January 29, 2013

Tenerife - La Laguna

La Laguna is a UNESCO heritage town a short drive from Puerto de la Cruz.  We decided to go and spend a few hours exploring.  We parked the car at a convenient parking lot underground near the tram and set out on foot.  We enjoyed the shaded, tree-lined streets.
There were various courtyards to duck into for a quiet retreat.
The streets were lined with bright stucco coated buildings.
We were looking at our map deciding which way to go when a woman came up to us and spontaneously offered us some tips delivered in Spanish and hand gestures.  This encounter made me smile as she spent a good 10 minutes with us.  She was clearly very proud of her town.
Continuing on, we spotted some heavy gray ornately decorated structures.
We spotted a tall tower topped by bells.
The building itself was a school and art gallery.  We walked into the courtyard to have a look around.
Back on the streets, we started to look for possible restaurants for lunch even though it was quite early.  I really liked this little spot with al fresco tables and colorful flowers on each one.
Interesting sculptures dotted the town.
We emerged into the shadow of the tallest tower in town at Iglesia de La Concepcion.
Nearby was an Art Nouveau enclosure.  We took a closer look and it was disguising electrical equipment.
Our eyes were drawn to Confiteria Princesa with their impressive array of cakes and treats.
We salivated over the double-stuffed macarons and picked one up for later.
Across the street from the bakery, we spotted a lavish local theatre.
We settled in for lunch at an outside table at Casa Albar.
We had a fantastic view of the square in front of Iglesia de La Concepcion
For 10 euros we enjoyed a three course meal and a glass of wine from their Menu del dia.
Fresh rolls were brought to the table.
This was followed by a soupy dish of chickpeas...
...and peas.
For our entrees, we tried 'churros de pescado' (fish fry)...
...and solomillo de cerdo a la canaria.  It was a pork dish that almost felt Asian inspired.  Both dishes were quite tasty.
For dessert, we were offered a creamy pudding with a caramel top.  It definitely was sweet as evidenced by the fruit fly that dive bombed my cup as soon as it was laid on the table.
We washed it down with a cafe cortado to fuel the rest of our afternoon.
Despite the big lunch, we couldn't resist finishing off our visit to La Laguna with the double-stuffed macaron that we'd bought earlier in the day.
La Laguna is definitely worth a quick stop if you find yourself in Tenerife.


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