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Lisbon in March: 21 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat

Discover things to do in Lisbon in March. Find out if a March trip to Lisbon is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Lisbon during the early Spring.
Are you wondering what it’s like to visit Lisbon in March? We moved to Lisbon in 2022 and have had the good fortune to experience life in the city during different parts of the year.

In March in Portugal, the winter weather is starting to recede and Spring is most definitely on the horizon. 

Let’s explore a variety of cool things to see, do, and eat in Lisbon in March to help inspire your early Spring trip.

What is the weather like in Lisbon in March?

In March in Lisbon the weather is typically starting to warm up and the crowds are still relatively small. The average temperature in March is 15°C (59°F), with highs of 19°C (66°F) and lows of 11°C (52°F). There is an average of 6 days of rain in March, but the rain is usually light and sporadic.

Blue building on a sunny day in Lisbon in March

If you're planning on spending time outdoors, be sure to pack a light jacket or sweater, especially if you'll be out in the evenings. You may also want to bring an umbrella, just in case. But overall, the weather in March is mild and pleasant, making it a great time to explore the Portuguese capital.

Things to do in Lisbon in March at a Glance

Now let's take a look at things to do, see and eat in Lisbon in March at a glance. Each heading is clickable and will take you directly to the item of interest.

Table of Contents

    1. Attend the Lisbon Travel Expo
    2. Indulge in Tea and Eclairs at L'Eclair
    3. Walk Along the Tejo River
    4. Experiment with New Restaurants
    5. Grab a Healthy Dinner at Local
    6. Head to an Independent Film
    7. Eat at the El Cortes Ingles Food Hall
    8. Have Dinner with Friends at Degust'AR
    9. Ride Tram 28 and Take a Walk in Graça
    10. Sip Wine Al Fresco at o Pif
    11. Take a Day Trip by Ferry to Almada
    12. Enjoy a Warming Brunch at Hygge
    13. Spend a Weekend in Óbidos
    14. Sample Indian Dishes at Gurkha
    15. Take a Flower Walk with Ice Cream
    16. Sit Outside at Campo Pequeno
    17. Drink Wine at Linha d'Agua
    18. Spend an Evening in Belém
    19. Have a Cocktail in Lisbon City Centre
    20. Catch a Silent Film at Culturgest
    21. Celebrate Spring at Copo de Mar

    Things to do in Lisbon in March in Detail

    Let's explore cool things to do in Lisbon in March in more detail. I've actually done all of these things in the month of March, so they are tried and tested for this time of year.

    1. Attend the Lisbon Travel Expo

    It's March in Lisbon, and spring is just around the corner. The city is coming alive with color and energy, and the perfect way to celebrate is to attend the Lisbon Travel Expo.

    The Lisbon Travel Expo is a two-day event held in early March at the Parque das Nações convention center. The expo features representatives from tourism boards from all over the world, as well as local vendors and businesses.

    Jennifer from Sidewalk Safari with a character from Trás-os-Montes at the Travel Expo in Lisbon in March

    If you're planning a trip to Portugal, the Lisbon Travel Expo is a great place to start. You can meet with representatives from different tourism boards to learn about their destinations and get the latest travel information. 

    You can also sample local foods and wines, and learn about local traditions including the folk character from Trás-os-Montes who runs around hugging girls.

    2. Indulge in Tea and Eclairs at L'Eclair

    L'Eclair is the place to go for an indulgent afternoon tea and eclairs. 

    Their eclairs are incredibly decadent, with a variety of artisanal flavors to choose from, like salted caramel with cream and crispy caramel bits, chestnut and vanilla, and a nut-focused eclair with a ganache made with oats, almonds, and roasted hazelnuts. 

    Eclair from L'Eclair in Lisbon in March

    I'll admit, L'Eclair is not the most budget-friendly option, with eclairs running between $5 and $6.50 each, but I think it's worth the splurge. And with prices like that, you can feel comfortable taking up a table and lingering over a cup of tea and a chat with a friend.

    You'll find L'Eclair in Saldanha (that's the location I visited) but there is also a stall at Time Out Market, one of my favorite European food markets.

