January 16, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Day Trip to Padua - Markets All Around

Padua is known for its outdoor markets and the picturesque setting made them even more memorable.
We explored stalls selling herbs...
...meats and cheeses...
...and gorgeous fruits and vegetables.
I felt like you could wear one of these artichokes as a boutonnière, they were so pretty.
We indulged in a bag of seedless clementines.  We paid less than 2 euro for a huge bag.  They were delicious and addicting.
We loitered under this fountain and ate our fill.
We finally discovered a store (Caleidos) that sold our favorite Italian umbrellas by H.Due.O.  After buying one in Milan a year ago, we were surprised to find that they held up against the extreme Irish wind.  We'd been wanting to purchase a back-up ever since but hadn't been able to find them...until now!
We bought two more to add to my collection.
We continued our stroll through the streets of Padua.
We admired this bright display of flowers before plunging into the market one last time.


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