February 14, 2013

Christmas in Vienna - Danube Canal and Freudian Slips

We took the U-Bahn out to a station just alongside the Danube Canal near Augarten Brücke.  Our target destination was the Freud Museum but we were intrigued by the intricate graffiti along the canal path and decided to take a bit of a detour.
One one side, we looked up at a castle-like structure...
...on the other, no brick seemed untagged.
The street art varied in quality but made for an eye-catching scene.
We spotted a Viennese gentleman adorning the corner of a large column.
Detour complete, we wound our way through the quiet neighborhood past idyllic churches...
...and structures with Art Nouveau flourishes.
We finally arrived at the Freud Museum.  The museum is housed in Freud's rooms in a nondescript apartment block.
Inside, we learned much about his life's work on psychoanalysis.
While much of the museum is recreated (for example, Freud's famous couch is on display in London), this simple set of rooms is worth popping into for an hour to learn a bit about the man and the world he occupied.


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