    3. Walk Along the Tejo River

    Another fun thing to do in Lisbon in March is take a stroll along the Tagus River (Tejo in Portguese) in the city center. Take the Metro to Terreiro do Paço on Praça do Comércio and walk to Cais do Sodré. 

    Along the way, you'll find a variety of painted rocks, like a street art exhibit. It takes about 15 minutes to walk between the two metro stations. 

    We saw stones set up to look like the Pope who would be visiting that summer. We saw a funny little shark and a variety of tall stone towers, including something that looked like a turkey and a tribute to Portuguese football. We even saw a mermaid make an appearance.

    Collage of art made from beach stones in Lisbon in March

    Overall, it was a very creative display and worth checking out. This area of the city is a great place to watch the sunset, especially in the winter and spring when the sun sets earlier in the evening.

    4. Experiment with New Restaurants

    March is also a great time to try some of Lisbon's amazing restaurants. We went to Lisbon Insiders Dinner Challenge Episode 2 at Tricky's. 

    You prepay for a multi-course meal and pay extra for wine or a cocktail. The meal included croaker alimada, sweet cabbage with bulhão pato, rissol with lamb and parsnip, octopus and chickpeas, cockles and seaweed rice, and finally a chocolate mousse. 
    Menu and decor at Tricky's in Lisbon in March
    We also tried a couple of different cocktails, including a negroni Português and an amarguinha sour made with almond liqueur and lemon juice. 

    Collage of dishes from Tricky's Dinner Challenge in Lisbon in March
    The dinner challenge is a fun way to get out and see different parts of Lisbon and try some imaginative Portuguese cuisine. If you're still feeling thirsty after dinner, head up the street to Musa craft beer bar, like we did, for a little nightcap.

    5. Grab a Healthy Dinner at Local

    If you're looking for a healthy dinner option in Lisbon in March, check out Local. They have delicious dishes made with legumes and greens, which pair perfectly with a glass of white wine. As a reward for a healthy main, order a brownie to share for dessert.

    Collage of dishes from dinner at Local in Lisbon in March

    Local is a great place in Lisbon to go for a casual meal before heading to a show or movie.

    6. Head to an Independent Film

    We took the opportunity to check out the Outsiders, an independent American film festival that took place in Lisbon in March. 

    The great thing about going to the movies in Portugal is that they have subtitles instead of dubbing, so you can follow along even if the original is in English. 

    Inside the theatre at the Outsiders Film Festival in Lisbon

    We saw The Lovers, a movie starring Debra Winger that is about a couple who have been together for years but are no longer in love. They're just going through the motions, cheating on each other, and then it all falls apart.

    7. Eat at the El Cortes Ingles Food Hall

    Here's another fun thing to do in Lisbon in March: head to one of my favorite Lisbon hidden gems, the gourmet floor of El Corte Inglés. Check out Barra Cascabel for some Mexican small plates, like chips and salsa, guacamole, and my favorite, margaritas.

    Collage of dishes and decor at Cascabel in Lisbon in March
    I love coming back to this food hall again and again. There are so many different restaurants to try each time you go. It's a completely different experience every time, but it's always filled with great food.

    8. Have Dinner with Friends at Degust'AR

    Check out Degust'AR with friends for an unforgettable dinner experience in Lisbon in March. They sometimes offer 30% off deals if you book through The Fork. 

    Enjoy an elegant couvert including fresh bread, different flavored butters, purees, olives, and olive oil. If you're feeling hungry, why not try a plate of local cheeses? 

    Collage of dishes at Degust-AR in Lisbon in March
    This restaurant focuses on meat and potatoes more than fish. I ordered the beef and potatoes, which was perfect for this time of year. 

    Another great choice is the pork smothered in berries. For dessert, the restaurant provided small pasteis de nata with our coffee at the end of the meal.

    9. Ride Tram 28 and Take a Walk in Graça

    If you're looking for a great place to take a walk in Lisbon, I think Graça is the place to go. Graça is especially nice in March, when there are fewer tourists. You can even take Lisbon's famous 28 tram to get there. 

