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13 Cool Things to do Around Covent Garden on a London Workcation

Learn about things to do around Covent Garden in London. Explore what to do near Covent Garden on a London workcation trip.
Covent Garden in Central London is very popular with tourists. Some of our best experiences in London have been centered around Covent Garden Market. 

In particular, I remember the bars and restaurants fondly. Read on to discover things to do around Covent Garden including some of the usual suspects as well as some London hidden gems for you to explore.

Things to do around Covent Garden

Getting to Covent Garden

To get to Covent Garden, take the London Underground to either Covent Garden or Leicester Square stations. Covent Garden station is served by the Piccadilly Line. 

Leicester Square is served by the Piccadilly and Northern Lines. Covent Garden and the area around Piccadilly Circus can be quite crowded, especially when the West End shows let out. 

Avoid the crowds and walk to Green Park which is about 20 minutes from Covent Garden Station and less than 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus. 

You can tap and pay as you enter the station using a contactless credit credit or your mobile device (e.g., Google Pay or Apple Pay).

What Do We Consider "Around" Covent Garden

London is a huge city and it's generally easy to get around on public transportation. That said, this post is about things to do around Covent Garden. What is around for purposes of this article? 

This post will cover things to do near Covent Garden that are a maximum 40 minute walk from Covent Garden Market. You may be able to take public transit to visit these same places and walk less although in some instances taking transit can take longer than just walking. 

Don't forget that you often have to walk quite a bit to get from the entrance to the track if you travel by London Underground.

Things to do around Covent Garden: Apple Market

Things to do Around Covent Garden at a Glance

Let's take a look at things to do around London's Covent Garden at a glance. I've included the approximate time it takes to walk to each destination from Covent Garden Market in parentheses to help you plan your visit.
    1. Shop Apple Market (< 5 min)
    2. Indulge in Drinks and Dinner at NoMad London (< 5 min)
    3. Enjoy Drinks and Dinner at Bill's (10 - 15 min)
    4. Take a Walk in and Around Chinatown (10 min)
    5. Catch a Show in the West End (10 min)
    6. Spend an Afternoon in Marylebone (40 min)
    7. Take a London Doors Photo Walk Between Marylebone and Fitzrovia (20-40 min)
    8. Grab a Cheeky Pint at Crown and Sceptre (25 min)
    9. Photograph Bedford Square (15 min)
    10. Explore Lincoln's Inn Fields (10 min)
    11. Stroll the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn (10 min)
    12. Drink and Dine at the Savoy Hotel (<10 min)
    13. Eat Classic Fish and Chips at Rock and Sole Plaice (<5 min)

    Map of Things to do Around Covent Garden

    Click on the image of the map below to open up an interactive version in Google Maps to explore the various things to do around Covent Garden and understand how they relate to one another to help you plan your London workcation.

    Map of things to do around Covent Garden in London

    Things to do Around Covent Garden in Detail

    Now let's dive in and explore all the things to do and great places to visit around Covent Garden. There is more than enough here to keep yourself busy for a few days or even a week if you prefer a more leisurely pace of exploration.

    1. Shop Apple Market

    Apple Market at Covent Garden takes its name from the fruit and vegetable market that originated here in the early 17th century and then expanded considerably after the Great Fire in 1666. 

    Apple Market continued the tradition of selling fruits and vegetables until the early 1970s when the market relocated south of the River Thames. In 1980, Apple Market was reborn. 

    Today, you'll find antiques and collectibles for sale on Mondays and handmade jewelry, arts, and crafts on Tuesday through Sunday. 

    Covent Garden's Apple Market was one of the very first places we ever visited in London way back in 2000 and is the perfect places to pick up a souvenir to commemorate your trip.
    Things to do in Covent Garden: Apple Market

    2. Indulge in Drinks and Dinner at NoMad London

    After doing a wee bit of shopping around Covent Garden, we ducked into the Library Bar at NoMad London. 

    The Library Bar is a cocktail bar normally for residents only, but the hostess got us a table since we had dinner reservations. Wine, a gin and tonic and fresh vegetable crudités was just what we needed after a long day out in the cold. 

    Things to do near Covent Garden: crudites at NoMad LondonLibrary Bar at NoMad London in Covent Garden

    One of the most fun things to do near Covent Garden is to enjoy a weekend dinner at NoMad London which has a really cool atmosphere. Funky music and great food rounded out our day. 

    We started our meal with a glass of red wine and homemade focaccia. Butternut squash with pear and pecorino to start, suckling pig and beef short rib mains, and smoked carrot with dukkah side for dinner were a real treat. 

    We were so full after our starter and main that there was simply no room for dessert. Sparkling water was included with our meal at no charge.

    Things to do near Covent Garden: Dinner at NoMad London

    Admittedly, NoMad London is a bit of a splurge. Our meal cost around 200 GBP (including our pre-dinner drinks and a glass of wine). Make sure to look out over the restaurant from the balcony in the hotel lobby to really appreciate the scene.

    3. Enjoy Drinks and Dinner at Bill's

    Another good choice of a place for a meal near Covent Garden is Bill's. Bill's is a small chain restaurant with a colorful atmosphere and creative flair. I ordered a gin and tonic with dinner instead of wine. 

    Butternut falafel salad with chicken skewers and pan-fried chicken with mushroom sauce at Bill's near Piccadilly Circus really hit the spot. 

    I'll admit... The cheesecake flowerpot dessert at Bill's was a little gimmicky, but I hoovered up all the delicious chocolate "soil" accompanying dessert without a second thought. Very tasty! 

    Bill's is definitely a more economical option for dinner compared to NoMad London. Mains cost about 15 GBP each at the time of writing.

    Flower Pot dessert at Bill's near Covent Garden Red balloons in Chinatown in London

    4. Take a Walk in and Around Chinatown

    Take a post dinner walk through Chinatown and past Trafalgar Square. Meet up with Oscar Wilde at the intersection of Duncannon St. and Adelaide St. near Charing Cross Station and then seek out the home on Craven Street where American icon Benjamin Franklin used to live.

    Things to do around Covent Garden: Ben Franklin's HouseThings to do around Covent Garden: Seek out the Oscar Wilde Statue

    5. Catch a Show in the West End

    The theatre scene in London is rivaled only by that in New York so definitely squeeze in a show while you're in London. The West End is adjacent to Covent Garden so you really have no excuse not to see a performance. 

    We spent Friday evening at the Noël Coward Theatre to see Dear Evan Hansen, a poignant modern musical with a catchy score. Dear Evan Hansen tackles difficult themes like teenage bullying and suicide. Make sure you bring tissues...

    Noel Coward Theatre in LondonSet of Dear Evan Hansen in LondonPiccadilly Circus in London

    On another trip to London, we managed to score tickets for the popular (and irreverent!) Book of Mormon. The theatre building was as in-your-face as the show itself. 

    We took our seats in front of a stage ironically surrounded by trumpeting angels.  The show itself is about two Mormon missionaries and their misadventures on assignment in Uganda.  

    The story pokes a bit of fun at the Mormon religion but not in a particularly mean-spirited way.  There is a quite a bit of swearing and off-color humor (the show is written and produced by the creators of South Park, after all) but is frankly hilarious.  

    6. Spend an Afternoon in Marylebone

    Marylebone is one of my absolutely most favorite neighborhoods in London and is about a 35 minute walk from Covent Garden. Plan to spend a good part of the day here and start with brunch at Aubaine Marylebone. 

    We sampled decadent brioche French toast offset by sensible porridge, banana, and flaxseed. Aubaine has a great vibe and was not too crowded at 11:30 on a Saturday morning.

    Things to do near Covent Garden: Brunch at Aubaine Marylebone

    The biggest reason to visit Marylebone if you love to travel is Daunt Books. Here you'll find three storeys of travel books including guides, fiction, and history all arranged by country. 

    Stop by for a quick visit and don't be surprised if you walk out over an hour later. There is so much to browse! Make your way to the back of this Edwardian bookstore and appreciate the light streaming in through the grand stained glass window and skylights.

    Things to do near Covent Garden: Visit Daunt BooksEdwardian Daunt Books in Marylebone LondonDaunt Books canvas tote bag

    On my last visit to Daunt Books, I even got me an awesome free tote bag to cart around my new reads. I'm not sure if I spent a certain threshold or if it was just a nice way to make my day. Regardless, I LOVE it!

    7. Take a London Doors Photo Walk Between Marylebone and Fitzrovia

    My regular readers know that I am obsessed with pretty doors. In fact, I specialize in photographing the doors of Dublin. Up until this point on our workcation, I was lamenting London's door game. Then, bam! I hit the motherlode in Marylebone! The doors here are elegant and fabulous.

    Four doors in Marylebone LondonThings to do near Covent Garden: Go Door Hunting in Marylebone

    Keep an eye out for posh accents like grand fanlights and stained glass side panels (two aesthetically pleasing parts of the anatomy of a door). I spotted a quartet of colorful doors from a block away and made a bee-line to photograph them. 

    The bright colors really caught my eye. Don't be afraid to let yourself get lost in Marylebone and wander down some of the quiet residential streets. If you take the time to walk between Marylebone and Fitzrovia, you'll find even more door fodder for your Instagram feed.

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    8. Grab a Cheeky Pint at Crown and Sceptre

    Make time for a cheeky early afternoon pint at the Crown and Sceptre. Located between Marylebone and Fitzrovia, it's a nice atmospheric pitstop on the way back to Covent Garden. 

    The Crown and Sceptre dates back to the late-Victorian-era (turn of the 20th century) and is still home to a few period features, like beautiful mosaics on the floor and an elegant moulded ceiling.

    Things to do around Covent Garden: Crown and Sceptre pubThings to do in Covent Garden: red door on Bedford Square

    9. Photograph Bedford Square

    After an interlude at the pub, make your way to Bedford Square. Here you'll find some absolutely fabulous Georgian doors to keep your door-focused scavenger hunt alive. 

    Bedford Square reminded me of some of the Georgian squares (e.g., Merrion Square) in Dublin. The main differences are that the doors are taller and more grand with even fancier brickwork and Bedford Square Garden is a private park available to residents or those working on Bedford Square.

    10. Explore Lincoln's Inn Fields

    One fantastic off-the-beaten-path thing to do near Covent Garden in London is to take a walk in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Lincoln's Inn Fields is a beautiful park surrounded by stately Georgian buildings. 

    I skirted around the entrance of the park as the sun was starting to go down. At one end of the Field was the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. I took a quick surreptitious look around but it wasn't clear to me if visitors were welcome when I saw an imposing security gate. 

    I found out later that the outdoor areas are indeed open to the public (we'll talk about the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn next). Continuing my loop around Lincoln's Inn Fields, I admired the stately architecture.  It felt very Royal and, well, British. 

    I loved the gargoyles hanging onto the side of the buildings and crowning some of the roofs. I veered a few blocks away from the Field and discovered the Royal Courts of Justice.  

    I admired the buildings through imposing wrought iron gates. Continuing on, I discovered a building that was once the headquarters for WH Smith & Son.  

    The original sign was damaged by shrapnel from a German bomb during World War II. Other stately brick buildings lined the block. A nearby pub was filled to capacity with students from the London School of Economics. 

    The Old Curiosity Shop was built in 1567 and was immortalized by Charles Dickens who lived in the area. The Old Curiosity Shop was so quaint; it was like being transported back in time. 

    Things to do around Covent Garden: tower by Lincoln's Inn FieldsThings to do around Covent Garden: stone building by Lincoln's Inn Fields

    Things to do around Covent Garden: The Old Curiosity ShopThings to do around Covent Garden: Gazebo on Lincoln's Inn Fields

    11. Stroll the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

    The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn makes for a great destination near Covent Garden for a quiet morning walk. The grounds were shaded and quiet this early in the morning. 

    A gazebo stood in the center. Stately and gnarled trees must have been at least a couple hundred years old. I had passed by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn the previous day and had taken a cursory look around.  

    However, I felt more confident this morning since I now knew that the outdoor areas were indeed open to the public.  It was an idyllic spot.  

    This place is one of the four historic Inns of Court and is essentially a grouping of law offices, albeit one that is several hundred years old! Surrounding the green square were a number of offices. 

    The list of barristers in residence was listed outside. I discovered a store selling law books that was founded in 1818. I passed by additional red brick offices and the library. 

    You must be on your best behavior when visiting: The porters & police have orders to remove all Persons making a noise within this Inn.  No wonder it was so peaceful and silent! I took a final pass through the grounds; drinking in the grandeur and then headed on my way. 

    Things to do around Covent Garden: The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

    12. Drink and Dine at the Savoy Hotel

    One of my workcations in London included a conference at the historic Savoy Hotel. I definitely recommend a drink or a meal at the Savoy Hotel as one of the top things to do near Covent Garden. 

    The walkway leading up to the lobby of the Savoy features lots of black and gold Art Dec-inspired style. Inside, the Savoy exuded opulence.  I sat just outside the afternoon tea room and admired my surroundings. 

    The attention to detail was amazing.  The colors and patterns were quite busy but somehow the decor came together harmoniously. I could see into the stunning tea room where a piano player was tickling the ivories. 

    Before heading down to the conference, I stopped to check out the chocolates and macarons on offer. We were treated to dinner at the hotel as part of my conference including a tomato and mozzarella salad. 

    I enjoyed chicken breast with foie gras for my main. The chocolate mousse served for dessert was the richest and creamiest I've ever tasted. The candelabras on the table only added to the sophistication.  

    After dinner we popped up to the American Bar for a cocktail.  I tried the Royal Tribute, a gin concoction created to honor the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

    Things sure add up fast!  We all threw in 20 GBP to cover the cost of our drinks. The Savoy Hotel is definitely pricey, but worth it once to soak in the atmosphere and do a bit of people watching.

    Interior of the Savoy Hotel in London: Table with pink flowersTea room at the Savoy Hotel in London England

    13. Eat Classic Fish and Chips at Rock and Sole Plaice

    Before we wrapped up our workcation near Covent Garden, we set out in search of fish and chips -- the authentic kind drowning in delicious malt vinegar. 

    We went to the Rock and Sole Plaice close to Covent Garden. The food was excellent and the portions were generous. 

    We bought a glass of wine to accompany the meal but that turned into a free bottle after the waitress spilled the glass all over me.  Fortunately, it was white wine so the damage was minimal.  I like how the seating area downstairs made me feel like I was swimming in a shark tank.

    Where to Stay in London Near Covent Garden

    I can personally recommend the Club Quarters Covent Garden as a nice place to stay during your London workcation. 

    The rooms cost a little under 200 GBP per night, but you'll have plenty of room to spread out. The Club Quarters is situated right on Lincoln's Inn Fields, a nice quiet oasis hidden away from the broader hustle and bustle of Covent Garden. 

    Did you enjoy this post about things to do around Covent Garden on a London workcation? Sharing is caring...

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    Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog: 13 Cool Things to do Around Covent Garden on a London Workcation
    13 Cool Things to do Around Covent Garden on a London Workcation
    Learn about things to do around Covent Garden in London. Explore what to do near Covent Garden on a London workcation trip.
    Sidewalk Safari | Part-time Travel Blog