February 5, 2013

Christmas in Vienna - Mariahilferstrasse & Spittelberg

We set out toward Mariahilferstrasse, one of the main shopping streets in Vienna.  We admired the cobbled streets and ornate buildings along the way.
Beneath a lovely church tower, we discovered a small Christmas market.
We tried glühwein with waldbeeren (forest fruits) to warm us up.
Shoppers were out in full force on the last shopping day before Christmas.
Mariahilferstrasse was closed to traffic and pedestrians zig-zagged across the street to check out a variety of shops.
Buildings were trimmed with festive lights.
We headed for Spittelberg and yet another Christmas Market.
Another mug of glühwein really hit the spot.
We saw a rather long queue snaking from a steaming booth.  Curious, we stopped to check it out.
This was the only stall with a queue so we figured it must be good and joined the line. I could see a man pouring batter into a large vat of oil.
It was quite an assembly line of potato pancakes (erdäpfelpuffer).
The gents in charge of cooking seemed to be having a fun time.
We finally arrived at the head of the queue and ordered our potato pancake.  We noticed a pan with a paintbrush sticking out of it.  It was pretty clear what it was for but not so clear what it was.  We decided to go for it and painted some of the concoction onto our treat.  Turns out it was garlic butter.
Yum!  I could immediately taste why people were willing to wait for this!
After our snack, we continued on and admired the lights and stalls of the Spittelberg market.
These giant doughnuts caught our eye but we decided we'd had enough fried tasty treats for the evening.
Instead, we popped into Schokov for a spot of chocoloate before calling it a night.


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