    Once you're in Graça, be sure to check out the amazing, albeit crumbling, buildings. They're architecturally interesting, and there's some amazing street art to see as well. 
    Street art in Graça in Lisbon in March
    Just wander around and see where the day takes you. Graça is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Lisbon for taking a stroll.

    10. Sip Wine Al Fresco at o Pif

    After you leave Graça, head over to Anjos for a glass of wine at o Pif. If it's a bit chilly, don't be put off - sit outside and soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant and interesting Lisbon neighborhood.
    Glass of white wine at o Pif in Lisbon in March

    11. Take a Day Trip by Ferry to Almada

    Almada is a fun day trip from Lisbon in March because it affords the opportunity for stunning views of the city, the Tagus River, and the 25th of April Bridge.

    The weather in March is typically mild and sunny, making it the perfect time to explore Almada.

    Almada ferry viewed from a mirodouro in Lisbon in March

    There are plenty of things to do in Almada, including visiting the Frigate Dom Fernando II e Glória, the Barracuda Submarine S164, and the Elevador Panorâmico da Boca do Vento.

    You can also enjoy seafood at Farol, take a walk along the river, and admire the street art.

    Almada is a great option for a day trip from Lisbon, and it is easily accessible by ferry.

    12. Enjoy a Warming Brunch at Hygge

    If you're ever in Lisbon in March and it's raining, I highly recommend spending a cozy morning at Hygge for a warming brunch. 

    Hygge is one of my favorite coffee shops in Lisbon, and they serve up amazing specialty coffee as well as a wide variety of breakfast and brunch items. 
    Brunch at Hygge in Lisbon in March
    Their homemade cinnamon buns are particularly delicious, and they offer a variety of flavors, including traditional, hazelnut, and chocolate.

    13. Spend a Weekend in Óbidos

    The Óbidos Chocolate Festival is held in March, which is a great excuse to leave Lisbon for a day or a weekend to sample some delicious chocolate in a Medieval setting. The chocolate festival runs for three weekends in March and features a variety of chocolate-themed events, including tastings, workshops, and demonstrations.

    Óbidos is full of history and is an incredibly popular day trip destination from Lisbon. 

    March is the perfect time to visit when you'll find the walled town is less crowded than it is during the peak tourist season, which runs from April to October. This means you'll have more space to explore the town's narrow streets and admire its Medieval architecture.

    Walled town of Obidos in March

    14. Sample Indian Dishes at Gurkha

    It's still chilly in Lisbon in March, especially after dark. So why not head to Gurkha Restaurant for some warming Indian food? 

    Indian dishes at Gurkha in Lisbon in March

    Gurkha located just north of Campo Pequeno, and they've got a great selection of rich and warming curries, both vegetarian and meaty.

    15. Take a Flower Walk with Ice Cream

    Spring is in the air in Lisbon at the end of March! Cherry blossoms are starting to bloom, and you'll see lots of pink trees around the city. 
    Quiosque with a pink flowering tree behind it in Lisbon in March
    If the weather is nice, I recommend stopping for an ice cream. La Fabbrica near Arco do Cego has amazing ice cream in cups and cones. 

    Cup of ice cream at Fabbrica in Lisbon in March
    I recommend trying some of the fruity flavors to celebrate the start of spring!

    16. Sit Outside at Campo Pequeno

    I like to sit outside at Campo Pequeno and have a cheap drink in March in Lisbon. 100 Montaditos serves canecas (large beers) and snacks for under 2 euros at certain times of the day.

    Beer and montaditos at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon in March

    17. Drink Wine at Linha d'Agua

    Check out Linha d'Agua at the top of Lisbon's Parque Eduardo VII on a weekend in March. You can sit outside and have a glass of wine while you look out over the small pool. 

    Sitting on the side of the pond at Linha d'Agua in Lisbon in March

    This cafe is super popular in the summer, but if you go in March, you'll find plenty of space to sit and have a quiet drink and maybe a slice of cake.

    18. Spend an Evening in Belém

    March is a great time to visit Belém. It's always a popular tourist destination, but the crowds thin out in the winter and early spring. 

    If you go on a weekday evening in March, you might even be able to get into the famous Pasteis de Belém without having to wait in line. 

    Exterior of Pasteis de Belem Bakery

    This world-renowned pastry shop is worth a visit for the architecture alone. You'll find fanciful blue and white tiles, stucco ceilings, and historic light fixtures and cabinetry. 

    We stopped in, bought our pastries, and then ate our pasteis in nearby Jardim Vasco de Gama. From there, we walked into Jardim da Praça do Império. This park is home to impressive Portuguese tilework, sidewalks, fountains, and more. 

    Jardim da Praça do Império is definitely worth taking a stroll around. The tile sidewalks feature crests from various places around Portugal.

    Portuguese tiled sidewalk with the crest of Setúbal in Belem in March

    We had an ulterior motive for visiting Belém in March. We had tickets to a concert at the Belém Cultural Center. This venue hosts world-class international acts at relatively affordable prices. 

    Belém Cultural Centre at night

    In fact, we saw an orchestra perform here on New Year's Day. It was one of our favorite things to do in Lisbon in January.

    19. Have a Cocktail in Lisbon City Centre

    Here's another fun thing to do in Lisbon in March: take the tram into the city center and find a cocktail bar. We happened to wander into Fáres after our show in Belém and enjoyed a nightcap.

    I ordered a cocktail with a juicy piece of lychee. It was called the Tamarind Lychee Whiskey and had Jameson Black Barrel, tamarind paste, lime cane syrup, lychee water, and aquafaba. 

    Cocktails at Fáres in Lisbon in March

    My husband had a Middle Eastern mule with in-house infused rum, cardamom, bitters, lime juice, and ginger beer. 

    Fáres is definitely a great spot for a drink, especially on a weeknight in March when the bar is less crowded.

    20. Catch a Silent Film at Culturgest

    March is theater and film season for us! We caught a performance of a Portuguese silent film at Culturgest in Lisbon. 

    The movie was called Os Faroleiros and it was a dark tale of unrequited love and murder along the Portuguese coast. I'm used to silent films being light and comedic, but this one was definitely full of drama and intrigue. 

    Red velvet seats inside the theatre at Culturgest in Lisbon

    Yes, the film was in Portuguese, and the intertitles were in Portuguese too, but the plot was simple enough that we were able to follow along. 

    I think Culturgest is a hidden gem in Lisbon. It has a number of art exhibits that change regularly, a cinema, a coffee shop, and more. 

    It's worth checking out what's on the event schedule when you're visiting Lisbon!

    21. Celebrate Spring at Copo de Mar

    Check out Copo de Mar to celebrate the end of March and the start of Spring! They've got new takes on classic Portuguese dishes, with plenty of fish to choose from. 

    Collage of dishes from Copo de Mar in Lisbon

    They also have Brazilian flavors, so you're sure to find something you'll love. Copo de Mar is the perfect place to spend a weekday evening, enjoying great food and sipping on a bottle of Portuguese wine.

    Should you visit Lisbon in March?

    As you can see from my experiences, If you're looking for a fun place to visit in March, Lisbon is a great option. With its mild weather, cultural events, and delicious food, it's sure to be a memorable trip.

    Let me summarize some of the reasons to visit Lisbon in March.
    • The weather is mild and sunny, making it a pleasant time to explore the city.
    • The crowds are smaller than they are during the peak tourist season.
    • There are a number of festivals and events taking place in March, such as the Lisbon Travel Expo, the Outsiders Film Festival, and the Óbidos Chocolate Festival.
    Tiled buildings with motorcycles in front in Graça in March

    Of course, I think Lisbon is worth visiting at any time of year (I did move here, after all...) There are plenty of things to see and do from visiting historical landmarks to exploring its vibrant neighborhoods. Plus, the food is delicious, and you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

    Are you trying to decide what time of year to visit Lisbon? Check out month-by-month ideas based on my personal experience living in Portugal:

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    Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: Lisbon in March: 21 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
    Lisbon in March: 21 Fun Things to See, Do & Eat
    Discover things to do in Lisbon in March. Find out if a March trip to Lisbon is worth doing. Enjoy the best of Lisbon during the early Spring.
    Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog