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136 Pictures of Ireland That Will Make You Feel Like You're There

Explore Pictures of Ireland. Discover Ireland images. See Photos of Ireland. Check out our Ireland picture gallery and take a virtual tour of Ireland.
Ireland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Are you wondering: Is Ireland beautiful? Is Ireland good for photography? Let me take you on a virtual tour of Ireland so you can see for yourself. 

Pictures of Ireland are no substitute for the real thing but a picture is worth a thousand words and these Irish images will make you want to hop on a plane.

I hope these images of Ireland inspire a bit of armchair travel. I know I've found some measure of joy curating these Ireland photos from my personal travels. 

Get ahead of the curve and use these beautiful pictures of Ireland to inspire a future trip.

Pictures of Ireland: The Jealous Wall at Belvedere House

Ireland Picture Gallery

I live in Ireland and taking photos of Ireland is one of my favorite pastimes. I took the opportunity to sift through thousands of photos of Ireland from dozens of trips to different places on the Emerald Isle in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Our decade of travels since moving to Ireland in 2010 has taken us to the four corners of the island. I've grouped my favorite Ireland pictures by location below starting close to Dublin and proceeding clockwise to the south around the island. 

If you click on any of the small images of Ireland in the grids for each section, you'll be taken to a larger version. 

This is Instagrammable Ireland at its finest since all of the images included below were originally posted on my Instagram account. Don't miss my latest photos of Dublin and further afield in Ireland: follow drj_sidewalksafari on Instagram.

Pictures of Ireland by Theme

Let's start with a selection of photos of Ireland curated by theme.

Pictures of Ireland Castles

There is nothing like an Irish castle to capture the imagination. I've visited and photographed my fair share of Ireland's castles including:
  1. 15th century castle that is now home to the Phoenix Park visitor's center in Dublin
  2. Rock of Dunamase and ruins of Dunamase Castle in County Laoise
  3. An impressive sand castle on the grounds of Dublin Castle
  4. Macroom Castle in West Cork
  5. Malahide Castle on the outskirts of Dublin City
  6. Kilkea Castle, a 12th century gem that you can stay in
  7. Carlingford Castle on Carlingford Lough
  8. Imposing Athlone Castle in the Irish Midlands
  9. Lismore Castle in County Waterford
Picture of Ireland Castles: the Phoenix Park Visitors Centre in DublinPicture of Ireland Castles: Ruins of Dunamase CastlePicture of Ireland Castle: Sand castle on the grounds of Dublin Castle
Pictures of Ireland Castles: Macroom Castle in West CorkPicture of Malahide Castle near Dublin IrelandPicture of Kilkea Castle in County Kilkdare IrelandPhoto of Carlingford Castle in IrelandPicture of Athlone CastlePicture of Ireland's Lismore Castle

Pictures of Ireland Beaches and Cliffs

Ireland's beaches and windswept cliffs also make for lovely photographs. You can't swim at Irish beaches without a wet suit, but a photowalk is always possible. Let me share some of my favorite photos of Ireland's beaches and cliffs here:
  1. North Bull Island near Dublin City and Clontarf
  2. A rocky beach on a moody day in Waterville in County Kerry
  3. Starling and a sailboat on the Irish Sea in Monkstown near Dublin
  4. The cliff walk from Bray to Greystones near Dublin
  5. Iconic Poolbeg towers and the beach at Sandymount Strand
  6. Stunning cliff walk and well in Ardmore in County Waterford
Pictures of Ireland Beaches: North Bull IslandPicture of Ireland Beaches: Rocks and sand in WatervilleStarling on the beach in Monkstown Ireland
Bray to Greystones CliffwalkPoolbeg Towers and Sandymount Beach in DublinCliff walk in Ardmore Ireland

Pictures of Ireland's Countryside

Ireland's countryside is ripe with photo opportunities. If you take yourself on a self-drive around Ireland, give in to the urge to pull over often to capture some amazing pictures of Ireland in the country's most rural areas. Sheep and thatched cottages are among my favorite Instagrammable subjects in Ireland.
  1. Thatched cottage with a pink door in rural Kilkenny
  2. A curious sheep in Carlingford
  3. Sheep crossing the road in County Kerry
Thatched cottage in County Kilkenny IrelandSheep in Ireland's countryside near CarlingfordSheep crossing the road in rural County Kerry Ireland

Pictures of Ireland's Cities 

I am a city girl at heart and I love exploring the cities and towns of Ireland. Some of my most memorable pictures of Ireland were taken in her cities:
  1. Giant ceramic fish taken on a weekend in Belfast
  2. Iconic Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Grand Canal Dock in Dublin
  3. The Gasworks Pub in Dublin
  4. The Long Hall Pub in Dublin City Centre
  5. Charming Georgian door and tree in Cork City
  6. Historic Sean's Bar in Athlone
  7. Sunrise over the new Google Offices in Boland's Mill
  8. A view of Boland's Mill in Dublin
  9. Historic facade in Rathmines
  10. Sun-dappled buildings in Dungarvan
  11. Historic facade in Cork City
  12. The neon bridge connecting the Google office buildings on Barrow St.
Giant ceramic fish in BelfastPicture of Ireland's Cities: Bord Gais Theatre in DublinPicture of the Gasworks Pub in Dublin IrelandPicture of the Long Hall Pub in DublinGeorgian facade in Cork City IrelandPicture of Historic Sean's Bar in Athlone Town
Sunrise over Boland's Mill in DublinGoogle's office at Boland's MillHistoric facade in Rathmines in Dublin
Picture of town square in Dungarvan IrelandDecorated facade in Cork City IrelandNeon bridge connecting the Google offices on Barrow St. in Dublin City Ireland

Pictures of Ireland by Location

The following sections cover photos taken in different locations around Ireland. 

In the Neighborhood of Dublin, Ireland Images

I covered pictures of Dublin City in a separate post featuring 106 photos of Dublin. Let's start slightly further afield but in the neighborhood of Dublin. These are destinations that you could easily get to on a drive or organized tour from Dublin in a day
  1. The Jealous Wall at Belvedere House near Mullingar
  2. The wooden roller coaster at Tayto Park (now Emerald Park), the world's only potato chip-centered theme park
  3. Falconry show at Tayto Park
  4. The courtyard at St. Patrick's Church in Maynooth
  5. The cairns at Loughcrew in the Boyne Valley
  6. Ardgillan Castle: a great place for afternoon tea in a historic home and one of my favorite castles in Ireland.

Pictures of Ireland - The Jealous Wall at Belvedere HousePhotos of Ireland: The wooden roller coaster at Tayto ParkIreland Photos: Falconry at Tayto Park

Pictures of Ireland: Courtyard at a church in MaynoothPhotos of Ireland: cairns at Loughcrew in the Boyne ValleyIreland images: Ardgillan Castle

Wicklow Ireland Images

Continuing south from Dublin, you'll arrive in County Wicklow. Wicklow features fantastic hillwalking, Irish wildlife, and ancient ruins. County Wicklow is accessible by car, public transportation, or on an organized tour.
  1. Hiking the lakes at Glendalough
  2. Grinning goat on the hiking trails near Glendalough
  3. Historic cannon protecting the Black Castle 
  4. Ancient round tower at the monastic settlement in Glendalough
  5. Another view of the round tower at Glendalough
  6. The ruins of the Black Castle
  7. A curious fox in the woods
  8. An infinite forest near Glendalough
  9. A babbling brook dark with tannins
  10. The P.S. I Love You bridge
  11. A more anonymous but equally idyllic stone bridge
  12. Stately lion at Powerscourt
Pictures of Ireland: the lakes at GlendaloughImages of Ireland: Grinning goat at Glendalough in County WicklowPictures of Ireland: cannon protecting Black Castle in County Wicklow

Ireland Images: round tower at GlendaloughIreland Images: round tower at GlendaloughPictures of Ireland: Black Castle in County Wicklow

Photos of Ireland: Fox in County WicklowIreland Images: forest in County WicklowPictures of Ireland: stream in County Wicklow

Photos of Ireland: the P.S. I Love You bridgeIreland Images: Stone bridge in County WicklowPictures of Ireland: Powerscourt

Pictures of Ireland: Wexford

Continue south from Wicklow and you'll arrive in County Wexford. Known for some of the best strawberries in Ireland, Wexford is also great for birdwatching. Greenland white-fronted geese overwinter at the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

Did you know that Wexford is also the ancestral home of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy? Plan a stop to the Kennedy homestead on a road trip from Dublin to Kinsale.

Pictures of Ireland: Flock of birds over Wexford Wildfowl Reserve
Ireland images: Greenland White-fronted GeesePictures of Ireland: The Kennedy Homestead in County Wexford

Kilkenny Ireland Photos

Kilkenny is one of the best places in Ireland to visit by train. If you are ambitious, you can even do Kilkenny as a day trip from Dublin. Take a virtual trip to Kilkenny with these photos:
  1. The garden at Rothe House, a well-preserved Medieval dwelling
  2. A Kilkenny home ensconced in fiery foliage
  3. Dublin doors may be iconic but Dublin isn't the only city in Ireland known for amazing doors. Check out this pair of Irish doors near the historic Smithwick's brewery.
  4. The park at Kilkenny Castle
  5. Remnants of Nelson's Pillar that was blown up on O'Connell Street in Dublin during The Troubles
  6. An atmospheric ruined church
 Photos of Ireland: Rothe House in KilkennyImages of Ireland: Ivy covered home in KilkennyPictures of Ireland: Red and yellow doors in Kilkenny

 Images of Ireland: Hiking path with autumn foliage at Kilkenny CastleIreland Images: Remnants of Nelson's Pillar in KilkennyIreland Images: Ruined church in Kilkenny

Cork Ireland Photos

Cork City (one of the best cities to visit in Ireland) has great craic and County Cork (both East Cork and West Cork) features some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland. Join us on a virtual tour of Cork below.
  1. Empty streets of Cork City on a Sunday morning
  2. A historic quad at University College Cork (UCC)
  3. St. Fin Barre's church towers in the distance
  4. St. Fin Barre in Cork City on a cloudless day
  5. Gorgeous door on the UCC campus
  6. Gargoyle drainpipe at St. Fin Barre's Church
  7. Flags flying over Cork City
  8. Shandon Bells and Tower at St. Anne's Church in Cork City
  9. Bright yellow door in Clonakilty in West Cork
  10. A comforting fire at The Castle Inn pub in Cork City
  11. A brightly colored building in Cork City
  12. Sundial at the UCC campus
  13. Nano Nagle Place
  14. Red Abbey Tower
  15. The facade of St. Fin Barre's Cathedral
  16. Youghal Clock Gate Tower in East Cork
  17. Fishing boat in Youghal
  18. Clouds over Old Head Lighthouse in Kinsale
Pictures of Ireland: empty street in Cork IrelandPictures of Ireland: Flowers on the University College Cork (UCC) campusImages of Ireland: St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork City

Images of Ireland: St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork CityPhotos of Ireland: Decorative door on the University College Cork (UCC) campus in Cork CityPictures of Ireland: gargoyle at St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

Photos of Ireland: Flags flying over Cork CityImages of Ireland: Shandon Bells and Tower in Cork CityImages of Ireland: Yellow and blue door in Clonakilty in West Cork

Ireland Photos: fireplace at the Castle Inn in Cork CityImages of Ireland: Orange facade in Cork CityIreland Photos: Sundial at University College Cork (UCC)

Ireland Pictures: Nano Nagle PlacePictures of Ireland: Red Abbey TowerImages of Ireland: St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

Photos of Ireland: Youghal Clock Gate Tower in East CorkPictures of Ireland: blue fishing boat in Youghal County CorkPictures of Ireland: Clouds over Old Head Lighthouse in Kinsale

Photos of Ireland: The Ring of Kerry

Continuing along the southern coast of Ireland, we arrive at one of the Republic's most popular places for tourists: The Ring of Kerry. Head to Killarney and then embark on a virtual scenic drive below.
  1. Muckross Abbey
  2. Craggy coastline at Parknasilla
  3. Sunrise over the Ring of Kerry at Parknasilla
  4. Clouds and reflections near Killarney Town
  5. The grounds of Parknasilla
  6. Walking the coastline at Parknasilla
Ireland Photos: Muckross Abbey near KillarneyPhotos of Ireland: coastline near Parknasilla on the Ring of KerryPictures of Ireland: Sunrise over Parknasilla

Pictures of Ireland: Mountain and lake reflections near Killarney in County KerryIreland Images: Parknasilla on the Ring of KerryImages of Ireland: Boardwalk hike near Parknasilla

Pictures of Ireland: The Dingle Peninsula

Going even further to the southwest, we come to some photos from one of my all-time favorite road trips in Ireland: the Dublin to Dingle drive. The Dingle Peninsula is one of the most beautiful parts of the Wild Atlantic Way.
  1. Driving the Dingle Peninsula
  2. Sunset over Dingle Town
  3. An adorable Spring lamb
  4. Taking a hike along the Dingle Peninsula
  5. Angry seas and dramatic cliffs on a sunny day at the edge of the Dingle Peninsula along Slea Head Drive
  6. The colorful facades of Dingle Town
  7. A moody day at Inch Beach
  8. Gallarus Oratory, a perfectly preserved beehive church on the Dingle Peninsula
  9. Green fields that inspire Ireland's nickname (The Emerald Isle)
Pictures of Ireland: Slea Head Drive on the Dingle PeninsulaIreland Images: Sunset over DinglePhotos of Ireland: Spring lamb in Dingle

Ireland Images: Coastline on the Dingle PeninsulaPhotos of Ireland: Views of the Sea on Slea Head Drive in DinglePictures of Ireland: Colorful buildings in Dingle Town

Ireland Images: Inch BeachImages of Ireland: Gallarus Oratory in DingleIreland Images: Green fields in Dingle 

Limerick Ireland Pictures

We now head north and east to Limerick. Limerick City is arguably one of the more underrated destinations in Ireland but is great for a weekend break.
  1. Bunratty Castle
  2. The grounds of Bunratty Castle and Folk Park
  3. Limerick's famous Milk Market
  4. King John's Castle
  5. Gorgeous red door in Limerick City
  6. Door to 12th Century St. Mary's Cathedral

Pictures of Ireland: Bunratty Castle near LimerickImages of Ireland: Historic farm equipment at Bunratty Castle and Folk ParkIreland Images: Limerick Milk Market

Instagrammable Ireland: King John's Castle in LimerickInstagrammable Ireland: Red door in Limerick CityPictures of Ireland: Door to St. Mary's Cathedral in Limerick

Galway Ireland Photos

Let's head north from Limerick to Galway, one of Ireland's most beautiful cities.
  1. Galway Cathedral
  2. The Quad of NUI Galway covered in red Autumn foliage
  3. The NUIG Quad at another time of year
  4. Gingerbread man at the Galway Christmas Market on Eyre Square
  5. Happy little snowmen on Eyre Square
  6. Thomas Dillon jewelers, home to the world-famous Claddagh ring
Photos of Ireland: Galway CathedralImages of Ireland: NUI Galway quad with red foliagePictures of Ireland: NUIG quad

Images of Ireland: Gingerbread man on Eyre Square in GalwayPhotos of Ireland: Snowmen on Eyre Square in GalwayPictures of Ireland: Thomas Dillon jewelers, home of the Claddagh ring

Connemara Ireland Images

West of Galway, you'll find one of the most remote and wild parts of Ireland: Connemara. In Connemara some people still speak Irish rather than English as their first language. Connemara is one of the most scenic places to take pictures in Ireland.
  1. Horse racing at low tide on Omey Island
  2. Stone ruins in Cong
  3. A charming thatched cottage
  4. Decadent Ashford Castle where you can spend more than 1000 EUR a night for a room
  5. A windswept cottage on the Atlantic
  6. A stone wall on Inchagoill Island, a place where St. Patrick himself is rumored to have spent time
Photos of Ireland: Horse race on Omey Island in ConnemaraIreland Images: Stone ruins in CongPictures of Ireland: Thatched cottage in Connemara

Images of Ireland: Ashford CastlePictures of Ireland: Cottage on the sea in ConnemaraPictures of Ireland: stone wall on Inchagoill Island in Connemara

Mayo Ireland Photos

County Mayo is one of the most peaceful places in all of Ireland. From Westport Town to Ballina and everywhere in between, commune with nature and come away refreshed and rejuvenated.
  1. Sheep along the cycle path between Achill Island and Westport Town
  2. Colorful flowers framing a mountain landscape between Achill Island and Westport
  3. Mischievous sheep on the path at Mount Falcon. 
  4. Mossy stones in the woods on a walk at Mount Falcon
  5. Eyes like a hawk at Mount Falcon
  6. Yellow flowers on the Great Western Greenway, one of the best things to do near Westport
  7. A mother sheep and her lamb on the cycle track between Achill Island and Westport
  8. Anchor and the bridge to Achill Island
  9. Sunset over the Octagon in Westport Town
Pictures of Ireland: Sheep under a tree in County MayoImages of Ireland: mountain and flowers in County MayoPhotos of Ireland: Curious sheep at Mount Falcon in County Mayo

Ireland images: Mossy stones at Mount Falcon in County MayoImages of Ireland: yellow flowers on the Great Western Greenway in County Mayo

Ireland Photos: Mama sheep and lamb on the Great Western Greenway in County MayoPictures of Ireland: Anchor and the bridge to Achill Island in County MayoIreland images: sunset over the Octagon in Westport County Mayo

Sligo Ireland Photos

Sligo on Ireland's west coast is one of the least touristed and most underrated places in Ireland. Transport yourself to Sligo with these beautiful pictures from the town and countryside.
  1. Easkey Castle
  2. Wooden fence in the countryside
  3. An affectionate horse guarding the Carrowmore megalithic burial site
  4. Stunning views of Benbulbin
  5. The walled garden and sea beyond at Lissadell House
  6. The sea in Sligo is known for surfing
  7. Rippling sand near Lissadell House
  8. An idyllic church in Sligo Town
  9. The roaring Easkey River
  10. Lavagh Friary (aka Court Abbey)
  11. Sheep encounter on the hike to Knocknashee
  12. A windy view of Benbulbin
Pictures of Ireland: Easkey Castle in County SligoPictures of Ireland: field in County SligoPictures of Ireland: horse by a megalithic tomb

Photos of Ireland: Pictures of BenbulbinIreland Photos: Pictures of Lissadell HouseIreland Images: waves on the Atlantic Ocean

Photos of Ireland: ripples in the sand in County SligoPictures of Ireland: Church in Sligo TownImages of Ireland: The Easkey River in County Sligo

Ireland Photos: Lavagh Friary (aka Court Abbey)Ireland Images: Sheep lined up on the hike to Knocknashee in SligoPictures of Ireland: A windy view of Benbulben

Northern Ireland Images

Continuing north and east, we cross the border into Northern Ireland. Belfast is definitely worth visiting and a weekend trip from Dublin to Belfast is definitely one of my favorites. These images of Belfast and the surrounding region will hopefully inspire you to visit.
  1. Commercial Court is lined with pubs and street art
  2. The twisting staircase at Belfast Castle
  3. Stone wall looking out to the sea in Bangor

Photos of Ireland: Commercial Court in BelfastPictures of Ireland: staircase at Belfast CastleImages of Ireland: Stone wall in Bangor, Northern Ireland

Images of Ireland: Miscellaneous Pictures

I didn't have enough photos of these places in Ireland to warrant their own section so I'll just end this post with a few miscellaneous pictures. These are some great spots in Ireland that you won't want to miss on your virtual tour!
  1. Birr Castle, once home to the world's largest Victorian-era telescope
  2. Dromoland Castle with a Back to the Future inspired DeLorean parked out front. Did you know that the DeLorean was manufactured in Northern Ireland? Dromoland Castle is location in County Clare.
  3. Charming thatched roof cottage in Adare
Photos of Ireland: Birr CastlePictures of Ireland: Dromoland Castle and a DeLoreanPictures of Ireland: thatched cottage in Adare

I hope you've enjoyed this virtual tour of Ireland. I find photography to be a great comfort during this time of crisis. 

I reflect on these images of Ireland and hope to welcome you to the country that I now call home in the (hopefully) not so distant future. 

In the meantime, stay safe wherever you are.

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Ireland Pictures - Collage for PinterestIreland Pictures - Collage for Pinterest

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 136 Pictures of Ireland That Will Make You Feel Like You're There
136 Pictures of Ireland That Will Make You Feel Like You're There
Explore Pictures of Ireland. Discover Ireland images. See Photos of Ireland. Check out our Ireland picture gallery and take a virtual tour of Ireland.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog