February 2, 2013

Total Miles Walked in 2012

I walked a lot of miles and saw some amazing sights in 2012.  Instead of setting a goal like I did in 2011, I decided to walk just for the joy of it.  I managed to surpass 1100 miles for the year.  We visited a few destinations that weren't particularly pedestrian friendly (eg: India) which contributed to lower numbers compared to 2011 (1300+) and 2010 (1200+).

I still use just a few tools to keep track of the distances I walk each day:
  • Google Calendar - to remind me daily to record the distances I've walked
  • Google Maps - to plot the routes I actually walked
  • Google Docs - to create a form to input the information into a spreadsheet 
Check out these happy feet during our end of year jaunt to Vienna (top) and Tenerife (below).

Here are my annual stats:

In 2012, I walked:
  • 1113 miles in
  • 13 countries on 
  • 3 continents
Top 10 Places Covered on Foot (absolute value)
Top Places for Average Mileage Per Day
Looking forward to sharing our 2013 walking adventures with you!  Thanks for reading!

Cheers and Happy New Year!
Dr. J


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