January 13, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Life in Lido

We left behind the holiday-goers in Piazza San Marco and cast off for Lido, a beach island adjacent to Venice.
The odd gondolier paddled alongside our vessel.
We spotted a car ferry in the vicinity.  Unlike Venice, Lido does allow vehicles.
We alighted in a quiet harbor lined with 3-legged posts.
We wandered through the streets and onto the free beach.
We practically had the place to ourselves.
An elevated boardwalk dominated the landscape.
We stopped at a local cafe (the only one open in the off season) for a coffee and panini.
Afterward, we took a walk along the beach and admired the ripples in the thin sand.
Small but very cool shells dotted the beach.
We walked back to the street and skirted around the beaches.  We spotted an area of cabanas in the distance.
Each beach seemed to have a different pattern of roofs.
We walked back toward the vaporetto station through a sleepy residential neighborhood.
Even in Lido, the canals were plentiful.
Oranges spilled from a nearby tree.
We returned to the harbor as the sun was starting to set.
The majestic buildings of the islands surrounding Venice were backlit by the setting sun and made for an impressive scene.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.


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