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4 Fun Ways to Spend a Day in Ghent

Learn about ways to spend one day in Ghent. Plan a Ghent 1 day itinerary and find out: Is Ghent worth visiting? Make the most of 24 hours in Ghent.

You may be wondering: is Ghent worth visiting? In my opinion, Ghent is one of the most under-rated cities in Belgium

If you are planning a Belgium itinerary, make sure to spend at least one day in Ghent; you won't regret it. Read on to discover 4 ways to spend a day in Ghent. 

Pick a single Ghent itinerary for your Ghent day trip or mix and match itineraries based on your interests to fill a longer Ghent city break.

One Day in Ghent: Views of Saint Nicholas Church from the Ghent Belfry with heart inlays

Getting to Ghent

What is the best way to get to Ghent City Centre? Flying into Brussels Airport is a convenient option. 

You'll find that both national and budget carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet fly into Brussels Airport. You can also fly direct to Brussels from New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago in the United States. 

We took a late evening flight into Brussels Airport from Dublin, spent a short overnight layover in Brussels at the simultaneously historic and sleek Dominican, and then hopped on the IC train from Brussels Central Station to Ghent Sint-Pieters Station. 

Not all trains take the same amount of time to go between the two cities. We accidentally got on the local train which takes longer (about an hour vs 40 minutes for the express service) and doesn't have air conditioning. 

Oh well, getting there is half the fun! We paid 14.30 EUR for a first class duo ticket which covers transportation for 2 people.
One Day Ghent Itinerary: Belgium Rail train with graffiti
If you are coming to Belgium from the Netherlands, it takes about 2 hours to travel by train from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to Gent-Dampoort or Gent-Sint-Pieters Station. Schiphol Airport is one of the largest airport hubs in the world. 

Speaking of trains, you can also get to Ghent by rail from many European cities in 2-4 hours. Did you know that you can even get from London to Ghent in under 3 hours via the Chunnel?

We enjoyed Ghent so much that we decided to stay overnight rather than returning to Brussels the evening before our return to Dublin. Pay 16.20 EUR for a Duo Ticket plus the 5.70 EUR per person airport supplement to get from Gent St. Peters station to Brussels Airport in about an hour. 

If your flight is early, splurge on a taxi to the train station. We paid about 13 EUR door to door. We could have taken the tram, but that would have involved a 10 min walk on cobbled streets with luggage.  Plus, trams run less frequently at 5 am.

One Day Ghent Itinerary: Ghent Saint Peters Train Station

Where to Stay in Ghent

To get the full experience, I recommend spending the night for a full 24 hours in Ghent. We stayed at the Marriott Ghent and had a lovely stay. 

Breakfast is not included by default, but if you have Marriott Bonvoy Gold or Platinum status, they throw in breakfast for free since the hotel doesn't have an executive lounge. 

I was super-excited to discover perfectly ripe cherries on the breakfast buffet. I definitely got to my money's worth from the free breakfast!

One day in Ghent: View of the three medieval towers through the glass roof of the Marriott Ghent

Overall, the Marriott Ghent is a clean, quiet hotel behind a historic facade on the river. The five storey glass atrium soars above reception and the lobby bar and fills the hotel with light. The Marriott Ghent is about a 5-10 minute walk from a nearby tram stop.

Now let's take a look at how to make the most of a day in Ghent!

Things to do in Ghent in a Day When it Rains

It does rain a fair bit in Belgium, so it's good to have a strategy for things to do in Ghent when it rains. This one day Ghent itinerary focuses on things to do that will keep you dry when the weather is inclement. Even so, don't forget your umbrella as you dash between the raindrops to your next stop.

Ghent Museum of Industry

The Ghent Museum of Industry is a fantastic rainy day activity. Tickets cost 8 EUR per person unless you have a Ghent City Card. 

Explore interactive exhibits and learn about printing in different eras. You can even make you own mini-zine, albeit one that is actually really challenging to fold properly despite detailed step-by-step instructions! 

We also enjoyed exploring informative multi-media exhibits about the textile industry. You can easily extend your visit further to wait out the rain by taking time to peruse temporary exhibitions including a display of African fabrics and an exhibit on shopping thru the ages. 

Plan to spend at least an hour at the Ghent Museum of Industry. I suspect we could have easily spent a half-day here had we not been so excited to see some of the other attractions that Ghent has to offer.
Ghent in a Day: Exhibits at the Ghent Museum of Industry

Museum Dr. Guislain

Museum Dr. Guislain is another interesting attraction to add to your rainy day in Ghent itinerary. The museum covers the history of Psychiatry and is homed in a former asylum. 

Note that Museum Dr. Guislain is open limited hours on the weekend and is closed on Mondays. We found the exhibits to be fascinating albeit somewhat haunting and melancholy.
Things to do in Ghent in a Day: Museum Dr. Guislain

Tour Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

24 Hours in Ghent: Tour Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse

Another great activity for a rainy day in Ghent is the free self-guided tour of Hotel d'Hane-Steenhuyse, an 18th century mansion famous for playing host to Louis XVIII of France while he was in exile during the French Revolution. 

Today, shops sit right across the street and the tram rumbles by regularly. While you're there, head across the street to Huis Arnold Vander Haeghen. 

You'll find early photography exhibits and a room covered in amazing Chinese painted silk wallpaper. Allow an hour to properly explore and appreciate both houses.

1-Day in Ghent: Chinese painted silk wallpaper at Huis Arnold Vander Haeghen

Board Kaffee de Planck

Time for a beer break aboard Kaffee de Planck, a bar aboard a boat that opens around lunchtime. We ordered Gueze Boon Marriage Parfait and a Godendag Brown Trappist beer. 

A cheese platter was the perfect accompaniment and was served with celery salt and mustard. Kaffee de Planck has a canopy so that you're sitting outside in the fresh air, but protected from the rain at the same time. 

Things to do in Ghent in a Day: Collage of beer and cheese at Kaffee de Planck


S.M.A.K, the museum of contemporary art in Ghent is another solid rainy day activity. Purchase admission for 12 EUR per person. 

When we visited, the main exhibit was called "Splendid Isolation" and explored art created against a backdrop of isolation (e.g., pandemic, prison, mental health). Allow yourself an hour to poke around, lingering on the exhibits that catch your eye.

One Day in Ghent: Splendid Isolation Exhibit at SMAK

Ghent Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum voor Schone Kunsten (the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts, 12 EUR per person) is located just across the street from SMAK. The art exhibits range from the 15th century masters to the present day. 

You'll often find the old and new in curious juxtaposition. Give yourself 60-90 minutes to wander through the cavernous museum and linger in the rooms (many painted in bright colors) and time periods that capture your fancy.

Ghent in a Day: Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts

Take a Peek Inside Sint-Pieterskerk van Gent

Sint-Pieterskerk van Gent is just a 10 minute walk from SMAK and the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts. Take a moment to get out of the rain and check out the impressive interior of the church with its dramatic vaulted ceiling, imposing pipe organ, and priceless works of art.

SIDEWALK SAFARI SPOTLIGHT: Perhaps you are just visiting Ghent on a day trip itinerary on a longer trip to Belgium. Looking for other cool things to do on a trip to Belgium? Why not:

Visit the Ghent City Museum (STAM)

Take another 10 minute walk (hopefully you'll get lucky and there will be a break in the rain) from Sint-Pieterskerk to STAM, the Gent City Museum. Tickets cost 10 EUR per person. I recommend budgeting 90 minutes or so to have a good look around. 

Highlights of our visit to STAM included a giant hall featuring a centuries' old painting of the Last Supper with a contrasting multi-media exhibit on the opposite wall explaining the history of the building and the painting. 

STAM also features plenty of Medieval relics, Ghent towers fashioned from Legos and marionettes featuring key figures from World War II.

One Day Ghent Itinerary: Ghent City Museum (STAM)

Take an Augmented Reality Tour of the Ghent Altarpiece

The augmented reality gear is a little over the top, but it allows you to explore the Ghent Altarpiece, arguably Ghent's most famous tourist attraction, at a level of detail you couldn't otherwise.

Ghent in a Day: Augmented Reality Gear at the Mystic Lamb

This 15th-century polyptych altarpiece (also known as the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb) is incredibly life-like with impressive biblical scenes. We scanned our tickets and were soon fitted with headsets and were ready to go! 

We entered the crpyt of Saint Bavo Cathedral to take our virtual reality tour of The Ghent Altarpiece. The Mystic Lamb VR tour costs 16 EUR per person. We were able to move among holograms and inspect various real life relics at the same time.

1 Day in Ghent: The Ghent Altarpiece

After our VR introduction to the Ghent Altarpiece, we dropped off the headset and headed upstairs to the to see the Mystic Lamb with our own eyes. We arrived just before closing time and got to see the panels fold in slowly from the open to closed configuration. 

I recommend pre-booking your visit at the end of the day, if you want to see this closing ceremony. We scheduled our tour at 4:20 pm and we were standing in front of the Ghent Altarpiece about 5-10 minutes before it closed.

Beer and Cheese at Trollekelder

Trollekelder is the perfect place to sip the best Belgian beer on a rainy day in Ghent. Grab a table in the dark wood-paneled interior with plenty of items of flair on the walls. 

Order a local beer from Trollekelder's extensive menu. We sampled a wheat beer from Lupulus and Liefmans Kriek. Order a cheese plate (you can never have too much cheese when you are in Belgium!) and sprinkle your cheese cubes with celery salt as you look out the window, smug in the knowledge that you are dry while everyone outside is wet. 

Our cheese came with tiny onions, gherkins, mustard. You can easily turn this into a meal. Appreciate the gorgeous views of Sint-Jacobskerk from the upstairs window. 
Ghent in One Day: Boar's Head and Beer bottles at Trollekelder

Nab a Table for Dinner at Cosy 't Klokhuys

If it's raining hard, don't venture too far from the Marriott Ghent for dinner. We nabbed a table upstairs at 't Klokhuys. 

The restaurant is housed in a building that dates to the early 18th century and serves filling Belgian cuisine. We tried white asparagus with egg (Flemish style), salmon with pasta and a hangar steak in red wine sauce. You'll find that 't Klokhuys is warm and cozy on a rainy evening in Ghent.

Things to do in Ghent in a Day: collage of dinner dishes at 't Klokhuys

Enjoy Belgian Beer and Belgian Chocolates in Your Hotel Room

We decided to skip dessert at the restaurant. Instead, we enjoyed a Brussels Beer Project Wedding Season fruit salad sour that we picked up at a local off-licence with a sampling of cuberdons, a local Belgian sweet, back in our room. 

We kept the nightcap going with a Belle-vue extra Kriek and a Stouterik Stout paired with creatively flavored pralines from Van Hoorebeke. Yuzu, lemongrass, and passionfruit with nut butter were a few of the highlights. 

I have to say that while I love cherries, I think I was "Krieked out" by the end of this one day in Ghent itinerary! I need something less sweet next time.

One Day in Ghent Itinerary: Tray of Belgian beers

Things to do in Ghent in One Day When The Sun is Shining

Now that we've explored how to spend a day in Ghent when it rains, let's talk about top things to do in Ghent when the sun is shining. Read on for ideas to add to your plans for a nice day out in Ghent.

Walk Along the River

Orient yourself in Ghent with a walk along the river. The beautiful and ornate step-gabled buildings in Ghent create such a rich atmosphere... Not to mention fabulous photo opportunities.

One Day in Ghent: Ornate architecture

Explore Kouter Bloemenmarkt

If you visit Ghent on a sunny weekend, take a stroll through Kouter Bloemenmarkt Ghent, the flower market near the Ghent Opera House.  

Kouter Bloemenmarkt Ghent is open on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You'll most definitely find lovely blooms and perhaps even an orchestra playing under the gazebo.

Ghent in a day: flowers at Kouter Bloemenmarkt

Visit Ghent's Graffiti Street

Seek out Ghent's graffiti street. Some of the street art had polish while other works were more raw. It's worth taking a stroll here to appreciate all the creations. 

Graffiti Street is located on Werregarenstraat, a small pedestrian alley between Hoogpoort and Onderstraat.
One Day Ghent Itinerary: Graffiti Street

Go Door Hunting

One of my favorite things to do in any city on a nice day is to go door hunting. It took less than 24 hours in Ghent for the doors to start making an amazing first impression. 

Take time to walk down the quiet residential streets. You never know what beauty awaits! I appreciate finding beauty in the places I least expect. Use door hunting as an excuse to get lost in Ghent. You could also consider doing a Ghent doors scavenger hunt.

Ghent in one day: Blue doors with ivyGhent in one day: blue door on a yellow wallGhent in one day: Wood door with flowers and a round windowGhent in one day: red door with stained glass

Tour Gravensteen Castle

The Castle of the Counts, formally known as Gravensteen Castle, is one of the top tourist attractions in Ghent and is great for a sunny day. The current hulking castle and imposing wall dates back to 1180 and was commissioned by Philip of Alsace. 

Pay 12 EUR per person for a comprehensive (although decidedly cheesy) audio guide introducing the history and personalities associated with Gravensteen Castle. Prepare for plenty of gory executions, associated penance, and even a touch of potty humor. Allow 90 minutes for your visit to Gravensteen Castle.

Is Ghent Worth Visiting? Gravensteen Castle

Take a Walk in CitadelPark

If the weather is nice during your time in Ghent, take the tram to CitadelPark. Wander through the cave in the park and be sure to stop and smell the roses in the gardens dotted around this green lung of Ghent.

Ghent in one day: Cave in Citadelpark

Climb the Belfry of Ghent

Another top tourist attraction in Ghent that is ideal for a sunny day is the Ghent Belfry. You can even meet the dragon of Ghent on your tour. 

The original 14th century dragon was retired and is on display inside. I can only imagine what an impressive sight the dragon must have made when filled and lit with oil such that it appeared like she was breathing fire.

Ghent in one day: the Dragon at the Ghent Belfry

Take the elevator up to the top of Belfry of Ghent and then walk down a narrow spiral staircase. When the weather is nice, you'll enjoy fantastic panoramic views over Ghent all around the platform at the top of this UNESCO World Heritage rated gem. 

The Ghent Belfry is incredibly popular and costs 10 EUR per person. Try to get there early when they open to avoid the crowds.

Ghent One Day Itinerary: Views from Ghent Belfry

Take a Short Boat Cruise

Another great sunny day Ghent activity is to take a boat tour. Book a place (9 EUR per person) aboard Rederij Dewaele for a one hour tour. 

The cruise includes a small section of the Leie River and detours around some of the adjacent canals. A Ghent boat cruise gives you a chance to appreciate Belgian architecture from a different vantage point. In the Spring, you may also spot some interesting bird life including courting grebes and baby coots.

1 Day in Ghent: Buildings viewed from a boat cruise

Explore the Beguinage

Another fun outdoor thing to do in Ghent on a one day itinerary is to take an afternoon stroll to the beguinage centered around St Elisabeth Church. Beguinages housed groups of religious women who had not taken vows. 

Today, the area is home to charming mews and bright orange/red brick facades. Keep an eye out for more historic doors on your walk.

One Day in Ghent: St. Elisabeth Church

Take a Golden Hour Photowalk in Ghent

Ghent in a day: bust photographed during golden hour

Continue the photowalk that you started at St. Elizabeth Beguinage into golden hour in Ghent! The historic towers and step-gabled facades seem to light up in the hours before sunset. Don't miss the chance to get out your camera and capture the memories of your day in Ghent.

Ghent Itinerary: Step-gabled buildings during golden hour

Things to do in Ghent in One Day for Foodies

We've now taken a look at two alternative Ghent one day itineraries that you can do depending on the weather. Now let's take a look at how to spend a day in Ghent if you simply love food. Eat your way through Ghent with these recommendations.

Shop Cru

Pop into Cru near the Ghent Opera House and Kouter Bloemenmarkt for a fresh baked baguette and chocolate brioche. This upmarket grocery store is a good place to pick up snacks or make yourself a picnic. 

Consider taking your food finds to the river in front of the Ghent Marriott. We saw several groups of people enjoying a feast and drinks along the water on our trip to Ghent.

Sample Cuberdons

Cuberdons are a cone-shaped sweet that are particularly popular in Ghent. You'll find vendors with carts piled high with colorful confections ready to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

We couldn't resist buying a bag of cuberdons. It was all good until the vendor loaded the bag with his bare hands 😳. Oh well, I just let them sit for a couple days to kill any cooties before eating them. 

If food hygiene is important to you, I recommend getting your cuberdons from a proper candy shop like Sophie's Chocolate and Sweets.

Things to do in Ghent in a day: eat purple and red cuberdons

Tea al Fresco at Simon Says in Patershol

Another great food-focused thing to do on a day out in Ghent is to stop for tea at Simon Says in Patershol. We sat outside in the Spring sunshine and enjoyed green tea with fruit and vanilla accompanied by a slice of cheesecake. It was all very relaxing and delicious!

One Day Ghent Itinerary: Tea and cheesecake at Simon Says in Patershol

Eat Hipster Meatballs at Balls and Glory

Stop in for lunch at Balls and Glory. This casual hipster restaurant serves giant stuffed meatballs and mashed potatoes. 

My pork meatball was filled with tomato sauce and the chicken meatball was filled with apple sauce. Pay 19 EUR for a meatball, side dish, and a Belgian beer.

One Day in Ghent: Collage of meatballs and beer at Balls and Glory

Sample the Best Ghent Chocolate

What is Belgium most famous for? Chocolate! Take yourself on a self-guided walking tour of the best Ghent chocolate shops

Prices range from between 0.50 EUR to 1.25 EUR per piece. Pick out a small bag of chocolates by the piece or order a larger pre-made box to take home. Belgian chocolate is the perfect souvenir for your trip to Ghent. 

Ghent in a day: Belgian chocolates

Eat at Gök in Patershol

For dinner, decide if you want to go up-market or casual. If you want a casual meal, I recommend having dinner at Restaurant Gök in Patershol. Eat hearty kofta and lamb stew washed down with a Belgian Kriek.
Where to eat in Ghent: Kofta at Gök in Patershol

Dinner at de Stokerij

If you're looking for something a little more upscale in a unique setting, make a reservation at de Stokerij. de Stokerij is located in an old distillery. This Belgian restaurant is far from the tourist trail. 

There was no English menu so we relied on Google Translate to place our order. Each dish had a recommended beer or wine pairing. We went with beer, as you do in Belgium.

Where to eat in Ghent: collage of dinner dishes and beer at de Stokerij

We enjoyed decadent cheese croquettes followed by pork cheeks stew in beer sauce (a local specialty) and pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce. We were simply delighted with our meal: the ideal choice for foodies in Ghent.

A Ghent One Day Itinerary For Belgium Craft Beer Lovers

My final recommendation for how to spend one day in Ghent is perfect for Belgian beer lovers. Discover top Belgian beers when you spend a day visiting Ghent's craft beer bars and breweries. 

Bier Central

Ghent in one day: Craft beer bottles at Bier Central

Bier Central is a good introduction to Ghent's craft beer scene. Warning: it's so hard to decide when there are over 300 choices of Belgian beer to try! 

We splurged on a 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek for ~13 EUR and also tried a Gentse Strop bottled beer. Give in to the temptation to order a cone of perfectly prepared frites served with Mayonnaise.

Ghent in a day: Craft beer and French fries in a collage of photos

Taste Brouwbar Gent

Beers are brewed in the back of the tasting room at Brouwbar Gent in Patershol. Sit outside in the sunshine or grab a table inside for a great beer tasting session. 

We indulged in a 10 EUR tasting paddle featuring four different samples. The chocolate stout was my favorite. We need to go back to try the raspberry and cherry sour which was only available by the bottle.

1 Day Ghent Itinerary: tasting paddle of craft beer at Brouwbar Ghent

Head Further Afield to Dok Brewing Company

Ghent One Day Itinerary: Dok Brewing Company bar

Take a walk a little further afield to Dok Brewing Company. You'll be spoiled for choice with all the different Belgian craft beer options on tap. 

There are also a variety of bottled beer and cans available. We tried a Gose Island sour which was cloudy with raspberries, a classic Belgian blonde, and a rye porter laced with 30% Trappist beer for a sour, funky taste. Dok Brewing Company was well worth the walk!

Is Ghent Worth Visiting? Craft beer at Dok Brewing Company

Check out Gentse Gruut

If you have the stamina, consider making one last beer stop for the evening in Ghent. Sit outside at Gentse Gruut and enjoy some 100 mL tasters at the brewery. 

Our stop at Gentse Gruut was a nice nightcap and the perfect conclusion to our one day in Ghent beer-focused itinerary.

24 hours in Ghent: tasting paddle of Belgian beer at Gentse Gruut

Summing up a Day in Ghent

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can spend a day in Ghent (or even 2-3 days!). You'll find something to do for every interest whether you are a foodie interested in chocolate and beer, a museum person, or someone who loves the great outdoors. Ghent has so much to offer and is off the tourist track compared to places in Belgium like Bruges and Brussels. 

Did you enjoy this post about ways to spend one day in Ghent Belgium? Sharing is caring...

Is Ghent worth visiting? (4 One Day Itineraries)4 Ghent One Day Itineraries on a trip to Belgium

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Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 4 Fun Ways to Spend a Day in Ghent
4 Fun Ways to Spend a Day in Ghent
Learn about ways to spend one day in Ghent. Plan a Ghent 1 day itinerary and find out: Is Ghent worth visiting? Make the most of 24 hours in Ghent.
Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog