November 30, 2012

Paris - A Gourmet and Literary Walk Around the Left Bank

We concluded our weekend in Paris by covering known territory in new ways.  We explored Saint-Germain on the Left Bank on foot.  We passed this striking chunky metal door.
We stumbled upon Rue de Baci, a narrow street lines with shops and cafes.  The storefronts and restaurants spilled over onto the sidewalk and all of Paris seemed to be out and about on this gorgeous Sunday.
We settled in at an outdoor table at Le Moliere.
We supped a huge carafe of white wine while waiting for our crepes to arrive.
The galettes were skillfully done.  Mine featured onions, cheese, and andouille.  While the food was well presented, I quickly discovered that andouille is a bit too gamey and pungent for my taste.  I wouldn't order it again.
Our other crepe was stuffed with ratatouille and was much more to our liking.
After lunch, we popped into Amorino for some gelato.  The queue was out the door and intriguingly, the man in front of us had brought his canaries out for an ice cream.
I loved how Amorino served the gelato in the form of a flower on the cone.  It was almost too pretty to eat...almost.
We strolled through another of Paris' many arcades...
...passing a restaurant selling ultra-fresh fish...
...and were confronted by a huge band of roller skaters near Place Maubert.
We crossed into the Brocante Market on the square.
The market was surrounded by all the usual Parisien favorites including a bread and wine shop.
We continued our journey east toward Rue Monge and the start of a literary walking tour.
We spotted locations where James Joyce...
...and Ernest Hemingway worked and lived while in Paris.
Partway through our walk, we noticed Space Invaders closing in.
We passed the Paris Pantheon...
...and a gorgeous fountain in St. Germain.
Notre Dame is always a favorite.
We detoured down onto the path along the Seine and sat along the water for a quick macaron break.
Continuing our walk, we ran into more Space Invaders.
...and more macarons.
We also spotted these amazingly sweet honey cakes at a sweet shop along Boulevard Saint-Germain.
Bulk chocolates and sculpted chocolates were also on offer.
We finished our day with a cruise through Luxembourg Gardens.
We headed into Montparnasse past this strikingly textured brick building.
Our last stop was back in Port Maillot.  We smelled fresh baguettes as we came out of the Metro station and bought one to enjoy piping hot in the park.  The pigeons kept closing in to vie for the scraps.
We ate dinner along Av. de la Grande Armée at La Terrasse.
A glass of red and omelette with chips was a simple fix before our return to Beauvais Airport and the flight home.


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