January 25, 2013

Tenerife - La Orotava

We stopped in the town of La Orotava on the descent from El Teide.  We wound our way through the town streets.
We ducked into a quiet park with some awesome kiddie rides shaped like geese.
The narrow streets were lined with interesting homes.
I liked this home with cactus collection on the roof and shade from a nearby palm.
Dramatic arches framed a number of buildings.
Across the street, I liked this whimsical display of flowers creeping up a two storey structure.
Wooden balconies are a hallmark of the architecture in Tenerife.
The window frames were also lined with dark wood.
Some of the other buildings nearby were more ornately decorated.
We were drawn toward this green building on the corner and soon discovered that it was the entrance to a small shopping arcade.  Most of the shopkeepers were closed for siesta but fortunately, there was a cafe open where we could get a bite of lunch.
Cafe Paladar featured simple sandwiches and coffee but it really hit the spot.
We tried french fries with a creamy sauce...
...and a roast beef and cheese plus a turkey and cheese sandwich.
The interior was wood paneled and quaint.
After lunch, we stumbled into the town hall square which had been converted into a huge life-sized nativity scene.  The scale and detail was amazing.
Around back, we peeked into the gardens connected to the town hall.
Not far away, we discovered a small nondescript path leading to Jardin Victoria.  
We decided to follow the path and have a look and we're so glad we did.  Check out what we found!  It was an impressively arrayed tiered garden.
We climbed to the gazebo at the top.
We looked out into the distance at the Atlantic Ocean beyond the well coiffed gardens.
Bright flowers popped against the whitewashed beds.
The foliage was trimmed into neat shapes.
Once again at the bottom, we turned our attention upward to the top of the park once more.
It's beautiful in all directions.
We wrapped up our tour of La Orotava with a quick peek into a church that dominates the 'skyline' of the town.
After a satisfying trip, we returned to the car and the short distance back to Puerto de la Cruz.


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