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18 Cool Things to do in Óbidos (During the Óbidos Chocolate Festival)

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Obidos Chocolate Festival. Discover cool things to to in Obidos Portugal and nearby in Caldas da Rainha all year long.

If you love chocolate as much as I do, the Óbidos Chocolate Festival is a great opportunity to visit one of the most popular (and magical!) Medieval towns in Portugal. 

Aside from tasty, delicious chocolate, you'll also find a wealth of cool things to do in Óbidos and nearby to make this weekend trip to central Portugal worthwhile. 

Read on for ideas of how to make the most of a short trip to Óbidos that just happens to coincide with the annual chocolate festival.

Obidos castle and the town viewed from the Medieval town wall

Getting to Óbidos

Óbidos is about an hour from Lisbon by car. You could choose to drive yourself there, but the town gets busy during festivals and the peak tourist season. 

Many tour operators run day trips to Óbidos. If you don't want to drive yourself and you are short on time, this could be an ideal option for you.

We decided to take the autocarro (bus) from the bus terminal just outside Campo Grande metro station in Lisbon. You'll make just one stop in Bombarral on the way so the comfortable ride takes less than 90 minutes.

Bus from Lisbon to Obidos at estacão de Campo Grande

You can technically get from Lisbon to Óbidos by train, but it's complicated. You first need to take a train to Sintra and then catch a local train to Óbidos. Óbidos Station is about a 15 minute walk from town (no sidewalks) and there is no Bolt or Uber service here. 

Since moving to Lisbon, we've also found the trains to be unreliable. There have been a number of train strikes during our time here. For these reasons, we think the bus is the best way to go.

The bus from Lisbon to Óbidos cost an economical 8.50 EUR each way at the time of writing. Most people buy tickets from the driver. We bought our tickets in advance on the Moov-U app. However, we still had to queue to board and the ticket did not guarantee us a seat. It just made it a little easier to board.

Bus stop in the foreground with views of Obidos town walls in the distance

Click Usar Bilhete  in the app as you board the bus. Scan the bar code near the driver and then show the driver the result before grabbing a seat. 

I recommend arriving 30 minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart. Óbidos is popular with both locals and tourists. Our bus hit capacity just as we were waiting to depart. I can only imagine how busy it gets during peak tourist season.

DAKOTA 3 in 1 bag from Driibe configured as a small backpack
Note: I received a complimentary DAKOTA 3 in 1 bag from Driibe so I could test their product on my travels.

The overhead storage on the bus is a little tight, but I was delighted that my Driibe Dakota 3-in-1 bag was a perfect fit and served me well on this weekend trip from Lisbon.

The bus drops off passengers just outside the town walls. Óbidos cuts a dramatic figure as you approach with imposing walls topped by a Medieval Castle that dates back to the 15th century.

🔎 SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT Looking for other destinations to visit in Central Portugal? Why not spend one day in Coimbra, Portugal's university city. Coimbra is an ambitious day trip if you are staying in Vila Nova de Gaia or Porto for a few days. You could also explore things to do in Aveiro which is known as the Venice of Portugal. Want to stay closer to Lisbon? You could easily visit Tomar for a day.

Where to Stay in Óbidos

We checked into Casa das Senhoras Rainhas in Óbidos for a lovely two night stay. The hotel is tucked right inside the Óbidos city walls. It's in a central location behind Igreja de São Pedro, yet it is reasonably quiet. 

Our patio had views out onto the town wall. The room itself was practical and comfy but breakfast could have been better (a buffet with limited options).

Sitting room with a leather coach and a red coach at Casa das Senhoras Rainhas in Obidosclose up of the pillows at Casa das Senhoras RainhasExterior facade of Casa das Senhoras Rainhas in Obidos

Casa das Senhoras Rainhas cost about 200 EUR for 2 nights which we thought was a great price given that we were visiting during a festival. 

Did you know that Óbidos is known for three different annual festivals? The Óbidos Medieval Festival, The Óbidos Christmas Festival and of course, the chocolate festival which is why were visiting in March.

1. The Óbidos Chocolate Festival

The chocolate festival has been a fixture in Óbidos that has been held annually since 2002.  

The Óbidos Chocolate Festival runs Friday to Sunday for three weekends in March. We opted to go on Friday in the hope that the crowds would not be too intense. That turned out to be a good move. 

We paid 10 EUR per adult online in advance. The ticket was good for a single day of access to festival attractions.
Collage of two pictures with confetti background featuring doughnut making at the Obidos Chocolate Festival Collage of two pictures with confetti background featuring the Obidos Chocolate Festival wristband and the Chocolate Festival Passport 

We traded the barcode from our online ticket for a wrist band and "passport" near the entrance to the castle. Castelo de Óbidos is home to many festivities associated with the Óbidos Chocolate Festival.

We loved the chocolate-themed decorations all around the castle. There was a sculpture of a jolly rotund chef guarding the entrance to the donut making exhibit.

Sculpture of a fat chef with chocolate desserts at the Obidos Chocolate Festival

We traded a stamp in our chocolate festival passport for a doughnut and our choices of two toppings. We decorated our doughnuts and then dug in. Very light and fluffy! The doughnuts were courtesy of Dots Original.

Next we visited Estação de Melção and saw the process of chocolate making. Here we splurged on a one euro shot of ginginha in a chocolate cup. The ginginha was made with cherries from Fundão. We have a trip planned there for the Cherry Festival in June (I can't wait...I love cherries!)

The sun came out on this intermittently rainy day and we took the opportunity to admire the Óbidos Castle views.

There was a tent with various culinary schools offering samples as well as local artisan chocolate producers selling their sweets. One company from the north of Portugal called Citroo featured chocolates with exotic fruits like finger limes. We also had nice conversations with Chuate and Bless chocolatiers. 

Collage of 4 pictures featuring chocolates on display at the Obidos Chocolate Festival in Portugal Collage of chocolate sculptures that resemble cartoon characters at the Obidos Chocolate Festival

The Óbidos House of Chocolate featured chocolate sculptures. Each one was crafted from several hundred kilograms of chocolate 😮. Sculptures tied into this year's chocolate festival theme: cartoons.

Time for a cooking demonstration! We watched a Portuguese chef and his assistant prepare chicken risotto with chocolate barbecue sauce, pickled pears, cocoa nibs, and egg shavings. The demo was in Portuguese mas temos aulas três dias por semana há mais or menos três meses so we got the gist. 

Collage of 3 pictures featuring cooking demonstrations at the Obidos Chocolate FestivalVendor selling ginginha at the Obidos Chocolate Festival in Portugal

There were food trucks parked outside the Óbidos walls. We nabbed an Argentinian cheese and onion empanada that made me think of Ireland. For those not in the know "Cheese and Onion" is the top flavor of Tayto crisps in Ireland.

As an incentive to get stamps in our passport, Óbidos Chocolate Festival attendees were incentivized with the promise of a free treat. I'm pleased to say that we nabbed a "Magic Potion" as our reward for getting at least four stamps in our Óbidos Chocolate Festival passport. 

Collage of 4 pictures featuring views from the Miradouro in Obidos

The potion was hot chocolate and the magic was the spectacular views over town. We had to hike up to the Miradouro to get to the redemption point.

Other Things to Do in Óbidos (Any Time of Year)

While the Óbidos Chocolate Festival is an ideal excuse to visit, the festivities will occupy at most one day. Let's take a look at some other cool things to do in and around Óbidos at any time of year.

2. Make a Grand Entrance Via Our Lady of Piety Oratory

Enter Óbidos through the town gate where you'll find a tiled arch that is home to our Lady of Piety Oratory. This impressive display has been a national monument since 1910.

Arch covered in blue and white tiles in Obidos which is home to the Our Lady of Piety Oratory

We learned that this spot is a good example of military and religious architecture with gothic and baroque elements and a double elbow door. The town gate was probably built during the reign of King Fernando (~1376).

The Oratory was dedicated to the Patroness of Óbidos, Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Lady of Piety), and dates back to the 17th century. The baroque tiles feature biblical scenes and date back to the mid-18th century.

3. Visit Óbidos' Santiago Church (especially if you are a book worm)

We ducked out of the rain into Santiago Church. Built in 1186 by order of King Sancho I, it was hit by the earthquake of 1531 and destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. In 1765, work began on the new church, which was completed in 7 years. 

Today, Santiago Church is home to a delightful bookshop that is most definitely worth browsing. While the majority of the books are written in Portuguese there is a small section of books in English and other languages.

Interior of Santiago Church in Obidos which is now a bookstore

4. Visit Museu Abílio de Mattos e Silva

Museu Abílio de Mattos e Silva was one of the places to get a stamp in our Óbidos Chocolate Festival passport. We checked out the cartoon exhibit and then wandered downstairs to see art by the museum's namesake. This art museum is a cool spot to spend 30 minutes.

artwork on the walls surrounding a stone arch at Museu Abílio de Mattos e Silva in Obidos Portugal

This extended quote by Abílio de Mattos e Silva was posted on the wall of the museum and really resonated with me. I feel that it describes Óbidos to a tee even today.

"Here it is the Óbidos where I lived, a little irregular, but that is the Óbidos I perceived.

There is no order in this display. There is, however, the urge to see everything at the same time, here, there, not having seen this, but wanting to see that: to walk, to turn right, to turn left, to leave one corner and enter where we have just left; to have no method, to just look and live; to slip on the small cobbled stones, suddenly finding picturesque corners, a portal here, a window there, the colourful vegetation that falls from each wall. 

To climb the castle walls, to look from above at the streets that we had seen before, but that now offer us an unexpected view, the roofs that are uneven, the Moorish rooftiles, aged, with red patchwork, different chimneys; backyards pretending to be gardens, old trees pretending to be orchards, grapevines wishing to become vineyards, the churches, the chapels... all carefully adorned with valuable silvers, preciously brocaded garments, beautiful blue tiles and some paintings by Josefa d'Obidos, mixed with other equally beautiful ones.

Surrounding this Óbidos, hugging it, and embracing it like a mother who defends a dear daughter, we find the old black castle walls, which contrast with the white-washed houses and marry with the fierce and sinister castle, an old guardian, but also a caring father, always alert with everything that is around him.

I leave you with my beautiful Óbidos. Here, you will find some of the things that no longer exist, but that I still Found, and wish to show you."

5. Go Door Hunting in Óbidos

My regular readers know that I absolutely adore doors. You could even say I adoor them 🙃. You'll find a number of beautiful doors popping against white-washed facades in Óbidos. 

Some doors had vines surrounding them. I can just imagine how these doors will pop in a few weeks when the wisteria and other Spring flowers bloom.

Green door surrounded by ivy in Obidos Portugal

I even found the perfect door-themed souvenir in Óbidos. A craft shop in Óbidos was selling ceramic doors. There were different sizes and colors each one unique. The doors were either magnets or fixed with string so they could hung on a wall or a window. Fabulous! 

Window with small ceramic doors hanging on each pane. The picture was taken at night in Obidos Portugal

🔎 SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT Looking for inspiration for destinations to visit within day trip distance of Lisbon? Did you know that you can visit Almada by ferry for an economical day out? You could also consider taking a Setúbal wine tour or paying a visit to Queluz Palace near Sintra.

6. Visit St. Mary's Church (Igreja de Santa Maria)

St. Mary's church is a key point on the Óbidos skyline. Take time to go inside and admire the fabulous interior! You'll find blue and white azulejos, stunning oil paintings, and colorful painted ceilings. 

Blue and white tiles behind wooden pews in St. Mary's Church in Obidos Portugal

When we walk a lot (as we did in Óbidos), I love visiting churches because you can plausibly sit in a pew for a few minutes to rest your legs while admiring the architecture.

7. Visit the Óbidos Miradouro During Golden Hour

Climb up to the Miradouro along the western wall of Óbidos in the late afternoon for some gorgeous golden hour photo opportunities. The afternoon light on Óbidos in March is spectacular.

Golden hour view of Castelo de Obidos viewed from Miradouro de Obidos at golden hour

We had the perfect excuse to come up here: we wanted our "Magic Potion" that we'd earned from getting stamps in our Óbidos Chocolate Festival pass.

Óbidos is such a magical place, especially in March when it isn't too crowded with tourists. 

8. Shop for Lembranças

Spend some time shopping for souvenirs (lembranças). We picked up some cherry beer brewed locally, boozy artisan chocolates, and a tile made to resemble Portuguese crochet.

If you visit Óbidos during the Christmas season for the annual Óbidos Christmas Festival, I imagine you'll be able to find something for everyone on your gift list. There are tons of lovely little shops to explore on Rua Direita.

Collage of 3 pictures of food souvenirs in ObidosCollage of sweet treats in Obidos including Pão Lo and bombakas

9. Sample Sweet Treats

Beyond the chocolate festival, you'll find amazing sweets in Óbidos year-round. One of my favorite things to do in Óbidos was to sample doces. We tried ooey gooey pão ló and bombokas (marshmallow domes covered in chocolate) with ginja. Both were fabulous.

10. Take a Pre-Dinner Photo Walk

Óbidos can get crowded during the day, especially on weekends. Day-trippers and tour groups clear out around dinnertime and you can get some nice photos without having to worry about cropping people out. 

Cobbled street leading under an arch with white-washed buildings on both sides in Obidos Portugal

11. Grab Dinner at Real Casa do Petisco

We had dinner at Real Casa do Petisco, a wine bar with a focus on tapas and smaller bites. The restaurant is located near Igreja de São Pedro.

We started with bread and olive oil, sampled bacalhau and a cheese croquette to follow and finished with pork cheeks with sweet potato crisps and pickled carrots and grilled steak with sea salt washed down with sparkling water and a glass of red wine. 

Collage of three pictures featuring tapas at Real Casa do Petisco in Obidos

12. Enjoy a Nightcap at Bar Ibn Errik Rex

Bar Ibn Errik Rex is an atmospheric place to grab a nightcap. Order a ginjinha or port and steep in the eclectic atmosphere including a glass mosaic wall and display of guns and swords.

Collage of pictures at Bar Ibn Errik Rex in Obidos Portugal

13. Walk to the Óbidos Train Station in the Morning

You'll find spectacular light for photography if you walk toward the Óbidos Train Station in the morning. We actually had a bit of a misfire. 

We plotted a course on foot to Óbidos Train Station. It turns out that Google Maps is very wrong and took us 10 min out of the way (I have filed a bug to try and get this fixed!) 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I got some fantastic pictures that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise had we not taken this detour. The detour also took us past the impressive Sanctuary of the Lord of the Stone.

Sheep on a field of green in the foreground with Obidos Castle on a hill in the distanceSanctuary of the Lord of the Stone in Obidos

The kind proprietors of Casa de Óbidos called us a taxi to take us to Caldas da Rainha. I have to say that Casa de Obidos looks like a lovely spot to stay next time we visit Óbidos. 

Cobbled mosaic courtyard at Casa de Obidos

Pro-tip: Look for the point on the map labeled "Estação ferróviaria de Óbidos-Obidos Train station". This is where the train station actually is.

14. Take a Day Trip to Caldas Da Rainha

We paid 15 EUR for taxi ride to Caldas da Rainha. We were delighted to have a nice chat with the driver and he even gave us a bit of a tour of town. We arrived at the train station just as the train we should have been on arrived. This experience actually ended up being a cool detour. 

Collage of pictures of the train station in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Visit the Praça da Fruta

The main attraction of Caldas da Rainha is the thriving fruit market which is fun to browse when the sun is shining.

Praça da Fruta in Caldas da Rainha Portugal Black cat by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro in a glass case on the street in Caldas da Rainha PortugalPoliceman sculpture by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro

Stop at the tourism office and small square at the top of Praça de Fruta. Here you'll find sculptures by 19th century cartoonist, ceramic artist and local favorite Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. The street signs in Caldas da Rainha feature his ceramics as well.

Stop for Specialty Coffee at Local

We even discovered a specialty coffee shop called Local in Caldas da Rainha. We refueled with a Chemex for two made with Peruvian beans. Local is situated close to the fruit market but on a small quiet square with some abandoned buildings and some undergoing renovation.

Cobbled square in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Shop Caldas Da Rainha

Wander the streets of Caldas da Rainha and browse the local shops.

We had a browse at historic Mercearia Pena. We picked up some bezinhas (little cookie "kisses") and Roca Pera jam that Caldas da Rainha is known for.

Display of Roca Pera jam in Caldas da RainhaInterior of Mercearia Pena in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Caldas da Rainha is also apparently known for erotic pottery. This picture is fairly tame since I don't want to run afoul of Google Blogger's community guidelines. "Louça das Caldas" is actually the main attraction. This Portuguese term is a way to refer obliquely to pottery shaped like male genitalia.

Street art painted in yellow featuring a suggestive outline of a woman's body

We stumbled upon a quaint bottleshop that was selling Portugal's first whisky. Called Woodwork, there were a variety of cask strength whiskies ranging from 62 (sold out) - 115 EUR. 

We opted for "the Bitter King", a gin made from ginja that cost 28 EUR. We had a nice chat with the friendly owners who told us about how they are expecting their first grandchild. Parabens!

Admire Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pópulo

I've heard good things about the interior of Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pópulo in Caldas da Rainha. However, we couldn't figure out how to get inside. 

Exterior of Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pópulo in Caldas da Rainha

You can walk down a flight of stairs into what looks like a moat, but all the doors were closed up. Bad timing I suppose. On the bright side, the facade itself is worth stopping by to check out.

Seek Out Street Art Installations

Just behind Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pópulo is a path leading to Jardim da água and a modern art installation and street art canvas. We even discovered a wall of queens to celebrate our time in Caldas da Rainha.

Collage of street art in Caldas da Rainha PortugalBat made from found objects by street artist Bordallo II in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Also make time to seek out the street art installation by Bordallo II in Caldas da Rainha. We discovered a bat made from found objects hanging in a parking lot.

Street art featuring cartoon queens in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Eat Salad for Lunch at Central Cafe

We were pleased to discover a rare find in Caldas da Rainha. Central Cafe had a salad menu. We managed to avoid temptation (they also serve cakes). Located right on Praça da fruta, Central Cafe is an ideal spot for a light lunch.

Big salads at Central Cafe in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Stroll Parque Dom Carlos I

Onward to Parque Dom Carlos I for some fresh air, black swans, quiet reflections, and even a one-time weekend spring craft market. 

Buildings of the old thermal hospital in Caldas da Rainha Portugal reflected in the pond in Parque Dom Carlos I

Have a seat in the park and admire the reflections of the old thermal hospital from which Caldas da Rainha derives its name. 

Visit Museu da Cerâmica

Exit out the back side of Parque Dom Carlos I and head uphill to the Museu da Cerâmica. For just 3 EUR per adult, you can explore a historic and atmospheric mansion filled with ceramic treasures produced locally. Learn about Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro and see his work.

Museum of Ceramics in Caldas da Rainha Portugal viewed from the garden

The museum is homed in a beautiful mansion whose architecture and gardens are as compelling as the ceramic displays themselves.

Check Out Loja da Fábrica Bordallo Pinheiro

Make one final stop at Loja da Fábrica - Bordallo Pinheiro. Here you can see some of his original works or pick up modern ceramics inspired by his designs. We picked up some small dessert plates in a variety of colors.

Collage of pictures featuring Loja da Fábrica - Bordallo Pinheiro in Caldas da Rainha Portugal

Return by Train to Óbidos

I'm happy to say we made it back to Estação da Caldas da Rainha w/out a hitch. Buy a ticket for 1.90 EUR back to Óbidos in the station before boarding. 

We walked back to our hotel from the Óbidos train station. Unfortunately, the walking route did not feel very safe since it runs along a big road for a stretch. 

Bright yellow train at Caldas da Rainha Portugal

The train ride between Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha takes less than 10 minutes. We spent more time walking than on train itself.

15. Drinks Under the 16th Century Aqueduct

We sat down for a pre-dinner beer outside the Óbidos town walls and then realized we were sitting under the historic aqueduct. Very cool! It's always a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings.

16. Dinner at Pontinho

Make a reservation at Pontinho and you'll be in for a treat. Located just outside the town wall through a fabulous gate, they have a lovely tasting menu with wine (and more) pairings for 75 EUR per person. 

Gate in the town wall in Obidos surrounded by white-washed buildings and gnarled trees

The menu changes weekly. We were served:

  • Creme de Ervilha e Coentros | Pea Soup & Coriander
  • Cogumelos, Espargos e Ovo | Mushrooms, Asparagus & Egg
  • Ostras ao Natural | Oysters
  • Queijo de Cabra, Cebola e Frutos Vermelhos | Goat Cheese, Onion & Red Fruits
  • Novilho, Aipo e Bimy | Veal, Celery & Broccolini
  • Pastel de Nata em Mil Folhas e Canela | Custard Tart & Cinammon 

Collage of dishes from the tasting menu at Pontinho in ObidosCollage of wine pairings with the tasting menu at Pontinho in Obidos

The oysters came with vodka and lime and dessert with pastel de nata liqueur (described as akin to Baileys Irish Cream). 

Pontinho only had about 5 tables. The restaurant was small, elegant, and featured a friendly staff (who spoke English of course).

17. Walk the Óbidos Town Walls (in the Morning Light)

We spent our last morning in Óbidos walking the town walls. Go early to avoid crowds and catch the golden morning light on the castle.

Getting on and off the town walls in Óbidos can be a bit dicey. The stairs closest to the castle (left as you look toward the castle) involve a scramble up or down some slick rocks to reach them. This is one of those attractions that would never fly in the U.S. It's way too easy to take a tumble.

Treacherous staircase leading to the Obidos Medieval Wall

We found that the best place to mount the wall is the staircase visible from Casa das Senhoras Rainhas. Walk away from the castle to the far tower and then circle around by the castle. You'll have to climb down from the walls in front of the castle and then back up the other side to finish the loop.

Morning golden hour views of white-washed buildings at Obidos Castle viewed from the Obidos Town Walls

white-washed buildings bathed in golden light with the Obidos Town Wall in the distance

views from the Obidos Town Wall

close up view of Obidos Castle from the Obidos Medieval Wall

Óbidos is a small town and it only takes about 30-45 min to do a lap around the Óbidos walls; more if you stop to take lots of pictures.

18. Lunch at Lounge

We concluded our time in Óbidos with a fab lunch at Lounge. Tomato and mozzarella salad plus pork with carrots and potatoes hit the spot. We also enjoyed a bottle of local white wine for about 10 EUR. We found Lounge to be good value in a nice atmosphere.

Benches with yellow umbrellas outside Lounge in ObidosCollage of lunch dishes at Lounge in Obidos

An Eventful Return from Óbidos to Lisbon

What's that they say about best laid plans? We took a walk along the Óbidos aqueduct and then we were going to photograph some doors in the last few hours before we needed to catch the bus home to Lisbon. 

Aqueduct near Obidos viewed from the Obidos Town Walls

I must have gotten overly excited about it because the next thing I know, I'm lying on the ground holding my ankle. I tripped and fell on the uneven mosaic sidewalk and twisted my ankle. 

Instead of photographing doors, I spent the rest of the afternoon icing it at the hotel before hobbling to the bus. 

I had the ankle checked out once I got home to Lisbon and I'm happy to report that it's not broken. I just won't be doing my usual amount of walking for a while... 

Staircase made from cobbled stones in Obidos

If there is one piece of advice I can give visitors to Portugal, it's this: Watch your step, people, the sidewalks can be treacherous! 

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 18 Cool Things to do in Óbidos (During the Óbidos Chocolate Festival)
18 Cool Things to do in Óbidos (During the Óbidos Chocolate Festival)
Indulge your sweet tooth at the Obidos Chocolate Festival. Discover cool things to to in Obidos Portugal and nearby in Caldas da Rainha all year long.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog