February 6, 2013

Christmas in Vienna - Freyung & Am Hof

We hopped on Vienna's U-Bahn and took the train to the vicinity of Freyung in the Inner Stadt.  We emerged from the station onto a deserted square that looked a bit forlorn on the cold, wet, gray day.
We seemed to be the only ones brave enough to venture out into the cold in the days leading up to Christmas.
We discovered Ferstel Passage and soon realized that folks out and about had taken refuge inside.
The grand passage featured intricate, floral, stucco patterns on the ceiling.
A jaunty fountain anchored an indoor courtyard.
Cherubs seemed to hold up the roof.
We emerged at Freyung and yet another Christmas Market.  Fortunately, there were huge umbrellas over the tables by the glühwein stall as it was raining quite hard at the time.
This market featured an array of locally crafted and upscale products.
Next we headed to Am Hof and the final Christmas Market of the day.
We admired the amazing array of sausages...
...and the decadent backdrop of the surrounding buildings.
We were surprised to see this man on a ladder trying to fix some of the lighting.  He actually got up on the ladder and then walked it back and forth from his perch.  Safety first!  Achtung!


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