January 11, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Out and About

We set out and drank in the old world charm of Venice's Cannaregio neighborhood.
Beyond the grandeur of the buildings themselves, we also appreciated the smaller embellishments.
Homes and businesses zigged and zagged along the canals.
Some of the stately homes had a pull-up entrance for boats.
While very romantic and naturally touristy, we were reminded of how 'real' Venice is when we saw laundry hanging out to dry.
We spotted a stately harbor with docks delineated with sharpened, colored poles.
A water fountain stood alone in a lonely courtyard.
We stopped at Goppion Cafe to recharge with an espresso.
The espresso machine was large and impressive.  I'd expect nothing less in Italy.
We sat inside the window and stationed ourselves for a spot of people-watching.
Across the street at Nobile Pasticcerie, we opted to try a small pizzetta.
Emerging from the cafe, we again appreciated that Venice is a 'real' city when we saw someone walking her dogs.
We spied more laundry out to dry at the crossroads of 2 different canals.
Some of the side alleys narrowed even further.  For this one, I could stand hands-on-hips and touch both sides with my elbows!
We made a quick stop at a relatively large supermarket and had a look around for interesting products to try.  Orange-flavored spaghetti was one thing I picked up.
We were impressed by the sheer number of varieties of packaged ham.
Emerging from the grocery store, the sun was starting to fade into dusk.  We retraced our steps back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.


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