January 18, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - A Foggy, Foodie, Evening

Venice was bathed in fog when we returned from Padua after dark.
The streets were quiet and eerie.
We had made a reservation at Osteria L'Orto dei Mori and it's a good thing we did.  As we were waiting to be served, several couples were turned away because they were full up.  We enjoyed a basket of bread to take the edge off our appetite.
The decor of the restaurant featured wire frame sea creatures hanging from the ceiling.
We tried gnocchi with pesto...
...fish steamed in a plastic parcel...
...and pork wrapped in bacon.
We capped off the meal with a glass of dessert wine and some grappa.
The grappa was so strong, I felt like it might make my hair fall out!
As we left the restaurant, we passed a statue of a man with a prosthetic nose.  I wonder who it is?  I did a bit of research and the only historical figure I could find with a fake nose was astronomer Tycho Brahe...  Could it be him?
We pondered the question and we wandered off into the mist of this quiet Venetian night.


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