January 8, 2013

San Francisco - Legion of Honor

The San Francisco Legion of Honor is an impressive museum at the top of the Presidio in San Francisco.  The Legion of Honor played host this year to my corporate holiday party.
It was great to mingle with my colleagues while drinking in the atmosphere and art work.
The food on offer was also quite tasty.  I particularly liked the sweets which included these tiramisu squares and chocolate truffles.
We left the party and were confronted with Rodin's The Thinker.  This is the third time I've encountered him:  (1) in the Rodin sculpture garden at Stanford (2) in the Rodin sculpture garden off of Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia (3) here at the Legion of Honor.  I'm glad that people all over the country have a chance to appreciate castings of this work of art.


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