February 8, 2013

Christmas in Vienna - Vienna Capitals Hockey

Ice hockey is my favorite sport so we were delighted to discover that Vienna had a team and that they were in town during our vacation.  We took the U-Bahn out to the arena.
We were quickly welcomed by the Jumbotron.
We were curious about the kind of snacks they might sell at an Austrian hockey game.  You don't typically find ham and cheese sandwiches at an NHL game but these did look good.
We opted for more traditional arena food but with an Austrian twist.  We had a käsekrainer (cheesy sausage) and a frankfurter served 'hot dog' style (eg: nestled into a hole drilled into a bun).
We settled into our seats to await the Vienna Capitals and KHL Medveščak Zagreb.
Vienna's mascot, some kind of skating leopard, took to the ice to rile up the crowd.
Soon it was time to introduce the players.
Each of the Vienna Capitals made a grand and fiery entrance!  We were quite impressed with the showmanship!
Face-off time!  We had fantastic seats at center ice.
After a close match, Vienna came out on top with a victory 2-1.
I like the sportsmanship in that the teams shook hands at center ice after the game was over.
After the victory, the team lined up to face the audience and raised their sticks in the air.  They did this repeatedly until they had faced all sides of the house.
It was definitely an enjoyable night out - highly recommended!


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