June 23, 2013

London - Commute Chronicles - Tomtom Coffeehouse & Prince of Wales Pub

I always like to take time out for a walk when I'm visiting a place - whether it's my first visit and everything is brand new or it's my 10th.  We set out along Ebury Street in Belgravia with the Tomtom Coffeehouse as our target destination.  We spotted the small sign along a quaint strip of shops.
A huge Union Jack hung in the window.
Inside, coffee and tea canisters ringed the room.
We spotted the London Coffee Guide on a nearby shelf.
Coffee in hand, we continued on our way...
...winding through the smaller streets of Belgravia to my office near Victoria Station.
After work, we took a walk on the other side of Buckingham Palace Road for dinner and a drink. We found ourselves at the Prince of Wales Pub on Wilton Street.
The sun was shining and we scored a table on the sidewalk.
Beer in hand, I surveyed the surroundings.
We'd come full circle to end our exploration; seated across the street from Spicy World where we'd enjoyed dinner the night before.  
As always, I'm looking forward to our next return trip to London as it's impossible to run out of things to do here.


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