June 25, 2013

Kilkenny - Getting our Bearings

Upon arriving in Kilkenny, we walked into town from the train station.  We could immediately see that the Kilkenny Roots Festival was definitely going to be taking over this weekend.
Outside the Left Bank Pub, firemen raised money for charity by climbing up and down ladders.  They were aiming to cover a distance equivalent to Mount Everest.
We spotted a watchtower along the river near the path to the impressive Kilkenny Castle.
It was a gorgeous day so we walked along the river path for a short while.
The spring blossoms had finally come to life.
Walking up the main shopping street, we spotted this disembodied head.
An imposing church sat along a back alley.
Not far away, we smiled when we saw this sign for a Chewbacca Roar Contest with a 100 EUR prize for the best impersonation!
Kilkenny used to be a walled city and we spotted bricks along the sidewalk calling out where the wall once stood.
After our brief tour, we were ready to rock and roll, or should I saw Rhythm and Roots?!


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