January 30, 2013

Tenerife - Sojourn to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the largest city in Tenerife and it's connected to La Laguna by a a modern, efficient light rail system.  Instead of dealing with a stressful drive in an unfamiliar place, we decided to leave the car parked in La Laguna and take the tram to Santa Cruz.  
We arrived in the center of Santa Cruz and took stock of our surroundings.
We walked from the Teatro Guimera stop to a small park nearby.  We were impressed by the sculptures and well-laid out paths.
Skirting the edge of the park was an ornate building that looked like a theatre.
We continued our walk to the harbor and spotted a strange black structure covered with cacti.

This structure was at the edge of a large barren plaza (Plaza de Espana).
We saw additional structures covered in colorful foliage.  It was kind of like a living sculpture.
A war memorial stood at the opposite end of the plaza.
We could see the distinctive Auditorio de Tenerife in the distance.
We walked up Calle de Castillo past colorful mid-rise apartment buildings.
We sat down for a beverage at Tip Top Cafeteria.
I loved the amazing orange flowers on this nearby tree.
Our final stop in Santa Cruz was Parque Garcia Sanabria.  We spotted a sagging tree being held up by bungee cables.
In the center of the park was a solitary fountain with a rather forlorn nude woman at the base.
I liked this creative interpretation of a Christmas tree.
Various sculptures made of mixed materials dotted the park.
At last we emerged onto a Avenida 25 de Julio which had a mini-park in the center.
We chanced upon a lovely tiled fountain in the middle of a traffic circle.
The benches surrounding the fountain featured old-time advertisements.  It was really a lovely spot.
After admiring the views for a bit, we hoofed it back to the tram for the return ride to La Laguna.


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