March 1, 2013

Vienna Sparkle, Silent Film, and Math

During the holidays, Vienna simply sparkles after dark.  Giant chandeliers hang over Der Graben in the Inner Stadt.
Stephansdom glows.
Outside Oberlaa, a famous cafe on Neuer Markt, a giant coffee cup gave a hint to what lay inside.
We popped in to pick up a sample of Oberlaa's famous macarons.
On the terrace of the Albertina, we enjoyed great views of the Staatsoper.
Just below, we found the entrance to the Film Museum where a series of silent films were being screened.  We bought tickets to The Freshman featuring Harold Lloyd.  We've seen quite a few silent films but this was the first one that was truly silent. All the others featured a recorded score or live accompaniment.  It was completely quiet in the theatre which was a rather unusual experience.  However, we quickly grew accustomed to it an appreciated the plot.  The movie was hilarious.
On the way home, we cut through an underground passage and found the formula for pi displayed prominently on a mirrored wall.  Not sure why it was there but it was great to end the evening with a Austrian math lesson.


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