2. View of the boat dock on the Grand Canal from Barrow Street.
  3. Google's bridge over Barrow Street
  4. The Marker Hotel reflected in Grand Canal Dock
  5. Dublin's Aviva Stadium
  6. The Alliance Building: a former gasometer turned into apartments
Dublin photos: reflections of Barrow Street in the Grand Canal
 Virtual tour of Dublin: Grand Canal DockDublin Photos: The Google Bridge

images of Dublin: The Marker HotelVirtual tour of Dublin: lamppost and Aviva Stadiumimages of Dublin: the Alliance Building

Pictures of Dublin Pubs

Pubs define Dublin. Photos of Dublin pubs inside and out are most likely to bring back memories of your last trip or inspire a future trip. These images of Dublin pubs are some of my favorites. I can't wait until we can enjoy a pint and the craic once more.
  1. Pints of Guinness outside The Duke in Dublin City Centre
  2. Inside The Barge Inn on the Grand Canal
  3. Beggars Bush is a popular local in Ballsbridge
  4. Devitt's Bar on Camden St.
  5. Items of flair inside Doheny and Nesbitt
  6. The Times "We Live Inn" feels appropo right now
  7. The Ginger Man
  8. Arthur's in the Dublin Liberties neighborhood
  9. The Ferryman just across the River Liffey from the Dublin Convention Centre
  10. Kehoe's in Dublin City Centre
  11. Dublin's favorite music pub: The Cobblestone in Smithfield
  12. Iconic Temple Bar
Images of Dublin pubs: The DukePhotos of Dublin Pubs: The Barge Inn interiorPhotos of Dublin pubs: Beggar's Bush

Pictures of Dublin pubs: Devitt's BarImages of Dublin pubs: Doheny and NesbittPhotos of Dublin pubs: The Times "We Live Inn"

Pictures of Dublin pubs: The Ginger ManPhotos of Dublin Pubs: Arthur'sImages of Dublin pubs: The Ferryman

Pictures of Dublin Pubs: Kehoe'sImages of Dublin pubs: Kehoe'sPhotos of Dublin pubs: The Temple Bar

Images of Dublin's Coast

Dublin is a coastal capital and photos of the Irish Sea are bound to transport you here. Can you feel the wind in your hair and smell the salt in the air in your mind with these photos of the Dublin coast?
  1. People's Park in Dun Laoghaire
  2. Great South Wall leading to Poolbeg Lighthouse
  3. A Martello Tower on Ireland's Eye off the coast of Howth
  4. The Howth Cliff Walk
  5. Hiking among the tall grasses on North Bull Island near Clontarf
  6. Bray to Greystones is a classic coastal walk in Dublin
  7. Locals love to visit Sandymount Beach at low tide.
  8. Take a walk up Killiney Hill
  9. Keep an eye out for Dublin's historic Poolbeg towers
Virtual tour of Dublin: People's Park in Dun LaoghaireImages of Dublin: Poolbeg Lighthouse and Great South WallDublin Images: Ireland's Eye

Dublin Images: Howth Cliff WalkDublin Pictures: North Bull IslandImages of Dublin: Bray to Greystones hike

Pictures of Dublin: Sandymount StrandDublin Photos: Killiney HillVirtual Tour of Dublin Ireland: Poolbeg Towers

Pictures of Dublin at Night

Dublin really lights up at night any day of the year but even more so around the Christmas holidays. These images of Dublin capture the spirit of the capital after dark.
  1. A walk down Dame Lane
  2. Christchurch Cathedral
  3. The entrance to Trinity College Dublin illuminated for the holidays
  4. Customs House
  5. Mansion House
  6. The holiday lights of Grafton Street
  7. The historic GPO on O'Connell Street
  8. The ever changing neon lights of the Dublin Convention Centre
  9. The Samuel Beckett Bridge across the Liffey
Pictures of Dublin at nigh: Dame Lane and the Stag's HeadImages of Dublin at Night: ChristchurchPictures of Dublin at Night: Trinity College Dublin

images of Dublin at night: Customs HouseImages of Dublin at night: Mansion HouseDublin Photos: Grafton Street decorated for Christmas

Images of Dublin at Christmas: The General Post Office (GPO)Pictures of Dublin at night: The Dublin Convention CentrePhotos of Dublin at night: The Samuel Beckett Bridge

Photos of Dublin: Canals and Rivers

Dublin is a city of rivers and canals. This is where you'll find Instagrammable Dublin at its finest. I love walks along the River Dodder, River Liffey, and the Grand Canal.  

Did you know that you can take a Dublin canal cruise or even go kayaking on Dublin's Grand Canal? The views constantly change with the weather and the seasons making it feel like you've traveled to a different place each time.
  1. Boats on the Grand Canal near Baggot Street
  2. The Grand Canal path in the Autumn
  3. Swans on the Grand Canal near Portobello
  4. Irish writer Patrick Kavanagh frozen in time on the Grand Canal
  5. Reflections of Aviva Stadium in the River Dodder
  6. The locks of the Grand Canal
  7. Dancing clouds above the River Liffey near the Dublin Docklands
  8. Views over the River Liffey in Dublin City Centre
  9. Reflections on Dodder River in Ringsend

Virtual tour of Dublin: The Grand CanalVirtual tour of Dublin: The Grand Canal in AutumnDublin Pictures: Swans on the Grand Canal

Dublin Photos: Patrick Kavanagh statue on the Grand CanalImages of Dublin: Aviva Stadium and the River DodderDublin Pictures: a lock on the Grand Canal

Dublin Photos: The Dublin Convention Centre and Samuel Beckett Bridge on the River LiffeyDublin images: Lamppost on the River LiffeyPictures of Dublin: Reflections in the River Dodder in Ringsend

Photos of Dublin Castles

Dublin castles are one of the things that gives the city character. My favorite images of Dublin castles include:
  1. Drimnagh Castle (the only castle in Ireland that still has a filled moat)
  2. Dublin Castle
  3. Dalkey Castle
Pictures of Dublin Castles: Drimnagh CastleImages of Dublin CastlePictures of Dublin Castles: Dalkey Castle

Photos of Dublin Street Art

Dublin street art is not centralized in one place but rather surprises and delights throughout the city. Here are some of my favorite images of Dublin street art.
  1. Sculptures from found items near Camden Street
  2. Inspiring electrical boxes
  3. This little bee and inspiring puns can be found all over the city: Bee Positive, Bee Strong and more
  4. A tiger in Grand Canal Dock
  5. Iconic street art that used to live at the Bernard Shaw Pub
  6. Inspiring geometry near Ringsend
Images of Dublin Street Art: sculpturesPictures of Dublin street art quote: Every Day is a chance to be better than yesterdayImages of Dublin Street Art: Bee Positive

Photos of Dublin Street Art: Tiger in Grand Canal DockDublin Photos: Bernard Shaw pub street artPhotos of Dublin street art

Photos of Dublin Parks

I am lucky to live in Dublin and thus can take advantage of all the city's green spaces. Some of my favorite images of Dublin parks include:
  1. Mount Usher Gardens in County Wicklow
  2. The National Botanic Gardens
  3. Bushy Park
  4. Wildflowers in Sorrento Park near Dalkey
  5. The well-coiffed flower beds and surrounding Georgian buildings of Merrion Square
  6. A swan and cygnets in Stephen's Green
Photos of Dublin Parks: Mt. Usher GardensPictures of Dublin Parks: the National Botanic GardensImages of Dublin Parks: Bushy Park

Dublin Pictures: Sorrento Park near DalkeyPhotos of Dublin Parks: Merrion SquarePictures of Dublin Parks: Swans in Stephen's Green

Images of Dublin: Sunrises and Sunsets

They say if you don't like the weather in Dublin, wait five minutes. This fact of life means that the sky in Dublin is constantly changing with the amazing side effect of producing some of the best sunrises and sunsets that I've seen anywhere. 

The best places to see the Dublin sunrise is in Sandymount, along the River Liffey, or in Grand Canal Dock. The Liffey is also a great spot to watch the sunset. I also saw a beautiful atmospheric sunset in Glasnevin Cemetery one evening.

Dublin Images: Sunset over Glasnevin CemeteryVirtual tour of Dublin: Sunset over the Samuel Beckett BridgeVirtual tour of Dublin: Sunset over the Samuel Beckett Bridge

Dublin pictures: Sunrise over Grand Canal DockDublin Images: Sunset over the Samuel Beckett BridgeDublin Photos: Sunrise over the Grand Canal Dock

Dublin images: Sunrise over the River Dodder in RingsendDublin images: Sunrise over Grand Canal DockDublin images: Sunrise over Grand Canal Dock

Dublin pictures: Sunrise over Grand Canal DockDublin pictures: Sunrise over the Dodder RiverDublin pictures: Sunset over the River Liffey

Images of Dublin: Pink sunrise over Grand Canal DockPictures of Dublin: Sunrise reflected in the Reflector Building in Grand Canal DockDublin images: Sunrise over Grand Canal Dock

Pictures of Dublin Under Lockdown

Dublin is normally a vibrant city teeming with life. Since lockdown, the city has become eerily quiet. These images of Dublin highlight a side of the city that we don't normally see.
  1. Not a soul to be seen on a morning walk along the River Liffey
  2. Where are the usual buses, cars, and people along O'Connell Street Bridge?
  3. Molly Malone free from the usual throng of grabby tourists
  4. The usually busy intersection of Baggot Street and Haddington Road
  5. Lincoln's Inn with Trinity College Dublin beyond in Dublin City Centre
  6. The Ha'Penny Bridge connecting Temple Bar and Dublin's Northside 
Pictures of Dublin under lockdown: path along the River LiffeyPictures of Dublin under lockdown: O'Connell Street BridgePictures of Dublin under lockdown: Molly Malone

Photos of Dublin under lockdown: Baggot StreetPhotos of Dublin under lockdown: Lincoln's InnPhotos of Dublin under lockdown: The Ha'Penny Bridge

I hope you've enjoyed this virtual tour of Dublin. You may also enjoy this post featuring 106 pictures of Ireland beyond Dublin. 

I find that photography is a great tonic during this time of crisis. I reflect on these images of Dublin and hope to welcome you to the city that I now call home in the (hopefully) not so distant future. In the meantime, stay safe wherever you are.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: There are so many ways to spend a day in Dublin including many free things to do. If these photos have inspired you to plan a future trip, I invite you to check out the 25 one day Dublin itineraries that I've personally curated.

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Photos of Dublin IrelandA Virtual Tour of Dublin Ireland

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 106 Pictures of Dublin That Will Make You Feel Like You're There
106 Pictures of Dublin That Will Make You Feel Like You're There
Explore Dublin images. See Pictures of Dublin. Check out our Dublin picture gallery and take a virtual tour of Dublin, Ireland.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog