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10 of the Best Ways to Savor Lanzarote Food and Wine

Discover top Lanzarote food and wine experiences on a trip to the Canary Islands. Explore Lanzarote wineries and eat in Lanzarote restaurants. Learn about fun places to eat in Lanzarote.
One of the things that impressed us the most about our 4-day trip to Lanzarote in January, one of the Canary Islands, was not the sun and beaches (it was actually cloudy and cool most of the time while we were there in January) but rather the food and wine. 

Read on for ten of our favorite Lanzarote food and wine experiences that will make you hungry before your trip even begins.

Lanzarote food - pimientos padron

1. Lanzarote Wines at El Grifo

Visiting the bodegas associated with Lanzarote vineyards is one of the most fun things to do on a trip to the Canary Islands. El Grifo was by far our favorite winery in Lanzarote.  They do both a self-guided tour through a small museum and the vineyard itself plus a generous tasting is included in the admission price.  We particularly enjoyed the chance to see Lanzarote's unique vines; each dug into the black volcanic soil and the grapes lovingly protected from the wind by a semi-circle of rocks.  The timing of our visit was also impeccable.  We heard tinkling of the keys on a piano and walked into the small museum just as it started to rain outside.  We were serenaded by someone prepping for an upcoming event as we explored the exhibits.
Lanzarote Wine: El Grifo Winery

2. Lanzarote Wines at La Geria

La Geria was another fun winery to visit on our journey to Lanzarote.  Just look for the small white church that sits in front next to the road.  Bottle after bottle of fine white and rose wines were lined up in the tasting room. I imagine that these La Geria wines would go well with fresh fish dishes or prawns.  We picked up some unique bottles of wine (some for less than 10 EUR each).  This is wine we simply can't get at home.  If you fly Ryanair or another low cost carrier to get to Lanzarote, it's worth paying for an extra checked bag so you can bring some bottles of wine home.
Lanzarote Wine: La Geria Winery

3. Food and Drinks of Lanzarote at Rubicon

Rubicon is just across the street from La Geria and features a small restaurant serving up local specialties.  We enjoyed Canarian food including a flavorful octopus stew, chickpeas, and the famous  papas arrugadas (wrinkled Canarian potatoes) with two kinds of spicy mojo sauce. The mojo verde (green mojo) is my favorite and is made with cilantro, parsley, green peppers and garlic. So delicious. We washed our Lanzarote cuisine down with a glass of Canarian wine, of course, before taking a quick tour of the grounds and tasting room.
Lanzarote Restaurants: Rubicon Winery and Restaurant

4. Lanzarote's Bodega Suarez Winery

Bodega Suarez is a no-nonsense family run operation.  We stopped here on a whim as we were driving past.  The tasting room is carved out of space in what looks like a storage area for farm equipment.  The wines themselves were good Lanzarote local wines and retail for 6-8 EUR per bottle.
Lanzarote Wine: Bodega Suarez

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5. Lanzarote's El Chupadero

El Chupadero is situated among a vast expanse of vineyards with mountains in the distance.  The views are simply stunning.  They do wine tastings by day and serve dinner and a bit of nightlife in the evenings.  We sampled three of their Lanzoarote wines:  a white, red, and rose.  The tasting cost 1 EUR per sample but we were also served a generous bowl of peanuts at no charge which really hit the spot.
Wine Tasting at Lanzarote's El Chupadero

6. Mexico in Lanzarote - Emma's Mexican Cantina

We've lived in California and the one thing we miss living in Ireland is good Mexican food.  We jumped at the chance to try 'Mexican food cook by a Mexican' as advertised by Emma's Cantina Mexicana in Lanzarote.  I loved how they had a decoder card on the table with stern warnings for those that can't take the heat. I tried the house special spicy chili con carne (they brought me a sample first to make sure I was up to the challenge since it's the spiciest thing on the menu - no problem!) washed down with a margarita.  We were even treated to a little glass of Olmeca digestif afterward.  Yum.

Lanzarote Restaurants: Emma's La Cantina Mexicana

7. Lanzarote's Dolce Vita on the Marina

We had dinner at an Italian place called Dolce Vita with sweeping views over the marina on a different night in town. You'll find both meat and seafood dishes on the menu. Ravioli with cream sauce and bacon was a highlight of the meal.  We sipped a bottle of local Lanzarote wine and at the end of the meal were treated to a digestif served over a giant ice cube.  This was definitely a charming place and typified why we love all the Lanzarote food and wine.

Lanzarote Restaurant: Dolce Vita

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8. Off the Beaten Path in Lanzarote - Haria Lunch at La Sociedad

Haria is a quiet white-washed town on the hillside in the middle of Lanzarote.  We had one of the best meals of our trip to the Canary Islands at La Sociedad on the main square.  We were lured in by the attractive menu mounted on a paella pan.  Our favorite part of this traditional Lanzarotan meal was the plate of small green peppers cooked in oil and coated with a generous layer of salt (pimientos padron).  Delicious! What's not to love about the cuisine of Lanzarote!
Lanzarote Restaurant: La Sociedad in Haris

9. Dining in the Former Capital of Lanzarote - La Cantina Teguise 

Teguise was the former capital of Lanzarote from the 15th to 19th century.  We stopped by on a quiet Sunday afternoon and after strolling through the streets lined with sun-soaked white buildings, we popped into La Cantina for lunch and sampled a platter of Canarian specialties including queso de Teguise, Potaje, papas arrugadas, gofio, mojos, pimientos padron and bread.
Lanzarote restaurants: La Cantina Teguise

10. Sweets of Lanzarote - Mantecados

I definitely have a sweet tooth and was excited to find my favorite Spanish holiday specialty available in Lanzarote.  Mantecados are pulverized almonds held together with either lard or olive oil.  We were visiting Lanzarote in January and managed to nab a large bag of mantecados at rock bottom sale prices.  I'll be rationing them until we plan our next trip to Spain!
Lanzarote food: Mantecados

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The Best Lanzarote Food and WineThe Best Lanzarote Food and Wine

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 10 of the Best Ways to Savor Lanzarote Food and Wine
10 of the Best Ways to Savor Lanzarote Food and Wine
Discover top Lanzarote food and wine experiences on a trip to the Canary Islands. Explore Lanzarote wineries and eat in Lanzarote restaurants. Learn about fun places to eat in Lanzarote.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog