January 15, 2013

Thanksgiving in Venice - Day Trip to Padua - Intro & Chocolate Delights!

Padua is a university town and easy day trip by train from Venice.  Emerging from the train after about an hour, we made our way by foot into town.  We crossed a small misty canal...
...paced alongside the historical town wall...
...admired the whimsical scalloped architecture...
...and soon found ourselves in the heart of the city where we discovered something unexpected...a chocolate festival!  We followed our noses to stalls of fresh baked pastry.
We moved on to vendors selling chocolate shaped treats like these high-heeled shoes.
Art is Not a Crime!  Darn right...especially when it tastes so good!
We perused additional stalls overflowing with truffles.
Waffles and bananas were available for dipping in molten chocolate.
Hard nut brittle was laid out in piles of irregularly shaped bricks.
Our mouths watered when we caught a glimpse of soft nougat with nuts pressed into the top.
We finished our introduction to Padua by popping into a local coffee shop for a quick espresso.  On to Padua's signature markets!


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