March 25, 2013

Reims Cathedral and Around

Reims Cathedral is the centerpiece of the town.  We made our way from the food market near the train station toward the cathedral.
We made a few stops along the way including a visit to a local patisserie.
We bought a bag of homemade pink champagne biscuits (Biscuit Rose de Reims).
The sun finally came out which caused the victory fountain in the center of town to sparkle.
We ducked into a shopping arcade and were delighted to see an old fashioned carousel at the other end.
Stately government buildings dotted the town.
We finally arrived at the Reims Cathedral and admired the Gothic styling.
Different animals served as water spouts along the front facade.
We approached the imposing entrance and ducked inside out of the cold.
The decor was much more plain on the inside except for the spectacular stained glass windows.
A gorgeous window glittered above the door.
Tall side panels depicted daily life in the region.
Several of the windows were designed by Marc Chagall and pictured traditional scenes of the crucifixion.
Outside once more, we checked out the gargoyles before moving on.
What a spectacular building!
We decided it was time to roll the dice and pick a new destination to visit in Reims.


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