July 19, 2013

Cyprus - Wine Tasting in Troodos - Linos Winery

For our next adventure in Cyprus, we set out from Lemesos towards the mountains and the wine villages of Troodos.  We pulled into Linos Winery to see what Cyprus wine-making was all about.
We entered the tasting room and were treated to generous tastes of five different wines.  The whites were acidic and crisp and the reds were acceptable to the palate.  
The tasting room was co-located with some of the heavy equipment needed to run the vineyard.
I noticed long ropes of a waxy looking substance in the back corner.
It turns out that this was a special grape based candy with delicious nuts in the center.
Looking outside, we saw a gorgeous sunny day and a spectacular view.
We stepped outside to admire the scenery including the rows of vines on the terrace below.
Our trip to the wine villages was off to a promising start.


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