January 12, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Seeing the Sights - Rialto Bridge & Around

We awoke to sunny skies and set our sights on the Rialto Bridge.  As we were winding our way through the narrow canals, I smiled at this Venetian version of 'street parking'.
We let ourselves get a bit lost wandering down various side alleys.
At one point, we actually encountered a dead-end...the street literally led into the canal and we had to turn back.
We soon found our way to the Grand Canal and admired the gondoliers maneuvering their vessels amidst a lot of 'traffic'.
Every once in a while, we would stumble upon a historic church or museum and just marvel at the grandeur of it.
The Venetian buildings really shone in the sun.
We stopped at a nearby bakery and tried a Golosesso, a huge cookie covered in pecans.
Eventually, we reached the foot of the Rialto Bridge.  The path up and down the bridge is lined with tacky tourist shops.
We bypassed the shops but took time to drink in the views in both directions at the top.
The decorative embellishments on the bridge are quite grand.
Sadly, vandals have defaced much of the exterior of the Rialto Bridge.
We climbed back down and admired the Rialto Bridge from water level.
Crossing back over, we popped into the local produce market.
Marinated artichokes and palm hearts seemed quite popular.
We discovered a batch of what seemed like the world's tiniest strawberries.
An impressive variety of fish were on sale as well.
The fish stalls continued under the market dome.
Emerging from the other side, we took our leave and continued on toward Piazzo San Marco.

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  1. I am glad you chose this marvelous place and discovered it piece by piece. Congrats!


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