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18 Ancient and Modern Things to do in Nafplio on a Vacation in Greece

Discover things to do in Nafplio on a road trip in the Peloponnese in Greece. Explore places to visit around Nafplion for a dose of ancient history.
Did you know that Nafplio was the first capital of modern Greece? 

After Greece achieved independence from the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th Century, Count Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first head of the newly independent Greek state, landed on the Greek mainland for the first time in Nafplio in 1828. He made it the official capital of Greece in 1829. 

As you can see, Nafplio is a place of incredible historic significance, and not just modern history, of course. Nearby Nafplio, you'll find ruins of the rarified Mycenaean civilization which rose and fell between 1750 and 1050 B.C. 

In this post, we'll help you plan a trip to the Peloponnese to discover all the ancient and modern things to do in Nafplio and nearby.
View of Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio Greece

Is it Nafplio or Nafplion?

First of all, let's address a very important question: Is it Nafplio of Nafplion? The two spellings to describe this city of about 33,000 people seem to be used interchangeably. 

I learned that Katharevousa, an attempt to make the modern Greek language more like ancient Greek was the official language of Greece until 1976. In Katharevousa, the town is Nafplion. 

After 1976 Katharevousa was out and Dimotiki, the language people used in practice became official. The town is Nafplio in Dimotiki. 

Bourtzi Fortress in Nafplion Greece

In addition, there are often multiple ways to translate words from the Greek to the Roman alphabet which contributes to the problem of the same place having multiple spellings and pronunciations. 

For purposes of this post, I'll refer to this town on the Peloponnese as Nafplio.

Getting to Nafplio

What's the best way to get to Nafplio? I recommend flying into Athens and driving to Nafplio. Our flight from Santorini to Athens only took about 45 minutes. 

Athens, of course, is a major European hub with excellent regional connections. You'll also find direct flights from Chicago, New York, and Singapore to Athens. The connection from Dubai to Athens on Emirates is a convenient option if you are coming from Asia. You could even consider splurging on an Emirates Business Class or Emirates First Class ticket.

Hire a car at Athens Airport and drive about 2 hours to Nafplio. You may feel a little nervous about driving in Greece, especially around Athens. 

I was nervous about driving at first, until I realized that the route from the airport to the Peloponnese is entirely motorway. As long as you time your trip to not coincide with rush hour, it should be smooth sailing. 

You'll be out of the city limits quickly and won't have to deal with snarled inner city traffic. Beyond the Corinth Canal, you'll find rolling hills and plenty of green landscapes to help you relax.

Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio Greece

We soon arrived in Nafplio, our home for the next 3 days. We took advice from the hotel we'd be staying at to park near the Fire Brigade. 

We had to move the day after arrival because of the Farmers Market on Wednesdays. However, we easily found a spot on the street to leave the car. 

There is also a major parking lot along the harbor. Some people will advise you to drive up the hill and park at the abandoned hotel near Akronauplía. 

If you do this, you'll have to carry your bags down a steep staircase into Nafplio.

Abandoned hotel in Nafplio with view of Palamidi Fortress

Where to Stay in Nafplio

We booked into the Hotel Grand Sarai for our stay in Nafplio. We paid 420 EUR for 3 nights for a Prestige double room with a view. 

You can't miss the hotel: it's in a pink building that dates back to the Venetian period. The rooms are comfortable, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, plus a buffet breakfast was included. 

The Hotel Grand Sarai had great views too! There is even a small amount of outside seating with a resident cat. Hotel Grand Sarai is less than a 10 minute walk along narrow cobbled streets. 

The hotel is at the bottom of a steep staircase in a pedestrianized part of town. You can get a little closer than the Fire Brigade to park, but for us, it wasn't worth the white-knuckled drive down extremely narrow lanes. 

The few parking spots closer to the hotel are often full and then you'll have to contend with turning around in a narrow space to get out again. 

Do yourself a favor and walk to the hotel from the parking areas on the edges of Old Town Nafplio.

Pink facade of Hotel Grand Sarai in Nafplio Greece

Things to do in Nafplio at a Glance

Let me start by giving you an overview of the things to do in Nafplio including some day trips around the Peloponnese by car:
  1. Drink Greek Wine with a View
  2. Eat Dinner Overlooking the Harbour
  3. Watch the Sunset or the Sunrise 
  4. Shop Nafplio to Commemorate Your Vacation in Greece
  5. Browse the Nafplio Farmers Market
  6. Explore the Ruins of Akronauplía above Nafplio
  7. Drink Frappe Espresso in a Quiet Courtyard
  8. Drive to Epidaurus
  9. Enjoy Wine and Mezze Al Fresco in Nafplio
  10. Eat Dinner at Karima Kastro
  11. Seek out the Doors of Nafplio
  12. Climb 1000 Steps to the Fortress of Palamidi
  13. Take a Day Trip from Nafplio to the Archaeological Site of Mycenae
  14. Stop at Agora for a Coffee
  15. Go for Casual Drinks and Dinner in Nafplio
  16. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio
  17. Learn about the History of Modern-Day Greece at the Church of Saint Spyridon
  18. Hike Tiryns

Map of Things to do Around Nafplio

Click on the image of the map below to open up an interactive version in Google Maps to help you plan your Nafplio itinerary.

Nafplio map of things to do

Things to do in Nafplio in Detail

Now let's deep dive into all the things to do in Nafplio including both the town itself and Nafplio day trips around the Peloponnese.

1. Drink Greek Wine with a View

View of Bourtzi Castle from Nafplio

One of the best things about Nafplio are the views. Grab a glass of wine at a cafe along the promenade overlooking Bourtzi Castle. 

We paid 4.50 EUR for a generous pour that came with cucumbers, kalamata olives, and cheese to graze on. One of the local cats conned their way into my good graces and then boldly stole my cheese. 

Well played 👏, well played 👏👏👏

Cheeky cat in Nafplio Greece

2. Eat Dinner Overlooking Nafplio's Harbour

Fresh fish on ice in Nafplio Greece

There are so many restaurants to choose from overlooking the harbor in Nafplio! Browse the menus and the fresh catch before settling on a place for dinner. 

We opted for an early dinner at To Teloneio. We enjoyed a hot fava bean dip plus mushrooms in a wine sauce to start followed by fresh sea bream served whole on the plate. 

Everything was fresh and delicious! A 500 ml carafe of Greek wine cost only 5 EUR. We were treated to mastic liqueur and a mini ice cream pop for dessert. 

All told, we spent less than 50 EUR for two people for dinner. Not bad value!

To Teloneio restaurant in Nafplio GreeceWhat to eat in Nafplio: Dinner at To Teloneio restaurant

3. Watch the Sunset or the Sunrise Over Nafplio

There is nothing like a Greek sunset or sunrise so make sure you're awake to catch at least one on your trip to Nafplio. 

We managed to catch the tail end of the sunset in Nafplio after we finished dinner at To Teloneio. The sunrises and sunsets were lovely when viewed from the balcony of our room at Hotel Grand Sarai.

Sunrise in Nafplio Greece

4. Shop Nafplio to Commemorate Your Vacation in Greece

Do a little post dinner shopping in Nafplio. There are lots of cute shops to explore on Nafplio's cobbled, pedestrianized streets. 

I picked up some hair scrunchies (1.80 - 2.50 EUR each) and nougat before heading back to our hotel. We saw lots of fun souvenirs for sale at reasonable prices.

5. Browse the Nafplio Farmers Market

Strawberries and oranges at Nafplio Farmers Market

The Farmers Market in Nafplio takes place on Wednesdays. Explore the piles of fruit, vegetables, fish, and more along 25is Martiou. We bought oranges and strawberries as a treat. 

We paid 1.70 EUR for a half kilo of strawberries and 0.60 EUR for 4 oranges. Let the great prices incentivize healthy eating on your Greece vacation!

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: We visited Greece over the Easter holiday. Greece celebrates Orthodox Easter which is celebrated on a different date from the Easter commemorated in most other places in Europe and around the world. Traveling to an Orthodox place over non-Orthodox Easter means attractions, shops, and restaurants will be open and you potentially have the benefit of paid time off from work at the same time. 

Looking for other places to visit during Easter to maximize limited time off while ensuring all the key attractions will be open? Romania and Cyprus also celebrate Orthodox Easter. Why not:

6. Explore the Ruins of Akronauplía above Nafplio

Make time to climb up to the ruins of Akronauplía during your stay in Nafplio. You get great views of the sea and Palamidi Castle. 

Walk among the ruins of Akronauplía fortress which dates back several hundred years. Bonus: in April, Akronauplía is carpeted in wildflowers.

Places to visit in Nafplio: Akronauplía blanketed in wildflowers

We even spotted some wildlife at Akronauplía. We saw lots of cool birds including a blue rock thrush and somewhat surprisingly, a tortoise moseying along the road.

Blue rock thrush at Akronauplía in Nafplio GreeceTortoise near Akronauplía in Nafplio Greece

7. Drink Frappe Espresso in a Quiet Courtyard

Nafplio is about relaxed exploration. One of the best things to do in Nafplio is take time for a coffee break in the quiet courtyard at the cafe at Messini Pension. 

We tried a Freddo Espresso which is kind of like a frappe, but smaller and made with real espresso instead of Nescafe. 

Enjoy your refreshing beverage with a side of people-watching on the pedestrianized street nearby.

Frappe espresso at Agora near Nafplio GreeceSculptures in the museum at Epidaurus near Nafplio Greece

8. Drive from Nafplio to Epidaurus

Things to do near Nafplio: the amphitheatre at Epidaurus
Keep an eye on the news when you visit Greece to avoid the unexpected. 

On the first full day of our Nafplio trip, we learned that the Fortress of Palamidi and many other Archeological attractions near Nafplio were closed due to strike action. 

Thanks to the helpful staff at Hotel Grand Sarai, we learned that most tourist attractions were closed that day, but Epidaurus was open so we embarked on a Peloponnese road trip

Located about a 30 min drive from Nafplio, Epidaurus is one of the most famous attractions on the Peloponnese. 

We started by exploring the sanctuary and museum. The cult of Asclepius believed healing miracles took place here over the centuries. 
Things to do near Nafplio: walk the field of ruins at Epidavros

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus dates back to the 4th Century B.C. and it's still used to this day for performances. Climb to the top and admire the views over rolling green hills. 

Listen to the folks walking on the stage... The acoustics mean you can hear most everything they say.

Things to do near Nafplio: the Ancient Theatre at Epidaurus

9. Enjoy Wine and Mezze Al Fresco in Nafplio

Back in Nafplio, we enjoyed a 500 ml carafe of Greek red wine for just 3.50 EUR at Surreal. We had skipped lunch so also got some cheese doughnuts drenched in honey and spicy feta dip. 

So. Much. Cheese. Then again, you can never have too much cheese, am I right? 

Surreal is centrally located in the heart of pedestrianized Nafplio so you can watch and listen to the people go by as you relax in the sunshine.

What to eat in Nafplio: cheese balls, cheese dip and red wine at Surreal

10. Eat Dinner at Karima Kastro

Many of the best things to do in Nafplio center around eating. We were lucky and nabbed an outside table at Karima Kastro for dinner. 

The inside of the restaurant was entirely packed. We enjoyed a cucumber and tomato salad, stuffed grape leaves, fresh sea bream (once again served whole), and two different glasses of wine from the Peloponnese for dinner. 

Karima Kastro features an extensive list of upmarket Greek wines by the glass. Our meal at Karima Kastro culminated with apples with honey and cinnamon for dessert accompanied by a kitty hoping for some scraps. 

What to eat in Nafplio: fresh fish, Greek salad, stuff grape leaves, and apples at Karima KastroGlass of white Greek wine at Karima Kastro in Nafplio Greece

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: There are two categories of wine in Greece: barrel wine and bottled wine. Barrel wine comes in glasses or carafes of varying sizes and is great value for money. 

The wines we had earlier while dining al fresco (500 mL for 5 EUR) were Greek barrel wines. Greek bottled wine is more pricey and can run in excess of 5 EUR for a glass. 

We heard a waiter quip that drinking barrel wine immediately after drinking bottle wine tastes like drinking water. Try both during your Greek vacation and compare for yourself.

11. Seek out the Doors of Nafplio

My regular readers know that I am obsessed with door photography, especially photographing the doors of Dublin. Keep an eye out for adorable doors in Nafplio. 

I spotted a cute door hiding in plain sight. The colors are amazing and delightful. 

Go on a Nafplio doors scavenger hunt. Let yourself get a little bit lost and steep in the lovely atmosphere of the town.

Blue shop door in Nafplio GreeceBrown door in Nafplio GreeceWhite door with stained glass and ivy in Nafplio Greece

12. Climb 1000 Steps to the Fortress of Palamidi

Sad trombone...The Fortress of Palamidi and many other Archeological attractions near Nafplio were closed on the day we wanted to visit due to strike action. 

Fortunately, there was a sign at the bottom of the hill, so we didn't walk up the steep steps only to find the fortress closed. 

We came back the next day and were excited to see that Palamidi Fortress, Nafplio's signature attraction was open! We walked up nearly 1000 steps to the top. It took us about 20 minutes to ascend. 

Things to do in Nafplio Greece: Climb the stairs to the Fortress of Palamidi

The views from Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio are positively stunning. Climb the stairs early while they are still in the shade. The sun peeks over the mountain by about 11 am in April.

Views of Akronauplía and Nafplio town from the Fortress of Palamidi

View of a bastion and the sea from Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio GreeceStairs leading to the Fortress of Palamidi with sea views in Nafplio Greece

Palamidi is a Venetian fortress dating back to the 17th century and thus modern by Greek standards. Explore the various bastions. 

It's 1000 steps up and then you'll need to climb some more after you enter the fortress. Pay 20 EUR for Palamidi Fortress and a 3 day ticket that is good for 5 other nearby attractions.

A bastion in the Fortress of Palamidi in Nafplio Greece

Wildflowers, butterflies, chirping birds, and kayakers in the water below are things you might encounter atop Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio.

Wheatear bird at Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio Greece

The climb down from Palamidi Fortress is certainly easier than the uphill trek. I discovered that 1000 steps is a slight exaggeration but not much. 

I counted 905 steps on the way down. The cafe at the bottom of the hill claims that the climb is 999 steps. 

As I was counting, I didn't tell anyone walking up the number. It would have been mean to say: 700 steps to go!

Views from Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio Greece

13. Take a Day Trip from Nafplio to the Archaeological Site of Mycenae

The Archaeological Site of Mycenae is about a 30 min drive from Nafplio and is included in the combo ticket with Palamidi Fortress. 

We entered through Lions Gate and were immediately in awe of this civilization that peaked in the 13-15th century B.C. Mycenae is shrouded in mystery. 

What's myth and what's real? Stories of Mycenae were once thought to have ties to Homer's Odyssey.

Places to visit near Nafplion: Lions Gate at the Archaeological Site of MycenaeRuins at the Archaeological Site of Mycenae

Behold the impressive views from the ruins at Mycenae. Lots of cool finds from the excavation at Mycenae are on display in the museum onsite. 

Anthropomorphic sculptures, drinking vessels, ancient coins, and intricate seals were fascinating.

Make sure to stop at the Treasury at Atreus to see the beehive dome covering this royal tomb of Mycenae. 

When we visited, the beehive dome seemed to be a literal beehive. There were so many bees buzzing about the dark chamber!

Mycenaean Anthropomorphic Sculptures and drinking vessels discovered near Nafplio Greece

14. Stop at Agora for a Coffee

Freddo espresso time! Stop at Agora on the way back from Mycenae to Nafplio. Agora is a good spot to fuel up. 

You can even buy a copy of various museum pieces from antiquity. We stuck with the caffeine and skipped the souvenirs.

Frappe espresso at Agora near Nafplio Greece

15. Go for Casual Drinks and Dinner in Nafplio

Back in Nafplio after our Peloponnese day trip, it was wine o'clock at The Yacht along the waterfront. We enjoyed a glass of Greek white wine overlooking the promenade and harbor.

Glasses of red and white Greek wine at the Yacht Bar in Nafplio

We finished our day in Nafplio with an early dinner at Taverna Byzantio since we had skipped lunch. Of course, there were cats making the rounds. We made two new friends at our outside table.

Collage of Greek food served at Taverna Byzantio in Nafplio2 Cats looking for a handout of food in Nafplion Greece

We enjoyed fava bean dip, feta stuffed peppers, pork Souvlaki, and pork with lemon sauce washed down with a carafe of Greek red wine. 

The portions were huge and really good value for money. We somehow managed to squeeze in a free panna cotta for dessert. Roll me home!

16. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio

On the last of our 3 days in Nafplio, we got an early start to see the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio which was included in our 3 day combo ticket. The museum is open from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. 

Check out a number of the finds from nearby archeological sites like Tiryns and Mycenae. Give yourself about 30 min to see the exhibits at a leisurely pace. 

We experienced constant sunshine during our trip to Nafplio, but I can imagine that the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio is the perfect activity for a rainy day.

Things to do in Nafplio: Check out the vases at the Archaeological Museum

17. Learn about the History of Modern-Day Greece at the Church of Saint Spyridon

The door to the Church of Saint Spyridon was open when we walked by so we stuck our heads in. What a gorgeous blue dome! 

Did you know that Ioannis Kapodistrias, first head of modern independent Greece was murdered on the church's doorstep in the early 19th century?

Places to see in Nafplio: Dome of the Church of Saint Spyridon

18. Hike Tiryns

We stopped at the Mycenaean archeological site at Tiryns on our drive from Nafplion to Athens since it was included in our 3 day combo ticket. 

Tiryns is not as deeply excavated as the Archaeological Site of Mycenae. Want to know the best part about our visit to Tiryns? 

The carpet of bright red poppies blanketing the site. Budget about 20-30 minutes to walk around and soak in both nature and ruins from antiquity.

Red poppies covering the Mycenaean archeological site at Tiryns

Returning from Nafplio to Athens

Planning to spend a few days in Athens after your trip to Nafplio? Drop the car off at the airport and either take the Metro or arrange for a taxi or car service into the city. 

There was no way we were going to drive in the city of Athens! Spending a few days in Athens is also a great idea as a layover on a longer Greece itinerary. 

We had about a week's worth of dirty clothes from our time in Santorini and Nafplio. Easywash to the rescue! You'll find Easywash locations scattered around Athens and will be in and out with clean clothes in about an hour. 

We paid 3 EUR per load to wash and 4 EUR for 32 min of dry time. You can buy detergent, softener, bleach etc. from pending machines at the facility.
Things to see in Nafplio: The 18th century Land Gate

Bonus! More of the Peloponnese on a Guided Day Trip to Corinth

A trip to Nafplio is really just scratching the surface of the Peoponnese. If you're itching for more ancient Greek history, I recommend taking a day trip from Athens to Corinth, where you'll be regaled with tales from Greek history and mythology. 

Our guide Stella told us the story of Persephone who was kidnapped and taken to the land of the dead.  Her mother and the rest of her people mourned the loss and eventually convinced Hades to allow Persephone to spend two thirds of the year among the living and one third among the dead. 

The transition is marked by the change of seasons (Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring) with celebrations afforded to Persephone to send her off and welcome her home. 

Athens to Corinth Day Trip: Pillars

Corinth Canal - 2000 Years in the Making

We soon arrived at our first destination, the Corinth Canal, where Nero broke ground with a golden shovel nearly 2000 years ago.  The project was almost two millennia in the making as the canal was not finished until 1893.  

Today, the Corinth Canal is too narrow for major commercial traffic but we did get lucky and passed by as two vessels were navigating the channel.  It’s a long way down…
The Corinth Canal on the Peloponnese in Greece

Echos of the Distant Past at Ancient Corinth

We heard echoes of the distant path in the museum at ancient Corinth.  Apparently, statues during the times of Roman occupation were mass produced headless and when a portrait was commissioned, a bespoke head was added.  

Patients that had recovered from particular afflictions would make an offering to the gods and it was typically fashioned in the likeness of the body part that had been afflicted. I thought this practice was fascinating.  
Museum at Ancient Corinth

A Walk through the Ancient Agora at Corinth

Ancient Greek sites are simply not complete without an Acropolis (check!) and Agora (also check!).  We walked through the ruins of the Agora at Corinth looking up to the site of the ancient Acropolis.  

Much of the site laid in ruins but stately columns dotted the landscape giving a sense of what the place must have been like in its heyday.  
Agora at Ancient Corinth

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Looking for other places to visit that are filled with Greek and Roman antiquities? Consider spending 3 days in Malta, or driving Sicily. You could also stay in Greece and explore all the unique things to do in Santorini.

Ancient Sport Re-enacted

We made one quick stop at Ancient Nemea.  Stella rushed us past the obligatory ruins and columns so fast I couldn’t even get a proper photo!  

We ducked into the small museum which housed examples of equipment used in ancient sports such as the discus.  We also watched a video describing how researchers had reconstructed the mechanism the Greeks used to fairly start their competitive footraces. 

 This is something we might have passed by if Stella hadn’t highlighted the significance.
Ancient Nemea on the Peloponnese near Nafplio

Channeling our Inner Zeus at Semeli Winery

The day tour we were on (sponsored as part of TBEX Athens) was a great mix of eyeballing antiquities and one of our favorite vacation pastimes:  tasting wine!  

We were soon negotiating our way up a very narrow road in a rather large bus. 7.9 km (and with some serious white knuckles!) later, we disembarked at Semeli Winery. 

I felt a bit like Zeus on Mount Olympus with green hills and vineyards fanning out below us.  We were ushered inside for a tour of the operation which had definitely progressed beyond the technology one would have found in ancient Greece.  

We tasted five excellent Greek wines that offered fantastic value for money.  The most expensive ‘reserve’ wine was only 8 euro.  

A light Greek lunch of meatballs and salad with halloumi rounded out our day.  We left with bellies full and a couple bottles of Semeli wines to take home.
Semeli Winery on the Peloponnese in Greece

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Looking for other unique destinations with great wine? Check out Brno in the Czech Republic (aka Czechia) for some lovely light reds.

We covered quite a bit of ground in a short period of time and this day trip was a great way to see more of the Peloponnese.  It’s amazing to think that all of this is just an hour’s drive from the Greek capital and a nice addition to your Nafplio or Athens itinerary

Did you enjoy this post about things to do in Nafplio on a trip to Greece? Sharing is caring...

Old Town Nafplio GreeceLand Gate in Nafplion Greece

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 18 Ancient and Modern Things to do in Nafplio on a Vacation in Greece
18 Ancient and Modern Things to do in Nafplio on a Vacation in Greece
Discover things to do in Nafplio on a road trip in the Peloponnese in Greece. Explore places to visit around Nafplion for a dose of ancient history.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog