January 10, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Our Neighborhood

We walked on to what would be our neighborhood for our stay in Venice - Cannaregio.  We were a bit off the tourist track close to the Madonna dell'Orto.  We browsed all sorts of delicious looking and quaint restaurants.
We discovered a small grocery store on Calle del Forno.  About 10 different Italian wines were on tap.
We couldn't resist and bought an amber 500 mL bottle and asked the clerk to fill it up.
The wine was frizzante, very drinkable, and best of all, only about 2 euros.  We came back again and again to try different varieties.
We based ourselves at Hotel Ai Mori d'Orient.
We were upgraded to a room overlooking the canal.  Amazing luck!
After getting settled in, we continued our tour of the neighborhood.  We passed a boat repair shop...
...steps led down to the water.  Fortunately, the water didn't rise too high during our visit.
We rounded out the afternoon by picking up some treats at a local bakery (also on Calle del Forno).  I loved these incredibly flaky cream filled eclairs.
With great food and wine, what's not to love about this corner of Venice!


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