February 7, 2013

Christmas in Vienna - Cakes and More on Kartnerstrasse

Kartnerstrasse is a posh, pedestrianized shopping street in Vienna's Inner Stadt.  The area is anchored at one end by St. Stephensplatz.
A number of fabulous cafes line the street.  We stopped into Gertsner for a bite of lunch.
We started with a foamy mélange.
We warmed up from the cold outside with a tureen of delicious soup (goulash and a creamy vegetable variety).
Finally...the pièce de résistance...slices of Gertsner's fabulous cakes.
As you can see below, we had an array of choices and it was hard to limit ourselves to just two kinds.
Refueled, we continued our walk and had our first encounter with Vienna's New Year traditions.  We passed a bakery selling marzipan pigs!  Pigs are a sign of good luck to ring in the new year and people traditionally exchange them on New Year's Eve.
The opposite end of Kartnerstrasse is anchored by Hotel Sacher, home of the world-famous Sachertorte.
Sachertortes come in a variety of sizes.  We bought ourselves the 2nd smallest size to enjoy over Christmas.  It came in a decorative box.
Across the street, the buildings were wrapped in lighted bows and ribbons.
It was a Sunday which meant that all the shops were closed.  We were surprised to find a bustling antiques market operating from the Ringstrassen Galerien and took a pass through the area.
The interior was a pleasure to stroll around.  I really enjoyed the unique architectural elements.
On the way back to our apartment, we walked through Karlsplatz and the associated Christmas Market.  We were delighted by this bicycle powered carousel!  What fun!


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